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Have you ever experienced having to travel and finding out your clothes got crumpled throughout your journey? If that is yes, you may be wondering how you can travel without wrinkly clothes.

One of the best ways to travel is by using rolling garment bags, which keep clothes neatly pressed once it is inside and stay put as you travel. But, there are a lot of rolling garment bags in the market today and all of them promise to keep your clothes in pristine condition. How can you pick the best one

If you want some help looking through these options, here is our buying guide of the best rolling garment bags in the market that you can buy. Our guide even includes everything you need to know about these bags to help you make an informed decision before purchasing one for your needs.

The 10 Best Lightweight Rolling Garment Bags

Here are the 10 best lightweight rolling garment bags detailing their features and specifications:

1. Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

The Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag with Protective Foam is the best rolling garment bag for suits for those in a budget.

It is made from durable polyester and fitted with various protective features to keep clothes crisp when you unfold it.

Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag


This rolling garment bag is made from 1200D two-tone polyester, which is very durable from any type of handling. It even comes with EVA reinforced front panels and high quality hardware to protect its content as you travel.

Users will never have problems with storage compartments with this bag because, at the front, it has two gusseted pockets for small items like socks and other essentials. Inside, the storage can fit multiple clothes and there’s even a center hook to hold them together. The bag also comes with a zippered mesh pocket inside for other items you need to bring during your trip. It also has a tie strap to keep your clothes in place as you travel along and reduce wrinkles.

Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

To make it easy to roll around, it uses inline skate wheels to keep it rolling in any floor condition. It also comes with a collapsible top handle for easy carrying. Users can also use the top carry handle to hook an extra bag on top of the rolling garment bag.


  • Made from high quality durable polyester
  • Has a lot of storage space inside and outside
  • Comes with reinforced panels to keep clothes safe while traveling
  • Uses inline skate wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Perfect for long trips


  • May require gentle care when using the zipper to prevent breakage
  • Must be handled with care to keep the bag’s seams from ripping apart

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Carry on Tote

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Carry-on Tote is a garment bag carry-on meant to provide users with a bag that is both stylish and functional.

It can carry clothes and other items without looking bulky while you travel.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Carry on Tote


This bag is very easy to bring around thanks to its retractable handle and top handles that enable users to bring it around easily. It even has its own trolley strap that enables users to carry this hands-free if they wish. If users have their laptops with them, it has a special padded compartment that can fit 16 inch-laptops. The leather body and its lined interior guarantee that it will not get damaged during travels from pressure or the elements.

Aside from having its very own laptop space, it comes with various pockets and compartments for a wide variety of items. It is also organized to keep clothes and items separate, plus there are separate pockets for shoes and accessories.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Carry on Tote

Despite its size, it is actually just 5.9 lbs and users even have a special enclosure in its exterior to protect key valuables when traveling. Kenneth Cole includes a manufacturer lifetime warranty for every carry-on tote bought in their stores. This guarantees that you are getting their best bags and users can ask for a replacement if there are any defects with the bag.


  • Huge storage space for clothes and other items
  • Comes with various compartments to keep things organized
  • Very stylish to look at and doesn’t look too bulky when used
  • Can stand on its own while users are idle or when traveling
  • Affordable despite being made by a trustworthy brand


  • Handles must be used with care
  • Can be very heavy for some users to carry

3. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Garment

The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite is one bag you should consider if you want a garment bag for travel that is lightweight.

It is designed to keep things lightweight, but still large enough to allow its users to bring a lot of items for any trip that they have.

Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Garment


This specific Travelpro is lightweight thanks to its unique polyester fabric that can also resist stains, water and other elements. Its handle is also lightweight thanks to its special aluminum PowerScope Lite technology that enables the material to be both durable and lightweight when used.

When it comes to its storage, it comes with a roomy interior that can fit multiple clothes and there are also pockets that will keep things organized. In its exterior, there are also compartments for other small items.

Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Garment

The bag also comes with a unique crash protection mechanism to keep the items secured inside and not damage the bag completely. To move it around safely, users will get smooth wheels that can carry the bag’s entire weight without problems.

Every user will be given Travelpro’s Limited Lifetime Coverage with their bag which guarantees that they do not have to pay for any repairs if it gets damaged by airlines for a year. They will even ship the item back for free once they finish repairing your bag.


  • It is lightweight regardless of how much items are inside
  • Very maneuverable thanks to its large wheels
  • Its telescoping handle makes this ideal for tall people
  • Made from high quality nylon that protects clothes from the elements
  • Fits in all major US domestic carriers overhead bins


  • May not be suitable for multiple suits
  • Requires care when using the zippers since it is prone to breakages

4. London Fog Cambridge II Wheeled Garment Bag

If you want a garment bag for travel that has a touch of class, you should check out the London Fog Cambridge II 44” Wheeled Garment Bag.

This bag is very spacious and not very boxy to look at, which definitely gives it a professional look.

London Fog Cambridge II Wheeled Garment Bag


When you open this bag, you will see a large storage space with separated compartments to keep things organized. There are even straps that hold suits in place, as well as an extension for any long garment you may own.

To protect the items from the elements, the bag comes with a Fog Guard. This is a special bag treatment that enables it to repel water, stains, and dirt from affecting its content. It also guarantees that the bag won’t get discolored if affected by these elements.

London Fog Cambridge II Wheeled Garment Bag

The bag’s other features are made from high-quality aluminum, which guarantees that it is very sturdy and keeps the bag’s shape together. It is also fully lined to keep the interior protected during traveling. This bag comes in two colors to fit any style: black/white houndstooth and olive.


  • Very spacious and organized thanks to its multiple compartments
  • Perfect for suits thanks to its hanging hooks
  • Very classy to look at thanks to its colors
  • It can stand on its own while traveling
  • Very cheap for its features and style


  • It can be hard to zip together
  • Must be held with care to protect the handle from breakage

5. Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment Bag

When it comes to affordable yet durable bags, the Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment bag is for you.

This bag can transform into a rolling bag or a hands-free bag, allowing users to carry it in whatever way they can.

Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment Bag


This bag is meant to help people carry their suits and dresses without having to stuff them inside. It comes with various compartments in different sizes, keeping things organized and easy to access. It comes with inline skate wheels that make it easy to roll around the airport or buildings and you can guide it easily with its telescopic handles.

Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment Bag

If you do not want to roll it around, you can use the shoulder strap included with the bag. Users can also store their valuables in its front zippered pocket, which is very accessible. It is also made from 100% 1200 Denier Polyester, which guarantees it will not get damaged easily.


  • Very durable thanks to its polyester material
  • Very slim to look at even if it is filled with clothes
  • Comes with a very wide storage space, which can fit shoes and accessories
  • Can be carried hands-free thanks to its shoulder strap
  • Very affordable for its size and features


  • It may not be good for tall people because of its handle
  • Requires careful handling or else it may be damaged.

6. Samsonite Leverage LTE Wheeled Garment Bag

Samsonite is a leader in luggage bags and with their Leverage LTE, you can definitely see its focus to detail and functionality.

It is made from high-quality materials to ensure it is durable and can last a lifetime which many business and frequent travelers will love.

No products found.


Samsonite is always known for using high-quality materials for their bags. In this case, this bag is made from nylon and 1680D ballistic polyester. This material ensures that it is resistant to tears and punctures, which can be acquired during travels.

Inside the bag, it comes with hanger hook brackets which let users hang their clothes easily in the bag and fold it in place. There are even mesh corner pockets that can be used for small items and accessories, as well as a pocket for shoes.

No products found.

If you will be bringing along longer clothes, no problem. This bag comes with extender panels which can easily be adjusted when you have the bag open. It can be held in place by the tie-down straps installed in the bag. The Leverage comes with Samsonite’s 10-year warranty, which users can avail of if there are defects and damages in the bag.


  • Includes a lot of compartments for accessories and clothes
  • Great for long garments since it can be expanded
  • Stylish to look at and very durable
  • Comes in three sizes depending on how long your trips will be
  • Comes with a long 10-year warranty


  • It can be very expensive for some users.
  • Must be handled with care to protect the seams

7. DELSEY Paris Cruise Trolley Garment Bag

DELSEY is a leading name in France for its high quality luggage bags and the Cruise Lite is no exception to this.

This bag is very sleek to look at but also packs a punch because it can double as the best garment bag carry on for those trips when you need a lot of space.

DELSEY Paris Cruise Trolley Garment Bag


This bag is very durable despite its sleek design. It is made from ballistic nylon which is very durable and capable of withstanding moisture and abrasions. It also has reinforced corners and a special injected kick plate to keep the bag in shape and keep its contents protected.

When it comes to space, the Cruise Lite comes with a large front pocket for valuables and small items you need for your journey. It even has a space for laptops up to 16” inches in size.

DELSEY Paris Cruise Trolley Garment Bag

Inside the bag, it has two zippered pockets and a unique clamping system that allows users to organize their clothes without overlapping one another. There is also a special extender panel for dresses and long garments. For shoes and accessories, this bag comes with a separate compartment that can be accessed outside. It even comes with a power bank cable port to keep your gadgets charged while on the go.


  • Perfect for long trips thanks to its large capacity
  • Has a lot of compartments to keep things organized
  • The shoe compartment is located separately from the main compartment
  • Easy to hang up anywhere despite its size
  • Very stylish to look at


  • It may not be suited for short trips due to its size
  • Must be handled with care due to some items that may break easily such as the wheels and the zipper

8. Heritage Travelware Streeterville

If you will be traveling for a short business trip, the Heritage Travelware Streeterville is the perfect garment bag carry on to bring.

This bag is a part of the brand’s “Streeterville” collection, which promises that it is easy to bring around and can carry all its user’s essentials.

Heritage Travelware Streeterville


This bag is made from durable 1680D polyester that is used both inside and outside the bag. This ensures that it is protected from the elements and keeps its contents secured. It is held together with reinforced zippers which will not break easily as it is constantly used.

Storage-wise, this bag will surprise you because it comes with a front full-length zipper pocket where you can store your valuables and anything you need immediately. It even comes with an organizer to hold any business essentials such as your phone, charger, and pens.

Heritage Travelware Streeterville

Inside the bag, it comes with various compartments that can hold up to two or more clothes. Mesh pockets are also available for socks, toiletries, and other accessories. A separate compartment is available for laptops up to 17”. This bag can also stay upright thanks to its sturdy in-line skate wheels, which also keeps it easy to roll around. The handles can also extend up to 41” inches, which is great for tall people.


  • It is very durable thanks to its reinforced construction
  • Can be used as an overnighter or a regular carry bag
  • Very organized interior and comes with a lot of pockets
  • Can fit in most overhead plane bins
  • Very lightweight even in full load


  • Handles may be difficult to work with since it can be loose
  • Wheels can get jammed sometimes

9. Travelpro Platinum Magna Rolling Garment Bag

Want to stray away from the black rolling garment bags in the market? You should consider Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag.

This bag enters our best-rolling garment bags list because of its unique character and features that users will definitely love once they explore this bag.

Travelpro Platinum Magna Rolling Garment Bag


This bag uses high-density ballistic nylon which is specially coated to ensure it can withstand the elements and any damage it may receive during travel. Even its zippers are reinforced to prevent damage from constant use. They even tested these bags before selling them out to the public as part of the brand’s commitment to high-quality bags for its consumers.

Inside the rolling bag, it has an immense room that will fit almost any clothes you can think of. There are even compartments that will hold accessories such as socks, toiletries, and other travel essentials. This bag also uses Travelpro’s unique PowerScope extension handle that prevents any suitcase mishaps as you roll to your destination.

Travelpro Platinum Magna Rolling Garment Bag

It can even stand on its own since it has two legs and a sturdy set of wheels installed on its bottom. If the bag gets damaged during your travels with major US airlines, you can use Travelpro’s worry-free warranty. This warranty guarantees that you can get it repaired for free and they will even ship it back to you.


  • Very durable and reinforced to keep things held together
  • The roller handle is very comfortable to use
  • Fits any overhead bins from US airlines
  • Very beautiful to look at thanks to its unique color and structure
  • Easy to organize contents


  • Can be cheap to look at because of its color
  • Slightly cramped for two or more suits

10. Leisure Vector Wheeled Garment Bag

To cap off our list of the best rolling garment bags in the market, we list down the Leisure Vector 44” Wheeled Garment Bag.

While it looks very simple, this garment bag is actually very spacious and filled with features you can’t find in other bags.

Leisure Vector Wheeled Garment Bag


When you look at this bag, the Leisure Vector is very stylish. It can stand on its own thanks to its reinforced legs and strong in-line skate wheels. It is also lined on the inside to give it that sleek box feels that will protect your belongings. Its exterior body is made from durable micro-ballistic polyester, which is known to resist water, abrasions and stains. It also comes in a sleek black color that gives it that classic vibe.

On the inside, this rolling garment bag comes with a very big space that will allow users to put multiple suits and dresses without problems. Tie hooks are in the bag to keep the items in place and if the clothes in question are longer than standard, there is a fold-down flap inside it to protect it.

Leisure Vector Wheeled Garment Bag

The bag also comes with several compartments that will fit any item and accessory. A separate compartment, in particular, can be used to store your dirty laundry. When you are traveling, you can adjust the handles easily and lock it in place so you won’t have to keep adjusting the handles as you go around.


  • It is durable and reinforced to protect items inside it
  • Great for weekend trips thanks to its size
  • The hanging feature is very efficient
  • Easy to organize thanks to its multiple compartments
  • Affordable for its size and features range


  • Handles can be very short for some users
  • Can be very wide which is not great for overhead bins

Why do you Need a Rolling Garment Bag?

If you are going on a business trip or any formal event, you need to keep your suits or dresses tidy as you travel. While you can put your suits and dresses on a normal luggage bag, it is possible that it will lose its form the longer it remains in the luggage. It may also get crumpled depending on how your luggage is handled by luggage’ handlers. Luggage bags also do not have a separate garment holder, which will keep your suits and dresses in place.

Getting a garment bag ensures that your clothes stay wrinkle-free and stay in one place as you travel. To pack your suit and dress easily, it comes with a clothes hanger to hold the clothes and keep its shape together as you fold them into the bag. Since it has a special compartment, the clothes will not move from its place as you travel and prevent it from getting wrinkles.

Some garment bags even come with an accessories holder to keep everything in one place and keep it safe as you travel. These garment bags also work as a great carry on bag for short trips if you are not bringing your suits and dresses along for the trip.

Different Types of Garment Bags

There are three types of garment bags people can choose from which offer different features for users. Here are the three types of garment bags you need to be familiar with:

Bi-fold Bags

Bi-fold bags are compact carrying bags that fold in half. To use, users can put their clothes on the garment bag, secure it in place and fold it up. The bottom part of the bag can be zipped, attached or tied together so it can be carried as one piece. When you need your clothes back, you can hang the bag up and unzip it to get your clothes. Bi-fold bags are the most common garment bags available and they come in all sorts of sizes and materials to fit any budget.

Tri-fold bags

Similar to a bi-fold bag, tri-fold bags will fold your clothes in three folds to keep it compact and easy to bring around. Ideally, this is only used for one or two-day trips because it cannot hold too many clothes. But, if you do use these bags, they can be brought with your carry-on and hang it anywhere once you get to your hotel room.

Rolling garment bags

The final type of garment bag available is rolling garment bags. Like its two brothers, these bags will fold in two or three to keep your clothes neatly pressed until you reach your destination.

But, unlike bi-fold and tri-fold bags that have to be carried around to your destination, rolling garment bags have wheels and a handle in them to make it easy to bring around. They also have larger space than the other two garment bag types, which fits accessories and shoes and works well for long journeys. But, since they do have wheels and a handle, it is heavier than its two other counterparts.

Key Features to Look for when Buying a Rolling Garment Bag

Buying a rolling garment bag needs a lot of consideration because there are a lot of garment bags available in the market today. Each one of them comes with different features that other rolling garment bags may not have.

Before you go to your favorite luggage store to get your own rolling garment bag, here are the key features you need to look for to buy the best rolling garment bags available.

Storage Capacity

When buying any type of bag, you have to consider how many items it can fit for your trips. For rolling garment bags, they come with a lot of room to fit accessories, shoes, and other items that you may need with your clothes. But, they do conform with the usual carry-on weight limit which is 7kg.

You also need to consider how long the garment bag is. Most garment bags fit standard length suits and dresses. But, if you will be bringing along a gown, wedding gown and other formal clothing, you may need to look for a larger rolling garment bag.


If you are looking for the good rolling garment bags, it must have several compartments that will allow you to bring everything you need. If you are a business traveler, getting a rolling garment bag where you can put your tie, underwear, and shoes without putting it near your suits is ideal.


There are three types of materials that are commonly used for garment bags and they are canvas, polyester, and leather. For those who wish to make an impression, getting a leather rolling garment bag is ideal.

But, it is heavy to bring around compared to polyester or canvas bags. Canvas and polyester bags are also very durable and sometimes, they are water-proof or resistant which is a big plus if you want to keep your clothes dry during travels.

Wheel Type

Rolling garment bags come with two types of wheels to make it maneuverable in any floor. Roller or 2 wheeled rolling garment bag has durable wheels, but it can be difficult to move it around. Meanwhile, spinner or 4 wheeled rolling garment bags are easy to travel with but they tend to break easily because of its weight and mechanism.


The ideal rolling garment bag must-have side and top handles to make it easy to carry around and put in the overhead bins. The handles must also be able to carry the weight of your things without breaking apart.


Rolling garment bags come with various price tags depending on its quality. If you want to invest in a good garment bag for travel, you can get an expensive garment bag from a top brand. It will even have a warranty you can use in case your bag gets damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can garment bags really prevent wrinkles?

No matter what bag you purchase, there will still be wrinkles in them but it won’t be prominent if you get a garment bag. When you put your clothes inside a garment bag, it will keep your clothes flat and reduce the creases caused by folding.

Can garment bags really prevent wrinkles?

Every garment bag comes with different sizes, which can tell you how many suits it can fit. If the garment bag you are looking at is slim, it can only fit one standard suit. But, if you are looking at a larger bag, it may fit two or three suits or dresses. Of course, if you will be bringing more elaborate clothing, you will need to find a larger garment bag for them.

Are all garment bags seen as a carry on luggage?

Most garment bags – regardless of their type – are listed as a carry on by many airlines. But, they must adhere to their weight limit which is 7kg. For rolling garment bags, they are carry on luggage because of their size and design.

Do all garment bags fit on a plane’s overhead bin?

Roller garment bags mostly fit in the overhead bins on any plane. But, if you will be flying in domestic planes, you need to check with the airline if they have a larger bin for your garment bag carry on or if they can be used by your seat class. Some planes leave these bins reserved for business or first-class travelers.

Where should I get my garment bag?

If you are ready to buy the best rolling garment luggage, you have the option of buying it online or in a physical store. If you want to test the bag first, buying it in a physical store is recommended because you can see how it looks like in person.

If you prefer online shopping, you need to buy from a store that allows free returns in case you don’t like the bag you just bought.


Shopping for the best rolling garment bags can be a hassle if you do not know what to look for. There are a lot of choices in stores and each one of them has the potential to work well for your clothes. But, before you purchase one, do your research about the product you are looking for and know everything about them. Doing this will help you be satisfied with your purchase and it will last you for a lifetime.

A rolling garment bag doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be the best one for your needs. With just a little research, you will be able to find one that works for you and work within your budget.

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