Best Herschel Backpack Reviews in 2020 (Top Picks & Comparison)

If you like to travel or if you simply like to use a good backpack instead of other types of bags, you might need to invest in a Herschel Backpack. These backpacks are appreciated all over the world so you can’t go wrong with one of these models. But you might find it challenging to identify the best Herschel backpack if you never invested in such a product.

There are many models on the market and not all of them might be suitable for your needs. This is why we put together this guide to help you find not only the best products on the market but also to show you what to look for in such a backpack! Keep reading and find the good Herschel Backpack for your needs and preferences!

Top 5 Best Rated Herschel Backpack Reviews

The following backpacks are the best that you can consider investing in and they are coming at a convenient cost. This will save you plenty of time of research and you will take no risks as they are all of a great quality.


Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack-Woodland Camp/Zip

This Herschel backpack will impress you with its impeccable quality and versatility. You can choose between 20 different colors and you will love each one of them as they are very interesting and they have unique patterns as well. All patterns have a signature patch so you will be sure that you end up with an original product.

Best Herschel Backpack

This backpack is very well split in different compartments so you can keep all your things safe. It has a pocket right on its front side that you can access it from outside very easy. This pocket is locked with a zipper and it is made of a very resistant material, just like the rest of the backpack.

The stitching of it is very good too, so you don’t risk to damage it over time. The dimensions of this backpack are 17.5 inch x 11.75 inch x 6 inch which makes it a pretty good one and you can store a lot of things in it. And another great detail is the waterproof zipper. Water will not get in your backpack and your goods will be good at all times!


  • It has a patch with the brand’s signature so you can count on its quality
  • Easy to carry around thanks to its simple and efficient design
  • The waterproof zipper secures your goods against rain or humidity
  • The pattern of colors is very attractive and modern so it will blend in nicely with any type of outfit
  • The price is a budget-friendly one so you don’t have to break the budget to enjoy this backpack


  • The zipper might not be as sturdy as some users expect

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Herschel Retreat Backpack-Black

Another very good quality Herschel backpack is this model that will impress you with its simplicity, elegance and functionality. You can choose from 10 different colors that are all very vibrant and attractive. The style of this backpack and the comfort with which it can stay on your back make it perfect for cycling. It is also a great backpack to wear if you like to go hiking or exploring new offroad areas.

Herschel Backpack

This backpack has a  cinch closure which makes it easy for you to access everything that you have inside. It has a media port so you can place your device inside and leave only your headphones outside to reach them. The sleeve designed especially for your laptop makes it a perfect backpack for those who want to carry their laptop or tablet with them at all times.  You will love the volume of this backpack which can be up to 19.5L.

Overall, this backpack will steal your heart from the first time you use it. And the price tag that it comes with is a convenient one as well which can only be a quality of this product!


  • It is made of a very resistant material so you can enjoy it for a long time
  • There is a media port which you will find very useful
  • The front pocket increases the functionality of this backpack
  • The closure is secured and easy to access
  • There are 10 colors to choose from


  • It might not be wide enough to accommodate all laptops

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Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack

This Herschel backpack is one of the best options that you can get on the market and it comes with an attractive design. Just like other Herschel backpacks, this model also comes in several colors to choose from and the variety is quite generous with 19 of different patterns available. It is a backpack intended for daily use which is why it is designed to be smaller than other backpacks. The dimensions of this backpack are 5 x 16 x 10.8 inches which makes it perfect for both hiking and office work.

Herschel Backpack Reviews

You will be admired everywhere you go with this backpack and it has a very functional structure so you can bring plenty of goods with you. There is a front pocket where you can store your most useful belongings so you have access to them easily.

The closure is secured and you don’t risk to deteriorate your goods as you carry them with this backpack.  You can wear this backpack on one shoulder or both shoulders and it will match perfectly any type of outfit.


  • It is a very versatile backpack and you can wear it any time you want
  • The front pocket of this backpack gives you easy access to your goods
  • There are 19 colors to choose from
  • The closure is secured so you will not get your goods damaged


  • The straps might not be as resistant as some users expect
  • It might be too small for those who want to bring their laptop with them

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Herschel Classic Backpack – Dark Chambray Crosshatch

One of the most appreciated Herschel backpacks is the Classic model. It is simply hard to beat the simplicity and perfection of this product! It comes in two different shades of colors and it has a layout that makes it both elegant and very practical. There is also the specific logo patch that guarantees the originality of this product.

best herschel backpack for women

There is one exterior pocket which is closed with a resistant zipper and very functional. You can keep your important goods in this pocket that you want to reach to often during your day. The inside large space is also closed with a zipper so you can get in it every time you want without any hassle as well.

You will love the fact that this backpack has padded straps for increased comfort. And you will also find the entire structure of this backpack very modern and easy to use. You can bring this backpack with you on a daily basis or save it for your interesting trips. And for the convenient price of this backpack you will find it to be a great investment!


  • It has a simple design that will suit everyone
  • The material and zippers of this backpack are very resistant
  • It comes with padded straps which makes it even more comfortable to wear it
  • There are two different shades of color to choose from


  • It might be too simple for users who prefer to have a backpack with more pockets
  • The zippers might not last as long as the rest of the backpack

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Herschel Heritage Backpack-Black

And the last but definitely not least option of Herschel backpack is this Heritage model that comes in a very modern shade of black. The structure of this backpack is very compact and comfortable to wear which is why you will find it useful in a multitude of situations.

best herschel backpack for men

It has a front pocket that can be closed with a sturdy zipper and a larger section inside where you can put your laptop and other belongings. To manage this backpack and move it easier from one place to another you can use the handle that it comes with which increases its functionality.

The straps are padded so this backpack is very comfortable to wear even for long trips. You will also find a multi-functional pocket inside of it which can turn out to be very useful if you want to bring your passport or credit cards with you.  To make it even more attractive, the manufacturer added some brown leather accents on this backpack which also empower its resistance.


  • It comes in a very modern shade of black
  • Exterior pocket that is easy to access
  • Inside pocket for important papers or other goods you need to bring with you
  • The backpack has certain leather accents that increase its overall quality and adds to the beauty of its design
  • Easy to wear thanks to the padded straps


  • It only comes in one color option
  • It might be too small for some users

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Things to Consider Before Selecting a Best Herschel Backpack

Choosing the best quality Herschel backpack for you is not as complicated as long as you know what to look for in such a product. So, here are the main points that you need to pay attention to before pulling your credit card out!

  • The size of the backpack

When it comes to choosing the best backpack for you, the size is a crucial aspect. You need a backpack that will accommodate all your goods and help you carry them in a comfortable way. This means that you will have to decide what are you going to use the backpack for and what belongings are you planning to bring with you. If you are going to invest in a Herschel Backpack the good news is that you can choose between different sizes as they cover more of the clients’ needs than any other brand.

best herschel backpack reviews

Be careful not to choose a backpack that is too big or too bulky because there might be the temptation to think that bigger is better but that is not always the case. You will carry it on your back most of the time and if you keep that in mind you will definitely choose the right size for you!

  • The number of pockets

Depending on the types of goods you want to bring with you, there might be a certain structure that you prefer your future backpack to have. There are backpacks that offer you a laptop sleeve, outside and inside pockets and different compartments inside of it. These pockets can make the backpack more functional and easy to use. But it varies greatly according to your needs and preferences so this is a lot of a subjective aspect.

  • The closure of the backpack

The closure of your backpack is something that you shouldn’t compromise on. You need your goods to be safe and secured at all time when they are inside your backpack. This is why you need to make sure that the closure is sturdy and easy to access for you. An important detail is to decide if the closure is going along well with the rest of the design of the backpack. You don’t want a zipper or a buckle that is very obvious because this can ruin the entire image of your product.

  • Extra features you might be interested in

These backpacks might surprise you when it comes to the extra features that they can come with. Some of them have waterproof zippers so no rain or humidity will get to your goods which is a very useful feature to have. Others have a media port which can also turn out to be very functional.

It is important to check these details before purchasing the backpack in order to get exactly what you are paying for! Allow yourself to get a backpack with some features that will increase your comfort while you are wearing it. For instance, padded straps can turn out to be very important for your comfort!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I wear a Herschel backpack at work?

Of course you can. These backpacks are intended to be used in different situations which makes them a great investment. Choose a backpack that will satisfy your needs and allow you to bring all you need with you such as your papers or laptop. And also pay attention to the design of your backpacks because some of them come in a very simple structure and with elegant colors which makes them perfect for daily use.

  • How should I maintain my Herschel backpack?

Maintenance is very easy and minimal when it comes to these products. For instance you will need to wash it very rare as they are easy to wipe out in case they get dirty. When you do need to wash it check the tag and see if you can wash it in the washing machine because this will ease your job a lot more.

If you feel that the zippers of your backpack are not sturdy enough for you, you can simply reinforce them yourself as well. Overall, if you take care of your backpack, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time and without having to worry for cleaning it or maintaining it more than you are comfortable to.

  • How do I know that my Herschel backpack is original?

You will notice that original Herschel backpacks come with a signature patch right in front of them. Usually this patch can be found on the exterior pocket and it is a great indicator of their originality. Also, by purchasing one of the five products we reviewed in this guide you can be sure that you will end up with a good-quality, original Herschel backpack as well. For each product the manufacturer also offers a certain warranty which makes it even more reliable.


Owning a Herschel backpack is a very good investment but also something to be proud of. These backpacks can save you from plenty of situations. You can bring them with you at work or when you are traveling. And they are also very resistant and modern so you will be happy every time you use it. The fact that you can choose from different colors and designs adds to the versatility and fanciness of the Herschel backpacks and you will always be ready for whatever trip you need to take! Choose one of the products in this guide and find the best Herschel backpack for you with no hassle!