laptop backpacks for men

Laptop backpacks often get confused with other types of backpacks. It is important to make the distinction, so you know what you are getting into. Men usually need a laptop backpack that can also accommodate their other essentials. The best laptop backpacks for men offer functionality, ease of access, protection, and a little touch of style.

Laptop backpacks provide necessary storage and protection for your laptop when you go to work or school, and when you travel. These backpacks feature padded compartments that keep your precious laptop safeguarded.

You should also consider what else you could want out of your laptop backpack. Most of these bags can double as a travel backpack. This is especially great if you travel for work a lot. You can easily fit in other electronics and a change of clothes. No need to carry luggage for those day or weekend trips, your laptop backpack would do the job.

The 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men

Here are the 10 best laptop backpacks for men detailing their specifications and features:

1. High Sierra Loop Backpack for Men and Women

This laptop backpack from High Sierra has a design that makes it very convenient for both everyday use and travel. It has multiple large compartments and small zipper pockets to pack in, not just your laptop but a lot of other things like books, folders, stationary, tablet, chargers, water bottle, etc.

High Sierra Loop Backpack for Men and Women

The laptop goes into the main compartment at the back. The back panels have padding to provide the necessary protection. It has yoke-style, S-shaped shoulder straps that are padded. In addition to that, these straps also have a suspension system that makes it highly portable.

The shoulder straps help distribute weight equally on your shoulders, thanks to their non-slip design. They also feature a swivel clip at the end that prevents them from twisting. You can place your water bottle in the side mesh pocket.

High Sierra Loop Backpack for Men and Women

The size of the backpack is quite decent, but if it seems too full, you can always adjust its size using the compression straps on the side and bottom. These straps double as a loop for attaching gear. If those are not enough, there is an attachment clip on the front as well where you can hang gear.

The fabric of the backpack is polyester. It has an overall capacity of 33 pounds and weighs just 2.04 pounds. The height is 19 inches, the width 13.5 inches, and the depth is 8.5 inches.


  • Offers convenient organization that allows quick access to your stuff
  • Dedicated TechSpot tablet sleeve
  • This backpack is roomy enough for traveling
  • Secure compartment for laptop
  • Good value for money


  • The backpack does not expand
  • It is not completely weatherproof

2. Mancro Laptop Backpack

This backpack comes in two sizes and myriads of colors. You can go for a 15.6-inch size if you have a laptop 15 inches or smaller. If you have a laptop bigger than that, you can go for the 17.3-inch size.

The main pocket of the backpack can house a lot of stuff like books, stationary, iPad, chargers, etc. The laptop goes into the laptop sleeve at the back of the backpack, which is fully padded. There is a Velcro strap to help keep the laptop snugged in.

Mancro Laptop Backpack

In addition to the main compartment, you have plenty of small pockets for other auxiliary stuff. Two side pockets are for water bottles or umbrellas. The slanted pocket on the front is for your id or keys. As an added bonus, it looks like a stylish detail on the backpack. For your cash and wallet, there is an inner pocket.

The best thing about this backpack is that it comes with a lock. You do not have to buy one separately. This is a technology-ready backpack as it features a built-in USB charging port. It will require a power pack, and then you can charge your phone on the go. You just simply have to connect your phone with your backpack, which makes things pretty easy.

Mancro Laptop Backpack

This backpack is made from eco-friendly nylon fabric, which is water-resistant. The shoulder straps are S-curve padded straps that are quite comfortable. They can be adjusted to provide a fit that is comfortable for you.


  • USB charging makes this backpack great for everyday use
  • Comes with a high-quality lock
  • Lightweight backpack weighing only 1.5 pounds
  • Stylish looking with small details
  • Durable metal zippers


  • Side pockets can only keep a small water bottle
  • The velcro strap for laptop is not adjustable

3. AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

This Amazon Basics Laptop backpack really is a basic laptop backpack, but it does offer quite a lot of capacity. Multiple compartments help make it more like a travel backpack as you can put in a lot of stuff. It has a separate padded compartment for laptops that can house laptops up to 17-inch.

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

Even when it is full, it should be comfortable to wear thanks to the heavy padded adjustable straps. The left strap has a mesh layer on it that acts as a quick access pocket for when you are wearing the backpack. You could put a receipt inside it or your phone if it is not too big.

In addition to the padded laptop space, there is a smaller sleeve for tablets. There are two mesh side pockets for your water bottles. It offers plenty of organization within its main compartment for things like pens, keys, and your phone.

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

It looks quite simple. The backpack is black with orange accents resembling the Amazon logo. The zipper handles have an Amazon Basics logo engraved, which is a nice design detail. It is 19 inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth. You can tell by these numbers that this backpack has a high capacity.


  • Great value for money
  • Cinching straps on the side provide size adjustment
  • High capacity with lots of organization
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Laptop gets tucked in the back
  • The fabric of the backpack could be softer

4. Sosoon Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a large capacity backpack as your laptop backpack, this Sosoon model is what you need. It offers a whopping 38-liter capacity. This one has average size for a laptop backpack with 19.5 inches height, 14 inches width, and 5.7 inches depth. They achieve this high capacity with so many compartments and pockets.

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The main compartment can fit in not just your books but also perhaps a change of clothes. This could work out great if you go to the gym after work. Then you have the front compartment, which offers a lot of organization in the form of a key chain and pencil case.

The back compartment is for your laptop. It has ample padding and a security strap that expands to the tablet sleeve. You can even place books in this compartment as it is big enough.

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The back of the backpack has mesh padding to allow ventilation and breathability. The shoulder straps feature massage mats that offer decompression and comfort when you wear this backpack. It also features a USB charging port that you can directly plug your phone in to charge. All you have to do is put a power bank inside the backpack.

This is a sturdy backpack made of 1680D polyester. It is supposed to be tear-resistant and water-repellant. All of these features come at a very reasonable price.


  • It has an anti-theft pocket and lock shackle
  • Very high capacity makes it travel-friendly
  • The top handle is quite sturdy
  • It features double-sided smooth zippers
  • It can fit under the airplane seat


  • Best for laptops up to 15.6 inches only
  • The inner pocket can make it hard to slide in books

5. LAPACKER Laptop Backpack for Men

This is a rather simple laptop backpack that has one big compartment with organized sections and pockets. It features a shock-proof laptop slot with an abrasion-proof texture. The material of this slot absorbs shocks readily and will keep your laptop intact no matter what. You can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches easily.

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The same compartment also features a padded tablet pocket. You can also keep your books and lunch in this same compartment. The front zipped pocket can be used for smaller stuff like pens, small notebooks, chargers, earphones, etc.

The material of this backpack is water-resistant and tear-resistant. It will not even get any scratches as the fabric is hard to suit textiles. The Airflow back system provides ample ventilation as well as back support. The shoulder straps are S-shaped and will not be uncomfortable on your shoulders at all.

There is a hidden pocket on the back at the bottom where you can hide your cash and id. Also, the zippers are anti-theft. These should help keep your belongings safe when you are away or when in crowded public spaces.


  • Minimalistic but stylish backpack
  • High-quality fabric and zippers
  • Most secure laptop backpack
  • Very lightweight (2.1 pounds)
  • Can be taken out when it is raining


  • It cannot fit large gaming laptops
  • Side pockets may not fit a large water bottle or flask

6. YOREPEK Anti-theft Work Backpack for Men

This laptop backpack by YOREPEK looks simple but is packed with features that will come in very handy, whether you are a college student or a businessman traveling frequently. There are over ten compartments, including the one dedicated to your laptop. The appropriate size of the laptop you could fit in this one is 15.6 inches.

YOREPEK Anti-theft Work Backpack for Men

Made of soft nylon fabric, this backpack is tear-resistant and water-resistant. You can easily carry it in the rain without needing a cover. It is 18.11 inches in height, 12.2 inches in width, and 7.87 inches in depth, which is not quite big for a backpack with so many compartments.

The S-curve shoulder straps are padded to provide support and comfort while you are wearing the backpack. It comes with a USB port that has built-in wiring to plug in a charging pack. You can charge your phone on the go. Also, there is a good old headphone hole so you can put your device inside the backpack and connect your earphones/headphones.

YOREPEK Anti-theft Work Backpack for Men

The internal compartment has separate sleeves for laptops and tablets. The back is padded to provide protection for the laptop and support for your back. Then you have smaller zipped pockets with welts to put important things. There is one big slanted zipper pocket in the front. It is big enough to house a tablet, but you can use it for things you need frequently.


  • It features anti-theft lock and dual metal zippers
  • There are adjustable straps on the sides in the middle and at the bottom
  • Great value for money
  • It has a durable webbed handle


  • Small for long travel
  • The charging using the backpack’s USB port takes a long time

7. Winblo Laptop Backpack

If you want to move away from the common blacks and greys offered in laptop backpacks, you would be happy to know this backpack offers many colors. From mauve-pink to blue, you have plenty of choices. In terms of style, it is pretty simple with not too many pockets or zippers on the outside.

Winblo Laptop Backpack

It is a dual compartment backpack i.e., there are two main compartments. The back one is for the laptop as it has padding on the back. You can fit a 15.6-inch laptop without any hassle. Not just a laptop, you can also put your tablet in one of the sleeves or the zipped pocket in the front. There are two slots inside for keeping your phone.

It does offer easy access, whether it is your laptop, tablet, or your books. The shoulder straps are adjustable, padded, and can shape like the contours of your shoulder. As a result, it is comfortable to wear this backpack for hours on end.

Winblo Laptop Backpack

The fabric is nylon (210D), which allows it to be quite lightweight. Even at its full capacity, the weight will be properly distributed thanks to the bifurcation of the two main compartments. The height of this backpack is 17.71 inches, the width is 11.81 inches, and the depth is 3.93 inches.


  • Simple design primarily for carrying a laptop, electronics, and a few books
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to carry and adjust according to height
  • Reasonable price


  • It lacks side pockets for water bottle
  • It is relatively small for a carry-on backpack

8. Kaukko Travel Laptop Backpack

If you like those signature Herschel backpacks but find them expensive and not appropriate for a laptop, the Kaukka backpack will make your wishes come true. It has a similar design with straps running to the bottom. It features a soft nylon inner lining with multiple inner pockets. There is a sleeve dedicated to your laptop. This compartment can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches.

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However, if you have a bigger laptop, you can put in the main compartment. You can also place a small notebook, your phone, and a tablet in the sleeves.

The back is fully padded, and so are the adjustable shoulder straps. It makes sure that the contents of the backpack are protected and nothing pokes you in the back. You can easily adjust the buckles on the strap to get the kind of fit you want.

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The exterior of the backpack is made of 600D polyester. It uses a drawstring closure instead of a zipper, which is more common in a laptop backpack. However, it is secure enough with a top flap and snaps. There is a patch pocket on the front, which doubles as a style detail. You can place stuff like id, earphones, chargers, etc.


  • This backpack comes in myriads of colors
  • Great value for money
  • Very stylish look
  • EU-based manufacturer
  • Six-month warranty


  • No side pockets for water bottles

9. Loaged Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

This is yet another stylish laptop backpack that takes things a little further from bare functionality. It has a lot of advanced features as well in addition to a large capacity. It has a large main compartment with a velcro strap laptop sleeve. You can keep a laptop up to 16-inch in size.

Loaged Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

In addition to the large main compartment, there is another spacious front compartment where you can keep smaller things like notebooks or tablets. A smaller zipped pocket on the front can be used for id, cards, keys, earphones, etc. The overall capacity is adjustable, thanks to the side straps with buckles.

It comes with a built-in USB charging port that makes your life easy when it is time to charge your phone. The leather and metal buckle on top acts as an anti-theft system. It doubles as a cool design detail. However, you may still need a lock. The backpack is almost 19 inches in height, 13 inches wide, and 6.3 inches deep.

Loaged Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

The shoulder straps are comfortable with padding. The same is the case for the back panel, which provides support not just to the precious laptop inside but also to your back. The side pockets are quite big, so you can easily place a large water bottle.


  • High-quality fabric
  • It features a sturdy handle on top
  • It offers lots of organized space
  • Water-resistant materials


  • Zippers are somewhat hidden
  • Not completely anti-theft

10. OSCAURT Anti-theft Travel and Work Backpack

Oscaurt has come up with a very minimal-looking modern design backpack. It looks so simple but has a lot going on. There is a single main compartment with the zipper almost invisible. Also, it is located at the very back, which acts as added support for the inside contents.

OSCAURT Anti-theft Travel and Work Backpack

The main compartment offers a very smart organization. The laptop sits at the back and can be 15.6-inch in size. There are pockets dedicated to all sorts of stuff, including pens, phones, and your wallet. Ultimately, you manage to pack in a lot more stuff.

It is only 16.93 inches in height and 11.02 inches in width, with a depth of 4.92. It is water-resistant and quite travel-friendly. There is a luggage strap at the back that you can use to strap it with the metal handle of your luggage. Also, it has a reflective strip on the front, which makes it visible in the dark.

OSCAURT Anti-theft Travel and Work Backpack

The back material is EVA and has a very unique design. It acts as padding for the laptop sleeve and provides support when you carry it on your back. It will ventilate air so you can keep carrying it comfortably. The top handle is also ergonomic.


  • Very stylish design
  • USB charging port built into the backpack
  • Laptop backpack doubles as a carry-on
  • Slip-in side pockets
  • Great value for money


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Not suitable for college students with lots of books and notes

How to Choose the High-quality Laptop Backpacks for Men

Most of the laptop backpacks offer similar features. It can be confusing to decide which one is high-quality and appropriate for you. Here is what you need to know:


The first thing to consider when buying a good laptop backpack is the material. The durability and life of the backpack directly depend on the quality of the materials. Most commonly, you will see these backpacks using fabrics like nylon, polyester, Cordura, and even leather.

Determining the quality can be a tad bit difficult. One way to figure out the quality is to look for the denier of the fabric, which basically represents its weight. Anything over 600D is considered heavy, so you would know it would not rip out so easily.

Water Resistance

A crucial consideration is whether the backpack is water-resistant or not. You do not necessarily need it to be waterproof, but it should be somewhat water-resistant. It should be able to withstand a light pour and keep the contents of the backpack dry. You do not want your laptop to get wet.


The capacity of the laptop backpack is another important consideration. Men usually need space for their electronics (tablets, phones, chargers, etc.), books, stationery, and some personal care products. You should have ample space for all these daily essentials you may need for work.

The backpack should have a separate compartment for the laptop. It can also have several other pockets for the above essentials. This would only make the organization simple and access easy. If you plan on traveling with the backpack, make sure you get a higher capacity backpack, one that can fit more stuff than just a laptop and other electronics.


If you want the laptop backpack to be comfortable, you have to pay attention to the straps. These must be properly padded and comfortable. Also, they should be easy to adjust, corresponding with your height. You will be lugging the backpack around every day, you do not want your shoulders to strain.


A high-quality backpack would feature high-quality zippers. These are usually the first thing to go bad as they get used so much. Make sure to invest in a backpack that has YKK level zippers. These should be rust-free and smooth. The handles should not come off easily, otherwise, it would be difficult to operate the zipper.

Anti-Theft Features

Many best laptop backpacks for men come with anti-theft features that make sure your belongings stay safe. These include locks on the main compartment where your laptop is placed. You could purchase them separately as well.

Another rather common and cheap anti-theft feature is locking zippers. These will lock the zippers and prevent a thief from opening your backpack, whether you are wearing or not.

For keeping important stuff like cash and ids, these backpacks often have hidden pockets. These could be inside the backpack or on the outside (usually at the bottom).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the laptop backpack?

There is no standard way to clean a laptop backpack. Even though these are mostly fabric, but the materials vary greatly. In most cases, you may be able to find out wash instructions on the labels inside the backpack. Nevertheless, the easiest way to clean any backpack is to use a damp cloth. If it is just dirt that you are dealing with, you can easily clean it. For tougher stains, you may want to use soapy water.

Laptop backpacks have padding and many internal compartments. It may not be the best idea to wash them in a washing machine. If you clean them with a cloth periodically, it would never come to a point where machine wash is the only way out.

Are the laptop backpacks heavy?

Generally, these backpacks are made with lightweight materials, so they do not have a very large weight of their own. However, they have varying capacities, and the weight after you have filled it up may vary. The more stuff you put, the heavier it will get.

Equally, weight distribution is important so that the weight is distributed equally on your shoulders. One way to achieve that is to use the compartments in the laptop backpack correctly. Do not use a compartment for what it is not meant for.

Can I travel with a laptop backpack?

Yes, you can travel with a laptop backpack. These are backpacks essentially, and you can easily take them on board as a carry-on. These will easily fit in the overhead compartment and even under the seat. Businessmen often travel for work these only as they keep their laptops safe and double as luggage for small items and a change of clothes.


A laptop backpack is a good investment for men. These backpacks have ample features to make your work commute or travel easy. Most importantly, these keep your laptop safe, which is one of the most important possessions for anyone. Make sure to look for the necessary features you need in the laptop backpack. The best laptop backpacks for men can easily last for years.

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