Best Men’s Backpacks for Work Reviews 2020 (Top Picks)

Are you looking for the best men’s backpacks for work? If yes, you are in the right place. If no, you still need to read this post so that you can know what a good backpack is made of.

In a world teeming with backpacks, you might think that choosing one for your needs is as simple as picking any that catches your fancy. Well, perhaps you could. However, the world is much more complicated than that.

Check the features! This holds true for anything that you buy online. You want your backpack for work to last as long as possible. Do not worry about the price too much. After all, cheap can be expensive and you sure do not want to sacrifice quality on the altar of money.

It is better to pay more money and get more features than pay less for fewer features. In this article, we will review 10 men’s backpacks for work, their features and much more. Keep reading.

10 Best Rated Men’s Backpacks For Work Reviews

There are so many men’s backpacks for work in the market. To the untrained eye, they all look the same. However, they are as diverse as day and night. Instead of buying one on trial and error basis, we have done the groundwork for you. Keep reading.


SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart Backpack

The first thought that crosses your mind when you see this backpack is just how stylish it looks. It comes in bold masculine colors of black and blue, that is, some panels are black and some are blue. But that is not all there is to it. As you can see from its name, it is TSA-friendly. TSA means Transport Safety Authority. You can go through airports without too much hassle.

best men’s backpacks for work

Among some of the features that this backpack comes with include the 1200D weather-resist ballistic polyester material. This is a tough fabric and it can withstand rain, snow and sleet. You can fit a 17 inch laptop so easily in this bag. There is also a tablet sleeve and a front pocket that can take all of your writing items.

Thanks to the incorporation of the ScanSmart technology in its design, you can quickly open it up in the airport such that every compartment is accessible. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort. The padded back panel is breathable so there is no heat buildup even as you carry the pack for long hours. The zippers are high quality and you can lock them up with a small padlock for security.

With an overall volume of 31 liters, you can carry a lot of stuff in the bag. This bag has a compartment on each side. They are big enough for your umbrella, clothes or a big water bottle.


  • Back panel is integrated with Airflow technology for breathability
  • You get great organization from this backpack
  • Ultimate comfort thanks to padded straps
  • Large capacity pockets for small and large gear
  • Grip handle is quite strong


  • Many features without a user guide are confusing
  • The zippers may require careful handling – there has been breakage complaints

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Tocode Durable Work, Laptop and Travel Backpack

The Tocode laptop backpack for work and travel is a unisex pack. It is black in color, has many features and it sells at a very affordable price. Because of some of its features such as the charging and media ports, it is very convenient. This women’s and men’s backpack for work gives you the opportunity to organize your items easily. That way, if you need to reach anything in a hurry, there will be no hitch.

men’s backpacks for work reviews

This is a 35-liter volume pack. The main compartment has a lot of room, and the laptop compartment can fit almost all laptops. There is room enough for electronic accessories, a tablet, smartphone, travel chargers and power banks and so on. The backpack also has a built-in charging cable (female) where you can fit your phone’s USB charging cable. There are elastic side pockets that can hold water bottles, umbrellas and other equally big items.

For safety and security, you get a lock that can only be opened by a password. Thus, even if you leave the pack in a client’s office, you need not feel apprehensive for your things. In addition to the password lock, the backpack also has high quality metallic zippers.

The Oxford fabric is high quality and it is water resistant. However, it is not waterproof, so you should be careful not to be caught out in a drench. In the back, there is beautiful multi-panel padding. This has further been integrated with Comfy System technology for ventilation and breathability. You can carry the backpack for long on your back and you will stay comfortable.


  • Anti-theft features such as the password lock
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the stain-proof material
  • External USB port with built-in charging cable that connects to your phone’s cable
  • Cellular elastic foam secures your laptop against shock
  • Availability of many compartments and pockets keeps your gear well organized


  • This backpack is not waterproof
  • Laptop does not have an inbuilt power bank and it does not claim to have it

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Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel and Work Backpack

This backpack is good for traveling, for work and for school. It has anti-theft features that deter theft, therefore keeping your items safe. For example, the zipper to the main backpack is hidden and therefore a thief cannot find it easily. This is a small backpack, but it has a compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop well.

mens leather backpacks for work

You will love the external USB port with the inbuilt charging cable. You can charge your smartphone easily while you are on the move, without getting the backpack off your back. However, note that this backpack does not have a battery pack, so you should take your power bank with you.

For organization, you get a few compartments. The laptop compartment is a bit smaller. It may not fit a 17-inch laptop very well. However, it is perfect for smaller laptops of 15 inches. It has compartment for your tablet, your smartphone and other small items that you may bring with you. If you need to carry a change of clothes, there is room for that as well. For business cards, stationery and other small items, you will find enough pockets.

The pack is made with EVA material that does not lose shape even when you carry heavier loads with it. It is also waterproof, so if you are caught in the rain, your items should be safe. Waterproofness is very important for a backpack that you will use to carry your electronics.


  • Has a reflective strip for night time safety
  • Nicely padded and ventilated back panel keeps you comfortable
  • Has a couple of side pockets that will fit your water bottle
  • The zippers work like a marvel – zipping and unzipping is so easy
  • Small size makes it light in weight for school or office work


  • Small size – just 12 liters volume
  • Might not fit a 17 inch laptop

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YOREPEK Anti-Theft Work Backpack for Men

This is easily one of the most convenient backpacks for work out here in the market. Looking at its features, it is possible to see why. First, it has holes for headphones and a USB port and cable for charging. You do not have to remove the backpack from your back when you are cycling or when you are walking to connect your smartphone charger.

mens backpacks for work

Keep your work backpack organized all the time. In fact, this is the reason why we buy backpacks, otherwise we would just lump everything together in a rucksack. Thankfully, this YOREPEK backpack comes with all of 10 compartments.

First, there is a big compartment for your laptop, but not a 17-inch one, just for a 15-inch one. The smaller compartments can be used for the keys, mobile phone, passport, charger, watch, writing items and business cards. The slightly bigger compartments can be used for your water bottles and umbrella. With a volume of 35 liters, there is even room for your clothes.

The exterior shell of this backpack is made of nylon polyester. It is strong and water-resistant. If you take good care of this backpack, it is going to last you many years. However, note that it is not waterproof, so you should avoid being caught in a heavy drench with it. Make use of the umbrella pocket and carry one with you all the time. Finally, there are the nicely padded shoulder straps and back panel. Even if you carry the full weight of this backpack on your back, you will not feel it on your shoulders.


  • Has an anti-theft lock to keep your items safe in the pack
  • Nice size for traveling, office or school use
  • Many compartments keep your stuff organized
  • Water beads up and rolls down the nylon polyester material
  • Pockets are easy to reach without getting it off your back


  • Some people complain that the straps and back panel lack enough padding
  • The backpack is too slim

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OUTJOY Waterproof Backpack for Work

When you know that you will carry your laptop with your backpack, you want to make it as shockproof as possible. With this OUTJOY waterproof backpack, the interior of the laptop compartment has been designed with bubble wrap-like padding. If you drop the backpack, your laptop has enough shock protection. Because of the gaps that the bubbles make, your laptop can cool off if you put it in the bag when it was still warm.

best work backpack for men

For rain protection, the exterior cover of the backpack is water resistant. That is not enough. However, there is a waterproof rain cover sold with the bag at no extra cost. When you are not using the rain cover, it stays hidden away in the bottom of the backpack. You only pull it out when you need to use it.

Other features that offer lots of benefits for the user of this pack include the high quality handle on the top. You can use it to carry the backpack when you are traveling a short distance to the car or train. This backpack has deep interior and exterior pockets, enough to hold your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, chargers and other accessories. You can also carry a change of clothes when traveling. The laptop compartment fits a 17-inch laptop .

You also get a headphone hole so that you can catch up- on your music on the move. When you are not carrying a lot of stuff, you can use the side straps to make the backpack smaller and tighter. These straps come in handy when you want to “compress” the pack to fit in the overhead luggage compartment.


  • Has a deep mesh side pocket for a big water bottle
  • Integrated with a rain cover for extra protection
  • Strong, stain-resistant shell is durable
  • Nicely ventilated cushioning for the back panel
  • Has three main compartments with their pockets for organization


  • Has no cushioning on the bottom
  • Just one side pocket – not enough

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BOPAI Work Backpack For Men

If there is anything like a masculine looking bag, this is it. It is quite stylish and good looking too. Available in black color and with many helpful features, this is a durable backpack for your travel, work and even school needs. For organization and convenience, this backpack comes with six compartments/pockets. Well, we have seen some that come with 10 compartments, but when you need a backpack for work, the simpler it is the better.

mens backpacks for work gq

Because this is a work backpack for men, it has a laptop compartment that fits 15.6-inch laptops. Designed to be best anti-theft backpack, the zipper is hidden so a thief would not find it fast. You can hide your wallet and passport in a hidden pocket inside the main compartments. This pocket too has a concealed zip.

For convenience, the pack has a charging port with its corresponding cable. When you want to charge your phone, you will just have to insert your usual charging cable into the provided cable. The backpack does not come with a battery pack.

As a waterproof backpack, your items are well protected from the weather. The backpack straps are well padded for comfort and whats more, it has a hidden card pocket on the left side shoulder strap. However, the most notable feature of all is the breathable, massaging back panel that has small protruding panels that massage your back nicely.


  • High quality strap construction
  • Nice back panel designed to massage your back
  • A side pocket for your water bottle
  • Zippers to back panel stay concealed for safety
  • The synthetic leather material is waterproof


  • Could do with more pockets

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BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack

Occasionally, you might want to try something that looks a bit different from what everyone else is using. In this case, you will really stand out from the crowd with the BLUBOON Canvas backpack with leather trim because it looks really unique. The combination of leather and canvas makes this backpack look very stylish.

cool mens backpacks for work

For your convenience, there are enough pockets to store your stuff. However, note that there is no anti-theft feature in this backpack. There is a compartment that can fit your laptop very well and it has a Velcro lock to keep your laptop secured inside. There are also inner compartments for your wallet, passport, keys and other small accessories.

The backpack  straps are adjustable, padded for comfort and they last a long time. In fact, everything about this backpack is made to last. The seams are quite strong. Even though the canvas feels quite soft, do not let that fool you because it is quite durable.

The overall volume of this backpack is 22.6 liters. That is more than enough for school and office use. However, you can also use the backpack for day hikes and travel. One thing though, this is not a waterproof backpack, so you also need a rain cover for it. As a unisex backpack for work, both men and women find it a good investment.


  • This is a stylish looking backpack that stands out in the crowd
  • It is available in many colors such as coffee, light coffee, light green, black and gray
  • Has leather straps with high quality buckles
  • Soft canvas and leather combination makes a durable fabric
  • The straps are adjustable for longer or shorter length


  • It is not water-resistant
  • The flap over cover with snap-on locks does not feel very secure

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KOLAKO Business Laptop Backpack

This bag comes with high quality polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating to make it water resistant. The material is also tear-resistant and with some good care and maintenance, it can last a long time. With the thick padding on the bottom part of the backpack, you can see the kind of care and concern that has been invested in this pack. If you set the bag on the ground, your laptop will be well protected from the hard ground.

best men's leather backpack for work

You get features such as the external USB with its charging cable. Just invest in a good portable charger or battery pack because the backpack does not come with a power bank. You may also disassemble the USB for cleaning. It is easy to put back together so you should have no problem at all.

The interior of the backpack is made with pockets for pens, mobile phone, books, tablet, chargers and other small items. This helps you keep your stuff organized. For security, the backpack comes with a combination lock and high quality metal zippers. Thieves will not be able to open the backpack.

For carrying, it has a handle at the top. This one comes in handily when you have to carry your laptop over short distances without the need to put it on your back. It also has straps for carrying on your back. They are breathable and adjustable and they stay comfortable on your shoulders. For organization, you will get 1 big compartment, 2 side pockets and 2 front pockets. The laptop pocket can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and a tablet.


  • High quality polyester material
  • A versatile backpack for different kinds of activities like hiking, office and school
  • It looks very stylish in black color
  • The side pockets can fit a large water bottle
  • Good interior padding keeps your laptop safe


  • Combination lock does not work since the backpack has one zipper
  • Does not allow your battery pack to vent when you are charging your devices

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Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Backpack

Even when you are looking for a men’s backpack for work, sometimes, you just want a versatile bag that you can use for various functions. You can get the Carhartt Legacy Classic Backpack. It is quite versatile as you can use it for hiking, school, office and even traveling.

mens laptop backpack for work

Any backpack is as good as its features and this one does not disappoint. First, it is made of water repellent heavy duty polyester 1200D. This is quite strong and you can carry the bag’s maximum load without fraying the seams or the place where the straps are stitched onto the backpack.

For waterproofness, the backpack has been coated with durable water repellent. Please note that this will not keep your gear dry in a serious drench. However, your gear will be protected from splashes and light rain. When you open the backpack, you will find that the main compartment has a pocket for your laptop. This is well cushioned to protect your laptop from impact and shock. If you drop it, it will come out intact since the pack also has padding on the bottom part.

If you will carry the backpack on your back for a long time, you will be happy with the extra comfortable padding. It has good ventilation and the benefit of this is to allow airflow on your back. It keeps you feeling comfortable and it will prevent your back from sweating excessively.


  • Strong straps that are also comfortable on your shoulders
  • The bottom has more reinforcement for durability
  • Has a pouch in the front for storing your phone, cables, notebook, pens and pencils
  • Contour-fit shoulder straps are adjustable and very comfortable


  • Has just one zipper that unzips/zips all the way to the end
  • The straps require good care so that they can hold

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Victorinox Altmont Professional Fliptop Laptop Backback

Victorinox, also the maker of the famous Swiss Army Knife, has been making outdoor gear and items for more than a century. Therefore, you can expect their gear to be of topnotch quality. After all, they have been in business since 1884. From their facility in the Swiss Alps comes this backpack and many others. It is a good investment for any man that is looking for the best work backpack.

mens backpacks for work leather

The exterior material is polyester and it is only available in bold colors such as black and bold earth, something that makes it perfect for men. This backpack is able to resist a splash of water or light rainfall. However, it is not designed to be waterproof, so you do not really want to get caught in heavy rain with it.

Inside the bag, you will find a laptop compartment. This is big enough to fit a 15.6-inch laptop but it will not fit a 17-inch very well. All of the three main compartments have zippers. They will help keep your gear organized. The laptop compartment is located in the rear. It is so nicely padded and the benefit of this is that if you drop the bag, your laptop will be safe. On the exterior of this work backpack for men, there are two storage pockets with zippers.

There are also two side pockets for your water bottles. On the inside, you will find an essentials organizer that has pockets, slots and loops for storing accessories. This organizer is removable in case you need to use it somewhere else.


  • Deep side pockets can carry a lot of stuff securely
  • Has a nice top handle for short distance carrying
  • Padded interior keeps your gear safe
  • Cube shape makes this backpack look stylish than the oval-shaped ones
  • Has a small pocket on the top if you like to keep business cards very close


  • This is a small backpack, with a volume of 22 liters only
  • A security feature such as lockable zipper would be a great addition for such a nice backpack

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Why Do You Need A Work Specific Backpack?

Just as it is important to buy a gender specific backpack, so is it also important to get a work-specific backpack. If it is made for work, it will come with work related features. Here are a few reasons why you should look for a work specific pack.

  • Has several compartments for better organization

A work backpack is made for organization. It has many compartments. There is a specific one that will fit your laptop. It can also have another for documents and files. If you need pens and notebook (who doesn’t?), you need a nice compartment to keep them.

Whereas a school backpack comes with just the main compartment and a few side pockets, a work pack comes with plenty of storage room. You will love everything about it. It might even have a side pocket where you can keep a water bottle or a travel coffee mug.

The beauty with having a backpack with many compartments is that you can access your stuff quickly. You can store electronics in specific compartments and business cards and stationery in another.

  • A work backpack carries plenty of stuff without breaking your back

Just as any other backpack, you get to carry your work pack on your back. Backpacks distribute weight very well on your back. That way, your back does not suffer. You can imagine how a heavy laptop bag would feel on your shoulder.

You would have all that weight hanging on one side. However, when you pack your work stuff in a backpack, you can distribute it evenly across the core muscles. Besides, some packs also come with waist belts. These secure the pack on your waist so that your torso does not have to carry all the weight.

  • It is made to carry much more than just the laptop

If you carry packed food from home, snacks, coffee, umbrella and an extra coat just in case it rains, you will need a spacious backpack for all that plus the office items. In this case, you will need a backpack for work. A shoulder bag can only carry a laptop and a few documents, and then you would have to carry the other things on your hands.

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Things To Consider When Buying a High Quality Work Backpack

There are probably more than a hundred and one things to consider when looking for a high quality work backpack. However, there are the main ones that every work pack should have. Here, we are going to look at the main features that your backpack must have.

  • Tough and durable fabric

Look for a backpack that is made with a strong fabric that can last many years without fraying at the seams. A rip-stop nylon shell would be a great deal for you as would a 1200D polyester fabric. Since this backpack will be carrying a lot of weight for at least 5 days a week, you must make sure it will withstand the weight strain.

Polyester and nylon are not the only materials used to make backpacks for work. Other materials include leather and canvas, both of which can really give you a long service. Leather has a kind of silent elegance and sophistication but it may cost more money.

A cordura bag would also be good. This is a special kind of nylon that is light in weight and waterproof. It makes nice backpacks that can last a long time with good care.

  • Storage/Volume

The size of the backpack matters a lot especially if you like to carry a lot of stuff with you to work. If you carry your packed lunch, coffee, raincoat and so on, make sure you buy a backpack that can hold all of them.

The best backpack should also have a couple of compartments and/or pockets. When you have to carry many work related things, tossing them into the same compartment is going to make it too hard to find something when you need it. Look for a pack that has compartments and pockets. The more the better since you have to carry a lot of things with you.

For security, the laptop should have its own compartment, that is, unless you want to carry it in a separate shoulder bag. There should be a few secure pockets on the interior where you can keep your travel chargers, power banks, a toothbrush, keys and other items in a secured pocket.

To sum up, let us just say that it is better to have more volume and never get to use it than to have less volume and find need for more.

  • It should be waterproof

The best backpacks for work should be waterproof. However, if you just need an office backpack, you can settle for a water resistant one since you do not plan to spend too much time outdoors when it is raining. You will know a backpack is water repellent if it comes with a PU coating. If you are caught in the shower or in a drench on your way to work, you need not worry that your laptop will get wet.

  • Professional style

You must look for a men’s backpack for work that is made in a professional style. What we mean here is that the backpack should have a rectangular shape. For example, you cannot use a hiking backpack for work because it comes with many features and accessories that you do not need.

An office backpack must look professional such that even when you are seeing your clients in their office, they will see that you exude a professional air. As for color, this depends on your preference. However, if you are looking for a professional style, try a gray, black, dark blue or a silver backpack. Such look more professional than bright colors.

  • Enough accessories

Ok, we know all the common accessories that backpacks come with. These include extra pockets with zippers and some without. The secure pockets can be on the inside where you can keep your small items such as keys and cash safely. However, a work backpack can also come with a net side pocket for holding a water bottle. It can also hold a travel coffee mug, keeping it in an accessible place. The more exterior pockets a backpack has the better because you can keep the things that you need to access fast close.

Other accessories include daisy chains where you can attach different things. If you intend to use your work backpack as a travel pack, make sure it comes with a rain cover.


How you can take Care of Your Work Backpack

Buying the best work backpack is not enough. You need to know how you can give it the best care so that it lasts a long time. Backpacks can last even a decade or longer if you maintain them well. Unlike a hiking or traveling backpack, a work backpack does not attract too much dirt, so it should be easy to take care of it.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your work pack in topnotch condition all the time:

  • Check the bag for washing instructions

Work backpacks are quite different because they come with different materials. Thus, there is no standard one-size-fit-all cleaning solution that you can apply to any backpack. For example, you cannot take care of a canvas backpack the same way that you can take care of your cordura or polyester backpack.

However, manufacturers attach a label with the cleaning instructions for their backpacks. Follow these instructions. If it says use warm water, use that. If it says dry in the shade, please do that. There are some solutions that you can apply across the board for all work backpacks.

  • Clean off stains as soon as they happen

Food, tea, coffee, water spills and other stains are very common on work, school, hiking and traveling backpacks. However, the solution is to clean them off as soon as they happen. In fact, clean a food stain away when it is still fresh so that you do not give it time to soak in.

For most backpack materials, you can use a damp piece of cloth without causing any damage to the backpack. Whether you have a polyester, leather, nylon or cordura backpack, just wipe the stain away as soon as it happens.

  • Store the backpack just right

When you store the backpack anyhowly, it is going to lose its shape. Thus, when you know you will not be using it for some time, pack the backpack with things, old clothings, bubble wraps and other things that will help it retain its shape.

Store the backpack in its own compartment on the shelves or hang it alone in its place. If you do not do all these things, it will lose its shape, will be crashed by other items and it will also sustain wrinkles and creases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy the best work backpack, you need to know a few things. With the market teeming with backpacks of every size, style and functionality, you might find it a bit challenging to find the best one. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask regarding work backpacks:

  • I carry delicate work items. What security features should I look for in a work backpack?

Specifically, you need to look for anti-theft features in your work backpack. This includes things like hidden pockets, concealed zippers and lockable zippers. Every backpack for work should have at least one hidden pocket. In this pocket, you can keep your items such as keys, money and passport. This is a hidden pocket but it does not mean that one would not find it if they really did look for it. However, it is not easily accessible and thieves are not very patient people.

Other security features include lockable zippers on the pockets. Actually, this is a common feature so it does not make the backpack cost any more money than it should.

  • Is a slash-proof backpack shell a real thing?

Actually it is. As its name suggests, this is a shell that will resist a quick slash from a thief. If you will be traveling to towns popular with pickpockets, you need such a backpack. You might want to invest in a backpack that is made with Cut-Tex, a special material that resists slashes very well. So, yes, slash-proof is a real thing in a backpack.

  • Can I get an ergonomic work backpack?

Yes, you can. An ergonomic work backpack is one that conforms to the shape of your torso. However, even if you buy an ergonomic backpack, you should also be keen enough to distribute the weight evenly so that it is balanced. Make sure the backpack has adjustable shoulder straps as they help pull the backpack closer to your body. Waist straps pull the weight down towards your hips. That gets the strain off your back, neck and shoulders.


As you have seen here, the search of the best men’s backpacks for work is not too tough if you know what you are looking for. The most important things to consider include the material, the security features and compartments. If your backpack has these, it will keep your stuff safe and the best thing is that you will get many years of use out of it. You have also seen how to take good care of your backpack. To reiterate, read the attached label for cleaning and care instructions. Our choice men’s backpack for work would be the Victorinox Altmont Business Backpack for Work. It is affordable, has a long history and meets all of your urban work needs very well.