Best Ozark Trail Backpack 2020 Reviews

If tours and travels are an integral part of your life, the only companion that would always stay with you is a backpack. However, these are quite common among those who keep touring every now and then. Without a backpack, it’s difficult to find something that would fit your luggage so smartly. But what if you come across a smarter baggage solution this time? To be precise, if you simply love traveling, you will never look for a backpack that is carried by mountaineers or hikers. But you can always look for the multi-purpose ones like what are manufactured by Ozark Trail. It is a very popular brand that is renowned for offering diverse backpacks for diverse purposes. So, if you are really looking for a high-quality, trendy and sturdy bag, an Ozark Trail backpack will never disappoint you.

5 Top Rated Ozark Trail Backpack Reviews


Ozark Trail Choteau Daypack Backpack

Ozark Trail brings you a heavy-duty backpack that capacitates up to 35 liters. With thermal-insulated pockets, this Choteau backpack can store all your gears including other essentials like sunglasses, food and what not. There are even pockets for carrying water bottles that would assure complete protection against other items in the bag. In terms of comfort, it also leaves no question as it has compression straps intended to shed the load as much as possible. What makes it unique is its interior storage sleeve that supports a hydration reservoir. The shoulder straps are air-mesh padded while the back panel makes sufficient airflow. So, if you are in search of a trendy backpack, this would no doubt be a smart pick.

ozark trail backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Comprising mostly polyester, this Ozark Trail backpack has a little touch of ABS and metal, which altogether makes it sturdy.
  • Makes a total capacity of 35 liters that creates a good lot of space inside the bag
  • Separate hydrated pocket for food and drinks that can be carried for long hours without any worry
  • Provision of compression straps for minimizing load
  • With air-mesh padded straps, carrying it on the shoulders will be quite comfortable
  • Easy to maintain and hand-wash applicable


  • Great for daytrips, bikes, and trails
  • Makes sufficient space along with hydrated compartments for fitting essentials
  • Support is strengthened with sternum straps that are adjustable
  • Safety pocket provided for carrying laptop, tablet etc.


  • Zippers are not of good quality
  • The thermal pocket for food sticks out often

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45L Montpelier Technical Backpack

Campers and hikers get ready to set out on the most adventurous trips with this new-age Montpelier technical backpack from the house of Ozark Trail. Making 45-liter space inside, it comes with mesh pockets on both sides. Compatible and sturdy, this backpack has a detachable aluminum frame along with pole attachment points for trekking. The pockets come zippered with lids attached that strengthen the security of the contents inside. Carrying water bottles in the dual hydration ports will involve no hassles, no matter how long the trip is. Featuring a smart air-flow system and compression straps, this backpack is worth every penny.

ozark backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Having a total of 45-liter capacity, this Montpelier technical backpack is super rugged and looks trendy too
  • A couple of side pockets has been included, which are made of good quality mesh
  • It has an aluminum frame that can be detached and adjusted at any point of time
  • Pole attachment points for trekking has been provided that makes a worthy pick for hikers and campers
  • Dual hydration ports make it easier for one to access water in quick time


  • Light in weight and does not put any pressure on the shoulders for its air-mesh padded straps
  • Sports a modern design among other backpacks
  • Ideal for carrying on outdoor trips
  • 2-liter hydration bladder present


  • Quality of the straps is not good
  • A bit expensive

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Stavern 65L Technical Backpack

If you are in search of those huge backpacks by Ozark Trail, have a look at this Stavern Technical backpack. With a total of 65 liters, it makes huge space for one’s trekking gear as well as other essentials to fit in. Comprising multiple functional pockets, it is great for carrying onto 4 to 5-day trips. As it comes with a padded waist belt, the entire load will be distributed and users will find it convenient. Trekking enthusiasts will also find it quite helpful as it comes with pole attachments. The torso system is also adjustable that also adds to its convenience.

ozark trail backpack review

Features and Specifications:

  • The Stavern Technical backpack has a total capacity of 65 liters that make too much space for things to pack and carry
  • Multiple pockets have been provided for different purposes so that one can identify one from the other
  • Waist belt has been provided and is completely padded for maximizing convenience
  • There are pole attachment points meant for trekking
  • Owing to an adjustable torso system, carrying this backpack involves no hassles


  • Superb quality and great construction
  • Quite a functional bag and makes great space for other essentials


  • The hip belt is not so sturdy
  • Plastic buckle is of cheap quality

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Ozark Trail 24-Can Cooler Backpack

Taking those long summer trips will not be challenging as Ozark Trail brings an outstanding backpack. What makes it score high among others is its thermal insulated lining that would keep the water cool for hours. Sporting a very stylish look, it has a good number of exterior pockets along with a tab that reflects in the dark. The main compartment fits in a good number of things. Designed to be used for multiple purposes, this 24-Can Cooler backpack is no doubt a great companion for trekkers and campers.

ozark trail backpack cooler

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed to keep water cool for long hours, this 24-Can Cooler from Ozark Trail is great for carrying on summer trips
  • As it comes with a thermal insulated lining, the water inside will remain fresh and cool, irrespective of the heat outside
  • Comprises multiple exterior pockets to access things easily whenever necessary
  • Easy to identify as it comes with a reflective tab
  • Compact in size, its main compartment is big enough to fit in the big stuff


  • Has an amazing design and is quite functional
  • Does not weigh at all and keeps shoulders stress-free
  • Best for daytrips as well as the night ones
  • Padded with mesh that keeps it breathable


  • Cooler compartment starts leaking after a few days of use
  • Zipper system does not look much helpful

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Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle

Now stay miles away from the hassle of carrying heavy luggage while hiking with this sensational backpack brought to you by Ozark Trail. Belonging to the Eagle version, it capacitates a total of 40 liters, which makes ample space to carry everything you need on those hiking trails. Made of poly-fabric, this backpack scores high in durability while its regulating back panel and padded straps keep its users cozy and comfortable. The bottom pocket has a rain cover to keep it protected against harsh rainy conditions.

 ozark trail hiking backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Blue in color, this is a 40-liter capacity backpack designed mostly for hikers and campers
  • Made of brilliant quality poly fabric, this backpack is quite sturdy and will last for years to come
  • The back panel contains air-mesh straps that result in pure comfort for the users
  • Its hydration system can undergo easy re-hydrating in quick time
  • The backpack’s load stabilization system sheds off its weight on the user


  • Construction is pretty advanced as it does the load distribution well
  • Excellent for use during hot and humid climates
  • Back panel allows maximum air to circulate
  • Light in weight as it weighs only 3.2 pounds


  • Small in size in comparison to what has been shown in the picture
  • Zippers are not that strong and accessible

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Ozark Trail Backpack

When it comes to buying a backpack from Ozark Trail, there is nothing much you need to worry about. These bags are indeed special and stand out from others in terms of design, color, and strength. But if you are thinking of a long-term investment, you need to be a bit cautious. You need to go through reviews on the best bags or might have to take opinions from friends or tour lovers. However, if you think these are a bit time-consuming, the following factors will ease your job to know about things you should consider prior to buying an Ozark trail backpack.

  • Check how good the material is –

Undeniably, polyester and nylon are two of the chief materials used for manufacturing Ozark Trail backpacks. In fact, this is a big reason why these backpacks are well-known for their sturdiness. Moreover, these materials account to their comfort level to a good extent and hence score high in terms of ruggedness.

  • Check how spacious the interior is –

Needless to say, this is a basic factor to consider while choosing a backpack. However, Ozark Trail backpacks are usually made with adequate space inside that easily fit a large number of essentials. As the space for these backpacks is measured in liters, one can pick an Ozark Trail backpack from the range of 24 to 65 liters. This means that there are lightweight as well as heavy-weight backpacks, which you can consider for varying purposes.

  • Check the level of comfort –

No matter how spacious your backpack is, the comfort factor should never be compromised. However, it does not always mean that a bag with a huge space has a heavy weight. In fact, Ozark Trail backpacks are light in weight that eliminates the stress from the shoulders. Moreover, these come with adjustable straps and segregated pockets that assure convenience for users. So, if you are planning a long trip, these backpacks are sure to keep you at ease.

  • Check how suitable the design is –

 Ozark Trail has different bags with different designs with the intention to meet a variety of needs. For instance, there are bags with varying styles of compartmentalization while there are those with zipper styles and back panel. Besides design, you will come across nice, vibrant colors, suiting your personality.

  • Check the internal frame for convenience –

Of course, you have little essentials to push in, and here comes the backpack’s internal frame into play. Keeping in mind the list of things you need to carry, you must check the internal pockets and ensure that they should meet your purpose. Most importantly, the internal frame should be such that you are able to pack and unpack in quick time.


Trekking, camping or simply exploring around countries is no more going to be a daunting task with an Ozark Trail backpack. Whether you talk about their shades or design, comfort or weight, material or price, each and every aspect about Ozark Trail backpacks is so good. Moreover, the five products that have been reviewed above will surely help you choose the right backpack as per your needs. Just speak of a purpose and this brand will bring you a bag of its kind. Even if you wish to make a new style statement, an Ozark Trail backpack will do a fantastic job.