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During the summertime, people plan out their vacations or short trips with the family to spend a good time, but it surely requires packing the items which you would need instantly, and drinks are a big part of it. Whether you eat much during the trip or not, you have to keep the drinks with you. The cooler – the better.

Well, backpack coolers provide you the comfort to have instant drinks that are cold and chill. You do not have to wait for any shop to stop by and grab the drink. You will be able to enjoy the time by having drinks with you in the car. No more carrying the chest of ice cubes since the amazing and advanced backpack coolers are here a common thing nowadays.

You can check out some of the great backpack coolers which are in trend and pick any of these according to your own choice.

Best Backpack Cooler – Reviews of Top 10

Here are the best backpack cooler detailing their features and specifications:

1. IceMule Pro Cooler

The IceMule backpack cooler provides you with the ultimate experience throughout the trip. It contains all the items in order within one backpack that is required for the trip. It is easily portable and light in weight to carry anywhere you want. The capacity is large with cooler features to keep the drinks cold all the time. The cooling is continuous for 24+ hours without any leakage or damage to the backpack or the food items.

IceMule Pro Cooler

The straps are padded with soft material and provide great comfort to the users. It can carry up to 18 cans but also leave the space for other items to be placed too.

The bag design is innovative by having high insulation with being heat sealed. The fabric is made out of MuleSkinET which is tougher on the inside of the backpack. It protects the items from any outdoor activity and keeps them secure. The retention of ice is great with having cold drinks available at any time of the trip. You do not have to wait for the drinks to cool down in the summer anymore. IceMule backpack cooler works as an ideal backpack whether you are going on the trip alone or with the entire family.

IceMule Pro Cooler

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Unique design which can fit your style perfectly
  • Front pockets to give the support of placing instant things like bottles, cellphones etc.
  • Side pockets for easy access
  • Large capacity to keep multiple things in one bag
  • High insulation for the best cooling which will provide you ease
  • Strong material bag so even if it is used roughly, there will be no damage to it
  • Extra insulation to keep the cooling within the bag consistent


  • Durable to be used for a long time without getting damaged
  • Reliable to be carried at any outdoor event
  • Easy to clean with washing it with hands
  • Large space to carry anything in it


  • Bulky cooler which might make the bag a little heavy to use for long trips

2. Polar Bear Back Pack Cooler

Polar Bear backpack cooler is like no other because of the high-quality material used in the fabric. You can surely trust the brand and depend on it to provide you with a great experience. This backpack comes with high-density features of insulation and foam insulation which keeps the items cool for days. The liner interior works well for any type of food and it can be placed and it can be perishable at any stage.

Polar Bear Back Pack Cooler

It is known to be one of the best backpack coolers to depend on. The liner works for a long time where you do not have to think of purchasing a new backpack after the frequent usage.

The nylon outer shell provides you with all the double features which are beneficial for the users. The pockets are zipped which keep the items secure at all times. The softly padded straps provide a comfortable feel without making you feel tired or sore at any point during your trip.

Polar Bear Back Pack Cooler

Product Features and Specifications:

  • High quality which lasts longer
  • Large in size to keep multiple items
  • Popular brand known all around the world for quality
  • Multiple functions such as zips, pockets, extra pockets etc.
  • Soft Straps to wear it with comfort all the time
  • High performance throughout the trip


  • Trustable even if you go on long trips
  • Reliable to be used for years without getting damaged
  • Long-term usage without any hassle or problem
  • Strong backpack does not break or tear even after rough usage
  • Large capacity to keep things organized and compact


  • Requires thorough cleaning after use
  • Bottom of Form

3. Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler

The backpack cooler by Coleman contains a huge capacity for the items to be placed easily. It can carry up to more than 20 cans at one time. The pockets are large and zipped tightly for the safety of the bag. The straps are comfortable to wear all day long and do not make your shoulders hurt. It provides great support to the people who love to go on trips, picnic, hiking, or beaches.

Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler

The straps are adjustable according to the size of the person, and it can also be used both by females and males with being available in the Khaki color.

The backpack is leakproof by having heat-sealed insulation in it. There is no way that the cans will get warm even if they are in it for the entire day. You can drink the can anytime you want and the chill temperature will give you a good relaxing. The handle on the top allows you to carry the bag easily if you are moving quickly or do not feel like carrying the backpack on the shoulder.

Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler

It’s a stylish bag which has a huge benefit of a large capacity. The extra padding allows you to carry it on the shoulders for a long time. This backpack makes the trip a lot easier by carrying all the necessary items needed for the trip. The front pockets work as extra storage to keep any instant snacks that you can eat on the way to your desired location.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • BPA free which does not let any item get attached to the bag
  • Heat sealed to keep the cold drinks chilled
  • Large in size to put multiple items in one backpack
  • Easy to use whenever you wish to access things in the backpack
  • Adjustable straps to keep it comfortable to wear


  • Convenient
  • High in quality which does not get damage
  • Affordable in price which anyone can purchase
  • Comfortable to use during outdoor events
  • Extra storage pockets to keep small items in it to reach easily
  • Soft Straps to provide comfort to shoulders


  • The smaller front pocket isn’t insulated

4. Igloo Marine Ultra 24-Can Square Cooler

A durable and reliable backpack cooler by Igloo is all you need when you are going on a trip during hot and long summers. It keeps all the food placed in the backpack cool, and you do not have to depend on anyone for cold drinks in hot summer. You get instant help right from your backpack cooler which will play a role of ease at that time. The backpack cooler is convenient and easy to use effortlessly no matter where you are.

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The softly padded shoulder straps allow you to keep on wearing them for a long time without any hassle. The UV protection in the backpack keeps the item secured and perishable the whole day long. You can clean this backpack easily anytime you feel like it needs a wash.

The backpack provides long cooling so even if you have to travel for days, then you will have all the cold drinks available anytime. The high insulation provides the items to stay fresh which you can grab anytime. It is light in weight and comfortable to carry on beaches, hiking, or any outdoor place. The backpack is odor resistant, so even if you have multiple food items in it, there will be no odor.

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Product Features and Specifications:

  • Good capacity to keep things organized in the backpack
  • Easy to use whenever you want to take out things
  • Light in weight so you can keep additional things in the backpack to carry
  • Comfortable to wear during the entire trip
  • Long cooling to keep the drinks cold and chilly


  • Strong backpack to keep anything without it getting damaged
  • Long-term usage even after frequent trips
  • Convenient to be carried anywhere you want to
  • High-density insulation to keep consistent and long cooling
  • High in quality which does not get damaged even if used roughly


  • No extra storage

5. Dakine 26-Litre Duel Pack

Backpack cooler by Dakine provides pockets with insulation that keeps the items cool inside. There is a space for gadgets in this backpack which keeps them safe. The pockets on the side are mesh and made out of strong fabric. The Dakine backpack is made of polyester with smooth straps to carry the backpack. It can carry heavy items easily without letting the effect of weight occur on the shoulders.

Dakine 26-Litre Duel Pack

The straps are adjustable and provide comfort for the user. For the gadget lovers, there is additional space in the bag, so it stays safe out of any leakage of the items within the backpack. The easy access to the bag allows you to grab the items even if you are wearing the backpack. It contains huge space to keep everything you need for the trip such as clothes, sunglasses, sandals and much more. The Dakine backpack is made of a high-quality material that provides the ultimate experience to the users.

The amazing design of this backpack allows you to keep multiple things in one place. Food, gadgets, accessories fit in the Dakine backpack perfectly without making it heavy for anyone to carry it along.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Huge capacity to keep all the items you need for outdoor trip
  • Adjustable straps to keep the backpack light on your back
  • Easy to use with extra storage pockets
  • Large in size to carry all the food and clothing items easily


  • High-quality material which lasts for many years
  • Convenient to use every time you go for outdoor events
  • Portable to be carried easily with all the items
  • Extra storage to keep things in place without mess
  • Saves time so you can reach out to the things organized in the backpack


  • Needs washing after frequent usage

6. OAGear Backpack Cooler

OAGear backpack cooler holds up to more than 20 cans at the same time without leakage. It is a great bag to use if you are going hiking, beach, camping, and more. The liners are heat-sealed which keeps the drinks cool all the time. Now you do not have to carry the bucket of ice cubes anymore because of the advanced backpack coolers. There are two side pockets outside which let you place items needed instantly like bottles, cellphones, gadgets, and others.

OAGear Backpack Cooler

They are secured and zipped which can be accessed even if you are walking and the backpack is on your shoulders.

The padded shoulder straps help you to carry the bag for a long time which does not exhaust you as well. You can easily work or do anything by carrying this backpack, and your hands will always be free. You do not have to hold the bag or worry about the items in it when you are hiking. In the hot summer, your chilled drinks would be available instantly through this amazing large backpack. It is safe to use and you will have a great experience as you enjoy your free time with your loved ones.

OAGear Backpack Cooler

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Large capacity to keep a lot of food items
  • Soft Straps to wear all day long without getting exhausted
  • Easy to carry even while hiking
  • Extra storage which does not add up to the weight of the backpack
  • Strong zippers to keep items protected


  • Convenient to be used anywhere you want to
  • High performance with providing ease in usage
  • Durable to be placed anywhere even on the floor
  • Reliable to keep anything without getting damaged
  • Advanced in the design and the creative style of the backpack


  • Isn’t a very good fit for people over 6 feet of height

7. MOJECTO Large Backpack Cooler

The amazing heavy-duty backpack cooler works as a great piece for you to carry when you are thinking to go to the beach. If you are someone who visits the beach often, then this is a great backpack to have for long-term use. The fabric has its insulation with thick foam which is useful for the air passage. It is heat-sealed due to which the items in the backpack stay cooler. The liners are removable with padded pockets at the side of the bag. The zippers are strong and they can be carried easily even while you are hiking.

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It is affordable in cost with a warranty of a lifetime unless there is any defect by the consumer. It gives you peace of mind with having all the items in one backpack without carrying anything extra. The material is made out of tough fabric so even if it gets used roughly, it will not tear for years.

The fabric is comparatively stronger than all the other backpacks which can last longer. There are multiple pockets in this backpack that can keep the things secured while you can enjoy the beach. The zippers are strong and do not open unless you manually open them. The softly padded shoulder straps help you carry the bag for a long time without being tired.

No products found.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Large in size to keep multiple items in the backpack
  • Multiple pockets to keep small items like cellphone, juice etc.
  • Long lasting even after frequent usage
  • Amazing cooling to keep the drinks cold in hot summer
  • Huge capacity to keep clothes, shoes etc.
  • Strong zippers to provide protection to the backpack and items in it


  • Ideal for beaches and to use roughly anytime you want
  • Best for long trips because of high cooling
  • High insulation to keep the food items cold
  • A lot of space to organize items perfectly
  • Light in weight to carry anywhere you want to
  • Easy to use with having less zips and more protection


  • Limited external pockets

8. OAGear Ultimate Backpack Cooler – Royal

Royal Backpack cooler by OAGear can hold up to 20 cans at one time. There is extra storage to place other items in the backpack which you can easily access. The backpack is heavy duty with having heat-sealed insulation. The strong liner protects it from getting leaked. The polyester material makes it convenient to carry during the summertime. The liner is made out of PEVA protection along with the broad at the bottom. You can place the cans easily in order.

OAGear Ultimate Backpack Cooler - Royal

The pockets on the front and the side allows you to put anything such as snacks, cellphone, and more. You can easily grab them without taking off the backpack from the shoulder. The straps are soft and comfortable so anyone can wear and enjoy the backpack.

This backpack is secured, and there is no worry about the food items since they stay fresh due to the high-density insulation in the bag. Now you do not have to depend on the ice cubes but simply reach to your backpack and enjoy the cold drink instantly.

OAGear Ultimate Backpack Cooler - Royal

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Keeps things organized and in place
  • Easy to use when traveling or hiking
  • Strong material to be used rough
  • No leakage so you do not have to worry about the drinks at all
  • High insulation to keep the cooling consistent


  • Slip pockets so you can place anything in it easily
  • Hands-free backpack for the hiker lovers
  • Two zippered pockets to access even if you are walking without taking it off
  • Extra padded to provide softness while wearing the backpack
  • Convenient to use anytime and anywhere


  • Zipper can leak sometimes
  • Straps can rip off after heavy use

9. Igloo Daytripper Collection

Backpack cooler by Igloo is made of polyester material with the comfort you need for traveling. You can carry it at any party place and enjoy the cooled cans/drinks in it. There are two parts attached to this bag. The bottom one is available separately which can be accessed easily for the food items. Whereas the top one allows you to have your personal belongings, yet do not have any interaction with the food compartment in the bag. It is stylish and fashionable to be used by both females and males when they are planning a picnic.

Igloo Daytripper Collection

It can work as a tote or a backpack for you to have multiple items at the same place. You do not have to carry the things in your hands, but this one bag will do carry everything you need for the picnic. You can also place the divider within the compartments if you wish to. This bag gives you the ultimate experience which you need for the trip. It has a huge capacity for you to carry all the necessary items which you need for the trip to be enjoyed.

Igloo Daytripper Collection

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Light in weight to be carried easily
  • Multiple functions such as pockets, zips, front pockets
  • Two compartments to keep the items separated
  • Soft in material which makes it comfortable to use in any season
  • Made of polyester 100% reliable to use
  • Innovative design which is updated and in trend


  • Convenient to keep everything organized
  • Portable to be carried anywhere you want to
  • No ice trays which make it easier to carry anywhere
  • Easy operation with the zips and pockets attached
  • Affordable cost with a good backpack to travel


  • No extra storage
  • No dividers

10. ONIVA – Insulated Cooler Backpack

A great backpack cooler you can use for traveling by ONIVA is close to perfection. The durability of this backpack helps you stay convenient throughout your trip without worrying about the drinks. It is made of polyester material along with different sections in it. The drawstring allows a stronghold of items in the backpack for the smooth air passage. The insulation process is provided by ThermoGuard which keeps the items cool along with leaking protection at any time.

ONIVA - Insulated Cooler Backpack

The shoulder straps are padded and safe to carry on the shoulder even if you are hiking. The front pockets allow you to keep the accessories needed which you can get by extending the arm and reaching behind your back. You can place a little towel, cellphone, bottle, or anything in those small pockets. The pockets are big and stylish where you can place multiple things to have access easily and quickly.

The space in the bag allows up to 12-13 cans placed at the same time. You do not have to store the chest of ice cubes anymore when you have an ONIVA backpack cooler. You will have no problem carrying it on your back even if you are on the trail. This backpack gives you an amazing and upgraded look to enjoy your trip without any hassle.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Padded shoulders strap to keep the comfort on shoulders
  • Water-resistant to keep away from rain or any unexpected event
  • Light in weight backpack even if there are multiple items in it
  • Stylish which can match your outfit
  • Lifetime guarantee so you can use for a long time


  • Convenient to use when traveling
  • Easy handling and operation during the trip
  • Zipped and protected pockets to keep the items safe
  • Large in size to keep most of the things intact
  • Holds leaks so it can keep the backpack safe


  • Specific use for a picnic only

How to Choose the Best Backpack Cooler

Choosing the best backpack cooler can be difficult when you have multiple options. It is always better to look for additional information when you are searching to purchase an item. Different products have various features which you may like, while some of them might not be the most suitable for you. Among all, there would be few which would fit your choice which is why there are various options available for you.

Setting Priorities

The first thing which you have to do is to set the priority. The reason why you need the backpack, is for beaches, hiking, camping or any other reason. Know the reason and then look into the specific category.

The material

The material of the backpack matters a lot because you have to carry it on your shoulders. It needs to be strong and should not have any chance of leakage. As you would be placing liquid items in it, so it needs to be an anti-leakage backpack.


Another important thing to consider is that it needs to be comfortable. You have to make sure that the shoulder straps are padded which does not make you tired and your shoulders sore when you wear it. As the bag can get heavy when you place multiple items, you need to make sure that they are adjustable so you can easily carry it with anything inside.


Storage matters because if you are traveling for a day or more than a day, then you would need more items in the backpack. Consider choosing the backpack depending on the activities which you aim to do when you are planning a trip. You might need clothes, boots and other accessories as well, so consider the option of big storage in the backpack.


Some backpacks come with compartments which are a great deal too. It keeps the separate place for the cooler bag and another for keeping the accessories so that it stays away from all the insulation. The insulation compartment is at the bottom for you to keep the drinks or any other food items. On the top compartment, you can keep all the necessary accessories which you may need such as gadgets, clothes, shoes and more.


If there would be a bag with a lot of pockets and some of the features, then you need to consider it because it provides you with more space. The pockets are zipped with the backpack coolers because it keeps the items secure when you are traveling or going for a hike. You can reach out to the pockets even if you are wearing the backpack. You do not have to take off the backpack to get anything you want,but instant reaching is possible.

The great backpack coolers work as an extraordinary item due to high technology. The trips have become easier because of the backpack coolers so if you like to visit outdoor frequently then choose a best backpack cooler which can work for a long time. Set the list of features according to your needs and then try to look for the best one that matches your expectations. Some may like the ones which you do not like, so it is completely a personal choice. Once you have the backpack cooler, you will be glad that you have purchased it and it has made your life much easier than before.

FAQ’s About Backpack Coolers

What are backpack coolers?

Backpack coolers are exactly the same as the normal backpacks you can see everywhere, however, unlike usual backpacks, backpack coolers use a special material to insulate the interior of the backpack in order to protect it from the outside heat.

For how long do backpack coolers keep the drinks cold?

This mostly depends on the area you live in and how hot it is outside, but most backpack coolers can keep drinks and food cold for hours.

Can you cool anything else other than drinks in a backpack cooler?

Sure you can! Backpack coolers aren’t used to only keep drinks cool, but also food. If it fits in the backpack cooler, then you can keep it cool.

What is the biggest benefit of a backpack cooler?

The biggest benefit of a backpack cooler would be its versatility and its integration. You probably wouldn’t even notice the difference between a normal backpack and a backpack cooler at first. However, it can keep the drinks cold and chill whenever you’re going on a long trip or outdoor picnics.

How to backpack coolers work?

Without complicating the science of the materials and the special design and craft, it’s easy to say that backpack coolers use special material on the inside which insulates the interior. Therefore, the sun, heat, and UV lighting can hardly get to the interior of the backpack.

Are there any backpack coolers available for kids?

Of course, there are! They’re also very useful for kids who often go to school trips where they need to have their own drinks and food.


Getting a good backpack cooler may be hard when you see so many options. It depends upon your priority and the choice which you would like the best. The reason for providing so many options is that you can view multiple ranges of items.

The great invention of backpack coolers is available everywhere, but here, you will be able to choose among the top 10 backpack coolers which would work great with you for a long time. They will surely provide a great experience, and you will be glad that you have decided to choose one among these ten backpack coolers.

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