Best Leather Duffel Bags Reviews 2020

Leather duffel bags are truly timeless. They are so functional and useful and never go out of style. The best leather duffel bags would easily last a lifetime. Even when the leather gets old and distressed, it looks stylish.

One can use a duffel bag for weekend getaways, a carry-on for flights, business trips, and even for going to the gym. While they are more popular with men, women too prefer leather duffel bags for their quality, efficiency, and style. That said, they come in lots of varieties in terms of size, color, materials, and styles.

The prices can also vary extremely. While you can get a duffel bag made of high-quality leather without breaking the bank, if you are thinking about taking the designer route, you may even have to spend upwards of a grand. It comes down to your preferences and budget, whether you care about the brand name or just want yourself a nice, durable duffel bag.

Top 10 Best Leather Duffel Bags Review

Looking for a top-quality leather duffel bags? Here are the best leather duffel bags online:


KPL Vintage Leather Duffel Bag

This duffel bag is from Komal’ Passion Leather (KPL), a self-starter leather entrepreneur from Chicago. It is a decent sized weekend/carry-on bag with ample room and compartments. The length is 21 inches with 9 inches width and 11 inches in height.

Best Leather Duffel Bags

The material in this is full-grain genuine leather. The handcrafted leather has been tanned to give it an authentic vintage look. Inside, you will find a sturdy canvas lining. The piped handles are strong yet ergonomically comfortable. There is also an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry.

The main compartment is big enough for a few changes of clothes. Then you have two side pockets to keep small accessories and toiletries. These pockets have a long zipper closure for easy access. If all of this is not enough, there is a small pocket with a flap for important stuff like your id or cash.

The best thing about this goatskin leather duffel bag is the tan. It is simply beautiful and would get even darker as it develops a rich patina over time. It has a vintage look but with modern functionality. You can easily fit it in the overhead compartment in an aircraft. The edges have sturdy and beautiful piping of the same leather. The zippers on this bag are high-quality YKK zippers.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to carry on your travels
  • Handcrafted leather used throughout the bag
  • Versatile use for travel, sports, and gym
  • Stays upright even when empty


  • The leather smell is a bit strong

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NEWHEY Genuine Oversized Leather Duffel Bag

This oversized leather duffel bag is a perfect travel companion. Whether you are just going for a weekend getaway or a long trip, it can house a lot of your stuff. It is made from genuine horse leather and waterproof canvas. The main body of the bag is made of canvas, which means you can easily take it out even when it is pouring.

Leather Duffel Bags Reviews

The size of the bag is pretty generous with 22.83 inches length, 11.8 inches width, and 11.8 inches height. It features a small zipper pocket and a patch pocket with a contrasting flap on the outside. There is a zipper pocket and two small pockets inside as well. The main compartment has a long zipper that ensures easy and quick access.

The color of the canvas with dark contrasting leather accents looks very stylish. The leather is soft on touch, so it is a breeze to work with the top handles. For when it is heavy, you can carry it on your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap. It has a very modern and decent look. It features small details like the rivets at the bottom and corner attachments to attach the zipper ends with the sides of the bag. This gives it an expensive even though it is a pretty affordable travel bag.


  • Generous capacity which is enough for a week-long trip
  • Waterproof bag does not get damaged by rain
  • Easy to carry whether by hand or on shoulders
  • Rivets and buckles are made of high-quality zinc alloy


  • The waxed canvas gets marks and wrinkles when folded

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Rustic Town Vintage Crossbody Messenger Bag

The Rustic Town Messenger Bag has a great vintage distressed look. The leather in this bag is rugged goat leather that has been oil-rubbed and distressed. It is 100% genuine and, therefore, quite sturdy and long-lasting. Aside from high-quality leather, the bag has all high-quality components. It features thick lining, brass buckles, and YKK zippers. It also has strong stitching with piping on the edges to reinforce its durability. You can easily use it daily and get the best out of it.

leather travel duffel bags

The shoulder strap is like a belt with a buckle and holes to adjust it to your requirements. You can adjust it to the length you want corresponding to your height. The maximum length of the strap is 55 inches. In addition to that, you also have a velcro security strap. This should come in handy when you are using public transportation like buses and subways.

The look of the bag is simple but expensive. It is 15 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 11 inches in height. It can hold your laptop, books, phone charger, etc. basically everything you need to commute to college or work. You can keep important things like cash and ids in the two inner zipped pockets.


  • This bag is a Fair Trade Product
  • Full flap cover with magnetic snaps
  • Easy to carry around all-day
  • Great value for money


  • A big laptop (bigger than 15 inches) may not fit

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Polare Mens Full Grain Leather Duffel Bag

You can be sure about the quality of this bag as it is entirely made of full-grain leather. This product uses thick Italian cowhide leather, which is the best in the world. It is a handcrafted bag that has an amazing look and feel. The natural hues and texture of the leather make it irresistible.

best leather duffel bag

The brand Polare is an old one, producing similar leather products for over 15 years. They supply most of their leather from Italy or the US, which is why their products can be pricey. Nevertheless, you get great quality and finish, which makes the price justified.

It is a big bag with a large capacity. The size is also good enough as it measures 23.2 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 12 inches high. It does not slouch when it is empty or not entirely full. The hardware on the bag is equally great in quality. The backpack features brass hardware and YKK zippers. The lining inside is a soft cotton flannel.

The white thread stitching on the bag looks very neat and adds more style. The handles are also sleek and comfortable. The shoulder strap is adjustable and features a shoulder pad. The strap itself is also quite sleek and matches the straps on the exterior of the bag.


  • High-quality Italian leather would last a lifetime
  • Handcrafted with perfection
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty along with lifetime customer service from the company


  • The bag is a little heavy weighing 6.3 lbs

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Leathario Men’s Leather Luggage Wheeled Duffle

This is such a clever take on the classic duffel bag. It a duffel bag and luggage bag combined. In addition to a top zipper opening, it also has another zipper that opens around the bag at one-third of the height. Then you have a metal rod and ABS wheels at the bottom. You can carry this bag in hand like a duffel and can wheel it like a suitcase.

black leather duffle bag

It is made from genuine leather and is available in black and brown colors. The inside of the bag has canvas lining. The zipper is a high-quality brass zipper that unzips smoothly with two sliders. Since it is designed to be used as luggage, it has a rigid body.

The bag weighs four kg, even with all the hardware and metal frame. The total capacity is 58 liters, which is more than enough for a week long trip. The dimensions of the bag are 19.65 inches (length), 11.81 inches (width), and 15.35 inches (height). This would make a perfect travel bag for cabin crew and business travelers who want easy access and portability.

The compartments are also smartly designed so that one could keep their belongings separately. Electronics could go in a separate bottom compartment, clothes in a separate top one, and finally accessories in another small compartment. Since it is not a traditional duffel bag, it does not have a shoulder strap.


  • Dual-purpose travel duffel bag
  • Easy to clean with leather oil
  • Wheels will last long
  • Lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer


  • Not ideal to carry in hand

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Gbag Large Leather Duffel Bag

This leather duffel bag is longer than most duffel bags. It has a length of 25 inches with a width of 9 inches and a height of 11 inches. It features an adjustable and removable, long shoulder strap to help hang it off your shoulders. The tan has given it a very vintage distressed look. It is imported and made in India. The zipper on the bag is also sturdy. There is not a lot going on in terms of design, which only adds to its beauty.

genuine leather duffel bag

There are two big pockets/compartments on the sides. Then you have a patch pocket with flap and belt, which is both decorative and functional. It can be used for almost any kind of trip as it is roomy enough to hold all your necessities, gear, and some clothes.

The bag itself is quite lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds. It should fit in the overhead compartment of the plane, but for some airlines, it may be larger in length.


  • Genuine soft leather along with sturdy zippers
  • The generous capacity allows you to pack a lot of stuff
  • Reasonable price for a leather bag


  • The new leather smell lasts for a while

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Leather Architect Men’s Duffel Bag

This has class written all over it. It is a standard men’s duffel bag that is simple yet stylish. Using 100% genuine leather, it is available in two shades: black and brown. It is a perfect weekender bag that one can also use for gym or clubs.

men's leather duffel bag

The duffel bag has one big compartment with utility pockets inside. The full length and height covering zipper allow easy access to the inside of the bag. There is one front zipper pocket as well as one smaller zipper pocket on the back. One can keep the smaller things they need frequently in these pockets.

In terms of size, it is not too big and not too small. The length of the bag is 22 inches, the width is 11 inches, and the height is 12 inches. There is, of course, an adjustable shoulder strap as well. It has a nice form without being too rigid. The leather has a sheen to it, which only makes it look a tad bit classical. If you have a simple aesthetic and like your accessories simple, this leather duffel bag is for you. The brand Leather Architect produces very minimalistic and clean leather products. It is a brand of Amazon.


  • Great value for money
  • Soft lining material inside
  • High-quality zippers


  • The brown bag has more of a reddish tan

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KPL Leather Duffel Bag

This is yet another great product from Komal’s Passion Leather (KPL). It is similar to the vintage leather bag with a few major differences. It features a U-shaped zipper on the top. Though it is still wide enough and allows access to the entire width of the bag, you can easily place your ironed clothes, shoes, and even gear like a camera inside.

faux leather duffel bag

The handles of this bag extend from the side of the bag. These are quite big but soft to handle. There is an adjustable and removable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad. The hardware has a bronzy touch to it, which goes very well with the vintage tanned leather look.

This bag has a 100% genuine leather exterior with cotton canvas lining inside in a beautiful olive green color. There are two roomy side pockets and a flap pocket on the outside, like most duffel bags. It is 24 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 11 inches in height. Like most of KPL products, it is handcrafted and tanned. With time, it will get even darker and look more vintage.


  • Easy access thanks to the wide u-shaped zipper
  • Great value for money
  • A lightweight bag weighing only 4.2 pounds


  • The new leather smell lasts a bit long

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Omansh Genuine Leather Duffel Bag

The Omansh duffel bag is made from 100% genuine leather that has been processed naturally. It has a circular shape, just like sports duffel bags. However, it is very sturdy as it is all leather. The vintage tan is exceptional.It has a large interior compartment, and two sides zipped compartments for accessories.

custom leather duffel bags

You also have a big patch pocket on the front with a belted flap. The handles on this bag are quite thick as it is designed to withstand heavy stuff too. You can easily take it to the gym or on your travels. It is 20 inches long while the width and height are the same, i.e., 10 inches. The tan of the leather is probably the best as it has been tanned with vegetable oils as well as with sunlight.

As a result, it has varying shades across that give it a distressed and used look. There are no chemicals behind the production of this duffel bag.


  • Very stylish vintage look
  • High-quality components
  • The handles are long enough to carry easily


  • The new leather smell may last a couple of weeks


Tom & Clovers Luggage Duffel Bag

This is a spacious and big duffel bag that is best for traveling. You can take it to the gym too if you like. Even though the dimensions are like standard duffel bags, it somewhat looks bigger and has more capacity. Perhaps it is because of its rectangular shape. It is 21 inches x 9 inches x 11 inches.

best leather duffel bags for travel

The leather is 100% genuine. It has patch pockets on the front and either side. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap has a comfortable shoulder pad. It is fully lined inside with an equally sturdy canvas fabric.

The top of the bag has a zipper opening. But there is also a big flap that covers the top part entirely and belts in at the front. This helps provide it a box-like shape and protects the interior further. However, it does mean that you would have to go through two things the flap and the zipper to access the inside of the duffel bag.


  • Sturdy form with large capacity
  • Beautiful, dark tan on the leather
  • Several small pockets on the outside


  • Reduced access to the inside of the bag

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Different Kinds of Leather Used in Duffel Bags

When buying any kind of bag, the first thing you want to know is the material. The questions you want to ask yourself are: Is the material durable? What properties does it have? Is it waterproof? Does it cause any allergies?

In this case, you know you are getting into a leather bag. However, even in the leather category, there are several types of leathers. Leather, as you know, is obtained from animal hides. Different animal hides result in different types of leathers. Also, how it is treated can have a big impact.

Here are the different leathers you will find in duffel bags:

  • Full-Grain Leather

This is the highest quality leather and in most natural form as possible. This leather is not sanded or buffed. It features the entire thickness of the hide. This is why it is also the most sturdy, durable, and soft.

A duffel bag made from full-grain leather would be high-quality but also expensive. It is great for those who like simple things because the leather itself is the best feature of the bag. It has a very distinct texture that can help you identify a bag easily, whether it is full-grain.

  • Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather comes after full-grain leather in terms of quality. It is made from a split layer and has sanding done to remove imperfections. It is thinner in comparison with full-grain, which is why it is rather easy to work with and lightweight.

This type of leather is common in high-end leather products. However, it tends to stretch over time. It is used to produce suede and nubuck.

  • Suede

Suede is the underside of the hide and has a very specific texture. It is also obtained by slicing the leather and rubbing/sanding to obtain the required thickness. Usually, calf, goat, or lambskin is used as cow skin is tougher and rough.

Suede has a thinner and porous surface. It can easily absorb water, so a duffel bag made of suede would not do so well in the rain. It also requires appropriate care as it is not as tough as full-grain leather.

Nubuck leather is a type of suede as it comes from the top-grain too. It has a velvet-like texture as the grain is sanded. It is relatively more durable as compared with suede.

  • Genuine/Corrected Leather

This type of leather has an artificial grain. It has a leather-like grain texture that is pressed on to the surface or applied through dyes or strains. It is less in quality in comparison with full-grain or top-grain leathers. This is why it is also one of the cheapest options.


Things To Consider When Buying A Leather Duffel Bag

Leather duffel bags can be quite expensive. You want to make sure that you are getting the right bag for yourself, one that meets your needs and is worth the price. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Quality

Now that you know the different types of leathers, it should not be too hard for you to judge the quality of a duffel bag. A full-grain or top-grain duffel bag would be the top quality one. Similarly, kidskin bags are high-quality. Kidskin leather is the leather obtained from small goats and lambs. It is durable but also extremely soft.

Suede can vary in terms of quality. The nap tells whether the suede is high-quality. If the nap is not high quality, it would be shaggy. Usually, in bags, you will see thicker suede as compared with clothing, where you will see that it is thinner. You do not want thinner suede in your bag as it may not be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear with time.

  • Straps

Duffel bags are usually meant to be carried in hand. This is why it is important to consider the straps. The handles on the duffle bag should be ergonomic. At times you might be holding the bag for hours, so you need the handles to have a good grip and be soft.

Some duffel bags have a detachable shoulder strap, which comes in very handy when the bag is heavy. You can simply carry it like a messenger bag, putting the weight on your shoulder and bag. That, too, requires attention as you should ideally be able to adjust the strap length. If it is too long or short, you are going to have problems.

  • Size

No, duffel bags do not have a universal size. They come in different sizes, and picking the right one can be tricky. For those large-sized duffel bags, make sure they have appropriate straps to distribute the weight. The bag should not be a hassle to carry or touching the ground.

For small sizes, there should not be a lot going on, i.e., there should not be extra things. It should be simple and use space efficiently. The duffel bag is supposed to be functional and not decorative.

  • Access

One thing that gets overlooked, in part because of fancy leathers and stylish designs, is the access to the interior of the duffel bag. It is supposed to open all the way to provide quick access to all the contents inside the bag.

Unlike a backpack, duffel backpacks do not have a lot of pockets or zippers. They usually just have one big interior with one zipped pocket or two on the inside or outside. The zipper should be smooth as well.

  • Weatherproof

Leather is a tough material, but not all leather duffel bags may be tough enough for the natural forces. That said, full-grain and top-grain duffel bags should perform well against rain and storm. They would not get wet or damaged.

Make sure to check whether it is weatherproof or not. You do not necessarily need it to be waterproof unless you plan to swim with it. However, it should be water-resistant to some extent.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean my leather duffel bag?

Luckily enough, leather bags are a breeze to clean as compared with bags made with other fabrics. First of all, leather bags would not easily get dirty and stained. When they do, you should be able to clean them with just a damp cloth.

For tougher stains, you might want to try some dish soap. You can dip a clean cloth in soapy water and gently rub on the bag. Then use another damp cloth or kitchen towels over the duffel bag.

Suede products are a little bit different when it comes to cleaning them. You can get a suede spray online or from any supermarket or shoe store. Just spray it from a small distance just like you would on your suede shoes. Then thoroughly brush the exterior of the duffel bag with a brush.

  • Can I wash a leather duffel bag in the washing machine?

In most cases, no, you should not wash the leather bag of any kind in a washing machine. You should definitely avoid washing an expensive duffel bag. If it got damaged, there might be no way to salvage it. That said, you may be able to wash genuine leather and faux leather ones.

If you have a light-colored leather duffel bag that has gotten some nasty stains on it, you may still want to wash it in the washing machine. First of all, try cleaning it with hands using soapy water and clean cloth. If that does not work, you can wash it in the washing machine using gentle mode.

Castile soap is the best way to wash leather stuff. Only a quarter cup should be more than enough to clean the bag. Do not dry it in a dryer; instead, let it dry outside.

  • Can a duffel bag fit in the overhead compartment in the flight?

It depends on the size of the duffel bag. Some duffel bags can be quite large and may not even meet the size requirements for the carry-on bag set by the airline. A small to medium-sized duffel should easily qualify as a carry-on bag.

However, to be more certain, compare the dimensions of your duffel bag with those given by the airline. You can find those on the airline’s website. There would be a weight limit too, so make sure not to stuff the duffel bag too much. You may be asked to check it in. Even if you manage to get through with it on board, it would be a hassle to carry the bag, especially if you have a connection.


A leather duffel bag can be a great investment in your wardrobe. The ones that are made of full-grain or top-grain usually last a lifetime. However, those can be very expensive. Most brands offer duffel bags in genuine leather, which can vary in quality. The best leather duffel bags can last quite long if you take good care of them.

The best thing about these is that they never go out of style. Plus, you can keep a lot of stuff in them. They are not firm or heavy like backpacks, which makes carrying them around a breeze. If you travel frequently, you might want to get one of those luggage and duffel combos.