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The Adidas backpack is one of the most versatile bags ever created. You can use it as a travel bag, gym bag, or just for holding your school supplies. Since you’d be using it daily, the backpack should have features such as comfort, usage, and capacity (with at least one main compartment).

Although Adidas is a popular brand, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the most out of your backpack. The key is knowing what features to search for. Some Adidas backpacks are manufactured for specific purposes, so decide your purpose before reading.

In this article, you will learn about the backpack’s features and their specifications which should help you to choose the right backpack for your needs. We’ve also added a frequently asked questions section to answer popular questions. You can read below our backpack reviews, including their pros and cons.

The 10 Best Adidas School Backpacks

Here are the best Adidas school backpack with their features and specifications:

1. Adidas Prime Backpack

The Adidas Prime Backpack has spacious and multiple zippered compartments, each with double zippers. The dual zippers have holes at the end. You can use a small padlock in these zippers for added security. These features make organizing your accessories and gadgets a breeze.

The laptop and tablet sleeves are two separate compartments, which are excellent for users who carry multiple gadgets when going out.

Adidas Prime Backpack

The laptop compartment can accommodate the size of up to 15.4 inches. With a zipper for closure, your laptop is secured.

Shoulder straps are adjustable, padded, and wide, which provide additional comfort and convenience. The bag will fit too small or tall in stature. The 600 Polyester ripstop durable fabric is the material used in this backpack. This fabric is proven to have a durable quality that will last a decade or maybe more, depending on your usage.

Adidas Prime Backpack

The design is like a turtle shell with a reflectorized detail on the front. The reflectorized detail may vary in color. You can choose from green, orange, yellow, and silver colors.


  • The separate sleeves provide added protection to your gadgets.
  • The reflective panels are excellent in low-light conditions for security purposes.
  • The bag has front pockets for storing small accessories and side pockets for a water bottle.
  • The fabric is a ripstop quality that dries quickly and will last a lifetime.
  • You can choose from multiple color options.
  • Great storage make it perfect as a bookbag.


  • The zipper quality isn’t excellent but not a significant issue.
  • The bag doesn’t have a sturdy base so that it won’t stand alone.

2. Adidas Foundation Backpack

The Adidas Foundation backpack has lots of pockets and compartments, which are great for storing various accessories, including tablets, laptops, cords for charging, and more. You’ll have plenty of space to use.

It has an internal laptop compartment, which is separate from the main one and can fit a 15.4-inch laptop. With a tricot lining the main compartment, your gadgets are safe from scratch and minor shock.

Adidas Foundation Backpack

The fabric material is 100% polyester, which is durable and waterproof.

The Adidas foundation backpack has padded and adjustable shoulder straps (a 15-inch drop) and a top handle. The adjustable and padded straps provide additional comfort to the user. On the other hand, the top handle is a versatile addition to the design that enables you to carry the bag with your hand.

Adidas Foundation Backpack

With a water bottle pocket on each side, this backpack is great for sporty individuals who hit the gym regularly or student-athletes.


  • The versatile design allows you to carry the bag on your back or by hand.
  • The waterproof feature protects your accessories from light to medium rain or water splash.
  • The ripstop, polyester fabric will last the ordinary wear and tear.
  • The padded back panel adds comfort.
  • You can choose from multiple color options.


  • The 15-inch drop may not be enough adjustment to towering individuals (6 feet and above).
  • The turtle shell design is great for school or a gym bag, but not for travel purposes.

3. Adidas Stadium II Backpack

The Adidas Stadium II backpack is a sports bag recommended for athletes and student-athletes. It has a front lower mesh pocket where a soccer or volleyball fits and two water bottles. Alternatively, you can use this mesh pocket to store your shoes to keep the inside of your bag from being smelly.

With hydro-shield technology, the bag’s base is water-resistant. You don’t need to worry if the gym’s floor is wet or someone accidentally splashes water all over the place.

Adidas Stadium II Backpack

The polyester fabric of the bag also makes it waterproof to some extent. In short, your things are safe from moisture.

The Adidas stadium has one interior and three exteriors, totaling 4 zippered pockets. Like all school bags, it has a separate laptop compartment. This zippered compartment is padded for added protection. For students and individuals who have a tablet or smartphone, the bag contains a tablet pocket inside.

Adidas Stadium II Backpack


  • The bag has a versatile design, which allows you to hide the mesh soccer/volleyball bag with a zipper.
  • You can use the same mesh bag mentioned above as an interior compartment for your accessories if you aren’t carrying a ball.
  • The three exterior pockets are great for storing your sports accessories.
  • The dual water bottle pockets allow you to take an extra bottle for your practice.
  • The bag doubles as a school backpack, so you or your kid can carry a laptop.


  • The design is a little narrow, limiting capacity but not a deal-breaker.
  • The zipper quality is not outstanding but will still last provided you use it with care.

4. Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

The Adidas Unisex Striker has a simple and classic turtle shell design. Colors are either combinations of black/black, blue/blacks, pink/black, orange/black, etc. Solid colors offer a classic look. The bag consists of three main zippered compartments, with one exterior front pocket. Like all school or sports bags, the Striker backpack has two meshed bottle pockets.

Inside, the bag has a dedicated laptop compartment that can accommodate a laptop with a size up to 15.4 inches. 

Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

It also has a meshed pocket in one of the compartments, easily separating your accessories. The shoulder straps are adjustable with a 14-inch drop. These straps are padded and wide enough to provide comfort. The padded back offers support to your back, removing some muscular strains while carrying the bag.

Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

The main compartment is around 19 inches, so it’s roomy for your accessories that may include a laptop, a change of clothes, toiletries, and some books. The material has a climacool quality, which withstands the test of time. Even after years of use, the bag still looks new.


  • The unisex design makes it an excellent gift for a special occasion.
  • This bag is great for minimalist individuals or those who don’t like a flashy style.
  • The separate compartments for tablets and laptops are great for organizing your stuff.
  • The mesh water bottles allow an extra bottle for you to carry.
  • The bag may look so small, but it’s spacious than you think it is.


  • The turtle design may look stuffy when you overload it with your things.
  • Some colors may look different from actual.

5. Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

The Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis backpack has main compartments for various accessories. One compartment can hold two rackets (size 110). Another compartment can hold your 15.4-inch laptop. These compartments are padded for added protection to your gears and gadget.

On the side, the bag has insulated pockets where you can store temperature-sensitive accessories such as a smartphone or tablet. 

Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

These pockets have zippers. Alternatively, you can use these pockets to store water holders. The thermal lining can keep your drinks cold or hot for a few hours.

The backpack has a front pocket constructed in ventilated fresh Pak technology, allowing you to store your shoes or other gear. This technology prevents moisture from building up inside the pocket. Thus, it keeps your bag fresh and prevents the build-up of disease-causing bacteria.

Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

The shoulder pads are manufactured using ultra-ride technology. This feature allows for the easy and comfortable carrying of the bag.


  • This bag is great for tennis players who need to carry more than their rackets.
  • The bag is spacious, which is excellent for other uses such as travel, gym, or school bag.
  • The meshed pocket inside creates a diversion and great for organizing stuff.
  • The front main pocket is 8-inch deep, which can accommodate a tablet or a medium-sized notebook.
  • The insulated side pockets are excellent in protecting your temperature-sensitive accessories.


  • The bag has limited color options.
  • The adjustable straps are common, which may not provide a snug fit.

6. Adidas Women’s VFA Backpack

The Adidas Women’s VFA backpack is a great daypack for traveling persons, most notably women. It has two main compartments and one front pocket.

The main compartment consists of a laptop pocket and a meshed zippered interior pocket. A 15-inch laptop can fit inside the main compartment. Moreover, the inside lining is made of soft polyester fabric that protects your gadgets from scratches.

Adidas Women's VFA Backpack

The interior pocket is great for keeping your laptop’s accessories, wallet, and other smaller accessories. The side pockets have a Snap-on closure, which is great for water bottles or other accessories.

The shoulder straps are padded with an approximately 15-inch drop. This backpack is excellent for small, medium-built, or tall women. The material is 100% polyester. Despite its cutesy appearance, the bag can last and withstand ordinary wear and tear.

Adidas Women's VFA Backpack


  • The side pockets are alternative storage for accessories needed for easy access, such as tissue.
  • The webbing detail looks premium and classic, great for minimalist women.
  • The bag looks small but is spacious than it seems.
  • Solid plain colors are so classy.
  • Overall, the bag is lightweight, perfect for carrying during day travel in the wilds.


  • The design is specifically made for women in mind.
  • The bag isn’t waterproof, which means it’s perfect only for summer travels.

7. Adidas Young Creator Backpack

Young people, especially kids, aren’t careful with their school bags. They tend to put it anywhere, whether it’s safe from getting destroyed or not. Thus, it would help if your kid had a school bag that will stand extreme wear and tear for your youngsters.

The Adidas Young Creator backpack is recommended for young people who are careless most of the time. This backpack has a main compartment with various exterior pockets.

Adidas Young Creator Backpack

The main compartment is roomy with a polyester lining. It can accommodate all of your kid’s necessities, such as lunch boxes, a few books and notebooks, and pencil cases. The Young Creator backpack has side pockets for your kid’s water bottle.

The back panel of the bag is padded, too, which provides additional comfort to your kid. The padded shoulder straps will make carrying the bag comfortable. With a 14-inch drop, the bag will fit a 12-year old kid medium-sized. The top handle is great for hanging the bag in your kid’s room.

Adidas Young Creator Backpack


  • The lining is soft, which is excellent for delicate items.
  • The bag has lots of pockets that your youngster will enjoy putting candies or accessories
  • The various design options are available for gender-specific users.
  • The zipper has cord-like ends, which could be replaceable when lost.
  • The bag has multiple color options that look like different designs


  • The designs aren’t stellar.
  • The zippers don’t add security features, just simple zip and no lock ends.

8. Adidas Utility Field Backpack

The Adidas Utility field backpack has a main compartment, two zippered side pockets, and a meshed front pocket. Inside, the main compartment has a separate meshed interior pocket for easy organizing of your stuff. It also has a partition for shoes.

The exterior front pocket closes with a drawstring, while the material is a combination of polyester and meshed fabric. This front pocket can accommodate a soccer ball or volleyball.

Adidas Utility Field Backpack

True to its multifunctional features, you can also use it for baseball practice. This particular design is manufactured with athletes in mind.

The straps are padded with simple buckles for adjustments. The back panel has a soft padding for maximum support and comfort. This particular design features the three-stripes logo of the brand.

Adidas Utility Field Backpack

Even if you aren’t out for practice, you can still use it for ordinary days at school. However, the bag doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment. So, if you want to use it for school, you might want to place your laptop in a sleeve before putting it inside.


  • The lifetime warranty is a bonus, which speaks volumes about the quality of the product.
  • This utility bag is perfect as a gift for a team.
  • The front pocket is great for printing the brand of a team.
  • The various colors are available for choosing.
  • The base has a sturdy lining/outline, which can stand when the bag is filled.


  • Getting a smelly bag is possible since the shoe compartment is inside.
  • Organizing accessories is limited due to fewer interior pockets.

9. Adidas Originals Unisex Urban Utility Backpack

This classic Adidas utility backpack closes with a drawstring, hood, and clip locks. It contains one main compartment, two external pockets, and two side pockets. The side pockets have hood and clip locks similar to the main compartment.

Inside the main compartment, the bag has a padded sleeve for a laptop. The shoulder straps are padded with a top handle for hand carry. The two-tone backpack is excellent for outdoor day travels or school.

Adidas Originals Unisex Urban Utility Backpack

The back panel has strips of padded parts, the same size as the shoulder straps. The fabric is 100% polyester with a ripstop quality. It could be resistant to brief water splashes but won’t withstand prolonged exposure to rain. The utility design features the classic Adidas logo, woven in a piece of fabric.

Adidas Originals Unisex Urban Utility Backpack


  • The slightly padded back panel provides an airy flow in your back, great for outdoor travels.
  • The side pockets secure water bottles as compared to meshed open ones.
  • The utility backpack is roomy despite its appearance.
  • The drawstring closure can expand, allowing you to put more in the bag.
  • The top hood closure creates an added security to your accessories.


  • Colors options are limited with only two selections, black and olive cargo.
  • The bag may seem small for very tall individuals.

10. Adidas Unisex-Adult Classic 3s Ii Backpack

This Adidas Unisex Classic backpack is stylish and multifunctional. This bag is perfect for sporty or nerdy students. The backpack has one main compartment, two side pockets, and one front compartment.

The main compartment has a dedicated laptop sleeve and a meshed pocket with a zipper. Inside, it also features multiple pockets. The side pockets are a combination of meshed and polyester material.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Classic 3s Ii Backpack

The front pocket, on the other hand, is one compartment with a zipper.

Logo design consists of the Adidas name and three stripes located in the side pockets. The shoulder straps also feature the Adidas brand, which is padded and adjustable.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Classic 3s Ii Backpack

The rated capacity is 30 liters so that you can carry many accessories for schools such as books, notebooks, and laptops. In this bag, you can bring a laptop in a 15-inch size.


  • The multiple pockets inside the main compartment are a great way to organize your things.
  • The padded sleeve protects your laptop against bumps and shocks.
  • The design is so simple and so classic, excellent for minimalist students.
  • There are seven color options, ranging from feminine to masculine hues.
  • The zippers are hidden inseams when you close the bag.


  • The bag is quite elongated, which might be a disadvantage for users with short torsos.

About Adidas Brand

Adidas is one of the most popular brands in footwear. The company is known for manufacturing the highest quality shoes in the industry. It ventures into other goods such as bags and other sports apparel, proving its excellence in producing quality products.

Adidas’s target market is athletes, but given its track record in excellence, household consumers saw how quality the products are. Thus, from athletes as its main market, the company started producing footwear, accessories, and apparel for its other consumers.

Throughout these years, Adidas continues to grow. Along the way, issues arise, including the dilemma in counterfeit products. Despite these threats, the company is stable and never waver in delivering the most excellent footwear and apparel worldwide.

Features to Look for when Buying the Best Adidas Backpack

Buying the right Adidas backpack shouldn’t be that hard. However, with so many choices out there, selecting gets confusing. So, here’s seven features you should look for in buying your first or next Adidas backpack:


Since you’d be using the backpack either as a travel backpack, sports, or school bag, comfort should be one of your priorities. The backpack shouldn’t put a strain on your shoulders and your back. Thus, the right size and padding could make a difference.

The bag should sit comfortably in your back. The base of your bag should probably be just above your waist to reduce strain in carrying the backpack. Some prefer to ride the backpack past their waist, so it’s just a matter of preference.


Stitching, zippers, and straps are essential in backpack construction. Zippers should last a lifetime because you’d be using these zippers most of the time. Metal zippers are preferable because they last longer than fiber plastic.

Make sure you examine the bag for its stitching. Original Adidas backpack has excellent stitch works, reinforced to ensure that the threads don’t rip when used. Straps are either bridged or separate. Bridged straps are connected at the top, which might limit riding the bag high in your back.

You may also want to consider a sternum strap, especially if you’re going to use the backpack for carrying a laptop or many accessories. This sternum strap provides additional support in carrying the bag. Buckles are also important. Choose buckles that are easy to adjust and will hold the adjustment even if the bag is full.


There are two kinds of padding on the straps, thick ones and thin ones. However, the comfort it brings isn’t dependent on the thickness, although it is also a factor.

Some thinly padded straps are still comfortable to carry because of their composition. Note the material used in the straps when buying online. EVA is the latest material that is great for backpack straps, mostly used in everyday use.


More compartments in your backpack allow you to organize your accessories easily. Many compartments will allow you to separate the big ones from the smaller stuff. So, a backpack with at least two main compartments and three exterior pockets is the right choice. Inside, a few more pockets would be a great addition.

If you’re using it as a sports bag, choose the bag with a shoe compartment or a ball pocket for soccer or volleyball players. Some backpack is designed specifically for sports like the Adidas Tour Tennis Racquet. If you’re using it for school, make sure to look for a laptop compartment with padding and a zipper. These features will minimize and absorb shock from minor bumps and falls.


This feature depends on your purpose. If you’re using it for traveling, look at the size in liters. Most travel backpacks indicate the capacity in liters. The higher number means more accessories to bring.


The latest material in backpack construction is polyester ripstop fabric. This fabric is strong and durable and will last for many years, provided the bag is exposed to ordinary wear and tear, such as daily usage in school or playing sports.


The design is a matter of preference. Most Adidas backpacks have plain design and simple color combinations. Some have reflective details. Other Adidas backpacks have the classic logo, while most have the three stripes.

Adidas backpacks also produce a gender-specific design. So, make sure to read carefully, but most of the time, the designs are unisex.

Frequently Asked Question

Before buying, it’s natural you have questions about the brand, a particular store’s service, or perhaps the price. Here is a list of six frequently asked questions about the best Adidas backpack.

Where should I purchase an Adidas Backpack?

You can buy Adidas backpacks through the official Adidas online store, e-commerce store, or Adidas outlet near your place. The choice is yours to make. If you’re buying online, you can either use e-commerce stores such as Amazon or eBay. You may also want to consider the Adidas online store. The advantage is convenience.

Since Adidas is a famous brand, you can always find at least one outlet or distributor near your area. The advantage of buying on brick-and-mortar stores is you can try the bag and see how it feels in your back.

Can I get an Adidas backpack for a specific purpose?

Yes, you can. Some backpacks are specifically designed for a specific purpose or to bring a specific accessory like a laptop. The key to knowing is to read all the details of the backpack carefully. If you’re buying online, don’t hesitate to chat with the customer service line. They’re more than willing to answer a few questions that aren’t indicated in their product description or the FAQs.

What is the price of the best Adidas Backpack to buy?

The pricing differs from one store to another. Typically, the price starts from a few dollars to a hundred. The size, design, and construction are some factors considered in pricing an Adidas backpack.

Other factors such as location, country of origin are also accounted for in the cost. If you’re buying from a retail store, the price might be higher, too. If you’re buying overseas, shipping cost is also a significant factor in the backpack’s expensiveness.

How do you find the product you need?

Firstly, before searching for the perfect Adidas bag, you need to know your exact needs, like will you need to bring a laptop? How many suppliers will you need to hold, etc…

If you don’t want something too big, you can always opt for a small backpack as long you are sure it will be capable of holding all your supplies.

What do if you can’t find the product you’re looking for?

Online stores carry as many options as possible. If you can’t find one in the store, try another one. Alternatively, you may want to visit the most prominent e-commerce on the internet, Amazon. Another alternative is finding review sites to make your search easier.

What are the best Adidas men’s backpacks?

Adidas has a great variety of Adidas bags that can fit men and boys. In our opinion, the best backpack for men from Adidas is the Adidas Striker II Team and the Adidas Foundation Backpack. Both models have a large main compartment big enough to bring an iPad or a small laptop. They also have a dedicated pocket with a zipper to hold your smaller items.


The best Adidas backpack for School should be comfortable, affordable, and durable. If you’re low in budget, look for the best Adidas backpack under a promo or discount. Most importantly, watch out for counterfeit, especially if you’re buying online. Most counterfeits are easy to detect as they are made of cheap materials or foam. Purchase only from reputable stores such as Amazon or directly from

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