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Swiss Gear is a famous manufacturer from Switzerland that started back in 1893 doing backpacks and other outdoor gear. Famous for their Swiss Army knives, they also make functional backpacks for everyday use and traveling. Their SwissGear backpacks series offer quality, functionality, and durability.

Whether you need a backpack for school or your business travels, you can find something that fits your needs perfectly. They keep in mind the protection of your gear and electronic devices. Almost all of their models have designated compartments for laptops which make them the perfect laptop bag. You do not need a laptop folder when you have proper padding inside your bag.

Since they use water-resistant and durable materials, some backpacks can be expensive. However, there are simpler models as well that cost cheaper.

The 5 Best Swiss Gear Backpacks for Laptop

Looking for the right laptop backpack to buy? Here are some of the best SwissGear backpacks for laptop, reviewed based on their durability, functionality, and comfort:

1. Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

This backpack is perfect for air travel in particular. It features Scansmart lay-flat technology that not only protects your laptop but also ensures smooth passage through TSA security. You will most likely not even have to take out the laptop as the laptop compartment opens up completely, and the laptop lies flat. The bag opens up seamlessly.

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

The size of the bag is adequate for a carry-on. It has a capacity of 31 liters or 8 gallons. A laptop of up to 17 inches can easily fit in the laptop compartment. Overall, it measures 18.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 9 inches. There are two breathable side compartments on the exterior where you can keep damp things like an umbrella, water bottle, or sweaty clothes.

The fabric of this backpack is a 1200D ballistic polyester. The back is fully padded with Airflow ventilation technology to ensure you do not feel uncomfortable. Speaking of comfort, it has comfortable contoured and shoulder straps. There are adjustable side compression straps too.

It offers a lot of organization with its compartmentalized interior. In addition to the special padded compartment, you have a highly functional front pocket for valuable and handy things like your id, notepad, keys, etc. Then you have another big u-shaped pocket in the front with two zipper sliders for ease of access. On the inside, there is a separate floating tablet mesh sleeve.


  • Great value for money
  • Tough lining and stitching ensuring durability
  • Hassle-free travel through airports
  • The molded top handle offers a comfortable and tight grip
  • Many color choices available
  • Have a tablet pocket


  • After-sales support could improve

2. Swiss Gear SA1908 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

The Swiss Gear SA1908 also features the ScanSmart option, which ensures speed airport security screening. The adjustable straps help accommodate different sizes of laptops (up to 17 inches).

It will offer you maximum comfort with its heavy padding on the back. The Airflow back system features multiple panels that not only provide proper ventilation but also bolster back support. 

Swiss Gear SA1908 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

The bag’s front has many small pockets to help you organize your stuff like pens, phones, chargers, etc.

The Swiss Gear SA1908 Scansmart laptop backpack itself is quite lightweight, weighing just 2.6 pounds. It is 18.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. The strap design is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on your shoulders. There are two water-bottle pockets on the outside that you can use for keeping other stuff as well.

Swiss Gear SA1908 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

It is waterproof with its synthetic fabric and heavy-duty zippers. The size is adequate for high school students, weekend travelers, and cabin crew. You can easily fit the backpack below the seat when on an airplane, train, or bus.


  • Simple and functional design
  • Perfect for those who like organization
  • Very reasonable price
  • Hassle-free carry-on backpack
  • Many hidden pockets to hide your important things and money


  • Not designed for outdoor adventures

3. SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

The SwissGear 5358  is made entirely from polyester. It has an abrasion-resistant texture that makes it stand out from the rest of the Swiss Gear series. This one has a built-in USB power outlet that allows charging on the fly. You have to get a battery pack separately, though.

The laptop compartment is flagship ScanSmart, i.e., it unwinds and can be sent through a security check lying flat without the need for removal.

SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

The maximum laptop size you can fit in this compartment is 15 inches. There is a crush-resistant sunglasses compartment on the top exterior.

Other than that, you also have insulated water bottle pockets in mesh on the exterior, as well as a quick access zip pocket for essential stuff. The interior features carefully organized pockets for individual purposes. You have a removable power pack storage pocket, front organizer compartment, and small accessories storage. You can even keep your shoes in a collapsible shoe compartment with side zip access.

It delivers comfort along with functionality Swiss Gear is known for. The back and padded shoulder straps have proper padding. The straps even have a built-in suspension. The Airflow panel ensures ventilation and keeps your back dry.


  • It offers lots of organization and easy access
  • Very high-quality fabric, zippers, and stitching
  • Ease of carrying and traveling
  • Technology ready for work on the go
  • Steel cable embedded in top handle making it highly durable
  • Exterior water bottle pocket


  • Big laptops may not fit in the compartment
  • No waterproof cover included

4. Swiss Gear SA5933 Laptop Backpack

This one is a looker. With its bright blue shades and grey accents, it offers quite some versatility. One could take it to school or college and travel with it as a carry-on. This one is particularly great for school or college students with the kind of storage it offers.

It is heavily padded at the back as well as on the shoulder straps. You would also be getting proper air ventilation.

No products found.

Two side mesh pockets can easily fit a large water bottle or small umbrella. A small mesh pocket with zipping can be used to keep the phone, charger, and earphones.

The laptop pocket in the main compartment does not stretch out or tear over time. The padding keeps the laptop protected. A 17-inch or smaller laptop will fit. The front pocket is big enough to keep a lot of stuff. It has several layered pockets to keep your school supplies, as well as electronics such as tablets.

No products found.

The bag is extremely lightweight (1.45 pounds) and appropriately sized for most things you would need to carry to school. It is 18 inches by 13 inches by 6 inches (length, width, and depth). Since it is Swiss Gear, you can rest assured only high-quality fabrics have been used.


  • Very stylish
  • Easy to carry around and access
  • Great value for money


  • It is not waterproof

5. Swiss Gear SA3077 Laptop Backpack

This one is more on the basic side with a low price tag. That said, it does offer the quality the brand is known for. There is a padded sleeve inside for placing a laptop or tablet. The maximum size of the laptop you can place in there is 14 inches. There is an audio and media port with an external headphone port.

This was probably popular when the mp3 players were used, but you could still use it today with an iPod.

Swiss Gear SA3077 Laptop Backpack

The front zipper pocket features a removable key fob. In addition to that, you also have pockets for your phone, pen, and sunglasses.

All your everyday necessities are placed orderly in their designated pockets. As usual, you have two side pockets in elastic mesh for placing water bottles.  This bag is 18 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and 6 inches in depth. It is extremely lightweight, only weighing 1.1 pounds. It comes in red/black and blue/black combinations.

Swiss Gear SA3077 Laptop Backpack

As for the comfort level, the back has Airflow padding offering comfort, support, and ventilation. Similarly, the shoulder straps have an ergonomic shape and padding.


  • Very affordable everyday use
  • Very roomy with only necessary compartments
  • Lightweight bag made from light materials
  • Zippers are high-quality
  • Very comfortable shoulder strap
  • Have a padded laptop sleeve


  • Big laptops cannot fit
  • It is only water-resistant

Different Types of Swiss Gear Backpacks

Swiss Gear manufactures several types of backpacks. These are essentially designed to do what a backpack is for, but some have many more features than others. If you know the different kinds, you will choose the one that meets your requirements.

Laptop Backpacks

These backpacks from Swiss Gear are primarily designed for your laptop. That said, they are not like those briefcase-style laptop bags. In fact, these are just like any other backpack. Besides keeping your laptop, you can also keep some other gear and essentials like a phone, pens, books, and even a change of clothes.

The laptop backpacks have a separate compartment, either outside or inside the bag. This compartment is usually padded to ensure the laptop’s protection from other stuff in your backpack and from falls. The padding absorbs the shocks even if your bag hits the floor.

The Swiss Gear laptop backpacks can easily be used as a carry-on or personal item onboard a plane. The ScanSmart feature found in some bags allows you to swiftly pass through TSA without the hassle of taking out all your electronics.

Tactical Backpacks

These backpacks are more robust and durable than your traditional backpacks. They utilize sturdy fabrics and heavy-duty zippers. More common with army folks, these can be used by anyway who needs something strong for keeping their gear. If you do a lot of outdoor sports, you may want to get a tactical backpack.

These feature compartments and pockets designed to keep your gear secure. You can even attach and hang stuff. Even though they are not as big as hiking backpacks, the strategic pocketing allows it to store a lot of gear that a traditional bag would not be able to.

School Backpacks

These backpacks from Swiss Gear are designed for more regular use, i.e., for carrying books, laptops, tablets, gym clothes, etc. For school kids, these can be perfect as they would last for years despite the everyday wear and tear they would receive at the school.

The materials used in these bags are still high-quality. However, they might not be heavy-duty and waterproof. You cannot use them for heavy gear and outdoor activities.

What Things to Look for When Buying a Swiss Gear Backpack

Swiss Gear backpacks are usually pricier than your average backpacks. That is why you should know exactly what to look for to make sure you get the best value for your money. Here is what you should consider:


When buying a backpack, a lot of people see the pockets and compartments along with size. However, one of the most important things to ensure is if it is comfortable to wear. In most cases, you will be wearing the backpack for hours on end. You do not want to strain your shoulder and back.

Luckily enough, almost all SwissGear backpack models feature foam padding. This not only provides support but also ventilates air. Also, the materials should be soft, especially for the straps. If it is too abrasive, you will always be uncomfortable carrying it around.

Size and Capacity

You will find that most SwissGear backpacks are virtually the same size. However, their capacities can vary. It would be best to find out how much their capacity is in terms of liters or gallons. A capacity of over 25 liters is ample for, say, a weekend trip.

It comes down to your own use how much capacity you need. For school backpacks, you may not need that much room. However, if you plan on traveling with a backpack, you need something roomier.


Another consideration should be the materials used. While you can be sure about the quality of materials when it comes to Swiss Gear, you should still find out how sturdy and water-resistant they are. Some of their backpacks also feature an internal frame that protects all the contents inside.

Some models are completely waterproof with high denier polyester materials and heavy-duty zippers. Even if they are waterproof, it may not mean that you can submerge them in water. If a backpack is not entirely waterproof, you can always use a waterproof cover over it.


If you are buying an expensive backpack, ideally, you would like a warranty with it. Swiss Gear does offer a limited three-year warranty on most of its backpacks. Keep in mind that it is a manufacturer’s warranty. You may not be able to claim it from the retailer.


What is the one thing that wears out in a backpack? It’s most commonly the zippers. Obviously, because they are the most used part of the backpack. You want to make sure you are getting a backpack with high-quality zippers. If you want something weather-proof, heavy-duty zippers are a must. Most Swiss Gear bags feature heavy-duty zippers with two zipper heads.

SwissGear Laptop Backpack for College Students

You are not ready for college if you do not have a SwissGear laptop backpack. This company’s laptop backpacks are designed with durable polyester fabric for longevity and large compartments to store your laptop, books, and other small items. SwissGear backpacks are made to provide a new level of comfort and functionality.

These laptop backpacks are available in various sizes with different designs and colors to suit different users. Each backpack is unique, but there are some general features common to them.

All laptop backpacks from SwissGear have a designated laptop compartment with a built-in padded sleeve to fit most portable laptops. There is also an organizer pocket, media pocket, and multiple divider pockets to put your phones, ID card, memory stick, and stationery.

To prevent your back from sweating when you are carrying your backpack, SwissGear backpacks come with a padded airflow back panel with mesh fabric for superior back ventilation and support. There are also ergonomically contoured shoulder straps with built-in suspension, breathable mesh fabric, thumb-ring adjuster. All these are features to look out for when searching for the best SwissGear backpack for college.

Some SwissGear backpacks also come with Scan-Smart technology for laptops in case the bag is scanned.

SwissGear Travel Backpacks for Outdoor Activities

Choosing a backpack for traveling can be a tricky decision. To find the best backpacks for your travels, you must focus on those with rugged designs suitable for outdoor use. This is especially important if you will be hiking or camping during your trips.

The duration of your trip is also a factor to consider. If you were camping for a long time, a large-sized travel backpack would be more suitable. However, a smaller backpack is a better choice if you are going away for the weekend.

If you are concerned about the size of your travel backpack, SwissGear has you covered. SwissGear travel backpacks are designed to be extra-roomy, so you can pack extra clothes, devices and still have space for beverages and snacks.

It can be very uncomfortable to carry with a slack backpack that weighs the same as a ton of bricks. SwissGear travel backpacks are made with durable polyester fabric. They also come with a heavily padded back panel with airflow ventilation technology, padded contour-shaped shoulder straps, built-in suspension, and adjustable side compressible straps to keep it feeling light and comfortable on your back.

Swiss Gear Backpacks Warranty

SwissGear is designed with a focus on quality and durability. Swiss Gear warranty automatically applies to every bag from this company. Every backpack from this company has a warranty that covers 3-10 years.

The 3-year warranty and 5-year warranty are part of the SwissGear standard limited warranties. When you have a SwissGear backpack for more than 3 to 5 years, it automatically qualifies for the 10-year extended limited warranty. SwissGear has some of the best backpacks on the market. The company also makes luggage, watches, belts, wallets, and travel accessories.

When you purchase any SwissGear products, you can be assured that it is free from defects. The backpack is sure to last a long time, provided you use it under normal conditions.

In cases of defects, contact SwissGear for assistance. SwissGear’s warranty does not cover accidental damages, improper use, normal wear, tear, or damage caused by usage.

Swiss Army Rucksacks – How It Differs From the Rest

SwissGear is one of the leading brands in the backpack industry. The company has been around for several decades and has earned a reputation for making top-quality backpacks. Swiss army rucksacks differ from all the others thanks to their durability, versatility, and superior design.

Whether you get a SwissGear backpack for school, travel, or your laptop, you can be sure that it is made of a strong fabric so it won’t rip even under extreme pressure. High-use points on the backpack are reinforced with stronger materials. Also, these backpacks come with strong zippers.

Another thing that makes SwissGear backpacks unique is that they are very comfortable. This company understands that you may need to carry your backpack for a long time, so its bags come with extra padding, room for airflow, and a generally user-friendly design. You won’t end up with back and shoulder pain from carrying your SwissGear backpack all day long.

SwissGear backpacks are also known for their numerous compartments. Whether you need to pack a lot of things or just a few things, you will find ample space on SwissGear rucksacks.

How Durable is a SwissGear Waterproof Backpack?

Your Swiss backpack is designed to be both durable and water-resistant. The company’s bags are made with a polyester-based fabric which makes them water-resistant. Your SwissGear waterproof backpack will protect the content of your bag from a small drizzle or splashes of water.

However, if you are going to commute to a place where it is rainy, you need a backpack cover. There are numerous backpack covers available on the market that can make your bags completely waterproof. Regardless of the size, you can be sure that there is a suitable cover out there.

SwissGear products are made to last long. The company’s backpacks are made with a strong fabric so they won’t get torn easily. Also, the shoulder joints and areas of the backpack subjected to a lot of pressure are made extra stronger with reinforced fabric. This guarantees that you can use it for a very long time.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Any defect caused by improper use of SwissGear backpacks can void the warranty. So, it is essential to know how to clean and maintain your backpack properly.

If you own soft-side luggage or a backpack, you can clean it by gently brushing it with a cloth or soft nylon bristle brush. If the stain is persistent, you could use a mild soap – avoid benzene and alcohol-based cleaning agents – and warm water along with the cloth or soft nylon bristle brush. Be careful not to soak the backpack or luggage completely in water or scrub too hard on the fabric.

Dry the backpack with a clean, dry cloth, dabbing gently till you get off most of the moisture. Afterward, hang or lay it flat to air dry. Do not get impatient and use an automated washer/dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Swiss Gear backpack cost?

SwissGear backpacks are high-quality products, which is why they are more costly than average backpacks you might find with other brands. That said, most of their models are under $100. Even the ones with easy travel ScanSmart technology cost just upwards of $50. Some of the simpler models are as low as $40.

What are the benefits of using a Swiss Gear backpack?

First of all, their backpacks are quite sturdy. Even after repeated use, you will not have ripped seam or zippers stuck. Also, one of their top qualities is that they are very comfortable to wear. Aside from the fabrics, the compartmentalization allows for equal distribution of weight. Because of that, your back or shoulders do not get strained even if you fill them up to the maximum capacity.

While they are not entirely weather-proof, you can expect to take them out with you when it is pouring. The polyester fabric is water-resistant, and the zippers do not let the contents get wet.

They are also handy when traveling. With collapsible laptop compartments, you do not need to take out your laptop during security checks. The padding on the back also protects the laptop and other stuff inside the back.

How to clean the Swiss Gear backpack?

These are incredibly easy to clean. Normally, you can clean them with a damp cloth. If the backpack is too dirty and stained, you can wash it in a washing machine. However, it is recommended that you read the care instructions first to make sure the model you have is machine washable.

It is also recommended that even if your model is machine washable, do not dry it in a dryer. Instead, hang it out to dry.

Will I have to take out my laptop for TSA scanning?

TSA requires electronics, including laptops, to be taken out and laid flat for security checks. If your Swiss Gear back has the signature ScanSmart feature, you will not need to do that. The ScanSmart feature gives you a compliant TSA laptop backpack!

Since the compartment can be unzipped all the way to the bottom, there is no need to take the laptop out. It should be noted that on international flights to the US, you might still be asked to take it out for scanning.

Swiss Gear Backpack Review – Conclusion

Swiss Gear is a reliable company that has experience of more than a century. You must have heard about its Swiss Army knife, but its backpacks are from the most purchased in the global laptop backpack market. Whether you are a student starting college or a flight attendant traveling every week, you may want to get one SwissGear Scansmart backpack.

The company uses high denier polyester fabrics and sturdy zippers that last long. The lining is usually nylon. All of this ensures that the backpack has a long life, and you get the bang for your buck. Even if problems arise, such as a broken zipper or ripped fabric, you can always contact Swiss Gear and claim a warranty.

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