Best Backpack Under $50 Reviews in 2020 (Our Top Picks)

You may not have the liberty of getting that high-quality backpack of your choice because you can’t afford it. But the lack of funds must not prevent you from looking out for one. Even if you don’t have that much, you can still catch the best backpack under $50 in the marketplace today. Difficult to believe but true. Whether you will be using this for hiking, schooling, camping, or to a long journey, there will be a perfect match without the need to splurge.

The first thing to do is to be knowledgeable about how to choose the best backpack under $50. Because not all manufacturers and seller are true to their claim that they are the best. Fact is, all will claim they are the best. So you need to be meticulous. Check everything like materials used in manufacturing the bag, the features, durability, and even the warranty. Warranty is important since you are buying a bag at a cheaper price.

All these considered, never be surprised if you catch the best without spending much.

Top 10 Best Rated Backpack Under $50 Reviews


Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Backpack

Multipurpose is the in thing today, and so on with the bag. This multi-compartment backpack will surely win the hearts of the travelers. It is designed with a total of 6 compartments (1 main, 2 front zippered, 1 internal zippered as security compartment, and 2 side pockets) to hold all your things. When filled with things, it can reach up to 20inches and can hold 20-33L of items.

This is made up of nylon and is proven to be water-resistant. The rain, the water splash, and even if you pass by the waterfalls during a hike won’t bother you at all because you’re at peace that your things are kept dry in place.

What’s unique in this backpack is its size when folded. It is so compact that it is only as big as a big hamburger. With this compact size, you can insert more of this in your bag when not in used.


  • It is very lightweight (only 0.5 lbs) for comfort traveling
  • Has 10 colors to choose from that will match your style
  • More than enough room for all your things
  • A real space saver due to the thin but durable nylon material
  • With soft and wide straps to relax the shoulders


  • Has no frame pulling all things at the bottom
  • Tendency to rip off after a couple of use due to the thin nylon lining
  • Side pockets are small for water bottle


There is a need for utmost care so it won’t rip off. Things with hard edges may damage the bag due to the thin lining. But overall, this bag is a nice catch as long as you will be mindful of the things you will place inside.

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High Sierra Loop Backpack for Men and Women

This bag is structured with compartments shaped according to the things you will put inside. It has a compartment for your tab, book, pen, clothes, keys, and even a mesh pocket for your water bottles. It has front clips where you can hang your umbrella.

The straps are yoke styled and S-shaped which is wide enough to give comfort to your shoulders. The bag has a 33L capacity, could extend as much as 19 inches when filled with things.

The bag is also padded to relax your back while carrying it with a heavy load. To make things inside in its place, it has an adjustable side compression strap. At the bottom, there are extra compression straps that can hold an additional load.


  • Made from polyester fabric that is easy to dry and abrasion-resistant
  • Wider bottom structure to accommodate the heavy load
  • Compression straps allow carrying extra things
  • Compartmentalized to carry gadgets such as laptop and tablets
  • Can fit under an airline seat


  • Not enough padding to protect the laptop
  • Handle is attached to the shoulder strap making it difficult to clinch into the body
  • Zipper wear out when toughly used


If you’re that person who wants everything organized in a bag, then this is for you. You’re assured that your things are intact where you placed them. This is also for those who want a hands-free travel because the side straps can carry extra things. However, the bag could be too heavy for an elementary kid if you put all things inside.

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JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack

Jansport has been in the business since 1976 and is known for creating durable and stylish bag suited for every age. This big bag for the big students is made from 600 Denier Polyester that marks its durability. There are enough pockets for everyday school items. There are 2 big front pockets for your gadgets and books. The main pocket can squeeze in your PE sneakers and uniform. The mesh pocket on the side is made to segregate your water bottle that can wet your books if placed inside.

This bag has 35 designs to choose from. The side straps are S-shaped to take care of your shoulders if carrying a heavy load. JanSport also offers a lifetime warranty. If something gets broken, they will fix it or even replace it.


  • Roomy to accommodate all things in one bag
  • Lightweight so it won’t add weight to the heavy books and gadgets inside
  • Compartmentalized to organize the things inside
  • Purely water-resistant to protect your things during heavy rains


  • Zipper gets jammed in the inner linings
  • The bottom layer is not double-lined to support heavy things


Just like any other bag, the zipper is the first one to malfunction. So you need to be careful in zipping all compartment. You also need to check the bag from time to time to see if something is wearing out. This is true especially at the bottom part where the whole weight is dragged upon. Nonetheless, Jansport has been the bag of choice of many for years now. With utmost care, you can trust this bag to last for years.

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Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Laptop Backpack

This cool backpack has secret pockets, hidden zippers, and is cut-proof making it an anti-theft bag. Not only a bag for schooling but could be the best choice for an office bag. It is compartmentalized making the things you put in organized. Space is enough to accommodate your things making you hands-free when traveling. The material of the bag is 200D Nylon making it super water and tear-resistant. The straps are made from breathable material and multi-padded to take care of your shoulders.

It has a detachable USB port for charging. Its headset hole design won’t give the problem of having tangled cord. The sunglass suspension makes it cool too. The zippers are double layered and have a lock for an added protection.


  • Comfortable handle on top for comfy feel while the bag is clinched at your back
  • Designed to be carried by your back and to your front
  • Nine-zippered bag making your things protected
  • Sturdy side pockets with durable zippers too
  • Separate laptop compartment


  • Doesn’t stand by itself because the bottom is not flat
  • Maybe too big for 5 a footer
  • Water bottle pocket may be too small for a water


This is perfect for a business bag when traveling to work or even overseas. Durability brings protection and comfort. You need not check your things from time to time. The compartments will satisfy the demands of a very organized person. You just need to strategize when putting things inside so everything will fit accordingly.

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AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack Bag

This should be the bag of choice for those photography enthusiasts. This bag can hold up to 2 SLR camera, lenses, tripod, laptop, and other photography tools. Inside the bag is a movable divider where you place your tools. The compartments for laptop, SLRs, and small accessories are separated to avoid scratching any gears. To protect your tools, the bag is heavily padded.

Side straps are also made to hold a tripod. Carry on straps are wide to relax your shoulders and sturdy enough to carry the weight. There is also a waist and chest strap to balance the weight especially if the bag is full of gears.

The bag looks like the usual backpack. If you’re carrying it, it is difficult to notice that inside are expensive photography equipment hence will prevent any untoward incident.


  • Comes with a rain cover for added protection to your camera
  • Compartments are designed to fit even the tiniest photography tool
  • Dual zippers for more protection
  • Customizable compartments based on the size of tools
  • Durable Velcro and padding


  • Waist strap is too high for a 6 footer
  • Needs Velcro for the tripod straps
  • Does not have lockable zippers


The pros outweigh the cons. If you’re a photographer who is always on the go and is using lots of tools, let this bag carry the load for you. You need not worry for your safety as it looks like the usual backpack not giving any hint you are carrying expensive tools inside. With a promise of durability and comfort, you’ll never go wrong getting one.

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Under Armour Boy’s Storm Scrimmage Backpack

The bag of choice of the boys. The backpack is made from DWR finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability. This comes with adjustable heatgear shoulder straps that protect the boys in stressing their shoulders and back while carrying the bag. The back of the bag is heavily padded so the one carrying it will be relaxed as your back touches the bag. The handle is also on top which makes carrying more comfortable as the back can clinch directly to the bag.

There is a soft-lined compartment for a laptop. The front pocket can also accommodate other school items. And the side pockets are for your water bottle. Lots of cool design to choose from especially for the boys.


  • Dual zippered for durability
  • Hip designs are perfect for kids
  • Enough space for books and laptop
  • Doesn’t look so bulky even if the 3 compartments are used
  • Highly water-resistant, no experiences water leakage


  • Too big for 6th grader and below but small for the 7th grader
  • Okay for light things only
  • Zipper is just okay quality
  • Tendency for the straps to wear off if too many books


Good for the small boys. Your elementary kid will love this. You just need to choose the kind of things you will put inside so it will last long. You also need to check the zipper from time to time. Go get this if you have light things to carry. This is not recommended for heavy loads.

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HawLander Women’s Backpack School Bag

This lightweight backpack is a head-turner for the women on the go. The sleek texture adds to the elegant feel. The zipper is doubled for ease and comfort when opening and closing the bag.

There are 2 side pockets which can serve as a slot for water bottles or even perfume. Inside are compartments that can carry lots of things in an organized manner. There is a specific compartment that can carry a 14-inch laptop. There’s nothing to worry for water or any liquid leakage as it is heavily water-resistant.

To relax the shoulders, the strap is wide and durably designed. The straps are also adjustable so the backpack can fit any height. The best part is the back pocket that can carry your precious items such as mobile phones. Your back can also feel the ease when carrying the bag as it fits accordingly.


  • Price is affordable for an elegant bag
  • A protective bag due to the secret pockets included
  • So many chick colors to choose from
  • Semi satin fabric makes it more beautiful


  • Zipper gets caught in the fabric
  • No zippers inside to make things more organized
  • Bottom part not padded so it can stand on its own


This bag is spot-on for the women out there. Sleek, chic, and intelligently made to meet the standards of modern women at school or work. Based on reviews, the looks and functionality and the overall worth are more than the price. This is something you gotta have.

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MOUNTAINTOP 40L Hiking Backpack for Outdoor Camping

Durability and functionality are two things that a hiker should look for in a backpack. The journey on top is very challenging carrying your things should not be a burden. That’s why Mountaintop created this good quality backpack.

The bag has a 40L capacity. This has 6 valuable straps to carry extra things aside from the things inside. You can attach your sleeping bag, mat, hammock, tripod, and other gears. The straps are adjustable to fit in the size of your things outside. SBS zipper brand has been used for easy zipping and unzipping. The buckles are durable and easy to grip. The mesh pockets at the sides are stretchable to carry big water bottles.

At the back, the hooks and attachments are D-shaped to carry heavy load without much stress to the bag. The sternum strap is adjustable to ensure comfort fitting to any body type. To ensure durability, Bartack technology was used in stitching the stress points to ensure no damage during stressful and heavy travel. Back is padded and made from breathable mesh so it won’t absorb sweat and dirt.


  • Everything you need in hiking fits in the bag
  • Comfortable and light to wear even filled with things
  • Spacious that can fit in as much as 5 day-wear
  • Can fit in airline seats and overhead bin
  • Built-in rain fly is a lifesaver


  • May not fit all especially those with smaller height
  • The inside fabric might stain your clothes
  • The hip pad can be stressful for a long hike
  • The bottom zipper is not an additional pocket


One commented that he forgot that he is wearing this bag while hiking. So imagine the comfort it brings. Added to that is the well-rounded pockets and straps to carry all your things. This indeed is a one-stop-shop bag.

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WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack

The bag comes in different colors to match the user. Water-resistant to secure your belongings when a heavy rain comes during travel. This comes with a rain cover too for an added protection. The compartments are divided into zippers to ensure things in proper order when inside. You also need not worry that the bag will be filled with sweat and dirt because the back is padded with breathable fabric. Even the sternum and hip straps are heavily padded to provide comfort.

There are external attachments ready to attach your other gears that can no longer fit outside. One commented that the bag accommodated things for a 20 day trip in Africa. For added safety, the sternum strap has a built-in whistle in case of emergency. The compartments have varying sizes for your different hiking or camping gears.


  • Sternum straps and hip pads for comfort
  • The overall functionality of the bag makes it worth more than the price
  • The bag even filled with things is light to carry
  • Great for a long journey


  • Too many buckles and straps, some are not necessary anymore
  • Hip buckles tend to pop while using
  • Some parts have poor stitching


For travelers with uncomplicated gears, this could be the one for you. What’s good in this bag is you can place things for a more than a week trip. However, you just need to gauge all buckles and straps as well as the stitching to ensure you won’t have a problem while on a long journey.

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Mardingtop 25L/35L/40L Tactical Backpacks

This military backpack gives an assurance that you are using a highly durable bag. It is made from 600D Polyester and is using YKK zippers. The top handle is connected to the side straps yet it is comfortable to carry. It is surrounded by 4 major compartments for all your things. The front pocket has organization slots. It is followed by the zipped pocket where mesh pocket can be found too. After that is the spacious main pocket where the hydration compartment is included. Side pockets are designed to carry big and heave loads too, not only water bottle but even your smaller items such as first aid kits.

At the upper portion, there is a large Velcro to attach your other tags. 2/3 of the bag is surrounded with the MOLLE system so you can attach your other important items. Then at the bottom, the MOLLE hooks can carry your big sleeping bag.

Back padding won’t create discomfort when you’re sweating. The straps are heavily padded. The sternum strap and hip belt are adjustable and can fit any size. It also comes with a tube management system that lets you drink while on the move.


  • Has a lot of outer attachments to easily locate your things
  • Highly recommended for long weekend trips
  • Feels sturdy and firm even while jogging
  • The compartments allow hands-free traveling because it can fit all things inside
  • Durability is never a question


  • MOLLE attachments are for light to medium items only
  • Zipper tends to wear off after using for a few times
  • Lack of drain holes at the bottom


When talking about a military bag, the functionality should never be compromised. This bag meets more than what is expected. Apart from some issues that the only minor, overall this is the best buy.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Under $50

Not because you only can shell out $50, you will already lower your standards. You will still find a backpack that is under $50 yet will give you the kinds of functionality and durability that they premium bag offer. So you can hit it, these are some things to consider when choosing a backpack under $50:

  • Materials Used:

It all depends on your taste or where you will use the backpack. But normally, a heavy duty backpack is made from either Polyester or Nylon. You also need to consider the Denier label. The higher the denier which is symbolized by the letter “D,” the better the quality. An example of this is 600D Nylon or 600D polyester. Denier is how much and how durable strands of yarn or fabric is used in making the bag.

  • Size of the Bag:

Most of the bags offered is a one size fit all bag. But not all are true to their claim. The best thing to do is to try carrying the bag, strap on, and then check if the bag suits your height. If you are buying online, check on reviews about the size. Size is critical since you will be carrying it. You wouldn’t want having accident while on a journey because of the discomfort the size of the bag is giving you.

  • Zippers:

Based on reviews, it is the zipper that wears out first. So take time to scrutinize how robust the zippers are. Make sure it doesn’t tear to scratch the fabric of the bag.

  • Shoulder Straps and Handle:

A good bag has a handle that is separate from the shoulder strap. This is to make sure that the handle doesn’t irritate your back when carrying the bag. The shoulder straps must not just be sturdy but should also be relaxing at the shoulders. That last thing that you want to happen is to injure your shoulders because of the heavy weight you are carrying. The straps should also be made from breathable material to absorb the sweat. Should also be heavily padded to provide comfort.

  • Compartments:

Good thing is backpack nowadays are compartmentalized to organize the things inside. There is a compartment for gadgets, for books and papers, and even accessories. Look for the added attachments too especially if you are using it for hiking or camping. These attachments will help you carry extra loads that can no longer fit in inside.

  • Pockets:

Pockets should not come as extra. There are bags that when main compartment is already full, you can no longer place some things in the other pockets. A secret pocket for your most precious thing is a sure win too.

  • Extra Features:

Even if your budget is under $50, you can still find a backpack that offers extra features that add to it overall functionality. What are the sample of these extra features:

  • Bladder Sleeve:

This is helpful especially if you will be on a long hike. A bladder sleeve will help you hydrate yourself once you feel thirsty. You can immediately pull the hose attached to the sleeve and drink hand-free.

  • MOLLE System:

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. These are extras in the bag where you can attach other load such as sleeping bag. MOLLE hooks everywhere the bag is a good deal.

  • Bag Adjustable Divider:

Apart from the compartments, an additional adjustable divider will be of help. This will keep things organized regardless if its huge or small. That is why the divider should be adjustable to fit things with different size.

  • Bottom Padding:

Bottom padding is critical especially if you are keeping big gadgets such as laptops. This will add protection. Most of the reviews also state that the backpacks cannot stand on its own. This means that a bottom padding is an essential thing.

  • Warranty:

You cannot prove all the good claims unless you have one and tried using. But what if it fails to perform as expected? What if all the promises were broken? That is why, warranty is something you should be looking for. A genuine bag manufacturer or seller will not hesitate to give even a lifetime warranty. This means, their full trust is in their product. If warranty is not offered, leave that bag and go to the next option.

Now, it’s time to look for the backpack under $50. If you find one, check on these considerations. If all fit in, never let go of that bag anymore. Grab and buy it right away.


Why You Need a Backpack

If you’ll observe, luggages, suitcases, school bags, tote bags, ladies bags, and other type of bags are now designed with a backpack frame. Bag manufacturers have proven that backpack is indeed the universal choice. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Allow Hands-Free Travelling:

A backpack is designed to fit in the shoulders. Left and right hands can be used for other loads.

  • Comfortable to Carry:

The full weight of the bag is evenly distributed to the body hence, providing comfort to the one carrying it.

  • Has Multi-Compartments:

Other bags have one to two pockets only depending on the side. But backpack, regardless if small or big is multi-compartmentalized. You can squeeze in your things and stay organized.

  • Known for its Durability:

Backpack are made to carry heavy loads. That is why durability is the first priority. Backpack users can attest that they used their backpacks for years. It’s never a one-time, big-time use.

  • A Fashion Statement:

Some of the backpack manufacturers became so popular because they included a distinct design to their backpacks that has stolen the fashion scene. People are proud to be wearing something that is says something about fashion.

  • Secret Pockets for Protection:

With its secret pockets around the bag, you’ll never worry for your precious items that you need to bring along.

  • Multi-Purpose:

For a long hike, tour backpacks can be your pillows too. In case of accident on the sea, it my serve as a floating device. Backpacks can be your source of heat when in the cold mountains. It is multi-purpose and does not serve as a plain bag only.

  • For Every Occasion:

You can use a backpack at school, in the office, to a long journey, when you hike and camp. The good thing about this is you need not use different bags depending on the occasion you’re into. One or two durable and beautifully designed (according to your taste) backpacks are enough to meet your needs.

  • Not Bulky and Easy to Squeeze in:

Because of its form, users don’t encounter any difficulty squeezing it to an airline seat and head bin. You can also squeeze it in to any place in the van or car.

  • Easy to Clean:

Backpacks are water resistant. So you need to wash it. You just need to dampen it with cleaning cloth. Or even if you wash it, you won’t have difficulty drying it.


Bottom line, backpacks help you to be on always on the move. It provides a certain level of comfort by relaxing your back and shoulders. You have peace of mind while using one because you know that your things are protected.

So if you’re still thinking what kind of bag to purchase, go get a backpack that will fit your taste and your needs.