Best Hydration Packs for Mountain Biking Reviews 2020

Mountaineering is an adventure that brings in a rush of adrenalin through your veins. With the right gear and ideal bike in place, you can ensure that your mountain bike ride is glitch-free and exciting just as you wanted it to be. One of the important criteria that fall into this gear section is your hydration pack.

As you scale the heights of the mountain and brave the tough terrains, you surely get thirsty, and there is no better way to deal with this than to opt for a hydration pack for mountain biking. However, with a plethora of hydration pack options out in the market, how do you know which one is perfect for you?

Selecting the right hydration pack requires you to cover all the critical elements of a comfortable ride, which includes breathability, lightweight design, portability, and, most important is the water holding capacity. So, how can you judge which option fits well into all these criteria?

To be a good judge of hydration packs, you first need to decode the right elements that make it easier to select the best from the lot available in the market. So, without further ado, let us take a quick look at some of the important things to keep in mind when finding the best hydration packs for mountain biking.


What are the things to look for when buying a hydration pack for a mountain bike?

Hydration packs are necessary to carry water and ensure efficient and convenient drinking. Here are some of the things that you should look for while buying a hydration pack for a mountain bike.

  • Water-holding capacity

While you’re on the trail, there are high chances of you getting dehydrated because of the physical activity you’re doing. So, the main motive behind carrying a hydration pack is to have enough water that’ll keep you from drying out. The more water you have, the better it is for your health. If you are planning an all-day-long expedition, then choose a backpack having at least 3 liters capacity.

It’s strongly recommended to buy a bag with greater capacity because you can half fill a hydration pack with a larger capacity for shorter trips, but you can’t do it the other way round.

  • Protection and harness

A hydration pack that doesn’t fit right will give you sore hips, shoulders, and backache at the end of the day. It’ll make you feel uncomfortable, and you won’t be able to enjoy the trip as well. In order to prevent all these pesky issues, you need to go for a hydration bag that fits you just perfectly. While you’re on the shopping spree, try as many bags as you can, and choose the one that fits your needs.

It’ll be wise to get a bag having adjustable straps as it’ll provide you with the utmost comfort and flexibility. Apart from that, now, stores also have gender-specific bags to cater to the needs of men and women separately. If the bag comes with a hip belt, then it’s a cherry on top. The hip belt will distribute the weight across your body and wouldn’t focus it only on the shoulders.

  • Ventilation and Fabric

Carrying a backpack will generate even more heat than usual and will make you feel hotter. While looking for hydration bags, make sure the bag you’ve chosen has channels for the circulation of air or a mesh panel in the back. It is the one way to stop draining your bodily fluids.

Starting from plastic to polyester, different fabrics are used for other hydration bags. While you’re on the trail, you need something that’s durable enough to withstand the rough environment. In order to survive through a harsh trip, your bag should have ripstop fabrics along with reinforced areas.

  • Bladder & bite valve

Bladders of hydration bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The sizes usually range from 1.5 liters to 3.0 liters. Either they have a circular screw for opening, or they come in a folded style having closure in the top. What is the better option? Well, both are equally good, but it’s desirable to go for a bladder having a large opening as cleaning, drying, and refills will become much easier.

The bladders and bite valves both come in different shapes and sizes. Most of the valves are made using soft rubber. You only have to squeeze a little to initiate a flow of water. Some might allow a greater flow of fluids than the others. You can cut the tubing that’s attached to the hydration pack as per your requirement.

  • Space for other things

On any regular rise, the basic things you must carry are- a pump, a multi-tool, tire levers, a tube, a snack, and a quick link. Apart from that, you also might have to carry rain gear, a full-face helmet, layers, or pads. If you ask us, we’ll strongly recommend grabbing a blanket along with few band-aids for emergency purposes. Considering your load, a backpack in between 7 to 20 liters will work.

Instead of unpacking all your things just because you couldn’t find an essential item, you should buy a hydration bag that comes with several tiny pockets to carry essential items. It is an important feature that you should look for while getting a hydration bag for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you put a hydration pack in regular backpacks?

Yes, you can put a hydration pack into any regular backpack. You have to take care of one thing, that there’s no such object inside your bag which can make a hole into the bladder. You can take the hose,which is popping out through the handle to the top of the pack, and secure it using a clip on the strap of your backpack.

  • How can water be kept cold in hydration backpacks?

Even though backpacks come with in-built insulation, you have to add something extra to keep the water chilled. One way is to fill the pack half-way with ice cubes. Another way is to throw the hydration bladder into the freezer for a couple of hours before you set off on your trip. Oh yes! Don’t let the bladder freeze completely. Take it out beforehand.

  • Should you put ice in a hydration backpack? Does the condensation leak?

Yes, you can put ice in the hydration backpack, but don’t fill the bladder entirely with ice, or your bag will freeze too. Fill the water half-way with ice cubes or put it inside the freezers for sometime before you leave. Condensation is inevitable, and it’ll happen when you come across a hot environment. The solution is to use an insulated bag to pack the bladder, which will prevent the condensed water from leaking and touching your body.

  • How should you store the hydration backpack?

The best way to store the hydration backpack is to keep it clean by rinsing it with water after every use. You can always use bleach in a little amount to wipe off any funk. Dry it out by hanging it with the cap open. If you don’t want any mildew growing on it, freeze it to avoid any risk. That’s it!

  • Can I carry protective gear in my hydration backpack?

Yes, you can put the protective gear in the hydration backpack. Most of the hydration backpacks that are designed for mountain biking are spacious enough to accommodate bike tools, extra gear, and cycling cloth. You don’t have to worry about that.

Reviews Of 10 Best Hydration Packs for Mountain Biking

Now that you know what makes up for the best hydration pack for mountain biking – let’s study the top 10 products and know what makes each of them unique as per your requirements.


CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Do you love biking through the rough mountain terrains? Given the fact that mountain biking is a strenuous task, you might get dehydrated in case your hydration pack doesn’t hold a lot of water. Surely this isn’t something you would want for an adventurous ride. So, bring home the CamelBak M.U.L.E mountain bike hydration pack for a glitch-free mountain ride.

  • Design and Material

The CamelBak M.U.L.E. is created from high-quality 70D/210D ripstop nylon as well as 70D/140D dobby nylon for durability. Further, this durable mountain backpack with hydration pack flaunts a much-appreciated narrow-gauge construct that ensures that you can carry it with ease without struggling to hold it together. Not just that, the backpack is light in weight to ensure that you do not have to struggle with added weight during strenuous vertical rides.

  • Functionality and Usability

Talking about the usability of this hydration pack, even when the backpack is completely loaded, it won’t feel too heavy on your back and doesn’t get on your way.With each sip you take, you get more water than your traditional hydration backpacks. CamelBak hydration pack is created around a crux reservoir that is particularly easy to load & refill as per requirement.

Additionally, the hydration pack is secured with the help of a magnetic tube-based trap that doesn’t let it fall off its place during tough rides. The M.U.L.E. is a highly functional and practical backpack that is perfect in terms of size as well as storage. Although the backpack is fairly light in weight, it flaunts a heavy-duty construct that allows you to store about 3 liters water along with an entire day’s gear and snacks.

  • Additional Information

In case you are opting for mountain biking in low-light settings, the backpack comes with reflective accents that allow other drivers to see you properly and avoid any possible accidents. Apart from that, the backpack also comes with a stability belt that can be removed when not required.


  • Comes with improved cooling air director feature in the back panel
  • Features sturdy clips to lock in the hydration water pipe
  • Sturdy handle to help you carry it with ease
  • Lock panel to help carry the helmet when not in use
  • Integrated tool for organization purpose


  • Crux bladder doesn’t seal-in correctly


TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

If you are an adventure junkie, you would surely understand how important it is to stay hydrated throughout your ride. However, with certain hydration packs, this isn’t possible. With the TETON Sports Oasis pack, you get an amazing backpack that helps quench your thirst in the hottest of summer months as you scale the heights.

  • Design and Material

Created from 210 D honeycomb ripstop, its material construct is fabulous and ensures you don’t have to buy another hydration pack anytime soon. The hydration pack can carry as much as 18 liters of water to last you for the entire day. Apart from that, the Teton oasis pack brings you a 2-liter hydration bladder that features a durable and kink-free sipping tube. The push-lock bite-valve is cushioned enough to ensure that the tube doesn’t slip from its place.

The ergonomic design contours to the body shape & the durable shoulder straps ensure that the backpack doesn’t fall off in situations where you have to trail the rough terrains. The hydration pack also comes with a full-length main pocket that comes with a weather guard as well as a reversed zipper.

  • Functionality and Usability

This backpack is designed for customizable comfort regardless of whether you are a man, woman, or young adult. The high-quality mesh covering and foam stabilizer ensures that this pack can be worn for hours without any strain or uneasiness.With this hydration pack, you also get access to a large opening of 5 cm to put in ice for a refreshing cold drink along with ease of cleaning. The backpack also features large prime pockets that can help protect your precious gears, lunch, as well as clothes when you are out in the mountains.

  • Additional Information

Apart from this, you get access to a durable bungee cord-based lock system that ensures that your helmet can be locked into place without falling down. The outer shell is made up of rugged ripstop of the high-denier make.


  • High-quality hydration bladder (2-litres)
  • Anti-shock, durable chest strap that comes with a safety whistle
  • Features an athletic cut that adjusts to your body shape
  • Ideal for overnight and day-long outdoor adventures


  • The zipper comes loose after a few uses
  • Bladder cap might leak in certain cases


MIRACOL Hydration Backpack

Are you looking for a stylish yet durable backpack for your cycling, skiing, running, or hiking needs? If so, the MIRACOL hydration backpack is best suited for your daily hydration needs. With its thermal insulation feature, the backpack keeps the fluids in its intact temperature that lasts as long as four hours.

  • Design and Material

Created from high-quality nylon material, this lightweight hydration pack comes with military-grade material durability that keeps the content within safe without weighing you down in any way. This particular hydration backpack features multiple pockets to help you store as many gears as you want. Whether you want to store your cell phone, sweater, or keys, this backpack will help segregate your necessities in the right way.

Plus, the material construction makes it water-resistant, although not completely waterproof. If you are someone who sweats a lot, the rucksack comes with ventilated padding made of mesh that is applied on the strap and back. So, it helps the airflow in the right way.

  • Functionality and Usability

Talking about the functionality, the bladder features an extra-wide 3.1-inch diameter opening with a screw cap that makes it easy for you to pour out water or add in ice or similar items as required. The quick-access pockets ensure that your gadgets fit in easily and safely without popping out as you are cycling.

Additionally, the hydration bladder also comes with a built-in replaceable water bladder that allows convenience. This high-quality water bladder is created from the use of EVA material, which is also BPA-free. It means there is no particular aftertaste that comes from this bladder when you drink from it.

  • Additional Information

The backpack can easily store your smartphones or tablets with ease and comes with padded segments to avoid any nicks and bumps on the road. With multiple sections, you can keep your laptop and other items separated from one another.


  • Enough pockets to keep your stuff organized
  • Comes with a hose clip for the pipe
  • Safety reflectors to ensure that you can be seen even at night
  • Sturdy waist lock


  • The mouthpiece tends to generate a lot of bubbles


Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack

If you are looking for a sturdy yet functional backpack for your mountain ride, the Unigear Tactical hydration pack is an ideal solution for you. The hydration pack features adjustable chest and shoulder straps that help fix the backpack in a single position to ensure that it doesn’t shake a lot. This chest strap can fit any adult with a 27-inch chest size going as high as 50 inches.

  • Design and Material

Featuring 210D ripstop nylon, the material is resistant to any abrasion or tear and ensures that the backpack is worth your hard-earned money.Further, the backpack also comes with a whistle buckle to ensure that you can deal with emergencies in a jiffy. Apart from this, the hydration pack features rugged denier polyester with a heavy-duty construct and PVC lining that ensures there is no leakage from the bladder stored within.

To make your ride all the easier, the hydration pack features a hands-free hose for hydration along with a durable bite valve. So, you can easily suck in the water without actually using your hands as you ride through the mountains.

  • Functionality and Usability

The backpack features an ergonomically designed foam pad that is comfortable to wear around for a long time. This hydration pack also allows you to add some ice cubes to the mix and helps you power through the rough terrains. The water content allows you to get by through the day of cycling, hiking, biking, or running. Plus, the backpack also comes with a 60-day manufacturer warranty.

  • Additional Information

A gentle bite easily opens the water flow and allows you to suckle on the water. The hydration pack also comes with a replaceable bladder that can easily carry 2.5 liters of water to quench your thirst. Not just that, the water bladder also keeps things cool enough to ensure that each sip you take refreshes you from inside out.


  • Features a wide-design screw cap that allows you to add the ice cubes
  • Compact and sleek design that contorts to the shape of your back
  • Lightweight design that can be carried to the heights of the mountain
  • Comes with 2-front pockets to help carry the wallet


  • Water tends to taste bad


Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack

For someone in need of the perfectly insulated backpack, the Mubasel hydration pack is something that would definitely come in handy. This backpack with a zip closure design comes in a range of colors and ensures that no water leaks through into the contents within.

  • Design and Material

Featuring an insulated nylon material, the hydration pack ensures that the water that you carry doesn’t warm up from the heat outside and stays the temperature to store it in. This perfect set is designed to store as much as 70 ounces of water that lasts for a long time. Plus, the BPA-free hydration bladder is of the food-grade quality and doesn’t leak out any chemicals into your system.

With this hydration pack, you can keep the water cool for as long as 4 hours. Additionally, the backpack comes with 3-different storage compartments to easily fit your keys, clothes, purses, phones, and more.

  • Functionality and Usability

If you have something extra to carry around, the mesh pocket on the front stretches enough to allow you to store your headphones or similar items with ease.

Additionally, the Musabel gear hydration backpack is created from a material that is 100 percent leak-proof and comes with a large opening. This particular opening allows you to fit in any extra ingredient into the water without having to bother. Not just that, the bladder can easily be dried up with ease and doesn’t cause any residual smell or taste.

  • Additional Information

The screw-on top, as opposed to the click in the top, ensures that the water doesn’t leak even in the toughest rides or get loose. It is the perfect gear for outdoor use that comes with padded straps on the shoulder area. It ensures that the straps do not dig into your shoulder and takes a toll on your ride experience.


  • Comes with a breathable material that doesn’t make you sweat
  • Lightweight design that is ideal for any outdoor sports
  • Keeps the liquid cool for as long as four hours
  • Features a grocery pocket


  • Sipping pipe loop holder might break off easily

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Vibrelli Hydration Pack

For someone in need of a hydration pack with ample storage, the Vibrelli hydration pack brings in an ideal storage rucksack that stands the test of time and doesn’t wear out easily.

  • Design and Material

Created from high-quality medical-grade material, weighing a mere 14 oz, this hydration backpack is streamlined to adhere to your back contour and adjusts easily. Constructed to last for a long time, this backpack features a 5-year long manufacturer warranty.

The carry handle is sturdy enough and can be placed anywhere you want without having to worry about it breaking down. The adjustable bungee strap can be tightened properly to keep things in place. Not just that, it can be used to hold in your helmet in place when not needed.

Not just that, the hydration pack features a high flow-based bite valve that doesn’t leak in any scenario. It can easily be twisted as per requirement and doesn’t break down in any way.

  • Functionality and Usability

This hydration pack allows water to flow fast and keeps you hydrated for a long time. If you are someone who loved to run, ski, snowboard, or trail run, this rucksack is perfect for you. If you have ever used a hydration backpack, you must understand that it tends to have a bladder that smells of plastic or tastes like plastic when you drink water out of it.

So, if you plan to avoid this problem, the Vibrelli hydration pack will adhere to your requirements, as the bladder is free from any BPA content or PVC. With this backpack, all you get is fresh-tasting water and nothing else.

  • Additional Information

Apart from this, the hydration pack brings you a portable bag that houses multiple storage features with high-quality, sturdy pockets that do not come off even when packed completely. The backpack ensures that there is no bulkiness or heaviness when you carry this hydration pack for your mountaineering adventures.


  • Features a sturdy and bend-free H2O hose outlet
  • Comes with side stabilizers that are ergonomic in nature
  • Flaunts a spacious main storage pocket
  • Front-aligned quick-access pocket made of mesh


  • Bite valve isn’t designed properly


Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack

If a stylish and ergonomic design is what you seek, the Osprey hydration backpack is something you should definitely try. This backpack comes with a large water reservoir that is BPA-free and doesn’t add in any taste of plastic. The bladder can carry as much as 2.5 liters of water without showing any signs of leakage or similar issues that often pop up with most hydration packs.

  • Design and Material

In terms of material, the hydration backpack is created from tough-quality 210-denier nylon ripstop as well as 420-denier pack cloth nylon. With the Osprey, you also get a contouring-type AirScape backpanel that allows breathability in the harshest of weather conditions.

The hydration sleeve also brings in a direct-zip access & hose path to ensure easy loading feature. Apart from this, the backpack also helps you get a lightweight sternum magnet that straps in to allow you easy water access.

  • Functionality and Usability

If you often forget your helmet and want a place to secure the same, this backpack comes with a lid lock helmet attachment feature that holds things in place. Additionally, you get access to a side compression strap that also doubles up as a carrier for your full-face helmet. For someone who loves to carry small gadgets and gizmos on their mountain biking adventure, this backpack will come in especially handy.

Apart from this, it has a zippered and scratch-free pocket that can be used to carry your sunglasses and sensitive elements with ease. The rucksack also features hip-belt pockets with mesh zipper to ensure that you can easily reach anything you need from your backpack. The Osprey hydration backpack also brings in a dedicated lower-end compartment that holds a roll-up pouch to keep your tool when the bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

  • Additional Information

Additionally, you also get access to an attachment with a blinker light that can be used as an SOS signal in case of emergencies. The Osprey hydration pack also features a reflective patch to add to the safety feature.


  • Features a heat-embossed, scratch-free zippered pocket
  • Comes with a removable tool pouch that comes in handy during emergencies
  • Keeps you comfortable and sweat-free for long


  • Doesn’t feature a suspended back panel
  • Lacks an integrated rain cover


Lowepro LP36888 Hydration Pack

If you are a photography freak and love to capture the mountains, the Lowepro hydration pack is something that will safeguard your digitals in the best way possible.

  • Design and Material

Created from a perfect mix of polyester and nylon, this backpack can easily fit in your DSLR camera along with the adapter, flash, or any extra lenses without causing any nicks or dents in your precious equipment.

Additionally, the backpack has just enough space to help keep your snacks, jacket, helmet, bike, sunglasses, or compact tripod in place. This backpack helps keep the camera gear attached securely in place as you hike, climb, bike, or snowboard through the dense snow. With the Lowepro hydration pack, you also get a new UltraCinch closure design that flaunts a custom tab that can be pulled to cinch the pack securely.

  • Functionality and Usability

Moreover, the design is such that it doesn’t allow water or moisture to drip into the pack or affect the gears in any way. The backpack also features a bounce-free hydration pack protection to ensure that the liquid doesn’t spill out by any chance as you cycle through the rough mountain terrains.

The Lowepro backpack comes with multiple gear attachment points to ensure extra security for all that you carry within the pack. The rucksack is designed in such a way that it protects all your gears from any weather elements. The built-in weather cover helps safeguard the items kept within. The hydration bladder section flaunts a water holding capacity of 2 liters.

  • Additional Information

In the front pocket, you can easily accommodate a light jacket, bike helmet, gloves, and so on. The slip lock design helps keep things in place and doesn’t come off even with the biggest bounce on rocky roads.

Not just that, the ActivLift design helps disperse the weight of the bag throughout your back to ensure that you face no pain while carrying your necessities through the mountain roads.


  • UltraCinch design to create a small and portable design
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Fabric designed with a resilient technology for durability
  • Quick-release buckles for ease of use


  • Cannot fit the Canon 1Ds/EOS 1D/1Dx Mark Ii, Sony Alpha A900/A850, or Nikon D4s/D4/D5


Thule Vital Hydration Pack

Is mountain biking your escape from your mentally-draining work schedule? It’s good to be close to the Mother nature for some freshness and oxygen as that’ll soothe your mind. While taking care of your mental health, you shouldn’t leave your body behind. Your body will need more water as it’s a physically draining and dehydrating activity. So, the Thule store brings you a hydration backpack to keep your hydrated throughout your trip.

  • Design and Material

Created from lightweight and ventilated nylon fabric, this backpack has been designed by experts to make sure that this doesn’t become the reason for your muscle soreness at the end of the day. Its optimal weight and low center of gravity make this suitable for your rough rise. The 6-liter bag is spacious enough to accommodate tools, clothing, extra food, and even a blanket. In order to make sure that you do not lose your keys or card, the backpack also flaunts an interior zippered pocket.

Fitted with a sternum strap, it stabilizes and increases the level of comfort at any terrain. The ventilated materials don’t let you feel extra-sweaty because of the hydration pack.

  • Functionality and Usability

Experiencing the most out of the mountain biking and keeping yourself hydrated can be done together. Due to the magnetic design, the hose stays at the place until you pull it out for a sip. Apart from that, the kit also includes a HydraPak reservoir, which enhances your performance and keeps you fueled. You don’t have to unpack the entire bag to grab a protein bar. The jersey pockets let you keep all the necessary items that you can grab quickly without slowing down.

  • Additional Information

You can easily choose between 8L, 6L, or 3L as per your biking requirements. The pockets are soft-line and allow quick-access so that the screen of your phone or the sunglasses don’t get a scratch.


  • The holding capacity of the HydraPak is 2.5L
  • You get an organized interior to place tools, cords, keys, and other accessories
  • A low center of gravity ensures optimal distribution of weight
  • Experience hands-free hydration without slowing down for even a second


  • You might face difficulty while cleaning the bladder
  • Waist pockets don’t come with zipper or clasp


Platypus Duthie AM Utility Hydration Backpack

If you have been mountain biking for years, you know how tough it is to find a hydration backpack having all the features that you require for comfortable biking. You always have to compromise with one or another feature. Therefore, Platypus brings you an all in one hydration backpack.

  • Design and Material

Featuring 160D & 210D nylon along with YKK zippers, this hydration pack boasts a 10L capacity that’s enough to carry water for an entire day. You might be thinking that it would be heavy on your back, but it’s not.  Weighing only 2 pounds and 2 ounces, it feels very light on your back. The mesh construction over a light wire fresh, you’ll feel as if the backpack is floating in the air. Also, to make sure you get enough ventilation, the FloatAir back panel allows continuous air circulation. While riding, you don’t have to worry about the reservoir getting misplaced as the backpack comes with a reservoir suspension to hold it in place. The Big Zip E.V.O. reservoir has a good capacity for 3.0L.

  • Functionality and Usability

In terms of functionality, with this hydration backpack,you also get hydration pockets so that the task of refilling and cleaning becomes much simpler for you. You can sip the water without having to stop and pull out the tube.

The tube can be routed and attached with your helmet to take a sip just by turning your head. Take the tube through the straps provided at the shoulder. This way, your tube doesn’t float as you ride your bike. You can safely carry your media devices or sunglasses by putting it inside the pocket that’s soft and fleece-lined.

  • Additional Information

To keep the backpack attached to your body, it’s equipped with a waist belt. Also, the waist belt is lined with two pockets to store essentials like snacks or gels. A zipper is provided so that your snack items don’t fall off because of the strong wind.


  • Flaunts an amazing capacity of 10L
  • It has an impressive gear capacity of 7 liters
  • The rear bike light makes sure everything is visible when the sun goes down
  • The front pocket is spacious enough to carry a full-face helmet


  • The zipper might become loose after using it for a certain period


Now that you have a good idea of the best options available in the market for your mountain biking hydration needs, we hope your future for mountaineering is packed with adventures and a lot of fun minus the thirst. These top 10 hydration packs are the best from the lot and ensure that your hard-earned money isn’t wasted. Do go through this review in and out to decide which hydration pack suits your daily mountain biking requirements.

If you have ever tried these backpacks or plan to buy one soon, do comment here and let us know how they worked out for you.