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Backpacks are often the go-to bags for a lot of occasions. They allow better mobility and arguably offer better comfort, more storage, utility, and in general, versatility compared to other types of bags.

One of the household names that have a wide collection of backpacks and other related accessories is Kipling. Distinguishable for their crinkle nylon fabric and monkey key chain, the best Kipling backpacks are often lauded for the ease of organization and maintenance that they trot out.

This is made possible by a practical choice of materials and functional design. Pockets are often placed in areas where you would have convenient access to items of value.

But just because something is practical does not mean that it has to be bland. They have an eclectic mix of different backpack designs that will serve a variety of storage needs and will still give a nod to your personal style.

The 10 Best Kipling Book Bags

Here are the 10 best Kipling book bags including their features and specifications:

1. Kipling Seoul Go Laptop Backpack

The Kipling Seoul Go Laptop Backpack ticks off a lot of boxes in what one wants in a school bag. It is functional but does not compromise on aesthetics.

Water-resistant, durable, roomy, and lightweight, it was made to be a good companion that can carry any student’s literal heavy load.

Kipling Seoul Go Laptop, Padded, Adjustable Backpack Straps, Zip Closure


It measures 17 x 12 x 2 inches which allows you to fit a 15-inch laptop. It only weighs 1 lb so it does add any more significant weight to your already hefty load of textbooks and a laptop. The Kipling Seoul Go is made of lightweight Polyamide (Nylon) which can wick away moisture. This material also makes the bag resistant to abrasion and damage from oils.

It has two front zip pockets. The one right behind the first front zip pocket contains a couple of pen sleeves, a cellphone pocket, and a key leash so that you won’t have to dig deep in search of your keys. It also comes with a top zip pocket for small items that you need quick access to. Side pockets are also available for you to carry an umbrella and/or water bottle.

Kipling Seoul Go Laptop, Padded, Adjustable Backpack Straps, Zip Closure

The main compartment has a double zip opening which will lead you to a roomy interior. A padded sleeve at the back part of the main compartment is where the laptop would go. It also has a loose sleeve inside the main compartment for additional organization. The straps are padded for comfort and are adjustable so that the bag can ride high or low.


  • It is spacious and provides adequate room for several textbooks.
  • Organizing the contents of the bag is easy because it has multiple pockets.
  • The padded sleeve provides ample protection to the laptop.
  • The hydrophobic nylon material can keep the insides dry.
  • The design is stylish.


  • The laptop could get added protection if the laptop pocket had a strap to keep the laptop snug.
  • It could use a little more cushioning on the straps for extra heavy load.

2. Kipling Luggage Alcatraz Solid Laptop Wheeled Backpack

If you routinely carry back-breaking load, a rolling laptop backpack such as the Kipling Alcatraz may just take that off your shoulders.

You can roll it when carrying a serious load or carry it as a backpack when you need it to climb up the stairs or when you are in crowded spaces like in a train or elevator.

Kipling Luggage Alcatraz Solid Laptop Wheeled Backpack


This rolling backpack weighs 5.53 lbs and measures 16.25 x 18 x 8.5 inches. You can find a variety of uses for it with its size and it can fit a 15-inch laptop.

The front zip pocket has a front zippered pocket with a mesh-lined interior pouch pocket. Along with three pen pockets, you can store items like your phone, headset, charger, snacks, etc. in the front pocket. The bag also has two side zipped pockets and a large back pocket where you can place a newspaper.

Kipling Luggage Alcatraz Solid Laptop Wheeled Backpack

A laptop pouch with a Velcro closure can be found in the main compartment. Even with a laptop inside, you can still fit books, paperwork, and snacks. On top of the main compartment is a flap cover top with a buckle closure for added security. This cover also has one zipped pocket which can serve as an additional storage space. It has a multistage retractable handle and you can tuck the backpack straps in when you are rolling this bag.


  • The roomy interior lets you pack up a lot of items like school, work, and travel essentials.
  • It is airline carry-on compliant.
  • The wheels make it maneuverable and easy to transport.
  • It has a padded and dedicated pocket for a laptop.
  • It is sturdy yet light for a bag that can carry so much.


  • It is a tight fit under the plane seat.
  • The padding may not be thick enough when using it as a backpack with extra heavy weight.

3. Kipling Hiker Expandable Backpack

The Kipling Hiker Expandable Backpack would be a good book or schoolbag which can also double as an overnight trip or day-to-day bag.

If you’re pressed for space, this bag can give you more storage capacity when and if you need it.

Kipling Hal Expandable Backpack, True Blue, One Size


Measuring 14 x 16 x 7 inches and weighing 1.7 lbs, you can turn it into a student bag or a light traveling bag. It is made of Kipling’s signature water-resistant crinkled nylon to keep your stuff dry. With this bag, you have many organization options due to its three capacious compartments.

The front zipped external pocket has sleeves in it to allow you to store cables, pens, or pencils, and other small items. The middle compartment offers an additional deep and roomy storage space. The main compartment is wide with the back part padded to keep the contents of your bag safe and to make it comfortable on your back.

Kipling Hal Expandable Backpack, True Blue, One Size

The best part of the main compartment is if you need more room to cram more stuff, you can just open up the expansion zipper so that you get another three inches of space. It is also fitted with straps that you can adjust to your liking.


  • The expansion zipper lets you fit more items when needed and it also lets you have a slimmer bag if you don’t need all that storage space.
  • Even in its expanded form, it can still fit the cabin.
  • You can fit so much into it plus you can easily organize things into the different pockets and compartments.
  • The padded back panel makes the bag very comfortable to carry.
  • This bag is lightweight yet sturdy.


  • It would have been cooler if it had side pockets.
  • For those who use this as a schoolbag, a laptop pocket could be useful.

4. Kipling Women’s Keeper Medium Backpack

Reminiscent of an old-school backpack, the Kipling Keeper showcases the Kipling’s iconic features – large zippers, contrast stitching, and the indispensable monkey chain.

With its retro look and feel, it will stand out in the midst of contemporary backpack designs.

Kipling Women's Keeper Medium Backpack


It measures 14 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches and weighs 1.20 lbs. It has so much room inside but it is not oversized and therefore this would be a good all-around bag. It is made of Kipling’s signature nylon material which gives it lightweight and water-resistant qualities.

It has one front zip pocket for quick retrieval of basic items. The main compartment is divided into two areas so you can probably put in a laptop on one and books and other essentials on the other. The interior does not have pockets for an organization that is common in a lot of Kipling backpacks.

Kipling Women's Keeper Medium Backpack

You can secure the main compartment with its drawstring closure coupled with a flap closure with a buckle. A nice-to-have feature in this bag is its hidden side zipper pocket that lets you access the bag’s main compartment without taking the bag off your back. It also has the ever-useful key clasp in the main compartment.


  • The bag has a beautiful retro casual design.
  • There is plenty of space in it but it is not inconveniently large so you can use it for school, for travels and trips.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is durable, holds up really well, and can last years.
  • The hidden side zipper conveniently lets you access the main compartment without having to open the bag.


  • There is a lack of pockets for organization.
  • While you can fit a laptop in it, it’s not designed to provide padding and protection to the laptop should you need to pack one in it.

5. Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Minibag Backpack

If you need to run to the store, do a quick errand, or do anything that only requires you to take just a few essentials, the Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Mini Bag Backpack will give you just the right amount of space for your wallet, keys, phone, etc.

Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Minibag Backpack


At only 0.70 lbs and 6.25 x 8.75 x 3.25 inches, the Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Mini Bag Backpack is perfect for when you need to carry items that are too big to all fit in a pouch but are not big enough to demand a regular-sized bag.

It has a front flap pocket that can store small items like a phone headset or charger. In the middle zip pocket, you can put in things like anti-bacterial wipes or anything of that size. The main compartment can house relatively larger items such as your phone and wallet. There is a slip pocket and an interior zip pocket in the main compartment for those items that you want to easily access.

Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Minibag Backpack

You can wear or carry the Kipling Alber in three different ways. The straps are adjustable and more importantly, detachable. You can use both straps and wear the bag like a backpack or just use one of the straps so that it becomes a cross-body bag. You may also remove the straps altogether, use the top handle to carry it, and you have yourself a handbag.


  • For its size, it can surprisingly fit a lot of items.
  • It has several pockets that allow you to organize small items and prevent you from rummaging through your stuff just to find what you’re looking for,
  • It is versatile and can be worn as you see fit – backpack, cross-body bag, handbag.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.


  • Large wallets will probably not fit.
  • Others may find the design a bit child like due to its size.

6. Kipling City Pack Medium Backpack

Sizeable in girth and equipped with several storage compartments and pockets, most items that you need to take with you will find a spot in this bag.

Kipling City Pack Medium Backpack


Weighing 1.06 lbs and measuring 10.5 x 14.5 x 6.75 inches, you will find many uses for the Kipling City Pack Medium Backpack. It can be a mommy bag or an all-around bag that can go from the campus to travel and back.

A pouch or wallet can fit in the front zip pocket. It has two side cargo pockets with magnetic closure where you can store something the size of a phone. It also has a main magnetic flap closure which, when opened, reveals the main zip compartment and a slip pocket with a drawstring closure. If there are items that you need to retrieve frequently from your bag like an umbrella, you can place them in this slip pocket.

Kipling City Pack Medium Backpack

At the front wall of the main compartment, there are two slip pockets and a pen pocket and at the back wall, you have an interior zip pocket. The main compartment also has a key hook so that you won’t have trouble finding your keys.

The back part of the bag has a zip compartment if there are possessions that need to be in a more secure spot.


  • It just the right size for everyday use, not too big that you’d look like you’re about to go camping and not too small either.
  • The interior is roomy and can fit lots of items.
  • The amount of pockets makes for efficient organization.
  • For a bag that can carry so much, it is lightweight.
  • Overall, it is a very functional bag.


  • While it can fit a 13-inch laptop, it does not have a laptop sleeve that can ensure sufficient electronics protection.
  • The straps can be too long for petite individuals even when adjusted to the shortest that they can get.

7. Kipling Women’s Annic Backpack

The Kipling Annic is a convertible and expandable backpack that can fit bare valuables that you can’t cram in small pouches if you don’t need to take a lot with you.

Whichever it is that you find convenient, you can use it as a backpack, shoulder bag, or handbag.

Kipling Women's Annic Backpack


This bag’s dimensions are 9.75 x 10.25 x 4.75 inches and it only weighs 0.85 lbs. You can stow a pen case, your phone, wallet, and probably even an iPad in it.

On top of the bag’s zip-top closure is a flap closure with a magnetic snap for extra security. Inside, you will find a slip pocket and two pen pockets on the front wall. It also has an interior zip pocket at the back wall for the safekeeping of possessions of importance. You can easily locate your keys as well because it has a key hook inside.

Kipling Women's Annic Backpack

If you need more space for your valuables, you can open up the expansion zipper at the bottom to immediately get the needed extra room.

It is flexible in attending to your comfort needs. Aside from the straps being adjustable, they can also be detached and reattached so that you can wear the bag as a backpack or a shoulder bag. If you prefer, you can do without the straps and carry it like a handbag with its top carry handle.


  • It is trendy, chic, and stylish.
  • It is versatile and can be converted to a backpack, shoulder bag, or handbag depending on what the occasion calls for or what you find most comfortable.
  • It has a good amount of organization options for a small bag.
  • Most basics can fit into this small, compact bag


  • The straps can be a bit short for individuals with bigger upper body size.
  • It would be great if the straps were thicker.

8. Kipling Women’s Alvy Convertible Tote Bag Backpack

The Kipling Alvy can convert from a handbag to a backpack and vice versa.

If you need an active, casual bag during the day but have other engagements at the later part of the day that call for a little less casual look, you can easily switch between those two modes.

Kipling Women's Alvy Convertible Tote Bag Backpack


It is made of lightweight nylon. It measures 13.5 x 12.5 x 5.75 inches and weighs 1.10 lbs. On the outside, it does not look like it can hold much but if you open it up, you will find that it has a lot of room to store most of your everyday items.

The front slip pocket with flap closure can fit a cellphone in there and the front zipper pouch pocket can store bigger items like snacks. It also has two side zipper pockets for tiny items.

Kipling Women's Alvy Convertible Tote Bag Backpack

The main compartment has a lot of space with 2 slip pockets and a pen pocket at the front wall, and a zip pocket at the back wall where you can hide your wallet in. It also has a key hook inside just like most of the bags in this list. The backpack straps are adjustable and you can remove them should you need to step up to a smart casual look.


  • You can choose to look more dressed up by using it as a tote bag or go for a casual, on the go look with it as a backpack.
  • It has a lot of pockets for effortless organization.
  • Despite the amount of storage space that it offers, it is compact and does not look bulky.
  • It is sturdy and well-constructed.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • If the straps were longer, it could be a good cross-body bag too.
  • It is not big enough to fit most laptops.

9. Kipling Luggage Echo ll Wheeled Backpack

The Kipling Echo II bag can take the weight off your shoulders by wheeling it away instead of carrying it on your back.

It’s lightweight enough for routine commute or travel but is not cumbersome like a piece of full-sized luggage.

Kipling Luggage Echo ll Wheeled Backpack


It weighs 4.32 lbs and measures 13.75 x 19.5 x 8.25 inches which allows you to stash your laptop and other typical day-to-day items.

It has two front zip pockets with the larger one containing two slip pockets and a pen pocket. You will also find water bottle pockets on either side of the bag. The spacious main compartment has a padded sleeve with a strap where a laptop can snugly fit right in. The back part has an open pocket where you can slip in and easily retrieve documents or a magazine or stow the padded back straps if you don’t need them.

Kipling Luggage Echo ll Wheeled Backpack

It comes with four 360 degree wheels and a retractable handle with push release so that you can use it as a rolling backpack if the bag gets too heavy. This makes it suitable for school and travel. If you need to take it up a flight of stairs, padded back straps are available so that you don’t have to drag the bag along. You can also use the top carry handle to pick up and transport the bag.


  • The main compartment offers a nice space for most of the items that you need to take with you.
  • You can lighten the load by using it as a rolling backpack.
  • The padded laptop sleeve gives protection to the laptop.
  • It rolls easily on uneven surfaces and it is easy to pick it up since it is lightweight.
  • The side pockets are huge enough to carry big water bottles.


  • It can roll away on its own if you are not watching.
  • Since the middle front pocket is big, it could use two zippers instead of one.

10. Kipling Luggage Sanaa Wheeled Backpack

The Kipling Sanaa is another rolling backpack model. It is ideal for a wide variety of uses – on campus, on weekend getaways, and other travels.

It has a large main compartment for all of the things that you would need for these occasions.

Kipling Luggage Sanaa Wheeled Backpack


This bag’s dimensions are 12.5 x 18.5 x 10.75 inches and it weighs 4.22. lbs. That size can store a few days’ worth of clothes or a good number of textbooks. Not only can it store a lot of items but it is light enough for practically anyone.

You get not one or two but three front compartments with this bag. The frontmost one is a flap pocket for small quick-access items like a cellphone or passport. The second one is a zip pocket and the third one is a larger dual-zip pocket. It has a side mesh pocket on one side for snacks or a water bottle. The main compartment has an interior zip pocket and can fit a sizeable amount of items.

Kipling Luggage Sanaa Wheeled Backpack

It has two in-skate wheels that do not add any significant height to the bag so the bag will still qualify as a personal item when flying and you don’t have to check it in. Both the backpack straps and the retractable handle can be neatly tucked in their dedicated pockets when not in use.


  • It can be used comfortably by anyone because it is lightweight.
  • You can easily switch from a backpack to a rolling luggage as the situation demands and relieve back pain.
  • It is compact and can fit under a plane seat.
  • The bottom is sturdy to support a heavy load.
  • The retractable handle is long enough even for adults.


  • It will have a fairly tight fit around larger laptops.
  • It does not have too many sections/pockets for organization.

Information about the Kipling Brand

Kipling was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1987 by three young designers. The author Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” served as an inspiration for both the name of this fashion brand and for the iconic monkey keychain that now comes with almost all Kipling products.

The crinkle nylon fabric is one of the signature features of its most famous collection, Basic. Their products are characteristically functional and sporty. Kipling currently sells backpacks, totes, handbags, luggage, and accessories. As of 2004, they became part of the outdoor and action sports group of VF Corporation, an American apparel and footwear company.

They have diversified to create products with new materials including leather but the crinkled nylon remains the most recognizable feature of Kipling products. Kipling now has retail stores in over 200 locations worldwide and the brand claims that for every minute, 23 Kipling bags are sold somewhere on the planet.

Types of Backpacks

Backpacks can be classified in many ways but they can be loosely categorized into the following groups according to how they are used:


These are backpacks that are big enough for a day’s worth of activities. They don’t have the rigid frame that you’d find in outdoor-style backpacks but they are often designed with padded backs and padded shoulder straps for reinforcement when carrying a heavy volume of items. You cannot take them to wilderness backpacking but some models may be large enough to allow ultralight backpacking.

Backpacks that fall into this category are schoolbags and those that primarily function as a purse.

Travel Backpacks

One of the frequent uses of backpacks is their ability to be used as luggage. They make great carry-ons for plane travel. There are also travel backpacks that are specialized for backpackers and adventurers. They usually have shoulder harnesses, zip shoulder straps, hip belts, and internal frames to provide extra support.

More often than not, they may also have straps and loops for sleeping bags and other travel necessities. General-purpose hiking backpacks could also include a rigid bottle with a tube so that the wearer can easily rehydrate.

Professional Use

These types of backpacks are made specifically to meet the storage demands of certain occupations. One example would be military-style packs that can carry gear, ammunition, medical supplies, rations, and clothing.

There are also those designed exclusively for forest fire protection that let firefighters transport heavy loads such as motor pumps, water tanks, and other equipment.

One last example would be a chef or culinary backpacks that can house knives, cookbooks, chef’s hat and uniform, and even a laptop and notebook.

Special-purpose Backpacks

These backpacks are specially made to store certain items. Laptop bags and camera bags fall into this category. Bags that carry electronics and gadgets have specialized padding to protect equipment. They also have added compartments for accessories such as mice, and data and charger cables.

Rolling backpacks are also in this group. They have retractable handles and bottom wheels so that you can wheel the bag around and alleviate back strain. The shoulder straps can still be used if the terrain does not permit you to roll the bag. You would usually find rolling backpacks when traveling by train or plane but they are not uncommon in campuses too where students can be required to take their laptop and several large textbooks.

What Key Features to Look for when Buying a Kipling Backpack


The question here is, how much can it hold? You should be able to comfortably pack your belongings in your backpack. Take note of the backpack’s dimensions and compare them to the size of the items that you intend to store in it. The product description can also tell you what each bag can accommodate and here are your usual choices:

  • Daypacks – they can serve as school bags and double as backpacks for travel and overnight trips
  • Weekend backpacks – they are the next step up from daypacks and larger for short and casual trips and vacation travels
  • Travel backpacks – they are meant for extended vacations and camping trips.


A backpack that is too heavy for your frame or one that does not distribute the weight evenly can lead to back pain even if you don’t have a bad back. Trying out the backpack physically in-store would be a great way for you to get a feel of how it conforms to your body. But if you are shopping online, it’s best to read the product description to identify how much weight the backpack is going to contribute to your load.

For the most part, Kipling bags are made from lightweight nylon so weight is rarely a problem.


This is a broad department and some of these are subject to individual preference. Among the things that need to be considered are the following:

  • Material – Backpacks made from nylon are typically resistant to water and abrasion. They also wash nicely.
  • Zippers – The zippers have to be resistant to ever-changing weather and they have to be sturdy.
  • Pockets – Ensure that the backpack has a sufficient amount of pockets for you to stow away belongings in an organized manner.
  • Padding –It must be able to dampen pressure on common pressure points such as the back and the shoulders by providing ample padding on the straps and the back of the bag.

Aside from you, your belongings also have to be protected from within the bag. Compartments where electronics will be stored, such as laptop pockets or sleeves, have to have enough padding to protect your laptop.

  • Shoulder straps – Backpacks with adjustable straps will help you distribute the weight of your bag.
  • Fit – Pick a bag that is suited to your build and height. One of the FAQs below will help you interpret the dimensions shown in the product descriptions so that you can determine which one is right for you.
  • Style – Mini backpacks or cross-body bags are perfect for commuting. Rolling backpacks are suited for travel. Daypacks can be your all-around companion. You are not limited to these though. It all depends on how you roll.
  • Gender – Some backpacks are designed for men and women. A backpack that is geared towards a certain gender may sit differently on another.
  • Accessories – Check for the presence of cellphone holders, water bottle holders, pen pockets, key hook, and other similar features. Although they are not really essential to the overall functionality of your backpack, they make a ton of difference when it comes to convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips on how to care for a Kipling backpack?

Kipling bags that are made of crinkle nylon can be cleaned softly with a wet cloth. Wipe the outside fabric and leave it to air dry.

If there’s a deep stain on the fabric, you can wash it with a soft brush or cloth. Use only mild water and soap. Avoid bleach, do not subject the fabric to direct sunlight or heat, and do not leave the bag to soak in the water as these can cause fading and premature wear to the material.

Also, take extra caution when you are wearing dark-colored denim with a light-colored bag as the color can transfer from your clothing to the bag.

How do I know if the backpack size fits what I’m looking for?

The product measurements are shown in the product description section. The measurements are interpreted as follows:

  • Height – This is the distance measured from the top to the bottom of the body of the bag.
  • Length – This measurement is taken from side-seam to side-seam of the body of the bag.
  • Width – This is the distance of the side of the bag and is measured along the bottommost part.
  • Drop length – This is the distance between the strap and the body of the bag. This figure is obtained by getting the distance between the center of the strap and the center of the top of the bag. You will find this helpful in identifying if the bag will fit your frame.

Are Kipling backpacks covered under a warranty?

Yes. The Kipling Limited Warranty covers material and workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase. It does not, however, cover damages that are caused by misuse, abuse (including damage caused by baggage mishandling by airlines and other carriers), eventual wear and tear, accidents, or theft.

Defective merchandise that is returned without a receipt will be exchanged for another product or credit equal to the latest selling price of the merchandise.

For more questions about Kipling’s Limited Warranty, their Warranty Service Center can be contacted at 844-798-0102 x6233.


There is realistically no best backpack, only the best fit backpack – one that would meet your storage, organization, transport, comfort, and possession protection needs. It has to serve you and it has to serve well. And it would not hurt if the design lets you convey your taste and style. You’re going to spend a great deal of time with it, not to mention money, so why not get something that makes a statement.

Kipling has a smorgasbord of different types of backpacks that will address different needs so you will never run out of options. To top that, their bags are easy to maintain, and with their designs, functionality trumps all other aspects.

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