Best Mini Backpacks Reviews 2020- A Detailed Guide

Unquestionably, if there’s one very important thing that every person especially requires whenever strolling around or travelling, the best mini backpacks is what you can’t go without. Or, whether you plan to buy it for yourself or give it as a special present to family members, friends or someone special, there are various features and buying considerations that must be taken into consideration to ensure that it won’t only make you look more stylish but you will find it more useful and practical too.

Mini backpacks are deemed as very trendy and functional way of carrying day-to-day essentials without hurting your back and without looking too big. These bags come in a broad array of designs, materials they are made of and functions too. Hence, you can certainly find the one that best matches your preferences and style.

6 Best Rated Mini Backpack Comparison Chart

ImageProduct NameDimensionsWeightSizePrice
Fjallraven, Kanken Mini Classic Backpack8 x 3 x 11.40 inches 7.68 ouncesOne SizeCheck Price
adidas Originals 5 x 5 x 0.70 inches ___One SizeCheck Price
American Shield Girls Backpack12.90 x 9 x 2 inches 1 poundsSmallCheck Price
JanSport Half Pint FX Mini Backpack11.2 x 9.8 x 4.1 / 28.5 x 25 x 10.5 cm7 oz / 0.2 kgPint-SizeCheck Price
AOTIAN Mini Backpack9.4 x 12 x 4 inches0.68 pounds/ 0.31 kgMiniCheck Price
Hipiwe Baby Toddler 9.80 x 8.70 x 2.50 inches 6.2 ounces
___Check Price

10 Bestselling Mini Backpacks Reviews


Cute Mini Leather Backpack

This bag is simple yet quite attractive. For a fact, this is an excellent pick if you wish to flaunt your distinguished nature. It comes with easy-to-adjust double shoulder straps that enables extra added comfort and convenience. As for its craftsmanship, it is well-crafted and comes with neat stitching. It looks small but it can offer adequate space where you can store your essentials.

best mini backpacks

It is made with adequately-sized compartments and pockets where you can keep your things organized and easy to access as well. However, there are a few downsides that you need to keep an eye on if you buy this mini backpack and these include its slightly flimsy straps and it is not as sturdy as expected.


  • It is manufactured with fashionable, feminine and cute design.
  • This mini backpack is made using top quality metal accessories.
  • It comes with clean stitching.
  • This is made using thick and sturdy artificial leather with polyester lining.
  • This bag is roomy enough.


  • The straps are a little flimsy.
  • It is not that durable.


To sum things up, if you prefer a mini backpack that is fashionable, small yet spacious enough to keep your valuables and is well-made, then this brand is the right pick for you. This will make a useful bag for teens and young ladies. And, even though it is made of faux leather, it is elegant looking and can be used for years if handled with care. This is an ideal gift for teens and it is great for daily use or when exploring your favorite places.

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Fjallraven – Kanken Mini Classic Backpack

If you prefer a small backpack that is not merely stylish but also functional, then this option can be the best match for you. It is crafted with 2-way zipper that comes with rain flap to ensure maximum protection. This is also designed with dual top snap handles that enables users to carry it quickly especially when on the go.

mini backpack reviews

What you will admire most about this product is its waterproof and dirt-proof features that also make it quite easier to wipe clean. It comes with sturdy and timeless appearance that makes it a perfect pick for anyone who always prefers to look classy.

Nonetheless, the drawbacks that come with this backpack are the very small two side pockets where you will find it difficult to put your phone or other small stuff. And, unlike other options out there, the stitching looks not perfectly well-kept.


  • This bag is practical and waterproof.
  • It comes with very iconic and trendy design.
  • This is manufactured with long and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It comes with reflective logo.
  • This is ideal for casual use or short trips.


  • Stitching does not look tidy.
  • Two side pockets are quite small.


Ultimately, this is a good catch for the money. Whether you wish to carry it for daily use or short trips, it is useful and trendy for those purposes. It is spacious enough to store all your stuff and it can match whatever outfit you wear since it looks timeless. It is easy to adjust to provide more comfort too.

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adidas Originals Women’s Santiago Mini Backpack

Are you looking for a mini and cute backpack that could suit your style and needs? This small backpack by adidas is a great choice that you must not ignore. It is crafted with polyester lining and even though it looks tiny, it comes with sufficient storage space where you can keep your keys, wallet, makeup kit, phone etc.

adidas originals santiago mini backpack

What is more, it is very easy to care for and you only need to use a tidy drenched cloth to clean it when needed. Aside from the smaller front zip compartment and the large zip storage, there is an available basic pocket where you can store tiny stuff as well.

However, a couple of the minus points for this backpack are its rough strap edges that make it a little uncomfortable to carry around. And, it is surprising to see how tiny it really is in person.


  • This backpack is manufactured using 100% polyester material.
  • It comes with zip closure design.
  • This is effortless to clean.
  • It is made with nylon zippers.
  • This is known for having screen-printed branding.


  • Product’s photo does not reflect the actual size.
  • The strap edges seem rough.


Overall, this mini backpack by adidas is the perfect choice for those who have sporty preference. It comes with very simple yet modern style and this tiny backpack is spacious enough for you to keep your stuff safe and properly arranged. Accessing your items is a lot easier and you can carry it with you every day wherever you wish to go.

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American Shield Girls Mini Waterproof ipad Backpack

This stuff is very practical to have whenever you go outside. It is lightweight yet it is capacious enough to store and carry all the necessary stuff you want to keep when you’re on the road. You can keep your passport, cash and credit cards safe and sound by storing them in inner zippered pockets. It is nice to have since it enables you to carry all your important stuff around without having to worry about losing them.

small mini backpacks

Even so, this backpack comes with zippers that tend to get easily damaged. Besides, once unboxed, it comes with strong plastic smell that could irritate your nose if you’re prone to have allergic reactions.


  • This bag is designed to be tear-resistant.
  • It can offer more comfort and convenience.
  • This is quite lightweight and spacious enough.
  • It comes with inner zippered pocket.
  • This is ideal for almost all sorts of activities.


  • Zippers tend to break easily.
  • It comes with strong plastic odor.


Right to it, this is superb quality for the price. It comes with very spacious room inside and the straps do not come with rough edges so this backpack is very comfortable to carry with you. This is ideal for carrying essential items on road trips and holidays. And, the best of all, it is quite durable so it is a nice investment to consider. In point of fact, its being resistant to wear and tear and practicality are what make it a very cost-effective choice that you should not miss.

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HITOP Mini Backpack

This backpack is unisex. It is especially designed for a number of outdoor activities such as camping, shopping, day trips, vacations, sports, travel and many more. It is available in different colors and it is actually one of the most preferred gifts for both girls and boys. And, the best of all, this is a risk-free investment mainly because it is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee offer.

small mini backpack

As for its style and functionality, this is unrivaled. It comes with many compartments where you can store your clothing, phone, wallet, daily supplies, and the like. Since it is lightweight, it can be used as a normal purse; hence, it helps in reducing back pains.

Notwithstanding, this backpack comes with very long straps that tend to hang low even when they’re adjusted and incapable of accommodating cross-body mode. Also, the magnetic closures are very easy to open so you can easily be victimized by pickpockets.


  • This bag is fashionable and multifunctional.
  • It comes with large capacity.
  • This is crafted using premium quality canvas fabric.
  • It is a perfect gift for loved ones and buddies.
  • This helps in reducing back pains.


  • Straps are quite long.
  • Magnetic closures are quite easy to open.


Conclusively, this backpack is surely for the win. Although it is small, it is surprising that it comes with very practical uses and can serve several different purposes. It is capable of storing much more than you could ever imagine. This one can be used mostly for traveling activities. Since it comes with large capacity and many pockets, you can keep your valuables safe and organized wherever you decide to go.

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JanSport Half Pint FX Mini Backpack

This backpack by JanSport is certified sturdy and can withstand the test of time. It comes with designs and colors that could precisely flaunt your style and personality. Without any shadow of doubt, this is the perfect feel and look for everyone’s requirements and identity. It is a good buddy to carry around for anyone with an adventurous side, when you want to discover beautiful places and have more fun outdoors.

jansport half pint mini backpack

Moreover, this is a great gift idea to consider. It is not only trendy but also quite functional in a lot of ways. On the other hand, there are a few weak points to be aware of if you pick this backpack, first, it is pricey than the old version and secondly, the straps are uncomfortable on the shoulders.


  • This backpack is made by well-known and trusted brand.
  • It comes with perfect size.
  • This can offer more space for storage.
  • It is reliable and durable.
  • This can best match your needs and personality.


  • It costs more than the previous version.
  • The straps are a little uncomfortable on the shoulders.


Laid on the line, this backpack is admirable in the sense that it is durable and stylish at the same time. It comes with functional zipper front and it is capable of holding much more than what was advertised. It comes in small size but it is designed with adequate interior storage space where you can safely store your personal stuff. This is practical to use for travel, daypack or when you feel like smelling fresh air out of town.

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YiXiamo Cute 10 inch mini pack bag backpack

This bag is manufactured using thickened canvas fabric. It is capable of bearing bulky weight and it is very useful in a lot of activities. The strap length can be easily adjusted and it is made with solidly sewed handle that offer more convenience when using it. This bag comes with fracture-proof feature that makes it distinct from other similar products.

cute mini backpack

Furthermore, this mini backpack is ideal choice for kids. As you can see, it comes with adorable design and its color is not prone to instant fading. Its eye-catching style is what lures children even more. It is not solely stylish but also multifunctional.

Regardless, there are a few minor gripes for you to unveil regarding this mini backpack, it comes with quite small pockets that would not even fit phones, water bottles and other small stuff. And, the strap feels weird and seems made using poor quality materials.


  • This is made with 100% polyester material.
  • It is designed with ample space where essentials can be stored.
  • This is certified easy and comfortable to use.
  • This bag is ideal present for kids.
  • It is uniquely designed with innovative patterns.


  • The side pockets are too small.
  • The straps feel weird.


To wrap things up, this backpack is the real deal. You’ll love its sterling quality and adorable print. It is designed with one large zip open section that comes with three pockets and a tiny zip open section that is capable of amazingly holding plenty of items. The straps are adjustable and you can choose whether short or long if necessary. As for the zippers, they zip sleekly without snags. Its durability, wearability and practicality are unparalleled.

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Lily & Drew Nylon Mini Daypack Backpack

This tiny backpack is manufactured with several inner and outer pockets. Its lightweight backpack-style purse is specifically intended to help distribute weight uniformly on both shoulders.  The bottom section is padded to offer more shield for your items and it also comes with padded back to ensure more comfort.

nylon mini backpack purse

Many consumers prefer this product because it comes with a sturdy nylon exterior that could certainly last for many years of usage. It has additional stitching to carry bulky loads and roomy space where you can store your belongings.

Still and all, a couple of the defects that you need to inspect if you plan to buy this backpack are its poorly made zippers and the fact that it offers easy access to pickpockets. Perhaps, you can do something about these.


  • This is a top quality backpack-style purse.
  • It is lightweight, practical and comfortable to use.
  • This looks elegant and enables hands-free mode.
  • It is supported by a one-year warranty offer.
  • This backpack is designed with padded bottom and adjuster straps.


  • Zippers appear to be cheaply made.
  • It offers easy access to pickpockets.


On point, this backpack is designed with a handle on top that enables easy grab and go. It is quite convenient when it comes to storing differ items. This is made using superb quality material and it comes with neutral color making it an ideal pick for both boys and girls. The soft interior lining is meant to offer a touch of luxury which can’t be found in others.

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AOTIAN Mini Nylon Women Backpacks

This mini backpack is crafted using top quality nylon on its exterior part; it is also made with durable polyester and strong lining. It can breathe freely, comes with ineradicable color and does not come with strong odor once unpackaged. This backpack is not bulky as compared to other available options sold on the market at present.

womens designer mini backpacks

And, since it is supported by a 1-year warranty offer, this product is a good investment because you can return it in case there are some issues with it. Its small size is actually spacious enough to keep your valuables in good hands.

For all that, there are a few negative aspects that must not be ignored if you pick this backpack and these are its flimsy zippers and the many useless pockets that come with it.


  • This backpack is manufactured with 100% nylon material.
  • It is a great pick for many outdoor adventures.
  • This is supported by one-year warranty offer.
  • This is wear-resistant and lightweight.


  • It comes with too many useless pockets.
  • Zippers are frail.


To conclude, this tiny backpack is a must-have. All the pockets are tremendously roomy. It is not too large, not too small and not too heavy. In short, the dimensions of this bag are perfect. It is made using premium quality nylon materials which imply that it is built to last even under rugged use. This can be the perfect partner whenever you go for short trips and other adventurous activities with friends or loved ones.

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Hipiwe Baby Toddler Walking Safety Backpack

Since taking your little one with you during travel or shopping can be tedious, this mini backpack can be your helpful buddy as it can also serve as a leash to control your toddler on his moves. It serves a toddler’s safety harness, it does a good job of assisting your baby to learn how to walk and it can act as tiny backpack too where your baby essentials can be stored.

cute small mini backpack

Not the less, the leash should be longer to offer more control whenever your little one is wandering. And, you need to use it with extra caution, especially if you have a very hyper kid.


  • This is an adorable gift for toddlers and little ones.
  • It comes with long detachable leash.
  • This can serve as a toddler’s safety harness.
  • It can provide ample space to store some items.
  • This mini bag is the perfect size for your baby’s needs.


  • The leash should be longer.
  • It is not that reliable for very hyper toddlers.


In essence, this mini backpack for toddlers is a must-buy for all mothers out there. It appears small but you can pack a lot of your baby’s items in it. Aside from this, the leash offers your little one a little freedom and as parents, you can have some peace of mind whenever you are on the go. This may be fine for toddlers who are not that quite hyper; however, if you plan to use it for a very naughty toddler, always use with it extra caution.

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Key Features to Look for When Buying a Mini Backpack

To boot, choosing the most appropriate mini backpack is a valuable part in planning your outdoor adventures, exciting trips and even if you will merely use it for casual or daily use. It is imperative to get the one that comes with just the right size so that it won’t be too small or too big and bulky whenever you carry it with you.

Backpacks are not only meant to boost your adventurous look, these are stylish and functional at the same time. This is the reason why you must not only focus on the aesthetic sides but more on how practical and useful the bag will be for your adventures or activities.

Basically, backpacks whether small, medium or large can be costly investments. Thus, it is just right that you make the most out of it. It is critical to opt for the one that could resist any harsh elements and must be capable of withstanding the test of time and rugged use.

Buying the right mini backpack for you is not only a matter of style, you should go for the one that also reflects your personality and most importantly, something that can offer you the best possible features and service. That said, shopping for the best option is not merely for the sake of buying just anything you can come across, it is a must to conduct your own research too so that you can be satisfied with the final outcome.

Here are some of the buying factors that you need to contemplate on before making the final mini backpack purchasing decision:

  • Is the price within your budget?

Bags of different brands, materials and features come in different price tags. Hence, it is crucial to consider your budget when buying one. Whether the product is cheap or expensive, what matters most is quality. Never settle if quality is compromised.

  • Materials it is made of

Backpacks are manufactured using different materials. Some are made with durable ones that make it resistant to wear and tear and other harsh elements while others are made of not so sturdy materials but could not offer maximum protection. The choice is yours.

  • Are the zippers lockable?

Zippers are very valuable parts of your backpack as they help keep your valuables intact, safe and sound. Hence, it is a must to choose the one that is designed with durable zippers.

  • Is the backpack designed with padded shoulder straps?

This will offer more comfort whenever you carry the bag with you. And, this will also help avoid body aches caused by discomfort during prolonged use.

  • Are there many compartments and pockets where you can safely store your belongings?

No matter how small your backpack is, it must be capable of providing ample space for you where you can store your items. So, when buying one, check the bag’s inner and outer compartments or pockets and inspect if these are enough for you to keep your stuff.

  • Is the backpack designed with padded or contoured back?

As you know, when traveling or doing outdoor activities, you are more prone to backaches. So, look for the one that comes with lumbar-shaped back design as this allows easy and comfortable carrying. This does a superb job of distributing the weight more fairly so it helps inhibits any sort of discomfort and pain.

  • Does it have front loading feature?

This refers to the kind of feature that enables users to zip open the face from the side and be able to enjoy easy access to all your items. This solely enables users to access their belongings from a hole in the top. This is more convenient as it offers you instant access to all your stuff.

Now, that you have all the factors to be considered before taking the plunge, all you need to do is to pick the one that you think and feel can best match your needs, preference and style. The product reviews discussed previously can also serve as your guide as you think over the necessary features and functions you need for a mini backpack.

The good news is that you won’t go wrong if you’re armed with valuable insights before spending lavishly. So, good luck on your shopping!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does size matter when buying backpacks?

In truth, no one backpack size can be considered more excellent than others. What is crucial is that your choice is proportional to your body.

  • Why do people prefer backpacks over suitcases when travelling?

Backpacks make life simpler when you travel. They allow you to easily and freely move around. These are a lot easier to carry up, are more versatile and you could instantly pack even in tight spots.

  • How much do backpacks cost these days?

The price tags for backpacks highly rely on the brand, materials they are made of, their size and features. Almost all backpacks cost roughly $99 and beyond. Store brands are less costly as compared to big-name brands. Mini backpacks are cheaper though.

  • What is the best technique to clean mini backpacks and remove foul odor?

In order to get rid of the dirt from the bag’s inner or exterior sections, you may use a drenched fabric to wipe it. When not in use, place the open backpack in an area that is well-ventilated where good air circulation is possible. This way, you allow the air to come out in a natural mode.

On the other hand, for very strong foul odors, you can take care of these by simply placing a charcoal odor absorber or dryer sheet inside the closed backpack and allow it to sit there for a few days. In case this technique seems ineffective, you may try wiping the inner section of the backpack with a drenched fabric or better yet utilize a spray deodorizer.

  • Which is better, shop for backpacks online or on local shopping stores?

Either way is good. There are lots of advantages of doing so on both options. Be that as it may, shopping online can offer you with limitless options to select from. You can also avail some special discounts and freebies online.


Right-on, shopping for the best mini backpacks can be challenging too, especially if you want to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth. Fortunately, with the exhaustive product reviews and shopping guides tackled above, you somehow gained some insights on what features to consider when purchasing one. As you can see, the final purchasing decision can be tough particularly if you do not have much knowledge regarding the right product and brand for you to trust.

It is highly advised to ponder on the buying guides and other related information mentioned in this post in order for you to come up with a well-thought-of decision.