Wildkin Sidekick Backpack Reviews


Every little boy likes trains and planes, don’t they? Even in regards to cement trucks and tractors too? With the Wildkin Sidekick that is a chain of packs particularly intended for kids, one will get all. This pack will be loved by girls too that are involved into these things. Today on the market, these packs are prepared with bold colours and are amongst the most attractive backpacks visible. It’s a pocket-friendly expenditure of nothing more than $30. This backpack adds self-belief by creating more cause for enjoyment.

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One will feel attracted to the durable polyester fabric used in the manufacture of the backpack. It is the most important feature visible. With an easy to clean extra durable 600 denier polyester fabric, one has the essential level of fine stability. It will still appear in fine shape even if put through a wringer by your child.

  • It provides the little one with an additional level of further comfort with an extra padding at the back of the pack
  • Throughout a puddle- jumping episode, its anti-moisture nylon lining prevents it from getting soaked. So don’t worry about the backpack getting damaged.
  • While your child continues to grow, the as much as necessary adjustable padded straps add one more level of ease while using the backpack.

As a matter of fact, the backpacks undergo a great deal of protection tests at Wildkin. This testing does insure the bags do not contain any harmful minerals and chemicals that may cause sickness in children. Besides, there is a 12 months warranty period on the defects and wear and tear of the backpack that is phthalate-free, lead-free and BPA-free.


The visible principal benefit is the interior design of the backpack. In place of only one, there are basically two major compartments provided for a great deal of storage space. It has all the requirements your preschool child may require such as an organizer pouch for crayons, pencils and various other artwork. It is just the bag your kid can bear because the backpack measures 15 inches from top to bottom.

  • The backpack’s seams are strengthened which makes it durable for a long period of time;
  • Any valuables are easily stored at the backpack’s front additional zipper section or may require an additional juice pack
  • Half the battle won is children find it extremely beautiful. Therefore, they will give anything to wear and show off with it.

If a child is destructive by nature, one may discover the zipper catches break very fast on this backpack. The zippers need to be taken care of for the backpack to certainly last long. Children will paint the town red carrying these backpacks, since they are very attractive and have sufficient space a majority of stuff. For this simple reason, this backpack is suggested for use. Moreover, it also conforms to all the Consumer Products Safety Information Act rules and guidelines.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon