What to Pack for a Fishing Trip?


People with the busiest lives can sometimes grow tired of their daily routine. Too much of everything can lead to burnout and exhaustion. A lot of people long for short escapades and breaks from time to time; hence, planning out trips that fall on the unconventional activities can help.

There is nothing more exciting than going on a fishing trip in the countryside. Fishing is a good way to unwind, de-stress and relax the mind. While this is truly an overwhelming and exciting trip, we have to remember that a fishing trip can be enjoyed the most if you have all the things you need for it.

For first timers and recreational fishers, it can be a challenge to get all the things needed for the trip in one go. To help you prepare for your next fishing trip, we have prepared a list of the things you will need. Feel free to make it your own checklist and tick off things that you have prepared to size it down and get a clear picture of what is ready and what is not.

Fishing Trip Essentials to Pack

  • License and a printed copy of fishing regulations

In some areas, people may need to furnish a fishing license to proceed. Some fishing locations also have special guidelines and regulations in effect. To make sure you do not violate any of it, secure a waterproof container to carry them on.

  • Navigation device

It is important that you have a navigation device on hand especially if you are to fish in remote areas. This will be a safety net for you in case an unexpected incident happens and you lose your way back.

  • First aid kit

Accidents arise in the most unexpected times. Having a first aid kit accessible to you can prevent the worst incidents from happening. This can be a simple kit containing bandages, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, cloth tapes, gauze pads, antibiotic ointments, non-latex gloves and blankets.

  • Non-marking and non-skid boat shoes

It is important to have the right shoes when fishing. The proper foot gear is non-marking and non-skid as these lessen the risk of slips and falls. Avoid wearing foot wear that are slippery and prone to wearing out easily.

  • Personal flotation devices

Even if you are to go fishing, it is always good to be proactive. You have to bring your own PFD or personal flotation devices in case you are to ride a boat before reaching the destination.

  • Multi-tool knife

It is important to have at least one knife with you. Get one that can be used for various uses, this may come in handy for hook sharpening, line cutting, and a whole lot of other things needed for preparing for the activity.

  • Pliers

One of the most useful tools that you have to bring with you would be pliers. This is essential for removing hooks, adjusting lures, and more. One thing that you have to take note of would be to go for one that comes with an anti-corrosion feature as this will often have contact with the water.

  • Fishing reels and rods

These are the tools you need for the fishing activity. If you do not know which fishing rods and reels to take, you can ask for advice from guides or ask attendants from the stores that sell it. Always go for quality to make sure you can use them for a lot of fishing occasions.

  • Fishing line

This will come in handy especially if you have to re-rig. There are different types of fishing lines so make sure to get one that will match your fishing area, target species to catch, and method you are to use. Again, always remember to put quality above everything.

  • Backpack

A reliable backpack is necessary for your personal belongings. Get a size that can accommodate all your things, also, make sure that you get one with a waterproof feature. This can be a good storage for all your documents, mobile phones, water, food and snacks. If you do not know much about it, you can check out fishing backpacks.

  • Tackle box

Those who are not fishing with a captain or a guide will need to bring a tackle box with them. This is for carrying items such as bobbers, floats, de-hooker, lures, swivels, sinkers, scissors, leader material, and hooks.

  • Bait

It is good to bring a couple of baits that are still alive when fishing with kids. This works great every time because fishes are more likely to pile up with live baits. These are effective in keeping the young ones entertained.

  • Food and water

A fishing trip can be challenging especially for first timers, this also applies if you have kids with you. To make sure none of you weakens because of hunger or dehydration; always make sure to bring a couple of snacks and water with you. Some snacks that are non-perishable include granola bars, almonds, beef jerky and more.

  • Towels and extra clothes

Fishing can be a bit messy especially if you are going to fish in a new area, or if it is your first time to go fishing. It is recommended to bring extra clothes and towels just in case you get wet along the way. This helps you stay clean and dry the entire time.

  • Important medications

While fishing seems to be a harmless activity, it is still important to bring along with you all types of medications that you are currently taking. This and some other basic medications for headaches, seasickness, stomach aches and more can come in handy too.


Fishing is always an enjoyable activity to do on your own or with others. But just like any other activity, this requires planning too. This includes the act of preparing everything you need from leaving the house to the end of the trip. All the fishing essentials should be packed because it is difficult to find alternatives for them. So to make sure you have everything in your bags, the checklist mentioned above can be your guide. Always keep them in mind so you can have a smooth and hassle-free fishing trip.