The TYR Alliance Team II Backpack Reviews


We all do require a duffel bag but dislike the thought of carrying the bag through its handles or shoulder strap isn’t it? On a trip down into the city, would one favour a cosy backpack that does carry additional stuffs to the gym, the gear for a future game or only another easier way to carry the diaper in the bag? A TYR Alliance Team II backpack is extremely cost effective. A typical design offers a couple of twists that provides plenty of room.

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The design feature it holds is the main aspect of the backpack. Inside the formation of the backpack, one does see a number of pockets precisely designed for each one.

  • zipped fastener pocket, intended for goggles or glasses inside the pouch in the front;
  • a pocket dedicated for audio books and an MP3 audio player;
  • set of two carabiners that helps in hanging the suits;
  • a section is prepared for soggy items as well for easily carrying them with a dry mesh.

Rather than for anybody else, these backpacks are designed especially for those interested in swimming.  However though, this does not mean you cannot use this bag for any other practical purposes. For participation in events such as Ironman or Crossfit, in this backpack, all the necessarily required gear is very easily stored.  Even if engaged in any team sports, the standardized outfits and equipments that are at all times carried along with you, will fit in for sure. So much so, the backpack is appropriately named after the Norse god of warriors. The simple reason being, with this backpack the whole lot of requirements for training are easily carried through.


The main advantage of this Best backpack is the combination of its features. For instance in particular, the straps are incorporated into its design. So, as one carries the required items with them, it helps in distributing the weight evenly and one does feel very comfortable. This backpack can be made use of carrying the children’s stuff to their gymnastic classes. It can also be used in carrying the carabiners for the leotards to keep separate the boys one-piece suits. In spite of carrying so much with no messing up, there will still be room for the much required chalk and also other necessities.

More or less on the whole, the TYR Alliance Team II Backpack is a very handy and useful one. Its many features helps one go through the essentials quite fast. There is even room for hanging the keys at the twin carabiners. There is correct amount of room for almost every other item, in particular while carrying clothing, shoes or swimsuits. Now-a-days for a backpack, these requirements are highly advised to one.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon