Different Types of Backpacks


Everyone has a “backpack experience”. It can be during your early years in school, your active years doing sports or attending classes at the gym, or even when you go hiking or go to the office for work. Sometimes, people even use it for travel.

It has taken a lot of years and decades to welcome different kinds of backpacks. And from the moment people started making tweaks and additions, we can now say that there is a backpack type for every person. If you have been contemplating on which type to buy, you can use this guide to give you more enlightenment.

Different Types of Backpacks for Every Use

It is easier to find the right type of backpack to purchase when you are clear of its application and use. We have outlined a couple of uses and enumerated several types that fall under each one. Use it to your advantage.

Casual and Everyday Backpack

These backpack types are great for those who just want a backpack to store basic items. These are types that can easily be carried around for daily use.

  • Conventional Backpack

A conventional backpack is the standard type which is characterized by a form that acts as a single pouch with two straps. This is the form that you usually picture when talking about backpacks. This can be used by people of different ages in varied applications. It can be used to store items for school, regular day-outs or to carry important items for work. This is ideal for students or employees who have a lot of things to carry on a daily basis.

  • Rucksack

This is a good choice for those who want a step-up from regular backpacks. This comes with the flap as its cover and features a wider space for storage. The only difference between the two would be that this comes with a flap instead of a zipper. This looks more stylish than the regular backpack so those who prefer to have a more fashionable touch have this as their option. This is ideal for those who want a more rugged look while still being able to carry a lot of things.

  • Tote Backpack

A tote bag is usually one that is made of cotton but the alteration for this one would be that it comes with two straps to work as a backpack too. This is great for everyday use as you can change the means of carrying it anytime. You can carry it as a backpack or as a tote bag whenever it gets too heavy to carry on your back. This is ideal for those who do not want the weight of their bag rested only on their shoulders.

  • Raincover Backpack

This is a backpack with features that make it ideal for users who are living in conditions where rain is a constant. Over the years, people have struggled with keeping their bags and the contents inside safe from water whenever they traverse the roads during the rainy season. Thankfully, manufacturers have come up with the solution—raincover backpacks. These are made with materials that make it water-resistant so you can be sure that everything inside your bag comes with added protection from water even during the rainy season.


These types of backpacks go beyond the conventional type in terms of storage, portability and convenience. Sport enthusiasts will surely find this useful and handy especially for their sport equipment.

  • Drawstring Backpack

This is a backpack type that utilizes a rope, cord, string or lace to tighten or close the bag’s opening. This cord can be tied or secured with a cord lock. A bit similar to knapsacks, this is great for storing items especially for those who want various carrying options and an easier opening and closing mechanism. This is often used by people who engage in sports to carry their extra clothes and other items in the gym, football games and other sport events.

  • Duffle Bag Backpack

Another popular backpack type among sport enthusiasts, the duffle bag backpack is mixed with the functions and aesthetics of two different bags. This features excellent portability and storage options while being an eye-candy at the same time. Apart from being utilized by sport enthusiasts, this is also good for short-term travels. This is because it allows a larger storage capacity and carrying options to make sure you do not get uncomfortable from carrying heavy loads for long hours.


Outdoor hikes and trails require a different kind of gear. These backpack types are ideal for this activity because of its special features. Learn more about them.

  • Daypacks

This is a lightweight backpack that is best used in hiking and camping adventures. It functions and looks like the standard backpack but the best part about this is that it is made with high quality materials. It is made of fabric that can endure huge impact and is resistant to scratches and tears. This means you can go on with your trip without worrying about the possibility of tears and scratches. Most of the daypacks also come with water-resistant features so they are truly perfect for hiking trips.

  • Military Backpacks

This is a great choice for those who want to go a notch higher in their hiking trips. Tactical military backpacks are perfect for those kinds of ventures. In fact, it does not only cater to hiking trips, it is also specifically made for military use. These are made with premium grade quality materials that are guaranteed to be extra durable than other bag types. It is water-resistant, lightweight and breathable so the wearer won’t be soaked in sweat when hiking the longest trails.

  • Dry Bag Backpacks

This type’s name implies its unique quality of being able to stay dry even in watery environments. This is a backpack that has the features of a dry bag. You can carry this on your back while staying confident that all the items inside are protected from water.

Its materials are made with premium water-resistant fabric that is capable of keeping your things dry even when engaging in activities such as kayaking, rafting, canoeing or hiking. So make sure to get one for your next hiking or water-filled adventure.

  • Out Dry Backpacks

This is a popular patented technology that guarantees you with a dry interior even when exposed to water outside. This features a waterproof-breathable casing that allows proper ventilation when in use. It is lightweight and can easily dry after being exposed to water. This is a heavy-duty bag that is made to tolerate light scratches and tearing. With this type, you can sport a stylish bag without the need for rain covers.

  • Frame Backpacks

This type of backpack has a defining feature and that is its aluminum external frame that acts as its suspension system. This is often used for camping and hiking trips because of its rigid and well-fitting storage system. This is excellent for storing bulky items such as tents, sleeping bags or other items that may occupy too much space.

It usually has a storage capacity of 55L. This is ideal for those who are travel and outdoor-oriented because its material is made of top quality tear and water-resistant fabric. If you are looking for a reliable bag for a cross-country or mountaineering venture, this one is for you.

  • Hydration Packs

A type of backpack made for sport enthusiasts like runners, this is made to make drinking easier anytime, anywhere. Hydration packs are unique because these come with tubes that you can easily pull to drink. These drinking tubes are connected to a water reservoir which is also referred to as a bladder by many.

Just imagine the convenience of easily pulling out a straw and drinking water from it without having the need to stop or pause. You can easily choose the size of your choice from physical and online stores. If you are looking for a bag to sport on your next running marathon, make sure you keep an eye on the best hydration packs in the market.


Working professionals need a smarter bag design to optimize their functioning and improve mobility. These backpack types are definitely worth checking out as it combines space-saving features, functioning and excellent security.

  • Laptop Backpacks

Gone are the days where employees had to go to offices and computer shops to work. Now, laptops come in various shapes and sizes which make them easier to carry anywhere. Since these are portable, professionals and students often resort to a laptop backpack for storage.

This is because it is built with compartments and pouches that are well-fitting for a laptop, its accessories and additional items that they may need for work or personal use. These usually come in stylish models and usually look like ordinary backpacks plus these are lightweight so you do not have to worry about possible back strains and pains.

  • Sling Bag Backpacks

This is a different approach to backpacks because this comes with only one strap that is meant to be worn on the shoulder. This comes in different shapes, sizes and textures so you can choose the model that will suit your needs. Some are made in small sizes while there are those that are made with big spaces for laptops and other bigger items.

  • Anti-theft Backpacks

This type does not differ from other backpacks except that it has anti-theft features utilized in it. Since backpacks are worn faced back, the chances of thieves getting access to it while you are not looking or when you are preoccupied is high. If you are used to keeping important items in your bag, it is only wise that you go for this type.

It has features and compartments that are not easily accessible so you can secure the most important items here. Plus, the zipper for this bag is usually not exposed and easily accessed. There are locks for the zippers too, so you will have to take the time to open and unlock it before getting access to the things inside.


Those who are always on their feet and on-the-go need bags that will keep them comfortable at all times. These types are lightweight and large in storage so make sure to keep these on your list.

  • Compression Sack

The concept of traveling light can be achieved with the help of this bag. This is a type of backpack that is used to minimize the space and volume of the items placed inside it. Take into example sleeping bags, tents, clothes and other bulky items. This can easily be done through clinching its straps to get the items to compress in a smaller and less-bulkier size. Hence, this makes it a good choice for traveling outdoors.

  • Suitcase Backpacks

By looking at its name, you can tell that the suitcase backpack combines the mechanism of a suitcase and a backpack. This means that the storage of this bag is bigger in size so the tendency of it being heavy when full is extreme. This type of bag allows you to carry it on your shoulders as a backpack when packed with light and lesser items.

But when it is full and heavy, you can easily drag it like a suitcase as it has wheels to make handling easier. The only drawback for this one would be that it is designed to be carried when taking the stairs. This is ideal for those who travel a lot and a good choice for those who travel light.


At first, you may think that all backpacks are the same. However, once you get to know the different types of backpacks available in the market, you will see that each one has its featured use. Some will come ready for varied applications but there are those made for specific ones.

To purchase the right type of backpack for you, determining your desired and usual application is vital. Once you get to know the specifications and features you need, you will be able to tell which type of backpack is for you. With the specific definitions and classified applications mentioned above, you can definitely come up with a decision instantly.