Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna 21 Inch Review


This 100% nylon spinner suiter is 21” which means it will fit into most overhead compartments. The dual wheels stay aligned so that you do not have to worry about it drifting one way or the other while you walk. It has an easy to handle contoured grip so that all you have to do is rest your hand on it and your hands and wrists will never get tired. It also has a one piece frame for added durability and this is backed by a lifetime warranty. In short, it is simply a great way to carry everything you may need on your flight.

Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna Review

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  • Brand: Travelpro
  • Size: 9” x 21” x 14”
  • Weight: 8 LBS
  • No. of Wheels: 4
  • Passport/Quick Access Section: Yes
  • Laptop Section: Yes
  • Telescoping Handle: Yes
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars


  • Comfort Handle
  • Dual Spinner Wheel System and Magnets
  • Single Frame Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Off Balance when Using Laptop Section
  • Zipper Openings May Limit Storage


Frequent travelers will enjoy the easy maneuverability of this carry-on suitcase. You can walk comfortably from one end of the airport to the other with it directly beside you on its four wheels that will always remain pointing in the right direction. However, if you have a heavy load on one side of it, you may want to check it before you let the handle go so that it does not tip over. This is only a minor inconvenience.

Key Features

  • Lifetime Warranty

Whether you damage it due to excessive use or you discover that the suitcase is faulty, you are covered. A lifetime warranty makes owning this carry-on 100% worry free.

  • Dual Spinner Wheels

The wheels on this spinner suiter have magnatrac magnetic wheel alignment. This provides easy maneuverability that will never let it drift to one side or the other. All wheels will stay pointed in the same direction until you turn.

  • Comfortable Handle

A telescoping means you do not have to bend to reach your bag. The design of the handle means that you will be able to hold onto it comfortably as well as increase your ability to control it without experiencing fatigue on your wrist or hand.

Customer Feedback

Overall, most people love the Travelpro Spinner Suiter. It has very high ratings from the users who have purchased it through amazon. They say it is the ideal size, that it is solidly built, great for women, and that rolling it is a breeze. A lot of the people who have purchased it say that they would buy again if something did go wrong with this case and that they will recommend it to others.

Of the very few complaints, one of which was a broken zipper issue soon after purchase, it still maintains high ratings. Even the unhappy few have not given it a one star rating. This is due to the fact that though it didn’t work right for them, they still cannot complain about the overall construction, durability, maneuverability, or quality of the suitcase. And of course, they also had the use of the lifetime warranty which further lessens the problems and the concerns.

In Conclusion

If you want a quality product you will not go wrong with one that offers a lifetime warranty. You may purchase the Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Suiter and never have to worry again about buying another even if you spend your life traveling. It will save you discomfort and it is lightweight enough for anyone to handle easily. A great choice for anyone who is on the move and needs a carry on that can hold everything they need it to.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon