Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 21-Inch Expandable Bag Review


If you are a frequent traveler or a flight crew, and you realized that it is impossibly hard for you to find the perfect luggage that fits your frame, needs and the guidelines by most airlines, then Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 21-Inch Expandable Suiter Spinner Bag is designed specifically just for you. It helps to maintain the clothes from wrinkles with the padded foam bar.

With its larger rear wheels, it gives the spinners extra flexibility as well as allowing you to switch the directions of rolling it easily. Apart from that, Crew 9 is also reasonably priced and it’s packed with desired features. With telescoping handle of around 42.5″ long, it is pretty simple to navigate around on all of the four wheels. A collapsible-zippered sleeve of water bottle is also available on the exterior which is perfect for those who need it.

Travelpro Luggage Crew review

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  • Brand: Travelpro
  • Size: 21
  • Weight: 9.2 LBS
  • No. of Wheels: 4
  • Passport/Quick Access Section:  Yes
  • Laptop Section: Yes
  • Telescoping Handle: Yes
  • Material/s: 100% Nylon
  • Rating: 4.2/5 Stars


  • The main compartment has spacious room expanding 2 1/2-inch.
  • Easier to navigate around with the spinner wheels.
  • Sturdy handle and a lot of extra compartments.


  • The spinner wheels is a little unbalanced and needed to be wrangled.
  • A bit taller than most rollerboards and may not fit in the overhead with most domestic airlines.
  • No special shoes compartment.


Travelpro brings it with the Crew 9 luggage, the most sought after by frequents travelers and flight crews. With its lightweight durability, 21-inch expandable wheel spinners and spacious compartments, it is definitely the luggage you are looking for for your next trip.

Key Features

  • One Week’s Worth of Clothes

The right number of handy compartments available allow the users to use each section wisely. You can easily put any liquid bottles in the front pocket or use the laptop compartment to save your time at the security checkpoint. If you’re traveling very light, one week’s worth of clothes can be packed easily at most. But if packed properly, you can bring with you clothes last for a month.

  • Great Durability

You don’t need to drag the bag and constantly pulling the weight behind you in airports, hotels or trains. On the outside, the material of the bag is stiff but still very durable with a quite sturdy handle to help you roll them easily on any surfaces.

  • Amazing Spinners

Even on hard floor or light rug, it is still a lot easier to carry the bag around. It can be rolled easily on uneven surfaces such as the sidewalks or even the parking garages.

Customer Feedback

When it comes to rating, Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 21-Inch Expandable Suiter Spinner Bag receives 4.2-stars out of 5 based on various customer’s feedbacks. Just as what some of the customers mentioned in their feedbacks, the spinners can be hard to control by certain people. However, based on others, the rollers seem to work just fine on most surfaces including the rough ones. But if you’re in doubt or you need better wheels, the spinners can also be changed into a two-wheeled roller and if you’re a flight crew, you are also able to switch the wheels for better quality inline skate wheel.

Some of the customers were having issues such as not being able to pack in their shoes in the right compartment or the zippers are not in very good condition. If this happens, you should consult the online seller from whom you bought it because each of the bag comes with warranty. Apart from that, the customers are fully satisfied with the fact that even with just 21-inch size, the bag is able to pack clothes that can last longer than just a couple of days.

In Conclusion

The TravelPro Luggage Crew9 is designed specifically for travelers and flight crews who are constantly on the move. Considering the needs of different individuals, the manufacturer came up with a great solution that has quite a lot of handy compartments, better spinners to help roll the bag, great durability and amazing craftsmanship.

Before you are about to purchase it, you should be able to understand the specifications, the price, pros and cons in order to avoid unwanted results. But overall, it is considered as one of the best luggages out there that most flight attendants use during their job trips in domestic and international flights. Does it live up to the hype? Well, the answer is definitely a big yes.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon