Four Tips for Choosing Lightweight Luggage


Travelling is a way for people to release stress and relax. However, it can be a bit stressful, too. You need to book hotels and resorts, plan your itinerary and go through all that packing! It is really a challenge to pack your things and tag along all the things you need for a trip. Thus, for you to be able to enjoy your trip, you must make sure that you buy a luggage that is lightweight. This is why it is essential you choose a lightweight suitcase. Here are some tips to help you out.

Tips for Choosing Lightweight Luggage

  • Know what lightweight means

A bag is considered as lightweight when it weighs 10 pounds or below. So anything heavier than that, don’t even consider buying it. Of course, the lighter, the better! So if you can find a bag that is 8 pounds or lighter, that would be great. There are many choices out there. Sometimes, it also depends on the material being used. Many manufacturers have clever ways of how to make luggage super lightweight.

  • Choose between hard or soft shells

Some bags are hard on the outside while some are soft. Both can be lightweight. But if you really don’t need a hard cased suitcase, you can opt for soft ones because it is even lighter. Now, the dilemma in this situation is the fact that soft shelled suitcases may not be that durable. Good thing that there are materials such as ABS or polycarbonate that are light but still make the suitcase hard shelled. There are also materials such as nylon or fabrics that are thick weaved. This way, even if the bag is light, it is still durable.  Thus, before buying a bag, make sure to check out the material used. It greatly affects the overall weight of your suitcase.

  • Frames are part of the equation

The very frame of the luggage affects the weight of your luggage. Some suitcases are made of light frames such as aluminium, graphite and fiberglass. There is a trick on how to find out if a specific bag has a light frame or not is to see if it is flexible, kind of like a honey comb frame. In fact, if you can look for a bag that has a collapsible frame, that would be the most ideal. It is very easy to store as well since you won’t be using that suitcase all year round anyway.

  • Check to see if you need the extra features

Suitcases these days have evolved so much over the past few years and there have been many features added such as telescopic handles, inline wheels, expandable features and the like. If you don’t need these features, then it’s best that you just settle for a simple bag. The simpler the bag, the lighter.

One of the benefits of choosing a lightweight luggage is that it passes all the restrictions of airlines. Thus, you won’t have problems using it as a carry-on bag.