SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack Reviews


Does one travel quite frequently? At the airports does one always get stuck at the security? In a simple method, the SwissGear ScanSmart backpack is specifically designed to assist one to go through checkpoints. One only has got to completely open the backpack up. Then without getting the laptop out from the pack, in an instant, the whole lot of items are scanned. This saves valuable time and effort too. On websites online, it approximately costs about the $60. Just like saving time at the airport security, one gets plenty of value from the backpack, just the same.

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The inclusion of an audio interface is the main feature that is actually adored with this backpack. While one is on a trip and like listening to audio books or iTunes, just simply insert the MP3 player, iPod or Smartphone into this backpack. The headphones or ear buds are easily run through, without the need for wires running down the shirt or somewhat similar. However, consider these features too:

  • It contains a water bottle pocket intended for keeping beverages secure, as one walks without spilling over contents.
  • There are quite a lot of internal flaps and pockets that includes an organizer to assists in storing a lot of items of use.
  • The laptop section makes storing, carrying and access to technology quite simple.

Although the backpack is intended to assist one to go through basically airport security, it even functions as a daily backpack for the laptop, books or work resources. Prepared from polyester, it’s simple to take care of as one goes in relation to their everyday jobs.


In actual fact, the main advantage is quite noticeably, the durability in the creation of this pack. The backpacks zippers and pockets are truly elegant. It has seams that are reinforced and is required in every backpack designed for carrying a few heavy stuffs on a daily basis. Its pockets too are not very big, neither too small and are perfectly placed in assisting one get the whole thing all the way through security without any delay. However, consider these advantages too:

  • Without actually digging into the shoulders, the straps are adequately wide enough in supporting a heavy weight in the backpack
  • An additional level of further protection is provided with all the external compartments having dual zippers at strategic places
  • As one goes about the day, all along the sides of the backpack, there are compression straps that assists in keeping the pack streamlined.

Somebody with a small physique using both straps might have a problem with this backpack. The pack will be seen to be bigger than the person itself.  In a few ways, one is more or less forced to make use of the pack like a sling bag. Other than that, this backpack is very durable, resourceful and handy. One will surely find it is worth the money invested when is use.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon