Stephen Joseph Sidekick Girl’s Backpack Reviews


Why should always boys have the fun? Backpacks should be a fun to carry thing for every school going girl and boy. For boys there are various types of school bags with various designs and style, but there are not many styles for girls. But why should all kinds of stylish and comfortable bag should be for boys? To answer this question, Stephen Joseph, who is well known for their backpacks and lunch packs made their new series of bags for girls. These backpacks are famous for their absolute resemblance to animal kingdoms and their bright pastel colors.

The sidekick girl’s backpack will give you different varieties, where you can choose from butterflies and ladybugs to cute pink owls. These backpacks will brightly show your girl’s creative side and her cute personality. It is made up of polyester which is durable as well as washable in nature. You can hand wash it and make it look like a new backpack again. To get this fun backpack, which will be perfect for your little kindergarten girl, you just have to spend $25.

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The main feature that you must look upon this backpack is its planned padding of the shoulder straps. The straps are made in such a way that they stay gentle on the shoulder of your little princess. Kids love to take their toys with them in their backpack. This habit makes their backpacks very heavy. These straps, however, have undergone many tests which prove that they will not dig into the shoulder of your kid and thus, make the bag feel light.  Some other exciting features are:

  • The zippers are very strong and can deal with the abuse done by the preschooler on them.
  • The large size main compartment is enough for spare cloths, hidden toys and school works.
  • If your child is a rising archaeologist then this backpack has a front pocket with zipper to store their favourite treasure that they find on the day.

Toddlers generally stay very curious about the animal kingdom. They love to compare their pets with that of other’s pets. These backpacks will inspire your little angel to respect and love animals.


The main advantage is the way how the bag gets clean so easily with a normal hand wash. Whenever it is dirty, you just have to soak it in soapy water or any other kind of detergent for 10 -15 minutes. Then take a normal standard cloth and gradually remove the dirt and grime away from the backpack with the help of a gentle rub. All kinds of different mysterious and water stains that your child can pick up on their backpack will vanish. After this, just let it dry and it will be ready to use again.

Some other interesting advantages are:

  • Every purchase of this bag will give a donation to a fund for children’s scholarship.
  • Durable straps which are tightly stitched with the backpacks.
  • The items used for decorations are also strongly stitched with the pack so you don’t have to worry about the new bag at all.

There is only one small issue which is associated with this pack that is this that it tends to loosen up at the end of the year, if it has undergone from heavy toddler activities. But still it is very recommendable product if you want to surprise your child with something reasonable and yet good.

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