Solo Leather Laptop Backpack Reviews


Forget the old saying that you can’t have everything. Nowadays we despise those things which can’t give us everything. Have you ever wanted a classic looking laptop backpack which will complete your executive office look? Well your search is over then because the Solo Leather Laptop Backpack is just the item for you. This backpack is an expresso coloured Columbian leather backpack at a really fantastic and awesome price.

It is comfortable, stylish and durable. It also has a lot of space for carrying other things and the lining on the interior side of the backpack is very conducive in nature to fully protect your items.  The whole bag is not made up of leather, but the main body is made up of tough leather. If you were waiting for such a bag at a reasonable price, then here is your golden opportunity.

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The most eye catching feature of this bag is that it provides swift access pocket and has a section to organize. It has a zip-down style of front organizer which is capable of carrying the supplies from school or office in a safe and ordered manner. The pocket that it provides also let you carry several of your basic necessary items in your bag. But it doesn’t have any space for keeping your drinks. It also has:

  • A lot of room for keeping your gadgets, your chargers and headphones, your books and even your batteries.
  • A large laptop compartment which is comfortably padded to keep a laptop up to 15 inches safe.
  • A beautiful leather finish which can attract any fashion loving mind.

The only disadvantage of using this bag is the high maintenance of this beautiful leather creation. It is made from 100% genuine leather, so before using this bag, you have to keep this product for a few days as it breathes. Still, it is a marvelous executive bag.


The biggest advantage of using this bag, as you will notice quite early, is that this bag is unbelievably durable for a leather product. Every bag varies in its looks as it is a natural leather product, but if maintained well, it can keep its unique look for quite a long time. It can even replace your briefcase in your daily official schedule. The main advantage of this leather bag is:

  • It is very hardy and rugged so it can take a lot of beating without any deterioration.
  • It is toughened and can take a lot of weight without giving you any discomfort.
  • It has a blue interior, which helps in your search for the items you would need in your office as it distinguishes quite well against other items, until it’s a blue one!

The biggest disadvantage of this is that if it is tightly packed with stuff which weighed around 70 to 80 pounds, then the stitching has a tendency to split away. You may have also face a problem with leather as it takes time to get work by itself. It will start to loosen up if it isn’t taken care of and it can suddenly get stiff too. These frequent changes can cause the straps to face a breakdown, so it is necessary to take good care of.

However, this product is generally recommended over many different kinds of backpack if you want a reasonable leather backpack for laptops.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon