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Have you ever been to Seattle? If you have then you must be aware of the kind of rainy weather it has. When you are travelling, you need a rucksack, which is weather resistant but very lightweight. It must even adapt to the weather as the climate of Seattle can change very rapidly from hot and sunny to wet and gray. So if you are also in search of this type of backpack, then the Sea-Tac rolling backpack by the Outdoor Products is perfect for you. You will experience many different advantages and features in this backpack as you start to use it. It also gives a tough competition to other rucksacks with its reasonable pricing at $50.

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There are many various features in this bag, but the most amazing one is its stretchy main compartment. You will find a lot of space to put all your things inside. It also has five subdivided pockets which will help you to arrange your things according to their priorities. These pockets are also made in such a way that they will keep your things in a safe and secure manner.  You can strap your backpack on yourself and go to any part of the world with great ease and still have no worries and qualms.

  • The straps which will be on the shoulder are made up with the latest and innovative material which is non slip in nature.
  • You can easily fold the straps on the back panel of the bag if you want to use the rollers of the backpack
  • It also has an exterior pocket, which can be used to keep your mobile phone or audio player or may be your CDs. This pocket is equally safe, secure and tight like other pockets.
  • If you are tired of carrying so many loads in your shoulder, then you just have to lift the handle up and tie the straps at the back panel. After this your backpack will be on the rollers and you can walk with it.
  • It is very versatile and has an ability to guard your contents from any harm.


The main advantage of using this backpack is its toughness. It is hard enough to protect your goods from rough conditions. You can put your 17 inch laptop inside it and still it will have enough space to fit other items like big fat books, clothes and iPad. In the mesh pocket you can easily accommodate a thermos or a water bottle. Some other such details are:

  • It has reinforced stitching materials which make it capable to take heavy loads.
  • Its zippers are made with very innovative material, which resist in catching the material of the back pack. These zippers are also very durable and don’t break easily.

The only issue which can be considered as a con for this backpack is this that its phone pockets is not big enough to accommodate large screen phones like the iPhone or other 6 –inch screen phones. The phones will be too large and can play a little peek-a-boo.

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