Samsonite Aspire Expandable Carry On Luggage Review


The Samsonite Aspire Expandable Carry On Luggage is made with nylon and 1200 denier polyester. This bag is built best for the frequent traveler, not just with flights but busses and car trips. The reason is because of its expanded packing capacity as well as multiple handles, wetpak, show and mesh pockets and even an area for toiletries. This bag comes very highly recommended by anyone who has to take a lot of road trips with several stops in hotels. The reason is because if you are traveling somewhere for a few days you would love to only use one bag or two in order to keep the rest of your luggage packed and not have to take it out every day, repack then restack it.

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This really makes things easier if you are moving to a new area which many people are doing now a days. Moving is a very arduous task, you have to pack up so much stuff and if you are traveling with it, you want one or two bags you can live out of until you arrive at your new home. Constantly going into boxes for a shirt or pair of shoes is annoying. That’s why bags like this are so helpful.

Features And Specifications

  • Interior; wetpak, show and mesh pockets
  • Padded top and side carry handles
  • Zip top bag
  • The case will expand to add to packing capacity

The Reviews

While this bag may not blow you away with one thing, its functionality is really what makes it great. It works for anyone no matter what way they travel but it also makes things a lot easier for you if you are not flying. What turns people off about these kinds of carry on cases is that they are really built for airline travels which means when you are not using them for that purpose, they are too small to be helpful. However, this bag is completely different because it can expand giving it plenty of helpful advantages and features. Remember most of the time if you travel somewhere, when you come back you usually have more things to carry either souvenirs or something else. So rather than needing an extra bag, having luggage that can expand is a great space saver and will also help you to save money.

It is important to realize that many carry on bags are not actually use for flying, they are used as over night bags or even as traveling luggage. If you were loading up a vehicle with several suitcases and stopping in a hotel for a night would you want to unload all of the luggage, bring them into the room, and unpack things looking for shoes or pants or a new t-shirt? Of course not because then you would have to repack and that is annoying. What you will need to do is to make sure you have a single bag that holds everything you will need including a change of clothes. That makes your life and traveling so much easier and that is exactly what the Samsonite Aspire GRT 21” Expandable Upright bag was built for.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon