Puma Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel Bag Reviews


Most of us love to carry around a backpack because it’s convenient and makes it especially easy for people on the go. When you are choosing a backpack, there are certain pointers that you should keep in mind. For instance, depending on the number of items that you need to carry, choose a bag accordingly. It should neither be too bulky, nor too small. Most preferably you should choose a bag which has cushioned handles so that this adds to your comfort level. Choose something that will help you organise items. The bag should also be durable and long lasting. Puma has launched new men’s bag, which will serve most of the above mentioned features.

The all new Puma Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel Bag is one of the ingenious products of Puma. Its unique design allows you to carry many things without any worries or hassles. It has a number of extra pockets, with nice inner pockets where you could keep your smartphone, tablets, or laptops and other gadgets. Its high durability allows you to take it to the gym, games, and that too without any kind of difficulty. The best part of it is that the bag costs just $50! It’s a very good buy for the price mainly for a quite a number of reasons.

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Although it is made out of 100% polyester, it’s strengthened with toughened materials to withstand the tumble of the washing machine or for rough use while travelling. So if you just happen to forget your gym clothes in the bag, it will need a thorough wash for the odour to go away, whereas the with the Puma Men’s Duffle there is no problem what so ever!

  • A fully ventilated compartment comes handy to keep your shoes, so that the odours don’t mix the clean clothes.
  • You could also use it for various things that you would like to separate.
  • You can store your valuable things in the internal zip pocket, while you are at the gym or at a game.
  • If you are looking for a multi-user bag, there is ample space in this item.
  • The bag also has long term durability to last a number of seasons, taking into account its affordable price and worth.


The Puma Men’s Duffle looks small in size, but Puma has vastly enhanced the interior space allowing you to fit tons and tons into it, and still have ample amount of room. Here are some of the other exciting advantages that this bag offers:

  • A soft padding on the straps makes it easy to carry the duffle on the shoulder for awhile. The straps are adjustable.
  • Carrying loads won’t be a problem with the toughened interior seams.
  • The duffle’s neat design allows you to fit it almost anywhere, overhead compartments and into most lockers.

This Puma Duffle is designed to keep your spare shoes, clothes and your other basics. Foolishly carrying heavy things will fray the bag right away. It’s not designed for all-purpose use. However, it’s perfect for spare clothes, shoes and other basic items as such.

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