Must Have Gears for Your Shooting Range


Whether you’re an armature or a professional range shooter, one thing that can make or break your trip at the range is the essentials at hand. Imagine you’re new to shooting then a friend suddenly invites you to the range to shoot some rounds.

When you get to the shooting spot, you suddenly realize you forgot to carry your key essentials. What follows is—you keep borrowing this and that simply because your rifle has broken down. It’s annoying, right?

So, if you’re found in such a scenario, then you don’t have to worry as this post has prepared several essential gears that are absolute necessities when you’re readying yourself for a shooting range endeavor.

  • Eye and Ear Protection

The first gears that are of absolute necessity in your shooting endeavor are the eye and ear protection gears. Now, although these gears are a must-have, it’s disturbing to see that some shooters show up in shooting places without them.

Now, on average, a rifle produces a sound upwards of 150dB. This level of sound is dangerous and can damage your eardrum. Therefore, ear protection in the form of earplugs or earmuffs is required to protect your ears from high caliber rifles.

Speaking of eye protection, standard sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses can serve the purpose. However, to prevent any uncertainties that might occur, military glasses are more preferred as they’re more resilient and safe.

  • Cleaning Kit

I believe some people are wondering why you’ll need a cleaning kit when you’re out in the range. Well, a cleaning kit is a must-have gear if you’re looking to have a successful shooting day. A basic portable kit will be best to consider here. Such kits come with intricate cleaning tools such as an assortment of brushes, a 2-piece patch holder, and a plastic oil bottle.

  • Screwdriver and Allen Keys

Just like your car, your rifle can sometimes get lose when you’re shooting forcing you to make some quick adjustments. To avoid any inconveniences, you’ll need to have the right set of tools such as a screwdriver and a set of Allen keys.

A screwdriver set such as the Brownell’s NRA Magna-Tip ScrewdriverSet and the Tekton Long Arm Hex Key Wrench Set are some of the best to consider in these aggravating situations due to their high portability.

  • Targets

Sometimes targets might not be necessary depending on where you’re shooting. However, they’re necessary to most shooters especially first-timers. Now, targets come in different varieties from steel targets to paper targets.

If you’re a beginner, you can opt to choose Shoot N C Targets due to their superb coloration brightness whenever they’re hit. This makes it very easy for you to hit the target will less effort. What’s, even more, is that these targets come with black stickers that let you repair hit areas.

If you’re a movie enthusiast, a zombie target pack is the best consider. Apart from shredding these Walking Dead fanatics apart, these targets bleed thus making the shooting sound more realistic.

  • Range Bag

A range bag is a more traditional option for a shooter but at the same time, it’s one essential gear you can’t survive without. With its multiple pockets and compartments, a range bag offers a safe way of carrying all your essentials in a go.

The best range bag, such as the GunMate Range Bag, should have sturdy zippers and a water-resistant material to help keep all your essentials safe from the elements.

  • Ammo and Mags

Another necessity you can’t afford to ignore when you’re planning to take a shooting range ride is your ammo. After all, how will you expect your rifle to shoot without the bullets? Now, there are two ways you can get the ammo. First, you can purchase them online on reputable sources where you can get a discount or you can simply purchase the ammunition from the range.

Mostly, depending on the type of shooting you’re taking, you will most likely require about 250 to 500 rounds of ammunition for a 1 to 2 hour shooting session.

  • First Aid Kit

This is one of the most overlooked shooting range essentials most people fail to carry along—yet they’re potentially some of the most important. Shooting is a recreational sport and its fan. However, there are times when accidents happen. In such situations, a first aid kit becomes a bare necessity, which can help you to take care of such situations.

A good first aid kit should have band-aids, gauge pads, gloves, antiseptic wipes, medical tape, Tylenol and some Ibuprofen.

Anything Else We’ve Left Behind?

Oh yes! Other than the things we’ve mentioned here, professional shooters might take a step further to add a few more essentials to their checklist. Some of these additional gears include;

  • A shooting mat: a shooting mat is a must-have essential if you’re planning to perform prone and back shooting or if you’re planning to shoot while kneeling.
  • Spotting scope: if you’re practicing distance shooting, a spotting scope is a gear you might require. This gear allows you to spot targets that are at least 500 to 1000 yards away.


So, there you have it. Although we might not have highlighted everything that a professional needs, at least what we’ve mentioned is absolutely necessary for any shooter whether it’s a beginner or a professional.

Did we miss out on anything? Well, in case we did or maybe you feel you’d like to add a point or two, then don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.