LUCAS Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag Review


The LUCAS Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag is a product with convenience written all over it. For starters, this product has a long handle that you can place on your shoulder if you don’t want to pull the bag while you’re traveling. It is also completely made of polyester so you won’t have to buy a new travel bag any time soon. Polyester is one of the most durable materials in the luggage industry.

LUCAS Wheeled Bag Review

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Main Features

  • Increased Mobility

If this is the feature that you have been wanting to have in a cabin bag, then you will get it from this Lucas product. The item is basically something that you can carry with one hand. Its handle is completely comfortable and telescopic. It also comes with a button that you only need to push if you want to release the bag.

  • Secured Pockets

The product has one pocket on its front panel and several others on its side. All of them are zippered for the security of your belongings and are quite distinctive.

  • Separate Compartments

If you are in need of a separate compartment for your ticket, slippers or beauty items, then you can get it from this cabin bag. If you don’t have something to put in the compartment, then you can just place it inside the bag for future use.


  • The bag has a lot of space to offer. In addition, the interior has a fold down entry which allows you to get the things that you in need in an instant.
  • The product remains compact no matter how many clothing items you decide to pack. You can easily place this luggage under your assigned plane seat.


  • The many pockets of this bag may be a disadvantage for a forgetful person. This type of person may have difficulty remembering where he or she has stored certain belongings.

Who Should Buy This Product?

You should try this product if you want to relieve shoulder pain caused by an extremely heavy cabin bag. The main feature of this item is that it is a lightweight bag which will come in handy for travelers who want to bring a lot of things but don’t want to be physically burdened by them.

This bag is also well-suited for extremely organized individuals. It has clear vinyl pockets so you are able to see their individual content. Overall, the product is highly recommended for people who want a spacious and fairly-priced cabin bag.


The LUCAS Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag is an affordable product with a lot of space. It has a sleek appearance and contains all the pockets that you would ever need in a travel bag. You’re unlikely to regret purchasing this high quality product.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon