Kipling Darcey Small Review

  • Kipling has established its name in the bags and luggage industry. Its Vietnam-made products are well known and are distributed worldwide. I own one of their backpacks and I find it very convenient. However I am going for a week-long trip and I don’t think a backpack is sufficient to carry all that I need. Instead, I am considering the Kipling Darcey Small luggage.

  • Known for high quality and durability, I am assured of the longevity of this Kipling product. I can count on this luggage during my short travels. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, it also lightweight, weighing only 0.9 lbs or 14.4 ounces.
  • Made from nylon material, this item is highly resilient. It has an excellent abrasion resistance. It does not burn, rather it melts. But I wouldn’t test that feature in my personally-owned luggage.
  • It can absorb moisture, which makes it susceptible to molds but this particular luggage can be washed. It is also easy to dry.
  • There are two front pockets outside the luggage. The upper part is used to hold smaller items. The bottom front pocket is larger and the main compartment is roomy inside. There are no pockets inside the main compartment.
  • I find the incorporation of the wheels, especially the two at the back, very unique. They are placed in an angular manner which is helpful when rolling it. The two wheels at the back are sturdy and can definitely handle the full weight of the luggage during transportation.
  • The side handle is stitched well. It does not protrude enough to cause disturbances during transportation. It would be better if the handles were thicker to make gripping easier in case the luggage gets a little heavy. It may be harder to grip the handles and may be painful at times when you have to carry it.
  • It is available in a various designs fit for people with various personalities. The color choices are good too and are not too bright.
  • I even get to have an extra companion to make my travel more fun! The little monkey tag incorporated on the front of the luggage is a cute addition to the bag.



  • Difficult to grip sometimes
  • High moisture pick up

This luggage is recommended for a week-long trip. It can hold enough clothes for up to 6 days. Both males and females may find the design of this bag attractive. It is good for people traveling by land, sea or air and is acceptable as a carry-on on most airlines.

I can manage the difficulty in gripping the handles when this bag gets a bit heavy. The wheels make up for that weakness anyway. I love Kipling products and give this luggage a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating.

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