Under Armour Hustle Storm Duffel Bag Reviews


Are you living in a region where all through the year you experience different types of weather? Like there may be a tendency to have a lot of rain; is the climate somewhat like that? Well! In that case a normal standard duffel backpack will not do you any good. The simple cause being it is unable to offer any sort of defence against the weather at all. For this reason, it is common sense to invest in the Under Armour Hustle Storm duffel backpack. It is coated for protecting the stuff from the weather since it keeps away water. Moreover, the price is just about $40, which is one of the best things about this product.

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In actual fact, much liked is additional purpose of comfort on the shoulder and hand carrying straps, which are the main features that Under Armour Hustle Storm sports. One will not feel as if the straps are digging into the palms or right up to the neck, rendering one unable to breathe, when the bag is full. It evenly adjusts to the weight very well due to its width. To help in keeping the duffel close to oneself, it adjusts as much as necessary. Nevertheless, daily the backpack is filled adequately without any inconveniences.

  • Although a protein shake might happen to be spilled into or on the backpack, the polyester fabric is easy to look after and clean.
  • Heat Gear is provided on the shoulder strap as well. Temperature-wise, the straps roughness or firmness is a little worrisome.
  • For attachments, a Hypalon piece offers additional points.

The usual quality of fabrics used in making this duffel is quite the same as with most other Under Armour Hustle Storm product items. You’re kept cool with the Under Armour Hustle Storm Duffel Bag.


This Under Armour Bag has some other advantages as well. Like in place of only one, there are two vented pouches on its sides. This is one very good advantage to have in a backpack. This also provides an opportunity for shoes to be stored away from the cleaner stuff. As a result, there is no foul-smell from everything inside the bag.

  • Fabrics resistant to abrasions are used to strengthen the underneath of the bag. So one does not see the duffel start to fray and fall apart with time;
  • When completely filled, it is the correct size that fits in the standard slide bin or closet; and
  • Its mesh netting helps put away something as fast as possible.

The fact is, with this duffel is that the shoulder strap cannot be removed. This is the only disadvantage with this bag. However, besides this everything else is beautifully put together well. Its purpose of a duffel bag is rightly justified. So, if the need arises in carrying the stuff to the gym or take stuff to a future sport, ones probability is fulfilled with the need of the Duffel Bag.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon