How to Wear a Crossbody Bag?


Have you ever wondered why a lot of people are wearing bags with a strap looped on one side of the opposite shoulder on almost all occasions? The truth of the matter is that a crossbody bag can be worn in all types of events whether it be a casual day-out, a regular trip to school or a star-studded party. The only difference would lie on its materials, size, details and how it is worn.

If you want to be a part of the crowd who are sporting this type of bag, take a look at these fashionable ideas on how to wear a crossbody bag for all types of occasions. Who knows? This may be your go-to bag of all times.

Different Ways to Wear a Crossbody Bag

  • For the Color Freak

If you are a fan of sporting bright and intense colored crossbody bags, then here are ways to make sure you stand out without being an eyesore. A rule of thumb would be that a bright bag of any color is meant to be worn with a dark outfit. The contrast between the overall outfit and the bag will create a fun, quirky and cheerful look wherever you may go.

  • For the Pattern Aficionado

There are different types of materials used for crossbody bags. If you opt to go for a patterned design, then it is best to pick one with a chain strap. This will leave all the attention and focus to the pattern while keeping your look subtle on the strap. Choose the type of chain as necessary as you can choose big ones for a fancy and daring look, or choose the smaller and finer ones for a smarter casual and formal look.

  • For the Conservative Wearer

While some are fashion savvy, there are those who are after the functionality more than the stylish side of the bag. So if you are aiming for a subtle and a bit conservative look, you can choose to get a crossbody bag with the same color of your top or dress. This will make you look beautiful without getting too much attention to your bag. This is how people usually wear it when they want to focus on more important things than their overall outfit.

  • For the Sassy User

If you want to sport a laid back and sassy look, you can choose to wear your crossbody bag over a loose or oversized top or dress. This is a favorite for those who want to emphasize the indentation made across their chest. With this way of wearing, you get your clothes to fit and reveal a bit of your figure amidst the loose garments. Pair it with oversized sunglasses or put your hair on a messy bun and you are good to go.

  • For the Patterned Dresser

Choosing a bag to wear with patterned dresses and tops can be a challenge for some. So if you often wear patterned or animal printed clothes, it is wise to choose a crossbody bag with classic, subtle and solid colors. Refrain from getting crossbody bags that are multi-colored or at the same time patterned as this can make your look a bit distracting and more of an eyesore than an eye candy.

  • For the Convenient Obsessed

If you are wearing a crossbody bag for convenience rather than style, the focus on choosing a crossbody bag should be focused on the material and size. Choose the size that can accommodate your belongings and go for a material that will not easily get dirty or scratched. And for convenience, wear it in a way where the bag is centered or located in front of you for easier access.

  • For the Active Wearer

A lot of people do not want their bags in their way especially when they are engaging in different activities throughout the day. If you are a person who is always on-the-go, make sure to get a crossbody bag that can be worn with the bag behind you or on the side. In this way, you can move with ease and feel less pressure or stress on the front or side of your body.

  • For the Party Animal

Party going, clubbing and bar hopping are excellent ways to relieve stress. If you want to bring essentials with you, you can opt for a crossbody bag that is perfect for the size of your things. For this crowd, small sized and detailed crossbody bags are recommended as dancing, drinking and moving about can be uncomfortable with a thick-strapped and bulky crossbody bag.

  • For the Trendy Wearer

If you want to wear a crossbody bag with varied designs, you can easily look trendy by placing it on your waist or hip level. Placing the bag at this height instantly makes you a trendy head-turner. This is ideal for those who are wearing high-end fashion garments, tighten it a bit and you’ll see yourself ready to conquer the world.


A crossbody bag is the perfect accessory for any fashion-oriented individual. It is also a functional and convenient item for those who want to keep their essentials and belongings with them at all times. These may come in varied shapes, sizes and designs but you can always get your message and impression across by the way you wear it.

Check out the following tips on how to wear your crossbody bag. You may be able to relate with the personality and type of wearers mentioned above and who knows? You may even want to experiment and hop from one style to another.