Duffel Bag vs Suitcase


These days, people are more likely to travel for leisure or business. There are a lot of jet-setters who often hop from one country or city to another. If you are one of these frequent travelers, you may want to check out reliable storage options like duffel bags and suitcases.

These are common luggage choices for people across the globe. But which type should you go for? Should you go for duffel bags or suitcases? Making a choice can be hard as both are excellent choices; however, we’ll help you come to a decision to pick the right one that suits you best.

Understanding Duffel Bags and Suitcases

We all know that the two are made for storing your items and personal belongings. But to give you a picture on their specifics, let’s take a look at them one by one. A duffel bag is a large bag made of synthetic or natural fabric. In the old days, it features a draw string to close its top. Now, you will be able to see models with zippers for top closure or wheels and telescopic handles for better mobility.

On the other hand, a suitcase is a form of luggage that comes in a rectangular and flat form. This usually has rounded square corners made of hard plastic, metal, cloth, vinyl or leather to maintain its structure. Most models come with wheels and telescopic handles.

The Good in Duffel Bags

Since duffel bags come in a less-rigid design that suitcases, it is easier to store and load them into different compartment sizes. Materials used to make this bag can usually be compressed when needed. This comes with a large compartment that can house bulky, large, or irregular shaped items. These also come in a build that is lightweight and easy to carry. Most duffel bags are made with heavily-stitched straps and handles, plus there are those that have waterproof features.

The Downs of Duffel Bags

While duffel bags are great for maximizing storage, this may not be able to protect your gear completely. Those that do not have a waterproof feature may pose a risk of your things being wet in case of rains or spills. As this has a more flexible and malleable form, it cannot retain the shape of you items inside especially when squeezed in or pressed on by other items. In terms of security, the fabric and zippers are easier to break through or tear. Plus, its external compartments are easier to be compromised. Since it also has one large compartment, it may be a challenge to organize and pack smaller and diverse items inside. While these are convenient and can be carried easily, prolonged carrying may not be comfortable.

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Who Is It For?

If you are to take a look at people who use this, you will be able to see that casual travelers, campers, sports enthusiasts and gym goers are more likely to purchase it. This is because it can easily store bulky items such as gears, blankets, sheets, and other items easily. However, this is ideal for those who are to travel in short distances that involves less time of carrying as the straps and handles can cause discomfort when carried for a long time. This is also a good choice for those who want a flexible design and form for storage especially when trying to fit it in small or irregular spaces.

The Good in Suitcases

Suitcases have proven its convenience and ease of use in terms of loading or carrying it in long distances or travels. These are easier to handle as it comes with wheels and telescopic handles, hence, you can actually manage to carry more than one suitcase at a time. So mobility wise, this is actually a good choice.  As for its build, most of them are made with high-quality expanders, security zips, built-in TSA locks and body so you can bank on your security as these materials are harder to compromise and break through. These usually have a hard shell cover and a more structured form compared to other bags, hence, it can protect your items and fragile belongings from damage and deformation. Organizing is definitely easier too because these usually have several compartments inside.

The Downs of Suitcases

We cannot deny that a suitcase is a great storage option; however, its form and structure may be a bit difficult to adjust to in terms of storage since it can’t easily be loaded or fitted into a small or an irregular space. It also has a heavier build so it may not be ideal when traversing in areas with rough surface floors or stairs. If you are someone who is not allowed to carry heavy loads frequently, then this may not be the option for you. As its structure is fixed and not flexible, you may need more suitcases to fit all of your items especially for a long trip.

Who Is It For?

Suitcases are great for those who travel long distances. It is a good option for refined travelers or those who are to bring varied and fragile items as it has compartments and is designed with a hard shell cover that protects all the items inside from different elements and stresses. Its aesthetics are also commendable as it is available in different shapes, sizes, designs and forms. So if you are someone who needs a more professional look, then having a suitcase when traveling can be a good option.


We can all agree that both duffel bags and suitcases are excellent choices for storage and travel. However, these two have their unique strengths and weaknesses that should be factored in when weighing which option to go for. Figure out your needs in terms of size, capacity, material, security, convenience, mobility, and storage.

From there, carefully match each need to a feature or specification from both bags and see which one gives you more advantage and benefit. These bags are good options, but they can be the best choice when you get one that addresses all your needs and preferences.