Tips for choosing the best laptop backpack


When you are traveling with your laptop and its accessories, you need a dependable bag that is durable and will safeguard your laptop. Backpacks are great in that it frees both your hands from the load, allowing you to handle other tasks like riding a bike or carrying other stuff. Whether you are going to class with your laptop or carrying it inside an airplane; it must perpetually be protected. We have selected here on this site a range of best laptop backpacks that cover all your needs from business situations to the great outdoors.

choosing the best laptop backpack

Here are few things to look out for when choosing your backpack:

  • Protection

Possibly the most important aspect of any laptop backpack. Check the padding to ensure that it is enough; the padding must be sufficient, though it is unnecessary for it to be excessive. The idea is to have your laptop fit inside a stiff and snug pocket. The padding should hold the laptop some inches above the base so that the laptop does not hit the ground as you place it down. In addition, there ought to be a strap which holds the laptop inside its compartment. This ensures that the laptop will not move around and bump into other stuff in your bag as you carry it. It is crucial for keeping the laptop stationary as moving and bumping into things might damage it.

  • Compartments

Check the backpack’s compartments along with its pockets. Aside from the main padding, the backpack should have padded compartment for carrying essential and sometimes fragile products like cell phones or other digital devices; large pockets in the backpack’s sides and front; a water bottle pocket; hidden compartments around the base or on it; and a document divider. You ought to consider the items you will carry each time so that you may select the most convenient bag that will contain adequate space and compartments. However there could be too much of a good thing. Case in point, a Swiss gear laptop backpack with excessive pockets may be puzzling. If the items you will be carrying are not many, ensure that the backpack’s principal compartments are two; that there are two or three small zippered pockets and an open entrance pocket.

  • Comfort

The backpack must also possess an ergonomic design that has adjustable padded shoulder straps lined with mesh to ease your shoulders as you carry the bag. Consider ones that limit the area of contact with your back. This is done to ensure air flow between the backpack and your back. Important during the hot seasons. Look for waist straps and sternum straps that help move the load off your shoulders to your waist.

It’s best to try on the laptop backpack with your laptop inside it before purchasing. This will let you know how the backpack feels. If you often experience irritation or pain on your back or on your shoulder, you ought to purchase an ergonomic laptop backpack. Those backpacks have been built to evenly distribute the backpack’s weight. In fact, most physicians and chiropractors recommend it. This is a relatively superior alternative to the backpack with a strap as its primary purpose is level weight distribution.

  • Weight

Check the backpack’s weight. Your laptop and its accessories are relatively heavy. It would not be smart to add to the weight by carrying the components with a clunky and heavy backpack. There are numerous laptop backpacks that contain relatively light components that are still efficient and durable. Modern Swiss Army laptop backpacks, for instance, are built from polyester, canvas, leather or ballistic nylon that keeps your components secure while offering a convenient weight.

If you plan on trekking with your laptop, every ounce counts. Watch out for oversized zippers. These zippers add more weight than you think. In addition, they are typically the first components of your backpack to break, regardless of their quality. On the other hand, if you will place substantially heavy items into the backpack, you may need to purchase a Targus laptop backpack which contains a strap that will support your waist. This strap will shift the brunt of the items you carry from your back down to your hips. This will equally distribute the weight to ensure that your back does not suffer excessive strain.

  • Size

Check the backpack’s size. Ensure that the backpack’s laptop compartment is sizable enough to fit your notebook size. For instance, a backpack built for 13-inch or 15-inch laptops would be practically useless if you own a 17-inch laptop. Always check the size. If you will upgrade your laptop soon, a 17-inch laptop backpack would be most ideal.

  • Cost

Just like everything else, the better it is, the more expensive. Laptop backpacks are typically costlier than regular backpacks as their build is superior. Look for deals on these packs during high sales months like back to school periods. Also seek warranties and check their duration. Check for what it covers and does not. For example, typically it does not cover normal wearing like broken zippers.

Overall, these tips will guarantee that you obtain the best laptop backpack.