Best Hiking Backpacks for 2020 Reviews

Hiking is always a great opportunity to get away from urban life and have some fun. You get to enjoy the beautiful landscape, exercise your legs, unwind, and everything that nature has to offer. For you to enjoy your hiking trips, you must invest in the right rucksack.

Remember that you’ll need to carry some items when you are going for a hike. One of the key items is a good backpack, and it will be the main topic of discussion in this article. Most people who are looking to interact with nature always find themselves in a tight spot when trying to choose the best hiking backpacks.

There are so many brands on the market and choosing one is always tough. Luckily, I have been scouring the internet and consulting with experts to come up with a credible list of my top picks. I’ll also walk you through the factors you need to consider when shopping for a hiking backpack.

5 Best Rated Hiking Backpacks Comparison Chart

1Hikpro 20L backpack
18 x 12 x 5.5 inchesLightweightCheck Price
25.11 Tactical RUSH2420 x 12.5 x 8 inchesMultipurposeCheck Price
3Gonex Ultralight Backpack16.1 x 9.8 x 5.5 inches CheapCheck Price
4Kelty Redwing 5024 x 15 x 12 inchesPerfect for a hiking tripsCheck Price
5Maxpedition Falcon-II10 x 8.5 x 19 inchesFits almost for any outdoor activityCheck Price

Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks With Reviews

In this section, I’ll be reviewing 10 of the best backpacks for hiking in 2020. These backpacks have been so great, and I believe you’ll find one that suits your needs.


Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

The Venture Pal Backpack is our number one choice, and this should tell you that everything about it ticks all the right boxes. Venture Pal is currently my first choice whenever I am going for a hike, and I like every bit of it. This backpack has always been the difference between an awesome hike and one that I would not want to remember. Let’s jump to the attributes of this backpack so that you see if it is a good fit for you.

Venture Pal is an affordable daypack that is designed to offer ample space for packing your hiking or camping necessities. Besides, it does pretty well when it comes to standing up to outdoor conditions. This is why I consider the Venture Pal one of the best backpacks for outdoor activities. Any hiker who is new to the game will find Venture Pal to be a top-notch entry-level pack.

Despite having a low price tag, this pack has plenty of features that will come in handy during your hiking trip. For instance, it has multiple compartments that provide the extra storage needed to pack all your gear and food or snacks. It has two zippered front pockets, the main compartment and two side pockets that are ideal for packing your water bottles or any other small items. The main pocket comes with two separators thus making it easy for you to organize your stuff.

The make of this backpack is also decent for a beginner. It has been made using high-grade nylon that is quite durable. This nylon is so good in terms of its resistance to wear and tear. I also noticed that all the stress points of this daypack had been reinforced with plenty of bar tacks. This means that the pack will serve you for several years.


  • This backpack is lightweight and compact
  • Venture Pal is available in various colors thus making it ideal for both men and women
  • The bag comes with its storage pocket, thus making it easy to carry or pack when not in use
  • It has been reinforced with bar tucks to ensure that it lasts for long
  • It is a multipurpose backpack that can be used for hiking, camping, vacation and shopping as well


  • The pack lacks a MOLLE webbing system
  • The nylon material is way too thin and might rip off after a few months of use

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TETON Sports Scout 3400 Backpack

TETON Sports Scout 3400 is one of the most popular backpacks in the outdoors industry. It is a great internal frame backpack that is available at a meager price. It is one of those packs that have so many features, and it is excellent for both genders. It is not a wonder that this backpack remains to be a great choice for hikers and campers as well. I would honestly recommend the TETON Sports Scout 3400 to beginners and experts as well. Let’s see what it has to offer.

One of the key talking points of this backpack is its high comfort levels. You can enjoy the beautiful wonders of nature without feeling discomfort on your shoulders or back. This rucksack by TETON Sports has so many features that enhance comfort. For starters, it comes with an adjustable waist belt that helps in maintaining the steadiness of the backpack. The waist belt also has locking hip straps that ensure you are comfortable when hiking. The last thing you want is a pack that is swinging back and forth on your back.

Apart from the waist belt, it comes with an adjustable chest strap that can provide stability on the chest area. This pack also comes with ergonomic shoulder straps. They are nicely padded and flexible as well. Finally, this backpack by TETON Sports has an open-cell foam lumbar pad that is great for breathability. This is an incredible attribute for anyone who sweats profusely.

As you would expect with any hiking rucksack, the TETON Sports Scout 3400 has so many compartments and pockets. You can easily pack all your items in this pack without worrying about the organization. For instance, this pack boasts of a hydration bladder compartment, a sleeping bag compartment, multiple internal pockets, large side pockets, shock cords, external mesh pocket, and gear loops as well. All these features enable you to pack everything you want for a hiking or camping trip.


  • It comes with an integrated rainfly
  • Has a special compartment for a sleeping bag and another one for keeping a hydration bladder
  • It is designed to offer significant levels of comfort on the shoulders, back and waist as well
  • You can modify the fit of this bag, thus making it ideal for adults and youths
  • It is water-resistant and extremely durable


  • The waist belts are a bit long and might get in the way if you fail to buckle them
  • The internal frame bars might give you some problems when trying to get them back in

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AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

If you are a hiker who fancies backpacks that are sturdy and easy to pack, then you might want to check out the AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack. It is popular among hikers because of its quality and internal frame. I believe it is one of the backpackers that will give you the best bang for your buck. Let’s look at the attributes that make it a great purchase.

AmazonBasics Backpack does not disappoint when it comes to providing the right amount of comfort. This daypack allows you to adjust the waist belt so that you get the right fit around the torso. Other than that, it has padded and adjustable shoulder straps. These straps are so good in terms of providing upper-load balance. AmazonBasics also comes with an open-cell foam lumbar pad as well as molded channels that enhance breathability. You do not have to worry about sweating when carrying this pack.

Unlike most of the hiking backpacks, AmazonBasics comes with an integrated waterproof rainfly, and an exterior coating as well. These features will come in handy when you are hiking on a rainy day. Rain will not interfere with your hike because the cover will keep everything dry and protected.

This fantastic backpack comes with roomy compartments and multiple pockets that are great for storing your hiking gear and necessities. Apart from the pockets, it has been equipped with multi-directional compression straps that are great for holding your equipment safely. Apart from the various compartments, the backpack has a special compartment that is meant for storing your sleeping bag. Isn’t that awesome?

The design and construction of the AmazonBasics Backpack is something we should also touch on. For starters, it has an internal frame that helps to maintain the shape of the pack. Secondly, it has been made using a polyester fabric which is quite exceptional in terms of durability and resistance to wear and tear.


  • Comes with multiple pockets and extensive storage compartments
  • It is an excellent backpack for hiking, camping and backpacking
  • It boasts of a durable polyester construction
  • Comes with so many features that enhance your comfort
  • Has a built-in waterproof rainfly that keeps the contents of the backpack dry


  • Has a lot of straps and some of them suck
  • The stitching might come loose in some of the pressure areas

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NEEKFOX Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack

The NEEKFOX is a 35 Liter hiking backpack that is considered as one of the best in the market. It is quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers and backpackers as well. This awesome pack is made using thickened nylon fabric- a material that does well in tough conditions. You can pack heavy load in this pack, and the fabric will still stand up strong. Apart from the ultra-durable construction, there is a lot that the NEEKFOX Hiking Backpack has to offer.

For starters, the NEEKFOX has equipped this backpack with multiple compartments that are easy to pack. There is the main zippered compartment, two mesh side pockets, two front zip pockets and multiple inside pockets. The side pockets can hold 40 oz water bottles each. The main compartment has a special padded sleeve that can hold a 13 inches laptop. These compartments make the backpack ideal for travelling, day hiking, overnight trips, and camping as well.

Another key attribute is the fact that the backpack is lightweight and compact. You can fold the pack and store it in its pocket when you are not using it. The size of this pack is approximately 20.86 x 12.6 x 9 when unfolded- This is the perfect size of an excellent airport carry-on backpack. The backpack is so lightweight at 0.91 pounds- at least you won’t have to worry about the heaviness of the pack.

People have also been raving about the smooth and quiet zippers. They have been designed in a way that makes it easy to close and open the pockets. Unlike most zippers, these ones do not catch on the flaps.


  • This backpack has breathable padded mesh straps that are quite comfortable on the shoulders
  • The stress points are reinforced with double layers and bar-tacks to increase durability
  • It is made using a water-resistant material that helps to keep your items dry during rainy days
  • It has a compact design thus making it a good carry-on bag
  • Comes with multiple compartments that are great for organization


  • It does not have enough space to cater for people who go for long hikes
  • As much as the zips are smooth, they have flaps that get in the way

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OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack has been in the market for quite a long time, and it has never stopped to amuse hikers. It is a good pack for anyone new to the sport as well as Intermediate hikers. For the few years it has been in the market, it has received a fair amount of positive feedback. This just shows the quality that this backpack has to offer. Let’s see what makes this backpack a solid choice for most hikers.

Considering all the stuff you need to bring on a hike, you will need a backpack like the OutdoorMaster. It is a backpack that measures 22.8 x 14 x 8.6 inches, and it has a 50 Liters capacity. This is enough space to pack stuff that can last you for one or two days of hiking or even a weekend trip. One of the cool things about this backpack is the fact that it can be used for other activities except hiking.

The backpack has two main compartments; one of them is spacious enough to fit your clothing, supplies, and a 15.6-inch laptop as well. This compartment is heavily padded to ensure that your electronics are well protected. The second compartment is located in the front section of the main compartment. It is quite spacious and comes with several pockets that you can use to keep an iPad, smartphone, accessories and toiletries as well. Other than the two main compartments, this pack comes with two side pockets that are ideal for carrying water bottles.

Another perk about this backpack is the fact that it is made using a durable and lightweight nylon fabric. This material has been reinforced with rip-stop technology that is quite great in terms of preventing wear and tear. The bottom section is made using high-density nylon- a material that has incredible wear resistance.

The backpack has been designed to provide maximum comfort to your back and shoulders.  It is able to do this through a heat-dissipating back pad. This back pad has three layers; the first layer is responsible for breathability, the second one is a soft sponge, and the third layer is responsible for the rapid evaporation of sweat.


  • It comes with thickened shoulder straps that are so comfortable
  • Made using high-quality nylon that is reinforced with rip-stop technology
  • The back panel is designed to allow ventilation and breathability
  • It comes with compression straps that are ideal for preventing imbalance
  • Has multiple compartments that provide enough storage


  • Has an exterior pocket that is not zipped
  • The zippers do not look strong

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MOUNTAINTOP 28L/40L Hiking Backpack

If you are planning for a quick hiking trip in the mountains, you must choose a backpack that is up for the challenge. The MOUNTAINTOP hiking backpack should be a great choice, especially if you are looking for a 40 Litre backpack. It is one of the inexpensive bags that has a lot to offer. Let’s see what makes this awesome backpack stand out among the other packs.

MOUNTAINTOP is not a big name brand, but it has been making some beautiful backpacks that are great for outdoors. This 40 Litre backpack has been designed to cater for the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The main compartment is large enough to store your clothing, supplies and a 17 inches laptop. It also comes with a compartment that can hold a hydration bladder. In fact, this compartment has a holding place for the tube as well. Apart from the main compartment, the backpack has several front pockets, two mesh side pockets and straps that you can use to carry a sleeping mat or bag.

This backpack features incredible design and construction. You will notice that it has a unique and attractive shape. The backpack is made using polyester and has an integrated waterproof cover as well. At least the contents of your pack will not get wet when hiking on a rainy day.

The other attribute that users rave about is comfort. This pack comes with an adjustable hip belt, S-shaped shoulder straps, breathable molded foam back panel and an adjustable sternum strap. All these features are meant to enhance comfort and fit. You can carry a heavy load, and you will feel very comfortable throughout your journey.


  • The backpack is available in different colors to fit any hiker’s style
  • Comes with a hydration compartment as well as two side pockets for carrying water bottles
  • Comes with compression straps that come in handy when you need to attach a sleeping bag or mat
  • It is great for shorter hiking trips and treks
  • It can be used as a carry-on backpack in some airlines


  • You might need a larger pack if you are going for a long trip or excursion
  • The stitches do not seem to last long

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Diamond Candy 40L Waterproof Backpack

If you are looking for a pack that is light enough to carry all day, then I would suggest that you check out the Diamond Candy 40L Hiking Backpack. This awesome pack is large enough to accommodate your belongings during a one day hike to the mountains. Below are some of the features that I like about Diamond Candy.

For starters, this backpack offers a lot of comforts when it rarely slides around even when carrying a heavy load. The shoulder straps are heavily padded, and the fit is quite nice. Once you put the pack on the shoulders, you won’t have to struggle with imbalance. The back panel is also padded with soft mesh, thus reducing your chances of sweating. You can walk for long without experiencing any kind of discomfort around the back area.

This backpack also features lightweight and durable construction. It has been made using a high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear. You can count on this pack to last for long even when it is subjected to rough trails and weather conditions.

The other key attribute about this rucksack is the fact that it has multiple compartments. It has a total of 4 compartments that have zippers, and four additional pockets that are distributed on the sides and hips. With all these pockets, the Diamond Candy is able to provide a cool 40 Litres capacity.


  • This backpack is water-resistant and comes with a rain cover to help you during rainy days
  • Comes with attachment points that you can use to add bulky items
  • It is made using a tough fabric that is quite durable
  • The back of the bag and the shoulder straps are well padded to offer comfort
  • Comes with a hip belt and sternum strap that help in improving weight distribution


  • Does not come with a hydration bladder compartment
  • The zippers are not strong enough and might break after a few months

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WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack

If you still haven’t found the best backpack for hiking, you might want to check out the WASING 55L backpack. It is one of the few packs that are designed for hiking, weekend backpacking trips, and camping as well. This backpack is a good choice if you are looking for something affordable.

This 55 Litres backpack has one main compartment, a front pocket, a bladder compartment, two mesh side pockets, two hip belt pockets, rain cover compartment and two zippered side pockets. All these pockets and compartments should help you to organize your belongings. Everything you will carry should be so easy to access because of these organizational features.

The backpack is made from high-quality polyester. This material is water-resistant, and it is reinforced with rip-stop technology to increase its toughness. Apart from the water-resistance feature, the pack comes with a rain cover as well. You can backpack without worrying about rain because your belongings will be kept dry.

The WASING 55L backpack has padding in all the right places, starting from the shoulder straps, back panel and hip belts, all of them are well padded to enhance comfort. All the straps are easily adjustable to ensure that the bag fits well. The comfort features are not perfect, but they are enough for this small backpack.


  • The size of this pack is great if you would like to use it as a carry-on item
  • This backpack has so many pockets that make it easy to pack your things in an organized manner
  • It has a hydration bladder compartment
  • Comes with a lot of external attachments that come in handy when you want to attach extra gear
  • It is made using a tough and durable material


  • It is difficult to access the hip strap pockets
  • The stitching around the top lid is done poorly

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Loowoko Hiking Backpack

The Loowoko Hiking Backpack is also a good option if you are looking for a high-capacity backpack for all your hiking needs. It is a backpack that most hikers and campers have been raving about. It is not the largest of backpacks around, but it is decent enough for a 2 or 3 days hike. Loowoko is definitely a solid purchase if you are looking for a backpack that is under 100 bucks.

The Loowoko Hiking Backpack boasts of a 50 litres capacity, which means it is large enough for long hiking trips. Loowoko has designed this backpack to have a large main compartment and multiple pockets on its exterior. The main compartment is ideal for packing your hiking gear and a change of clothes as well. The other small pockets are great for small items such as maps, knives, compasses and cameras. You will also get enough space to store your water bottles in the side mesh pockets.

I also noticed that this backpack has plenty of features that offer convenience and comfort. For instance, the shoulder straps have a lot of padding that helps in relieving pressure on your shoulders. Secondly, it has a well designed lumbar pad that helps to promote airflow and reduce sweating. In terms of convenience, the backpack comes with a rain cover, eight adjustable straps that are great for attaching irregularly shaped items.


  • Boasts of having S-shaped and wide shoulder straps that have thick padding
  • It has a large capacity to facilitate multi-day trips
  • Comes with a rain cover that protects that backpack during heavy rain
  • It has eight adjustable straps that work as attachment points for large items
  • It is breathable enough at the back panel


  • Does not come with an internal frame system
  • Does not have features that help distribute weight

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OUTLIFE 60L Hiking Backpack

Our final pick is the OUTLIFE Hiking Backpack, and it has a capacity of 60 Liters. This backpack is an excellent choice if you love backpacking, hiking, and camping as well. With this backpack, you will be in a better position to take a long trip. You can carry everything you need because OUTLIFE provides ample space.

The 60-Liter capacity makes this backpack a great choice for hikers who prefer long trips. Its main compartment has enough space to keep your clothing, gear and any tools you might need. Besides, the bag also offers exterior zippered pockets that are ideal for packing small items. The bag also comes with a bottom pocket that is perfect for keeping your shoes.

Another impressive feature about the OUTLIFE hiking backpack is the back ventilation. The back panel has been designed to facilitate airflow and reduce the probability of sweating. Your back will always remain cool and dry even during long trips.


  • It is suitable for all outdoor activities
  • It is made with durable and waterproof materials
  • Comes with compression straps that are good for bulky items
  • Has a ventilated and breathable back panel
  • Has a spacious main compartment and multiple exterior pockets


  • Does not come with a rain cover
  • It is only available in two colors

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What is a Hiking Backpack?

A hiking backpack is a regular urban backpack that has a special design and unique features to facilitate an enjoyable experience when hiking. The size of a hiking backpack differs depending on the type and length of your trip. Hiking backpacks are available in two different types; you can choose to go with the frameless type or the internal frame backpack.

You can differentiate a regular backpack from a hiking backpack by checking the features. A hiking backpack comes with multiple compartments and attachment straps as well. It comes with a compartment that accommodates a hydration bladder and another one that carries the sleeping bag. A hiking backpack also comes with multiple straps which include hip belts, sternum strap, shoulder straps, and chest straps as well.


Advantages Of Using Hiking Backpacks

Before you even decide to buy a hiking backpack, you must know the benefits of having one. There are so many benefits that we are going to cover in this section.

  • It provides enough space to pack

As you well know, hiking dictates that you bring enough food and water supply, change of clothing, sleeping bag, first aid kits and other items that may be needed. The only way you will be able to carry all that stuff is to buy a hiking backpack. A good backpack should accommodate everything and still maintain and easily carry weight.

  • It keeps your belongings secure

One of the few things you are guaranteed when you purchase a hiking rucksack is security. All your belongings will be held securely in the backpack with no chances of getting lost. Besides, some packs come with a rain cover that comes in handy during wet conditions. At Least all your valuables will remain dry and safe.

  • It helps you organize your stuff

As you have noted with all the backpacks I have reviewed, most come with multiple compartments/pockets. These pockets allow you to pack your items in an organized manner. Secondly, they make it easier for you to access your items.

  • It offers functionality

Buying a good backpack is beneficial in the sense that you can use it for multiple purposes. Most of these bags are ideal for mountaineering, camping, biking and other outdoor sports. Some of the backpacks have the perfect size required for a carry-on pack.

  • A hiking rucksack looks stylish

Apart from offering functionality, a good backpack should make you feel smart. This is why companies are making their backpacks in different colors and designs. Such aesthetic features make these backpacks fashionable.

  • They are durable

The best hiking backpacks are made using high-quality materials to ensure that they can withstand harsh weather elements. At Least you can go for so many adventures without having to worry about the performance of your backpack.


What Things to Consider When Buying a Hiking Backpack?

Most people believe that buying a hiking backpack is difficult. This should not be the case if you already know the factors you need to consider. I am going to highlight the essential factors so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right rucksack.

  • Capacity

The fastest way to decide the best backpack is figuring out a good estimate of the carrying capacity. However, what matters most in carrying capacity is the length of the trip or simply how long will the trip take. For example, if you are going to be out for some time, the more items you will need to carry.

Another factor you need to consider is if you are tagging along with your comfortable chairs and hammocks. In other words, what you decide to bring with you mostly depends on your camping habits. Some people can choose to survive on minimal luxuries and specific types of foods while others can’t. Below is a small guide on the capacity estimates that are ideal for various trip lengths.

  • Extended Trips – 60+ liters
  • Multi-day – 45 to 60 liters
  • Weekend – 35 to 55 liters
  • Overnight – 30 to 40 liters

These estimates might differ depending on the season. In most cases, you will need to carry a lot of heavy stuff during winter seasons.

  • Pack Frame Types

The other key factor is the type of frame you need in your hiking backpack. You can choose to go with an internal frame, frameless, or external frame. In case you want a backpack that can handle heavy loads, then select one that comes with a frame. From my experience, I can confirm that an internal frame pack is the best choice for hiking. You can also choose to go for an external frame pack if you need to carry a strangely shaped load. The frameless packs are great for ultralight hiking.

  • Backpack Features 

Once you have chosen the right frame for you, it is essential to consider the features that come with the backpack. Different brands have different features, but there are those that we consider `critical”. One of the must-have features is an internal or external hydration bladder sleeve because you will need to stay hydrated during your trip.

You also need to confirm whether the backpack has a hip belt, shoulder straps, and sternum strap. These features are great for improving the balance and stability on your shoulders, back, and hips.  Moreover, these belts and straps are designed to provide comfort to the user. The other features that are responsible for increasing balance and stability are the compression straps and load adjuster straps.

Another key feature is a rain cover. Sometimes it rains heavily when you are on a hike, and you’ll need to keep the contents of your bag dry and safe. This is where a rain cover comes in.

  • Fit & Design

The last factor that you have to consider is the fit of the bag. You need to purchase a backpack that is the right size for you. Make sure that the waist and shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can customize the fit. Finally, choose a rucksack that has an ergonomic design. Any pack with an ergonomic design will not cause any pressure on your body when carrying it.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have been receiving some questions about hiking backpacks, and it is only fair that I address them in this section.

  • Does A Hiking Backpack Come With A Hydration Bladder?

Well, it all depends on the brand you are purchasing. Some rucksacks come with a hydration bladder included while others come with a hydration compatible sleeve, but you will have to buy a bladder separately.

  • What Is The Difference Between Top Loading And Panel Loading Backpacks?

A front or panel loader is a backpack that works the same way like a suitcase. It has a main compartment that you can access by opening the zippers. On the other hand, a top loader is a backpack that you pack from the top opening. A panel-loading backpack is convenient when you want to access items quickly.

  • What Size Should I Go For?

The size of the hiking backpack matters a lot, and you must purchase one that will fit you. A good hiking backpack should come with adjustable shoulder straps, sternum and waist belts. With these features, it will be easy to customize your fit.


There you have all the nuts and bolts of a hiking backpack. I am pretty sure that it will be easy for you to shop for a rucksack that will suit your needs. Just remember that you might need up to two backpacks if you are going to be hiking a lot. It is always great to have a couple of packs, especially if you are into various outdoor activities. Now you can get out there and enjoy what nature has to offer.