The 18 Best Yellow Crossbody Bag Reviews 2020

Crossbody bags are loved by many and for different reasons. A crossbody bag will free up your hands and arms. Less chance of theft due to the design of the bag. Keeps things easily accessible due to location on the body. Allows you to coordinate with other bags such as a backpack style bag as well.

They come in many different styles, shapes, material and colors. If you want to keep it bright, a great one to choose would be a yellow crossbody bag. Yellow is a great color for spring, as well as brightening up your whole outfit on a cold winter day.

Why A Yellow Crossbody Bag?

The main reasons for wanting a crossbody bag are mentioned above. Sometimes though people do like the bright colors to help them be seen. Yellow is a color that gets noticed, and sometimes you need that when you are in the hustle bustle of a large crowd. They are comfortable to wear since weight is dispersed better with the weight going across the body. So you can carry all day with ease with less fatigue on your shoulder.

The bag part of a crossbody bag can be placed as high or low you want it to make it more accessible for you. Even though it was mentioned before, it helps prevent theft. This bag sits closer to your body and since the straps are typically snug to the body it is harder for a snatch and run or a cut and run. Which is where people cut the strap and take off with the bag.

The color yellow does match up with many other colors well. So it may just be that one piece to your whole outfit to give it that bright twist you wanted. It is a great color for around the year use, since yellow is a great fashion statement virtually any season depending on what you wear it with.

Best Yellow Crossbody Bag Reviews

When you are looking for crossbody bags, first thing you will find is there are plenty out there to choose from. When you are looking for a more specific one such as a yellow one. You will still fee that there are plenty to choose from. So we are going to narrow that down for you, we have complied a list of the 18 best yellow crossbody bags.

Yellow Coach 52348 Textured Leather North/South Crossbody

If you love leather and crossbody bags you are sure to love this one. This beautiful bag is made by coach which is a bag that is a company loved by many. For good reason, because they are known for creating quality bags. This bag is just as high quality as the rest of the bags they make. This bag is created from 100% genuine leather. The color is a light and bright canary yellow.

best yellow crossbody bag


The interior compartment has a zip closure to secure your items. It also features several interior multifunction pockets, to help you keep your things organized. The interior compartment is also lined with a quality liner as well. There is also an open top pocket on the front exterior as well. The bag features the coach emblem on the front as well as a dog tag looking tag attached to strap hardware.

The hardware has a gold finish as well as the lettering and the tag. The overall measurements of this bag are 7 ¾ inches X 8 ¼ inches X 1 inch. There is one leather adjustable buckle shoulder strap as well that can be removed if wanted. This is a narrow bag for someone looking to keep it slim.

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ILISHOP Women’s Fashion Shoulder Bag Quilting Chain Handbag

If the sun makes you smile, then this purse will too! It is a beautiful sunshine yellow, including the shoulder strap. This bag is made of high quality quilted PU for design and durability. This bag is a crossbody design that can also be used as a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap has an outer gold toned chain wrap for design purposes. The bag also has a flip over flap closure design to protect main compartment. The handbag is secured with a twist type gold tone lock.

best yellow crossbody bags

This yellow handbags overall dimensions are 8.3 inches X 3.5 inches X 6.3 inches. The bag is manufactured in China and weights in a 1.1 pounds. So it is great for those looking for something smaller and lightweight. The chain on the shoulder strap is not removable, the strap is not overly long. However, it is long enough for most to use as a crossbody bag. This bag has the looks of a more expensive designer bag without the high price tag. Which is great for budget friendly people who want to keep up with the style.

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MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Large East / West Cross Body Bag

If you know Michael Kors, then you already know that they know for bags. They are one of the most well-known brands out there. If you are looking for a leather bag that is not too big or not to small this is the one for you. If you are a yellow lover you will surely fall in love with this one. It is all yellow with a single line of black piping framing in each side of the purse. This purse is made of 100% cow hide leather. So you can be sure it will be durable and will last over time.

yellow crossbody bag

This purse will keep its form as well, keeping it looking great. The main compartment has a zipper closure to keep things where they belong. The interior of the main compartment is also lined with a soft and silky cloth. There are some small open compartments inside the bag for smaller items as well. The dimensions of this bag are 6.25 inches X 9.5 inches X 2.25 inches. The overall weight of this bag is 1.1 pounds. So even though it is genuine leather it is lightweight and easy to carry.

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YINGGG PU Leather Mini Crossbody Single Shoulder Bag Cellphone Pouch 

This bag is for those women or young ladies that want to keep things small. This bag is a great choice for those only needing a few things while on the go. Such as a cell phone, keys, lip gloss and etc. This bag is made of PU leather, meaning it is not genuine leather but a great alternative to it. It has an easy to clean outside that simple needs a damp cloth wipe down from time to time. It has a flap over design that closes with a push buckle lock. The lock and hardware are gold tone metal.

yellow crossbody bags

There are 3 small pockets on the inside for smaller things you don’t want to dig for. The shoulder strap is a great length for shoulder wear or crossbody wear as well. So you can change it up depending on your needs. The measurements of this bag are 6.7 inches X 0.8 inches X 4.5 inches. It comes in at a welcoming lightweight of 4.8 ounces as well. It is so light you may even forget that you are wearing it. It is also great for any occasion or daily use.

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Isaac Mizrahi Designer Women’s Two Toned Joan Nylon Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This two toned yellow and tan crossbody shoulder bag from Isaac Mizrahi. This bag is made of a combination of nylon and leather type material. This bag features an open front pocket on the exterior of the bag. It also features an interior zippered pocket as well as other small pockets. So you have plenty of room to store all your items. The main compartment is secured with a zipper closure as well.

All hardware is gold tone metal as well for design and strength. The shoulder strap has adjustable buckles on each end. The strap is long enough to use for shoulder use or for crossbody wear as well. The strap drop length is approximately 23.5 inches. This bag is imported and also features the Isaac Mizrahi name in gold lettering on the front. The overall measurements of this bag are 10.75 inches X 3 inches X 10 inches. The weight of this purse unfilled is 14.4 ounces. This bag offers up enough room to even store your tablet or small notebook as well as your other items giving you a great all around bag for your money. It is great for everyday use or occasional use.

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Yellow Cotton Canvas Lace Trimmed Crossbody Bag

This pale yellow purse will take your breath away! This is a great bag for the canvas lovers out there. This bag is made of cotton canvas, which is also a bonus for the green lover. The color yellow used for this bag is a beautiful shade of yellow, it just grabs you and pulls you right in. It has a lace embellishment that perfectly ties the design of the whole bag together. The lace design carries a flower pattern that is right on and clean.

This bag has a zippered compartment on the exterior front and a clean flat back. The bag has a zippered main compartment that is big enough to fit a small tablet in as well as other items. There is also a zippered pocket inside of the purse as well. As well as other smaller pockets for other things as well. The shoulder strap adjustable from 13-25 inches. So it can accommodate single shoulder wear or crossbody. The overall measurements are 12.3 inches X 10.3 inches X 2.9 inches. You will love that it only weighs 9.6 ounces, so it is one of the lightest on the market.

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LaGaksta Bello Handmade Italian Soft Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This leather yellow crossbody bag is a great combination of quality and beauty all wrapped into a small package. This bag is handmade for durability and strength and used the highest quality soft Italian Leather and stitching. It is imported but that is expected with a handmade Italian bag. The main body is a canary yellow. The edging, shoulder strap, zipper and flip over closure are all dark brown. The edging on the ends of the bag has a scallop cut to them as well for design. The metal hardware used is silver in color as well.

This purse has a silver toned twist eyelet lock to help keep things secure. The main compartment is fully lined with one zippered interior pocket. The main compartment features a zippered closure. This bag features a wrist strap as well as a shoulder strap for single shoulder or crossover wear. Both straps are also made of high quality Italian leather. The shoulder strap can be removed if not needed as well. The overall measurements are 5.1 inches X 8.7 inches X 1.6 wide. It is a great option for when you only need to take along a small amount of items.

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aretha Genuine Cowhide Leather Satchel Top Handle Handbag

This bag is elegant, durable and functional all in one. This bag is a medium yellow with tan and reddish orange hints. It has a zippered pocket on the back exterior of the bag. As well as exterior pockets on each end of the bag. The interior of the bag is lined for design and light protection for your items. The main compartment also has additional storage pockets for smaller items. The main compartment features a zippered closure.

There is a flip over flap that is secured with a snap closure, that also looks like a loop through closure. This bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap that is 43 inches in length. So you have plenty of room to use as a basic shoulder bag or as a small crossbody purse . All metal hardware is gold toned and ties into the design well. If you are a tablet lover you can fit it in this bag as long as it is within the bags measurements. The measurements of this bag are 9.4 inches X 8.7 inches X 2 inches. Since it only weighs 1.1 pounds it is great for all day wear as well.

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Hoxis Pack of 7 Bags Women Multi-purpose Shoulder Handbag

This is a must have collection of a 7 bag collection for the bag lover. This set has every style bag you may need for any occasion. These bags are made from a yellow high quality faux leather. All have zipper closures to keep items secure. Two of the larger bags have hand carry handles and the 3rd larger bag has a shoulder strap that can also be used for crossbody wear. One of the smaller carry bags has a wrist strap. One has a hook connector for connecting to other bags as a hand on carrier.

This set consists of one big top handle, one crossbody bag, clutch wallet, key bag and one Boston bag. Measurements for box shaped bag are 10.6 inches X 5.1 inches X 7.1 inches with a handle drop of 4.7 inches. Measurements for tote styled bag is 11.8 inches X 5.1 inches X 11.8 inches with a handle drop length of 7.9 inches. Measurements for messenger bag is 11 inches X 3.9 inches X 7.5 inches with a 50-inch strap. Measurements for pouch are 6.3 inches X 2.8 inches X 2.8 inches. Measurements for wallet 7.7 inches X 1-inch X 3.9 inches. Case for keys measurements are 4.3 inches X 0.4 inches X 2.4 inches.

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LaGaksta Small Flat Handmade Italian Leather Crossbody Bag

If you love leather than you already know how great Italian leather is. So when you can get a great deal on it that is the best time to get it. This purse is one you will want to pick up for sure. It is handmade and made with soft and supple Italian leather. It is a slim petite crossbody shoulder bag that is great for on the go when you just need a couple of things. This bag is yield sign yellow with a brown contrast zipper and shoulder strap.

The inside of the bag is divided by a center zippered compartment. So you have two different compartments for things. Divider is not fastened to the bottom of the bag. So if you put anything small in the bag it may cross over to the other side. The bag has a double zippered closure to keep things in the bag. There is also a zipped pocket located on the exterior back of the bag. The shoulder strap is 23 inches and is removable. The overall bag measurements are 6.7 inches X 6.7 inches X 3.2 inches. You get the use of the full length of this bag since zippers go down over the sides.

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VOLYER Women’s Leather Clutch Purses Crossbody Shoulder Bag 

This yellow crossbody bag is made to last and handle being on the go. This purse is made of genuine leather and is lined in a polyester cotton blend. It’s clean lines scream sophistication while it’s bright yellow color speaks style. This is a multi-use handbag, you can take the shoulder strap off and use the wrist strap. Then you will have yourself a clutch. Put the shoulder strap on and you can use it as a crossbody, shoulder or handbag.

There is one back zippered compartment on the outside back of the bag. There is also one main zippered pocket inside the bag and two smaller pockets inside the bag. The main compartment of the bag is zippered as well. The measurements for this bag are 9.3 inches X 6.1 inches X 1 inches. Which is where the envelope style name came in, because of the design of the bag. The bag has a textured but smooth feel to it. It features the Volyer brand patch on the front of the bag. All hardware on bag is silver toned.

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Tommy Hilfiger TH Sport Neoprene Cross Body Bag

This bag is great for many situations that a sport bag would come in handy. Such as the beach, trail walking, strolling the local farmer markets and more. This bag is made by a brand that is known for quality items, Tommy Hilfiger. It comes in some of the colors that Hilfiger is known for which is the capri yellow and the navy blue. The bag is made of durable nylon and has an interior synthetic lining. The body being almost all yellow with blue and white strips by the front pocket. The shoulder strap is all blue with the Tommy Hilfiger all down the shoulder strap.

This bag features a zippered compartment on the front, as well as a zipper compartment in the interior. The interior has a lining that has the Hilfiger emblem decorated all over it. The main compartment also has a zippered closure as well. The shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can use it as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag. The overall measurements of this bag are 23.5 inches X 10.5 inches X 9 inches. So there is plenty of room to fit a tablet if you would like within those measurements.

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ILI 6647 Mini Sac Cross-body Leather Handbag

This great yellowish orange colored bag is a great solution for small situations. Sometimes you just don’t feel like lugging around a huge bag. You just want to get up and go with the basics. This bag is perfect for those times. It has a clean cut modern design, nothing crazy but still interesting and modern. This bag is all one color including the matching colored shoulder strap. It has a flip over flap design that is cut at an angle for that extra design flair. It is created from genuine leather for durability and beauty. All hardware used is silver-tone and it a great compliment to the styling.

This bag features a rear exterior zippered pocket. The interior has a leopard colored lining and features an interior zippered pocket as well. The main compartment also features a zippered closure. The measurements for this bag are 6 inches X 8 inches X 1.5 inches. This bag comes with a handle long enough to wear as a crossover bag as well as a shoulder bag. Giving you the freedom to use your hands and arms if you need to. If you love your small bags you will love this one in your collection.

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Jessica Simpson Margaret Hobo Shoulder Bag, Acorn

When you want a great looking bag that people are sure to notice? They will notice this yellow beautiful beauty. This is a medium size bag that offers up enough room for plenty of your goodies. There is even enough room for a small laptop or your tablet. Still leaving plenty of room for many of your other things as well. It has a quilted looking bottom design that also features a woven together strip. Which is a great design aspect as well as a break up pattern.

This bag comes with a hand carrying handle as well as a removable shoulder strap. There is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag for extra storage. There is also another one located on the exterior back of the bag as well. The main compartment has an easy zippered closure as well and features a zippered pocket and two slip pockets to keep things organized. Overall size of the bag is 17.1 inches X 12.9 inches X 2.3 inches. It’s excellent use of a flat base is great, because it will keep your bag upright. Hardware used on the bag is silver-toned, this is a great carry all bag when you need quite a bit.

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BG Women’s 3 Piece Yellow Alligator Patterned Shoulder Crossover Bag Set

This three bag set will give you a bag for every occasion. They have a beautiful alligator pattern and are made of synthetic leather. When you take one of these out expect to get some attention. They are a bold color of yellow, that people are sure to notice. Bright colors are known to brighten a mood, so you will be sure to be smiling. The large bag has a unique feature it has slide handles. Which allow for the hand carry handles to go up and down. They also have a loop on each end to connect a removable shoulder strap if wanted to use as a shoulder bag.

The medium size bag features an adjustable shoulder strap which can be worn two ways. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. You also get a clutch styled bag with a wrist strap. The handbag features rear outside zippered pocket. Which is great for carrying things you need easy access to like your cell phone. Interior features 2 slip pockets, one back wall zipper pocket and one small zipper product. The shoulder crossbody bag also has an outside rear zippered pocket. The interior features two interior slip products for small items. Dimensions of big bag are 13.38 inches X 9.05 inches X 5.11 inches. Dimensions of medium bag are 10.62 inches X 7.08 inches X and 3.54 inches. Small bag dimensions are 6.69 inches X 3.93 inches X 0.19 inches.

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Missmay Women’s Genuine Leather Clutch Shoulder Crossbody Yellow Zipper Bag

When you are looking for a clutch bag that can be used as an occasional handbag or crossbody this is a great choice. This bag is genuine leather this company never utilizes PU leather. This bag utilizes genuine cow leather giving you a softer leather. There are two main pockets, two zippered inside pockets, it also has a zippered top closure and a convenient outside pocket as well. Which is a great spot to put your cellphone. This bag does have a wrist strap but it does have two eyelets for also being able to hook a shoulder strap to as well.

So with this bag you have three wear options clutch, handbag or crossover. The hardware is a gunmetal color. The overall measurements of this bag are 11.5 inches X 6.0 inches X 1-inch. This bag also features just a hint of black in the design, by having two black line across the bag to add little bit of style. You will definitely be able to tell that this bag is nothing less than the best in quality. It is made to last over time and you will love your purchase over and over. This would be a great bag for any woman or young lady looking for small.

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Hynes Victory Mini Retro Crossbody Handbag (Fuchsia)

This bag is made with the vegan leather lovers in mind. That is right this bag is made from washed vegan leather. It is a synthetic leather, but you surely can’t tell by looking at it. So if you are looking for that great alternative to real leather you won’t be disappointed. It feels great to the touch, so soft and supple. This bag is a lemon yellow, which is great for many occasions and will go with just about any outfit. This bag has a twist-lock flap top for security and design. This is a petite sized bag that is easy to carry wherever you go.

This purse features a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. The interior of the bag features one zippered pocket and two slip pockets. For cellphones, credit cards and etc. The hardware is all gold tone colored. The crossbody adjustable strap has a drop that can be adjusted from 20 to 22 inches. The overall dimensions of this bag are 7.9 inches X 0.8 inches X 8.7 inches. It weighs in at 0.8 inches, so it is under a pound. Which makes it even more comfortable to be able to wear or carry around.

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ILISHOP Hot Sale Women’s Genuine Leather Buket Bag Hobo Cross Body

If you like your hobo style bags, this one is a must have! This beautiful but simplistic bag is made of 100% genuine leather. It offers up a little bit of design by throwing in some tassels. This bag is great for those who love some room in their bags. This bag is great for when you need your basics and want to take along a few extras, even your tablet. It is a mellow yellow that will look great with a variety of clothes. It has a great flat bottom design, helping it stay standing up when sitting.

This bag has a lengthy adjustable shoulder strap, so you can use as a handbag or a crossover bag. So you have two ways you can wear depending on your need. This bag weighs in at about 1.5 pounds, which good leather will have a little bit of weight to it. Yet it is still considered lightweight in the lines of leather bags. The dimensions of this bag are 11.4 inches X 4.3 inches X 10.6 inches. You will love the quality of this bag and will surely be happy to buy more.

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Final Insight

If you are a person that loves color, then yellow is probably going to be one of your favorite colors. Yellow is a great color for those who enjoy a color pick me up. There are many other colors that it looks great with as well. There are many choices in styles today, but the best one for those who want to change it up is the yellow crossbody bag. Since you can adjust placement and typically length as well. Always choose the bag that works well for where you are going to be with it.

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