Best Wheeled Duffel Bags Reviews 2020 (Top Picks)

Nowadays, traveling from one destination to another is no longer for the rich, businessmen or corporate executives. In fact, anyone has the privilege to travel abroad or local due to many budgeted fare deals offered online. With this kind of traveling lifestyle becoming a trend, every newbie and frequent traveler should invest in a quality and compact travelling bag. However, finding the perfect luggage can be overwhelming because varied styles, sizes, and brands are available in the market.

Among the popular choices that a potential buyer would come across while shopping for a traveling bag is the wheeled duffel bag. It’s lightweight and portable, suitable for all travelers booked for short-term trips. If you have finally decided to purchase this type of traveling bag for your next trip, here’s a list of the best wheeled duffel bags. So, find a comfy seat and take time reading the description as well as the pros and cons of each style and brand.

10 Best Rated Duffel Bags Reviews


Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel

The Samsonite brand itself has already made a trademark in the traveling industry to be a highly dependable traveling buddy for all types of travelers. With the Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel, any picky paying customer would be impressed with its awesome features. The bag’s height is approximately 22 inches, which could easily fit inside the overhead bin of an airfreight carrier.

Best Wheeled Duffel Bag

It’s made from polyester material that has the capacity to expand, providing you more space for all your stuff. The luggage has multiple compartments, both inside and outside that let you pack in an organized way. It has a double zipper feature that can be opened at the top or side part of the bag.

The noticeable drawbacks of this type of wheeled duffel bag are the non-availability of compression straps needed in holding items inside securely. It only has two wheels, so stability might be a problem while waiting for your flight. And, you have to lay it flat on the floor.


  • Can function as carry-on luggage with its 22” height
  • Lightweight built for easy handling
  • Expandable for additional storage space
  • Decent size of the handle when fully extended
  • Made from high-quality materials at a reasonable price


  • No shoulder strap inside and not waterproof
  • Only two-wheels, which makes it unstable when fully loaded

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Osprey Shuttle 30″/100L Wheeled Luggage

If you are on the lookout for wheeled luggage that is on the sturdy side the Osprey Shuttle 30” can be a good option. This bag’s design is suitable for travelers that have a lot of gear to bring. The material composition of the Osprey Shuttle 30” is bombproof nylon fabric with around 6,000 cubic inches carrying capacity.

Wheeled Duffel Bags reviews

Apart from that, it’s guaranteed to be extremely tough and stable because it has an ABS plastic graded base lined with aluminum even with heavy loads. This wheeled duffel bag also boasts of collapsible zippered lower compartment where you can store dirty clothes.

Other distinct features that this bag has to offer include padded carry handles, top zippered pocket for items you need quick access and large zippered panel pocket with drain port. This bag comes with warranty coverage of free repair due to defect or damage.


  • Lifetime free repair warranty
  • Collapsible lower compartment for extra space
  • Durable product with bombproof nylon fabric
  • Handles are padded
  • Tough ABS plastic based laced with aluminum


  • Not suitable for carry-on luggage because of the size
  • The luggage is not waterproof

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Timberland Luggage Twin Mountain Wheeled Duffle

Another brand name known for the production of quality traveling bags for more than 60 years is Timberland. The Timberland Twin Mountain Wheeled Duffle is available in three sizes 22, 26 and 30 inches. All these sizes come with two separate compartments, which make packing highly organized. This traveling bag is built with compression straps, guaranteed to keep items in place while moving.

best duffel bag with wheels

The Timberland Twin Mountain is made from top quality material. Although, lightweight it’s still considered to be durable. The interior part of this bag has 600D polyester plastic lining, making it ideal for the storage of wet stuff. When it comes to compartments, this bag has multiple outer pockets.

This bag has a special feature of “self-healing zippers” which are useful if you overpacked. The Timberland Twin Mountain Duffle wheels promise stability because a steel bar is installed at the base of the bag, supporting its entire weight. Surprisingly the bag weighs only about 7 pounds which means you can put more things inside the bag.


  • Exhibit quality craftsmanship with its durable built
  • Comes with compression straps
  • Overpacking won’t be a problem with its self-healing zippers
  • Large storage capacity
  • Soft-padded handles provide comfortable support


  • Outer pockets may not function as expected when the bag is fully packed
  • No shoulder straps

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High Sierra Unisex AT7 32″ Wheeled Duffel

High Sierra brand was founded way back in the late 70’s and up to now, they remained committed to producing budget-friendly and quality traveling bags. The designs of their products depict versatility because they can be used anywhere, regardless you are heading off for a short road trip, air travel or weekend getaway at the rugged mountain. All their products promote adventurous lifestyle and High Sierra Unisex AT7 is a good example.

high sierra wheeled duffel bag

This traveling luggage is fit for anyone who is up for any adventure. It’s very versatile as it can function efficiently as a backpack, duffel or wheeled traveling bag. When it comes to mobility the High Sierra Unisex takes pride in having a retractable handle, allowing the traveler to extend when needed or tuck it inside when not in use.

One of the features that make this bag a standout is its high-density foam built. This allows the bag to stay in shape even when fully packed. Plus, the polyurethane inline skate wheels are integrated with ball bearings, for smooth rolling. If your concern is about having more space this bag has main compartment with a zipper divider panel that can be rolled to create additional storage.


  • Multi-purpose bag (as a backpack, duffel bag or upright wheeled luggage in one product)
  • Zippered divider panel makes organizing stuff quick and easy
  • Features innovative locking mechanism
  • Has telescoping handles for stable maneuvering
  • The drop-bottom compartment makes room for bulky items shoes


  • The luggage is not expandable
  • It’s not 100% water resistant

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Eagle Creek Travel Gear X-Large Wheeled

Another brand that produces duffel bag for adventurers is the Eagle Creek Travel Gear X-Large. What makes it different from the previous bag mentioned? This particular traveling bag has a storage capacity of 120 L. And, it’s waterproof and abrasion resistant.

waterproof duffel bag with wheels

If one of your goals while traveling is to have all your stuff tucked in place, then, you got this covered with the Eagle Creek X-Large built-in compression straps. Quick mobilization is among the additional features of this duffel bag. Its over-sized wheels permit traveler easy maneuvering even with a heavy load.

The entire weight of this bag is only 1.5 kilos, which is still considered lightweight. The luggage comes with lifetime warranty guarantee both repair and replacement with no question ask.


  • X-Large storage space that can accommodate 128 Liters of stuff
  • The outer material has waterproofing and abrasion resistance features
  • Can be stored in a tiny pouch when not in use
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee – replacement or repair whatever the cause.
  • Collapsible luggage


  • Designed with no frame, making it appear unstable
  • The bag is not suitable to use as backpack

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Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

For individuals that prefer carry-on luggage the Olympia 8 Pocket with 22” height is a perfect choice. Its decent height passes the standard height requirement of a majority of airlines. This style of luggage also matches a traveler with a short-term trip because its storage space gives enough room for a week’s amount of clothes.

duffel bags with wheels lightweight

The material composition of Olympia consists of 100% polyester, guaranteed for maximum protection. Its in-line skate wheels apply the metal ball bearing system technology for easy rolling.  Similar to other duffel bags this one is designed with a retractable handle that can be hidden when not in use.

Compartment wise, this bag is known for its signature eight (8) pockets and U-shaped top part opening for quick access to the main compartment.


  • Has eight (8) signature pockets
  • Handle has a push-button mechanism that can easily extend or be hidden
  • In-line skate wheels are reinforced with metal ball bearing for improved mobilization
  • The luggage can use as a carry-on bag
  • Durable product made of 100% quality polyester material


  • The luggage is not 100% waterproof
  • It has only 2 wheels

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Thule Crossover 87-Litre Rolling Duffel Pack

When it comes to a trusted gear bag that is highly dependable, Thule brand has indeed made a lasting impression among packers the require enough storage space for all kinds of traveling adventures. Whether you need to bring along your gear essentials like ski boots, gloves, heavy-duty jackets or headgear the Thule Crossover is the right traveling bag.

large duffel bag with wheels

Let’s take a closer look at what this style of duffel bag has to offer. For travelers that are up for extreme and rugged trips, this bag has been proven to cope with any type of impact including frequent dropping with its durable polypropylene back panel. Its wheels bear the trademark of Thule V-Tubing, over-sized wheels, for stable pulling.The handles have telescoping feature for easy handling while on the go. This bag has also customized compression straps that will hold securely 87 liters of load.

And, for your fragile and delicate stuff like eye-wear and gadgets, this bag features a crush proof compartment, called the “Safe Zone”. Here, you can store safely any item that is at risk of breakage while in transit.  The main compartments can be divided for dry, clean as well as wet and dirty clothes. This bag is also categorized as lightweight even with its 87 liters storage capacity because its structure is made from aluminum and waterproof fabric.


  • Equipped with a durable compartment for storing fragile item
  • With separate compartments that can be used for dry or wet clothes
  • Durable wheels from Thule V-Tubing
  • It can hold 87 liters of load
  • Quality material used from Dobby Nylon


  • The product has no shoulder straps
  • A little bit heavy compared to other duffel bags

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OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag (Stealth)

OGIO has become a highly recognized brand in the bag industry. In fact, it has been a leading bag maker with over 30 years track record of producing top quality bags designed for travel. Among the products that OGIO is proud to have released in the market is the OGIO Rig 9800 gear bag. OGIO claims it to be their most elite traveling bag sold in the market. So, what made it surpassed other OGIO’s bag products? This bag ‘s design is very flexible. It can be a sports bag, smart travel bag or gear bag. The construction showcases detailed workmanship throughout, giving the user the confidence of durability after every usage.

ogio duffel bag with wheels

This gear bag also has over-sized wheels similar to Thule Crossover, promising its owner smooth transport even on rugged terrain. OGIO Rig 9800 is inspired by the SLED System, allowing the user to handle it with ease even in extreme conditions. Its construction is made from iFOM integrated foam, giving maximum protection on your gear essentials.

As for your storage concern, this bag has multi-lid compartments and compression straps where more stuff can be stored safely. Maneuvering this gear bag is stress-free because it has a telescoping pull handle. You can easily pull the handle using one hand without any struggle.


  • Can cope with the demands of a traveler despite harsh conditions with its SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck)
  • Has extremely wide lid opening for quick access of items stored in compartments
  • Main compartment comes with a divider panel to organize items and cushioned helmet chamber
  • Body frame is constructed from integrated foam (iFOM) for additional gear protection
  • Comes with telescoping handle for easy operation


  • The bag cannot be used as carry-on because of size
  • Has no locking device

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Gothamite 36-inch Rolling Duffle Bag

The next brand that made it on the list of best-wheeled duffel bags is the Gothamite 36-inch rolling duffel bag. This brand has been known in the market for producing affordable and durable sports and traveling bags. Their designs are geared towards answering the specific needs of the user, either male or female.

waterproof duffel bag with wheels

What makes this bag worth your money? It has spacious luggage, making it suitable for your next travel agenda. There’s enough room to store all your traveling essentials, name it from clothes down to your bulky sports gear. Whether you are off for a hockey or golf tournament, this bag will work for you. It can function as your daily work bag, sports gear bag or traveling luggage.

Let’s move on to its exterior. This bag has lockable zippers and you can use a TSA lock to prevent theft issues while traveling. It has two outer pockets located at the front, allowing you quick access to items inside. Although this bag is categorized as an over-sized duffel bag, it’s still collapsible and can be stored inside your wardrobe, under the bed or any storage space. This product is covered with a 1-year warranty on repair, parts replacement or refund in case of defects.


  • Durable luggage 1200D polyester material used
  • Big bag for long trip or vacation
  • Comes with 1-year warranty or refund for product defect
  • The luggage is waterproof
  • Reasonable price for a quality duffel bag


  • Can be only used as check-in luggage
  • No compartments inside the bag

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AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Duffle Bag

For a conservative traveler searching for a simple and elegant travelling bag, the AmazonBasics Ripstop is a good match. Why? This duffel bag comes in solid black color and top part made from quality reinforced polyester fabric. This type of material is tear and rip resistant, which means it can withstand heavy usage.

best travel duffel bag with wheels

This luggage comes with multiple zippered compartments, giving the traveler the luxury to store and separate items accordingly. The AmazonBasics Ripstop has a removable shoulder strap, allowing the traveler to interchange the strap position depending on his or her transport preference. Or, detach it completely.

Just like other travel and gear bags, the Ripstop from Amazon comes with telescopic handle, for easy operation and handling. It has in-line wheels that give the traveler a smooth ride experience while moving from one location to another, even on bumpy surfaces.


  • Provide convenient travel with its in-line wheels that can stand upright
  • Has telescopic handle, which allows the user to easily pull it with one hand as needed
  • Material used is 100% polyester fabric
  • Keep everything neat and organized with the multi-zippered main and front compartments
  • Sold in elegant black color


  • The luggage has no waterproof feature
  • It doesn’t have a sturdy internal frame

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Different Types of Duffel Bags

Duffel bags come in numerous models. There are small and large sized duffel bags. In fact, you may find a smaller sized duffel bag that can function as a purse. Or, find an over-sized duffel bag that military men used for storing their personal belongings while stationed at a camp.

Some duffel bags may also function as gear bags for athletes and sports enthusiast because they have separate compartments to store clothes, shoes, and gear. There are also types of duffel bags customized to fit the needs of a particular athlete. For example, a duffel bag may have a side compartment to store the netting or soccer ball.

True indeed, anyone planning to buy a duffel bag will be presented with many options. If you are bit a clueless on what type will be the best for you, here are the common types.

  • Barrel Duffel

This type of duffel bag takes the shape of a barrel or tube. It usually comes with straps and available in two designs. The first one is the duffel with a top closure. With this design, the top opening closes through a drawstring. Top closure duffel bags are bigger because they are generally used for storing equipment or regarded as the all-in-one bag. You will find military personnel to be the biggest benefactors of the barrel duffel bag. The material used for top closure design is extra thick canvas fabric material, purposed for heavy usage. This is the reason why the top closure duffel bags are handy for military men dispatched in war zones.

The other design is the side zipper closure. Here, you will find the zipper running along the entire length of the duffel bag. This particular design is either made from canvas material or woven polyester supported with plastic. The actual size of the zippered closure duffel is a bit smaller when compared with the top closure counterpart. They are widely used by athletes that need to carry sports equipment.

Both the top closure and zippered closure duffel bags are classified as one-compartment bags because of the non-availability of multiple pockets. The downside is the items stored inside tend to become disorganized.

  • Squared Duffel

Another type of duffel bag is the squared duffel. Its physical appearance is a box-shaped rectangular bag with side zipper closure. This type of bag keeps everything stored inside organized while on transport.

The body frame composition is made from plastic wire piping and woven polyester reinforcement. That’s why this duffel bag looks rigid at first glance. This duffel bag is preferred by people working in law enforcement, particularly those assigned in the field and need to carry weapons.

  • Wheeled Duffel

The third type is the wheeled duffel. Most of the wheeled duffel bags have the aluminum-based bottom part for stability. Apart from that, they often have wide lid openings for quick access of items, with most having U-shaped zipper closure at the top part of the bag. These bags usually come with partitions or divider panels for better organization. There are also wheeled duffel bags that have expandable compartments to accommodate each traveler’s storage need. This type of duffel is mostly preferred by travelers that need to carry a heavy load.


Benefits of Using Wheeled Duffel Bags

  • The Duffel bag is portable

The construction of wheeled duffel bags is designed for ease in moving from one location to another. All you need is pull the handle and tag along with the bag anywhere you go. This type of travel bag is easy to maneuver, both on smooth and uneven surfaces. And, if you need to ride a taxi this bag can be quickly tossed inside.

  • Affordable pricing

Yes, surprisingly anyone can find a decent price for a wheeled duffel bag without worrying about storage space or sacrificing quality. Just like other travel bags, the duffel bags undergo quality assurance testing prior to release to the marketplace. Bigger savings on your purchase of a wheeled duffel bag means more money to spend on other essentials necessary for your upcoming travel.

  • Versatile

A wheeled duffel bag has many functionalities. It can be used as a backpack, gear bag or wheeled luggage perfect for a traveler. Most of the model of duffel bag can fit inside the airline’s overhead bin as your carry-on. And, to sum it all this type of bag can be wheeled and maneuvered with one hand.

  • Spacious

When it comes to storage space the wheeled duffel bag can answer this specific need. Most brands offer different duffel bags with multiple pockets, dividers and collapsible compartments that comply with the traveler’s storage requirement. Rest assured that even a smaller sized duffel bag can store a traveler’s entire week travel essentials.

  • A wide selection of designs and colors

Unlike the ordinary suitcase that appears to be dull, the wheeled duffel bags come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes. A potential buyer can have the freedom to choose a particular model that matches his or her traveling lifestyle.

  • Suitable for storage of odd-shaped items

Duffel bags are known mostly to be suitable in storing awkward shape items like shoes, sports equipment or electronic devices. So, if you will need to bring your soccer ball or shoes for your next trip, go for a duffel bag.

  • Easy storage requirement

Storing a duffel bag when not in use is less complicated. In fact, it can be stored under the bed, inside your wardrobe or any free space as it doesn’t require too much space. You may even find a brand that provides a storage pouch wherein you can easily flatten the duffel bag and store it.


What Features To Look For When Buying a Wheeled Duffel Bag?

The hardest part when buying a wheeled duffel bag is making a wise decision on which among the available brands will cater to your specific needs. It would be beneficial on the end of a potential buyer to have some idea on features to look for while shopping around. Below are some of the factors to consider before making a purchase.

  • Capacity – Size/Storage

One of the critical concerns that has to be addressed when buying a wheeled duffel bag is size and storage capacity. This feature should be taken priority, especially if you intend to use it for your air travel. Why? Airline companies have criteria on types of traveling bags that would comply with the carry-on policy. The standard size requirement of most US air carriers is around 22 x 14 x 9 inches. A small sized duffel bag usually provides 25 to 50 liters of storage space, which makes it an ideal traveling bag for anyone on a short trip or weekend getaway.

  • Quality and Durability

This refers mainly to the materials used in the production of wheeled duffel bags. Keep in mind, each model may possess special features that would make it a sturdy bag such as the fabric material used for exterior and interior. You may find a wheeled duffel to be constructed from 100% polyester with 1200D that can withstand frequent usage while a high-end brand’s fabric material to have waterproof and anti-abrasion resistant.

  • Carry Options

Another factor that a potential buyer should take into account when making a decision among different styles of wheeled duffel bags is the carry options. Of course, you also need to factor in the size, weight, and length of time you will carry it. Any brand that can offer users at least two carrying options, either as a backpack or tote bag would be excellent. And, check if the brand has a padded backpack strap for added comfort.

  • Bag handle

Among the vital parts that would make a perfect wheeled duffel bag is the handle. Most brands provide two types of handles on their rolling duffels. The highly recommended is the telescoping handle because it’s easy to operate and maneuver. Carry handles come very handy when you have to carry your duffel bag. Some models may offer one or two carry handles. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a brand with a single or two handles as long as it will give you ease while moving or carrying the bag.

  • Number of compartments

Duffel bags are designed to meet the growing demands of adventurous travelers. Apart from having wheels, handles (carry handles and grab handles) duffel bags should also have multiple compartments. Most models of duffel bags come with many interior compartments. There are also brands that have provision for external pockets for quick access of items like passport, mobile phone including earphones.

  • Water Resistance

Being water-resistant doesn’t always refer to waterproof. You need to consider this feature if you plan to use the duffel bag for your traveling itineraries. Duffel bags with water-resistant can protect your stuff against the external elements like rain and moisture. See to it your selections can withstand harsh conditions and prevent moisture build-up inside.

  • Lightweight Built

A duffel bag is generally lighter than other travel bags. Airlines require their passengers to at least carry a travel bag that is lightweight, especially if intended to be checked-in as carry-on luggage. It’s advisable to pick a brand that has lightweight construction to enjoy a smooth ride while moving.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having difficulty deciding on which among the above-listed duffel brands would be the right fit for your travel goals? Below are some of the frequently asked questions that a potential buyer would need further enlightenment.

  • Do all wheeled duffel bags fit inside the airline’s overhead bin?

Not all wheeled duffel bags can be accommodated inside the overhead bin. Smaller sized wheeled duffel bags can fit in, but you have to sacrifice the storage space. Remember, the existence of the wheels and handle could consume space. If you need to load more stuff inside, then, you might go for the wheeled bag. Find a wheeled duffel that meets the airline’s requirement for carry-on.

  • How much will I spend for a wheeled duffel bag?

Prices of wheeled duffel bags do vary depending on the brand, materials used and features. Expect to pay more for a high-end model with extraordinary features like self-healing zippers, over-sized wheels, anti-abrasion, and water-resistant. The amount of money to be spent on this purchase is based on your personal preference. You can splurge for an expensive brand if all your specific requirements are met. However, if you have a limited budget, better choose an ordinary model that offers basic features like wheels, two carrying options and lightweight material.

  • Is there a particular brand that stands out from the rest?

Many brands are available for your selection that offer a wide range of models with varying prices and features. It’s really up to the potential buyer’s perception of what makes that brand a standout from other competitors. It could be the price, quality or add-ons attached to the product being offered. A potential buyer may find a brand meeting all his or her specified requirements while another would still need to keep searching. That’s why we strongly suggest that anyone planning to buy a wheeled duffel bag to read more reviews and check on the brand’s reputation before making a decision.

  • Which is better wheeled or non-wheeled?

All duffel bags, both wheeled and non-wheeled are excellent storage options while traveling. The decision to go for wheeled will be based on the user’s traveling plan. For example, if you are heading to another part of the globe and need to carry more stuff, then, opting for a wheeled duffel bag is more practical than a non-wheeled. Besides, a wheeled duffel would be convenient, both for short and long-distance trips.


Every traveler will need a dependable traveling luggage in order to experience a less stressful journey. One of the best travel bags recognized worldwide to be ideal for traveling is the duffel bag with wheels. Why this particular type of duffel bag? This type of duffel bag comes with the features that any traveler would want like lightweight construction, with rolling wheels, multiple pockets and easy to operate the handle.

Investing in a wheeled duffel bag is similar to the purchase of a conventional suitcase. You need to assess carefully your specific needs and check which among the listed brands qualify. Hopefully, before you finish reading this review you have gathered enough information that will lead to a wise decision.