Best Weekender Bags for Women Reviews 2020

Weekender bags are designed to carry your essentials and other items during a short trip. Although they are meant to carry essential items you need during your excursion, they shouldn’t be too large or too small.

Despite its purpose to carry small and medium-sized items with you on the go, a weekender bag is also a fashion bag thanks to its recent popularity by women. There are a lot of weekender bag designs to choose from, and it’s always great to travel with style and fashion.

Weekender bags, however, are more than just fashion. It should be durable enough and provide multiple compartments to store several items in an organized manner. It should be the only go-to bag you should bring with you during short trips, not too large to be a travel bag nor too small to be a handbag. The best weekender bags for women fulfill this functional hand carries storage requirement without the need to compromise on style.

10 Best Rated Weekender Bag For Women Reviews


S-ZONE Duffel Shoulder Weekend Bag

S-Zone is a reliable brand that excels in making bags that feature both functionality and style. They also make perfect anti-theft bags with improved security and durability to keep your precious items safe and the integrity of your bag from damage.


The S-Zone Duffel type Weekender Bag is made with durable, light, and soft high-density cotton canvas with an accent of genuine crazy horse leather. The leather pieces are trim-stitched by hand, and it features bottom rivets. The metallic components used are made from solid zinc-alloy, making it resistant to rusts and corrosion, as well as having more stability and strength.

This duffel weekender bag measures 21.7″ length x 4.8″ height x 10.2″ width. It has a large storage capacity and can be used as a carry-on bag during flights. It weighs 4.5 lbs.

Aesthetic-wise, it mixes a modern and retro look with the beautiful, smooth cotton canvas accented with the crazy horse leather. Also known as saddle leather, crazy horse leather is a durable hard cowhide that is applied with a special wax. The unique wax enhances the leather fibers and gives a retro look when scratched or rubbed. When used over a long period, the surface becomes soft and smooth to the touch.

It features several compartments to make it easier to access specific items while you’re on the go. The shoulder straps are detachable if you prefer to hand-carry it most of the time on your trip.


  • The price is low and affordable
  • Uses genuine crazy horse leather
  • Blends modern and retro aesthetics
  • Has a large storage capacity
  • Features several compartments


  • The leather straps can transfer a bit of its color to clothing
  • The zipper could’ve been made better

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NEWHEY Oversized Waterproof Duffel Weekender Bag

NEWHEY is the go-to brand if you want premium-quality, stylish, and functional bags at reasonable prices. It offers different types of bags for various personal needs.


This oversized duffel type weekender bag has very generous storage capacity. It is equipped with multiple smaller compartments within the main storage space and on the exterior. You can fit several clothes, gadgets, accessories, and even your laptop inside of it. This is the only all-in-one travel bag you would ever need to spend a night or few when you’re traveling.

To support the weight of the items it can hold, it is made with premium quality materials. Like high-quality genuine crazy horse leather and durable, waterproof canvas. It has bottom rivets to make it sturdier and more durable. It uses zinc-alloy reinforced metal components for its hooks and belts to ensure reliable durability, whether you’re carrying it by hand or using the shoulder strap.

Other features include a robust magnetic button for one of the exterior pockets, making them easier to open and closed tight. It has a rounded handle making it easier to carry by hand. It also has a detachable shoulder strap so you can detach it if you prefer to hand-carry. Furthermore, the straps are also adjustable so that you can adjust how high or low you want the bag to hang on your shoulders. It has measurements of 22.83″ length x 11.8″ height x 11.8″ width, and it weighs 3.2 lbs. It has a beautiful brown color that is fitting for both men and women.


  • Low and very affordable price
  • Made with waterproof waxed canvas
  • Has an ultra-large storage capacity to even fit a laptop inside it
  • Packed with numerous smaller packets from inside and out
  • It has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap


  • Folding may cause some creased discoloration
  • The zipper could’ve been made better

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Komal’s Passion Leather 24-Inch Square Duffel Weekender Bag

Komal’s Passion Leather is an American brand that takes pride in its exquisite leather products that are expertly handcrafted. Borne from the aspirations of a local handmade leather artist, the company has expanded. It supports both local and imported handcrafted products from artists outside the U.S.


This rugged but durable-looking leather duffel weekender bag is expertly handcrafted. This bag is made from full-grain leather and has a durable, olive green thick canvas lining.

What’s very notable about this duffel weekender bag, aside from its premium quality and expert craftsmanship, are the other components that make it overall sturdy. It uses pure brass rivets and high-quality hooks. It uses premium YKK zippers, with a reputation as one of the best zippers in the world, and the parts are expertly stitched.

It has a large storage capacity with one internal zipper and two zippered side pockets on the exterior. It measures 24″ length x 11″ height x 9″ width. It also has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad. As far as aesthetics goes, its ruggedness gives it a retro look that does not look cool and timeless, but it’s a style that can fit both men and women.


  • It is made with premium quality leather and other materials
  • Expertly handcrafted with reinforced durability
  • It uses top-quality YKK zippers
  • It has detachable and adjustable shoulder straps with shoulder pad
  • It has two large zippered pockets on the side


  • It is a little bit expensive
  • It has an odd smell that would take a few hours or days to dissipate

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Seyfocnia Oversized Leather Duffel Weekender Bag

Seyfocnia specializes in making professional duffel bags with years of experience in using innovative technologies to provide customers with high-quality products.They make sure that they are safe, multi-functional, and ergonomic-friendly.


This oversized leather duffel weekender bag from Seyfocnia supports a classic black leather look. It is perfect for all kind of use without looking out of place and out of style, no matter where you are. This gives off an aura of a professional, and it is best paired when wearing professional attire.

This bag is made with high-quality materials such as black polyurethane leather shell fabric and a polyester fabric lining. The bag is waterproof, capable of protecting your items inside from being wet. It has a long durable pair of handles, reinforced with durable hooks. This bag is also durable enough to house large items such as a pair of shoes.

It has a measurement of 20.5″ length x 11.7″ height x 11.32″ width and weighs 3.04 lbs. It has several compartments to store your items to take with you on the go. It has one large inner storage compartment, 1 internal zipper pocket, and 2 insert pockets. It includes a convenient side pocket for a pair of shoes with zipper closure and side pocket. Furthermore, it has a detachable shoulder strap that can be adjusted at your preference.


  • It’s very cheap and affordable
  • Supports a smart and professional look
  • Features a shoe pouch on one side
  • Can store a 15-inch laptop or a large tablet
  • It has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap


  • The zipper could’ve been made better
  • Easily prone to wear and tear

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Rustic Town Handmade Buffalo Leather Duffel Weekender Bag

Rustic Town is a brand that takes pride in its eco-friendly leather bags. Their products feature exquisite designs and natural marbling for an authentic look. Rustic Town employs expert artisans from India to produce their high-quality handcrafted products.


This extra-strong handcrafted leather duffel weekender bag is made with high-quality authentic buffalo hide. To guarantee toughness and durability, nothing beats genuine leather. It has an overall rugged and heavy-duty construction that makes it the perfect travel companion on your trips and adventures. The natural marbling created from every use of this bag creates a pattern that makes your bag unique and distinct in design.

This bag measures 20″ length x 11.5″ height x 9″ width, and it has a large storage compartment with multiple pockets inside.It allows you to organize smaller items such as your pens, mobile phone, and even your credit cards. It also has just the right size to fit overhead or under-seat compartments in planes, allowing you to hand-carry it during flights.

It also comes equipped with reliable and break-resistant YKK zippers that will last you a lifetime of use. It also uses a stout brass fitting and a lining made with thick, high-quality cloth material. It has a very durable pair of padded handles as well as a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that is also padded for your comfort.


  • It’s made with extra-strong high-quality leather
  • Uses YKK zippers that are highly resistant to breaking
  • Built for heavy-duty use
  • Natural marbling makes each bag’s design look unique
  • It has detachable and adjustable padded shoulder straps


  • It’s costly
  • It doesn’t have an additional compartment on the interior and exterior

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Nicole Miller Duffel Weekender Bag

Nicole Miller is a brand dedicated to women’s fashion. Still, it also caters to designs that fit both men and women. This particular weekender bag support a minimalist but contemporary design that looks stylish for both genders.


This elegant and stylish weekender bag is made with high-quality polyester fabric with a faux suede feel and look. This bag is specifically built for traveling in style. Its unisex, contemporary design will always make it look up-to-date with style in any modern setting.

This fashion travel bag measures 21″ length x 12″ height x 10″ width and weighs approximately 3 lbs. It has an ample and wide storage compartment to fit most of your travel necessities such as your mobile phone, extra set of clothes, toiletries, and it can even fit a 15-inch laptop. It’s so lightweight and compact, it can also be collapsed a bit to easily fit into tight spaces such as overhead and under-seat compartments during flights. Its design is approved as carry-on luggage in all major airlines in the U.S. so you can get to keep it close to you at all times.

Its shoulder straps are detachable and can be adjusted at any height or length you prefer. Nicole Miller offers a limited 2-year warranty with a trusted companion promise to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of the product in cases of defects.


  • Stylish, unisex, and modern design that never goes out of date and out of place
  • Its soft side design allows it to collapse a little bit to fit into tight spaces
  • It has a large storage compartment
  • It has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • It comes with a two year warranty period


  • It is slightly expensive
  • It doesn’t have additional compartments

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TIANNUOFA Water-resistant Leather Tote Weekender Bag

TAINNUOFA is a brand that makes home products with family-friendly designs. It also creates stylish tote weekender bags that are easy on the budget.


The TIANNUOFA tote weekender bag is made with polyurethane leather, and its lining is made with durable nylon fabric. It has a light brown color, which gives it a stylish look, perfect for traveling under the clear skies and bright sunshine. It also looks good, fit for use for both men and women.

Aside from being water-resistant, this tote type weekender bag is also very durable thanks to its excellent stitching and use of high-quality metal hooks, shoulder strap, and hardware. Its bottom rivets are dust-proof, and it has a buttoned strap for its handles. Its shoulder strap is detachable and also adjustable to your preferred length or height.

This bag measures 19.6″ length x 11″ height x 10.6″ width and only weighs 1.9 lbs. It’s one of the lightest weekender bags in the market, and it’s a good thing because you have more weight to spare when checking in your luggage during flights. Notable features include the use of a two-way zipper, and it does not contain any smell even fresh out of the box.


  • It has a low and affordable price
  • It’s water-resistant to protect your items inside the bag from being soaked in water
  • Its bottom rivets are dust-proof
  • It is expertly sewn and durable
  • It features a two-way zipper


  • Zippers aren’t on par with the quality of YKK zippers
  • It’s a little smaller for some people who like to bring more stuff on the go

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KomalC 24-inch Leather Duffel Weekender Bag

KomalC is a brand associated with Komal’s Passion Leather with the same roots, passion, and aspiration. This brand also supports local and imported handcrafted leather products.


This 24-inch duffel type weekender bag is made using the most beautiful full-grain buffalo leather available.It is expertly handcrafted by veteran craftsmen by trade. Rest assured that the source of these high-grade buffalo hides is ethical by standards. Hence, you get to enjoy this premium-quality product conscience-free. Buffalo hide is famed for its toughness and durability. Because it’s all-natural, it exhibits disorderly wrinkles, scars, and scratches that give it a wild and retro look. It also provides each bag with a distinct natural pattern that is unique to every bag.

But it’s not just the leather that’s durable. This weekender bag uses only the best-quality YKK zippers and sliders that are famed for their resistance to breaking. It also has heavy-duty brass fittings, double-cap brass rivets, an inner lining made with premium canvas. It also uses formidable double-stitch to further the durability and strength of the product. Its handles are extra thick to make sure it can withstand the combined weight of the bag and your items.

This bag measures 24″ length x 11″ height x 7″ width and weighs 4.85 lbs. It has a water-resistant lining and an organized pocket for your pens, cards, and mobile phone. It also includes additional pockets inside the main compartment and a small zippered pocket on the exterior. The shoulder straps are detachable and can be adjusted to your liking.


  • It supports a classic, vintage look
  • It has a large storage compartment to bring more stuff with you on the go
  • It uses break-resistant YKK zippers and sliders
  • Designed for heavy-duty use and is water-resistant
  • Natural marbling of leather gives each bag a distinct look unique to each bag


  • It has quite a hefty price tag
  • It may look too rugged and retro to suit some women’s tastes

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Vera Bradley Microfiber Duffel Weekender Bag

Specializing in women’s fashion, particularly in accessories and luggage, Vera Bradley strives to make women’s lives better with its products. This brand also specializes in using fabrics that are lightweight, durable, and water-repellant.


This elegant microfiber weekender bag is truly a black beauty with a simple yet imposing design that is only accented with the silvery sheen of its metal zipper and slider. Its neutral black and simplistic design make it the perfect travel companion if you don’t want to be flashy yet stay stylish.

This bag measures 22″ length x 11.5″ height x 11.5″ width, and it’s made with durable microfiber. It has a pair of 15-inch handles that double as a pair of shoulder straps. It has one main storage compartment and 4 smaller pockets inside. At the front, it has a small zippered compartment to store smaller items for easy access as well as elastic mesh pockets at the back and one on each side.

With these many pockets, you have easier access to your smaller items while you’re on the move. The overall strength and construction of this microfiber duffel weekender bag are quite impressive due to its 49L capacity.


  • Stylish, color-neutral design that’s not too flashy
  • Has a large storage capacity
  • It has a lot of internet and exterior pockets to store smaller items for more comfortable access
  • It has a durable pair of 15-inch handles that double as shoulder straps
  • It is carry-on compliant with most major airlines


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It doesn’t use a removable shoulder strap

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Kenneth Cole Reaction “I Beg To Duff-er” 20-inch Duffel Weekender Bag

Kenneth Cole Reaction is a brand catering to apparel, accessories, and fashion that is designed for both men and women. They offer a wide selection of products with a budget-friendly price range without compromise on style and functionality.


A fancy bag with a fancy name, the “I Beg To Duffer” bag is made with imported luxurious Columbian cowhide leather and supports an all-black color. This black leather aesthetic gives it a smart and professional look. It is also very durable, and it ages beautifully by creating a natural marbling to make your bag distinct from the rest and unique on its own. It also has a full tear-resistant interior lining to make it even more durable and withstand wear and tear.

The “I Beg To Duff-er” weekender bag measures 20″ length x 10″ height x 12″ width and weighs 4.35 lbs. This gives it a sizeable storage compartment with two full-length zipper pockets and two open-top pockets in the interior. On the exterior, it features a small open-top pocket to allow the storage of smaller items for ease of access.

This weekender bag features a pair of premium coil zippers that are self-repairing to prevent cases of stuck or broken zippers. It is also carry-on size compliant with most major airline companies so you can bring this with you on your seat. Its size allows you to store it on the overhead or under-seat compartment during flight. Kenneth Cole Reaction offers a lifetime limited warranty so you can purchase this product worry-free and with assurance.


  • Made with premium-quality Columbian cowhide leather
  • It has a large storage compartment with multiple pockets
  • Uses a pair of premium self-repairing coil zippers
  • It has a removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap that can extend up to 60 inches in length
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It’s quite pricey
  • Some may find its design to be too bland and masculine

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Different Types of Weekender Bags for Women

Despite the assorted designs, weekender bags tend to look the same from one another. However, there is a slight difference among weekender bags for women that you can categorize them into two types: Tote and Duffel. Telling these two apart can be quite confusing as they share almost the same structure and sets of features. Knowing the difference between the two can help you determine the type of weekender bag you have, or you plan to purchase.

  • Weekender Tote Bag

This type of weekender bag usually has a carry handle enough to fit and wear over your shoulder that you can alternatively use instead of the shoulder strap. Tote bags are typically square and less rectangular, and it carries this trait as weekender bags. These are usually smaller than Duffel type weekender bags. Unlike regular tote bags that have an opened top, these are zipper-sealed to make sure your things are safe and secured inside the bag.

Tote type weekender bags are usually more popular with women because of their style. Still, these aren’t meant for heavy-duty use, unlike the duffel type.

  • Weekender Duffel Bag

This type of weekender bag is usually larger than a tote type weekender bag. It is also wider and has a cylindrical or cuboid shape and features an almost full-length zipper closure. The build and quality of this type of weekender bag are usually more heavy-duty than the tote type. Its design focuses more on functionality than fashion because of its ability to carry more stuff.

Despite its name, duffel bags are actually ‘gym bags’ because the original duffel bag is a cylindrical tote-entry bag using a drawstring for its top closure.  Gym bags are hoop-handled and hard-bottomed zipper bags. This confusion has become so prevalent that it is now generally understood that when people say duffel bags, most of the time, it refers to gym bags instead.

Unlike regular duffel or gym bags, duffel type weekender bags are more fashionable, and they usually contain more compartments. Gym bags typically use polyester and nylon as the material of choice because of their ability to prevent wet clothing from soaking through the fabric while duffel type weekender bags use more variety because they aren’t limited to use for the gym, sports or exercise-related activities.

Although the tote type is more popular for the ladies, you can still spot women sporting a fashionable duffel type too. It’s a popular choice for those who tend to travel a lot and carry more stuff than they can put inside their handbag.


Benefits of Weekender Bags for Women

Weekender bags offer a lot of benefits. For short trips that could last for a night or few, a weekender bag helps you carry your most important travel essentials. However, fashionable weekender bags give even more benefits to women who like to travel in style.

The following are among the many benefits of weekender bags for women:

  • Storing Spare Clothes

When you’re out for a short trip, it’s always wise that you bring an extra set of clothes with you. Weekender bags are spacious enough to accommodate a few garments, but don’t bring too many since you’ll be needing some space for other stuff as well.

  • Spacious compartments

Some weekender bags are designed with several compartments to organize your carried items. This makes specific items more accessible to you without the need to open the main storage compartment.

  • Style

The one thing that benefits women the most by using a weekender bag is fashion. Weekender bags aren’t just used for traveling, but they can be used when out at the beach or shopping. Women like to be fashionable, and they can stay in style when using a weekender bag while doing outdoor activities as well.

For a travel bag, a weekender bag can be paired with matching apparel to look stylish without look dull or odd.

  • Better Security

Weekender bags feel more secure when you can see them and have them closer to you. Backpacks and rolling suitcases can feel less secure because they are away from your eyes as you move. Weekender bags have a shoulder strap so that you carry them while having them close to you at all times where your eyes can see them. Tote type weekender bags can even be carried closer than duffel types.


What Things To Consider When Buying a Weekender Bag

When choosing the right weekender bag for you, there are several factors to consider before you make your decision. There are a lot of fashionable and functional designs. Still, not all of them can satisfy whatever features you are looking for in a weekender bag.

  • Size and Capacity

Weekender bags come in different sizes and shapes. It would be a smart move to gauge how much stuff you usually carry and for what purpose so that you’ll be able to determine the size you need. It shouldn’t be too large, and it must be compact enough to be hand-carried without too much difficulty.

Take note of how many compartments are available.This makes it easy for you to organize your stuff and gain easier access to certain items, like your wallet and phone, you need to take out even while on the go.

  • Handles

This is usually overlooked, but for women who know their sense of fashion, this is one of the essential features of weekender bags. A weekender bag that has long handles allow you to use them to wear over your shoulder or elbow just like you would in a handbag as an alternative to using the should strap. This makes the weekender bag feel more secure with your valuable items because it’s closer to you.

Shorter handles provide you a tight grip on your weekender bag, and it’s usually more durable than longer handles.

  • Shoulder Strap

Shoulder straps can make carrying the weekender bag more comfortable, and it reduces the stress on your biceps when you hand-carry it. Shoulder straps are usually included in weekender bags, but not all designs make them detachable. Some weekender bags also have adjustable shoulder straps to suit the varying needs of different consumers.

  • Material

Weekender bags are made with different materials that correspond to their type and design. Tote type weekender bags are usually made with cotton, canvas, and other durable synthetics, while duffel type weekender bags generally use leather, nylon, and faux leather, to name a few. Take note that the type of materials used usually determine the expected durability of the weekender bag. If you prioritize functionality, it would be wise to get a bag made with sturdier or more durable materials.

Other components you should have a keen eye for include the type of materials used for the shoulder strap, the handles, and the snap hook of the shoulder straps.

  • Weight

Using more lightweight weekender bags allows you to carry more stuff with you compared to more massive weekender bags. Bags made with certain materials such as nylon and microfiber tend to weigh less cotton or canvas. Although having a lighter bag that allows you to carry more items is a good thing, you shouldn’t be complacent with its construction. When you’re carrying more items, more substantial weight can put stress on the materials, and the bag loses its overall durability over time. When you have a heavier but sturdier bag, you will get the durability and longevity you’d expect from it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my weekender bag for longer trips?

A Weekender bag is usually meant for shorter trips that could last for a single night to a few days. Although some weekender bags are designed to be durable, they aren’t intended to be used for more extended periods for several reasons. Firstly, they’ll quickly lose durability. This could easily ruin fashionable weekender bags. Second, the storage space isn’t enough to accommodate extra clothing that could last for trips that could last more than 3 days or so. And lastly, it’s called a weekender bag, not a travel luggage. If you plan to spend long days away from home, it’s better if you bring a travel or rolling suitcase with you instead.

  • Can I use my weekender bag as a gym bag?

It is advisable not to. Even though the duffel type weekender bag is essentially a fashionable iteration of the gym bag, it is not meant to be used as one. Gym bags are primarily used for carrying clothing and other necessities with you to the gym or for other sports-related activities. These are designed to prevent wet clothing from soaking through the fabric, and it traps moisture and sweat inside from leaking out. Therefore, if you use a weekender bag as a gym bag, you would most definitely ruin it.

  • Can I use my weekender bag for everyday use or work?

Weekender bags aren’t mean to be used for everyday use or work. Other bags are more suited to the task. It isn’t recommended to use weekender bags like you would use regular tote bags for shopping and groceries either. The reason why it’s called a “weekender bag” and not an “everyday bag” is because it’s meant to be used for short trips during your free time, which is usually on the weekends.


Weekender bags aren’t your regular, everyday bags. These are meant to be used during short trips to carry essential items you’d need, such as your phone, extra clothing, accessories, and your toiletries. With a wide selection to choose from, these fully-functional travel companions can be as stylish as you want.

Weekender bags have found surging popularity with women thanks to unisex and dedicated designs that cater to their tastes. To find the best weekender bags for women, you have to weigh in specifics needs and figure out which type of weekender bag suits you the best.

This detailed guide will help you find that ideal weekender bag for your short trips and leisure walks to the beach and other getaways without compromising your sense of fashion.