Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks Reviews (2020)

If you always take your laptop with you to school, work, or during trips, you have to invest in a good backpack. Most people will tell you that a backpack is much better than a tote bag, briefcase, and a rolling bag. Besides, you can still stuff other items in your pack, and it will always be comfortable.

Now that you know a backpack is the way to go, which one should you go for? Well, most packs can hold a laptop, but not all are capable of protecting it. To be on the safe side, I would advise you guys to purchase the best waterproof laptop backpacks. These packs are designed to protect your expensive gadgets from getting wet. Moreover, you will find them to be stylish and so comfortable to wear.

So, how do you know that a pack is waterproof? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because I have reviewed some of the top-rated laptop backpacks you can find in the market. I am pretty sure you will get something that suits you. Stay with me because you have a lot to learn about waterproof laptop backpacks.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks Reviews

Our staff went out of their way and tested a total of 40 packs to identify the best laptop bags. Below are the backpacks that we found to be ideal for your laptops.


MATEIN laptop Backpack

Looking for a highly functional pack that will keep your laptop protected when in transit? Well, the MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack should be a good fit for you. It is a casual pack that has a simple look, but it will do the job nicely. I am pretty sure this little backpack will exceed your expectations because it has so many excellent features. Let us see what this beauty has to offer.

The first thing that I like about the MATEIN backpack is the fact that it offers a lot of space and pockets. You can pack your books, binders, lunch, a change of clothes, and travel accessories as well. It has a heavily padded separate laptop compartment that can hold a 15.6-inch laptop Notebook. It also has a small pocket that you can keep your Ipad. The pack also features a large main compartment that is perfect for packing your pouches, umbrella, clothes, and other items. You will also get a front organizer compartment that is ideal for packing your novel, books, phone, and pens.

Another impressive attribute that you will like about this pack is its comfort. For starters, this bag has generous padding in the back panel, and most importantly, it allows air to circulate freely. You don’t have to worry about sweating, even when you carry the pack for long hours. The padding ensures that you remain comfortable for a long period of time.

This waterproof pack also comes with a built-in USB charger that helps you charge your phone as you are on the go. The other cool feature is the anti-theft pocket that is located at the back. It is a great place to store your passport, cards, any other essential documents.


  • Comes with a luggage sleeve on the back panel
  • Has plenty of padding around the back area and shoulder straps as well
  • It is made using a durable and water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Comes with a USB charging port and a built-in charging cable on the inside
  • Offers plenty of space and pockets which come in handy when you need to pack a lot of items


  • The laptop compartment should have enough padding

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Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a much more secure laptop pack, then the Macro Business backpack should cut it for you. It is a very stylish backpack that is designed to fit a 15.6-inch laptop. With this pack, you do not have to worry about your gadgets getting wet. You can walk with it in the rain, and the contents in your bag will remain dry. Below are some of the attributes that make this laptop backpack great.

One of the features that make this bag stand out is the external USB charging system. The system serves as a connection between the outside and inside of the backpack. In simpler terms, you can connect the system with your laptop or power bank and charge your phone from the outside. This is an excellent feature because the charging port is always at your disposal.

The Macro backpack offers a lot of space to pack your items. It has a capacity of 40 Liters and has several pockets to help you organize all your belongings. The main compartment is where you get the dedicated laptop sleeve. This sleeve runs along the back to help with weight distribution. The main compartment has several small zippered pockets that are ideal for items such as your charger, mouse, and cables. Remember that the main compartment is where the USB cable enters into the pack.

In terms of construction, this is a high-quality backpack because it is made from a high-grade 900D nylon- a material that is waterproof and water-resistant as well. At least, you do not have to worry about your valuable gadgets getting wet.


  • The pack comes with a decent carry handle on the top and padded shoulder straps
  • It has adjustable compression side straps that hold items on the side
  • It has an anti-theft combination lock which adds a bit of protection to the pack
  • Comes with a convenient USB port which offers a more convenient way to charge your gadgets
  • The dedicated laptop sleeve is well padded to provide enough protection for your laptop


  • The side pockets are tapered thus making it challenging to pack water bottles

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YOREPEK laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack that offers plenty of space, then the YOREPEK laptop pack is your best bet. It has a large capacity that makes it ideal for work, travel, and school as well. This pack has been in the market for a very long time, and users have been giving it a good rating. So, let us see why people like the YOREPEK Laptop Backpack.

One of the things I really like about this pack is its large capacity. You can pack a lot of items in this pack because it offers a capacity of 45 liters. Unlike most laptop backpacks, YOREPEK has lots of compartments and several organizational pockets as well. It has a dedicated laptop pocket that can fit a 17-inch laptop. With all these pockets, you will have an easy time packing and accessing all your items.

This backpack is designed to offer high levels of comfort to the user. For instance, it is easy to spot its padded wide shoulder straps. You can adjust the size of the straps to achieve a comfortable fit. These straps feature a breathable mesh fabric that helps to improve comfort. Secondly, the back panel boasts of having a multi-panel airflow design that provides comfort and back support.

Apart from space, this pack has a lot of features that make it stand out. For instance, it has an earphone pass-through that makes it easy to use your headphones. It also comes with a built-in charging port that allows you to charge your phone on the go. Another remarkable feature is the flexible Velcro strap, which helps keep your laptop in place.


  • Comes with adjustable compression straps that increase stability while walking
  • Has over 20 individual pockets which make it easy to organize all your stuff
  • It is made using a 1680D double layer polyester fabric and a high-quality nylon lining
  • It has a USB charging system that makes it possible to charge your phone or power bank conveniently
  • Comes with plenty of comfort features such as compression straps, padded shoulder straps, and a padded back


  • Might be too large for most people
  • The stitching is a bit weak

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Sosoon Travel Laptop Backpack

Keeping your laptop in excellent condition when going to work or school should always be your number one priority. Luckily, you can keep your laptop protected by purchasing this backpack by Sosoon. It is a great bag, not only for carrying your notebook but also for traveling. It has enough space to pack books, documents, and other necessary accessories. Below are some of the attributes that make the Sosoon a high-quality pack.

As I have just mentioned, the Sosoon Travel laptop backpack has enough space to pack your items. This awesome pack has one main compartment, which offers enough room to carry your accessories and daily necessities as well. There is also a front compartment that has pen pockets, a key fob hook, and a few extra pockets that you can use to pack small items. Of course, there is a dedicated laptop compartment that holds any laptop that is 17 inches and below.

The Sosoon laptop backpack comes with a unique anti-theft design that ensures all your expensive items are protected. This bag has a hook fixed on the side, and it comes in handy when you need to fasten the zipper of the laptop pocket or main compartment as well. The other nice security feature is a hidden pocket that is located at the back. This awesome anti-theft pocket is ideal for keeping valuable items such as your phone, passport, or purse.

You will also appreciate the fact that this pack is made using a 1680D double-pile polyester. This material is water repellent, meaning that it will protect your gadgets from getting wet. Besides, the pack features reinforced stitching, which helps to improve durability.


  • Has adjustable shoulder straps that come with massage mats that increase comfort
  • It has a large laptop compartment that can hold a laptop of up to 17 inches
  • Comes with high-quality zippers that are easy and smooth to open
  • Comes with a built-in USB charger that makes it easy to charge your phone while traveling
  • Has a luggage strap that comes in handy when you are traveling through an airline


  • It lacks padding at the bottom of the laptop compartment
  • The backpack might rip off from the inside

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Tocode Laptop Backpack

Sometimes, you will need a large backpack that can fit a laptop and any other items you might need. In such cases, you might want to check out the Tocode 17.3 stylish travel backpack. It is a stylish pack that offers much functionality without sacrificing its overall look. I am pretty sure you will love this awesome laptop backpack.

Tocode is a large backpack that offers up to 35 liters of capacity. It can provide that much capacity because of its multiple compartments. For starters, it has a special compartment that is meant for your laptop and tablet. This pocket has an elastic Velcro strap that is meant to hold your laptop in place. Besides, the laptop compartment is padded on one side to ensure that your laptop is well protected against shock or impact.

You will find that it is so easy to organize your belongings because of the extra pockets. The pack has two side mesh pockets that are ideal for water bottles; 4 zipper pockets, two pen loops, and two small inner pockets. With all these pockets, you can carry magazines, pens, keys, books, a change of clothes, water bottles and your mobile phone.

The construction of this pack is top quality. For instance, it is made using a water-resistant oxford fabric that is sturdy and incredibly durable. Additionally, the pack has a water-resistant polyester lining that helps to keep your gadgets and other items dry.


  • It is a backpack that can be used on occasions such as short hikes, school, business travel, and outdoor activities
  • It offers a USB charging system that comes in handy when you want to charge your devices
  • Comes with a breathable back pad that protects your back from discomfort
  • It is equipped with metal zippers that have an anti-theft lock
  • It is made using a durable, water-resistant oxford material


  • The inside is not strong enough
  • The pack may not withstand heavy rain

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Swiss Gear SA1908 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you have probably heard of the SwissGear brand. It is a famous brand that makes high-quality products. At least you will be confident that you are investing your money in a good laptop backpack. Below are some of the features that make this pack a great buy.

First and foremost, this pack is excellent in terms of organization. It has four large compartments, and each one of them has several internal pockets that will make organization easy. Each compartment has strong double stainless steel zips that can be secured using a padlock. The largest compartment has a zip that is designed to open all the way down like a briefcase. This makes it easy for you to pack and unpack your belongings.

Unlike most of the backpacks, the Swissgear SA1908 has a special laptop compartment that is equipped with ScanSmart technology. This technology makes it easy for you to pass through security checks at the airport with less hassle.

The other awesome thing about this pack is the fact that it is super comfortable. The back panel and shoulder straps are heavily padded to ensure you remain comfortable. You will also note that the back has some ventilation holes that allow for optimum air circulation. The ventilation helps you keep cool and dry even when wearing the bag for a long time. The shoulder straps are designed in a way that helps to distribute the weight of the pack evenly.


  • The size of this backpack makes it a great carry on for most airlines
  • Has two external pockets that are ideal for storing items that you will need to access easily
  • Has an open viewing compartment that has enough padding on the back
  • Comes with a TSA friendly ScanSmart feature which allows you to go through security checks easily
  • Has a special pouch for keeping your mp3 player


  • It lacks a USB charging system
  • It is only available in color black

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Feskin Unisex Slim Business Laptop backpack

Feskin is a great buy for anyone who fancies a compact and lightweight laptop backpack. The pack has a slim profile that makes it ideal for students or business people who just want to carry a laptop and a notebook. Feskin can fit a slim laptop that is around 15.6 inches in size and still leave enough space for a book or two.

This awesome backpack is designed to be lightweight and durable as well. These properties can be attributed to the oxford fabric- a material that is water-resistant and durable as well. Apart from the fabric, Feskin comes with a faux leather trimmings that give the pack a decent look. It also has metallic zippers and buckles that are incredibly durable.

This pack might be lacking in capacity, but it has a total of 7 pockets. These pockets are great because they allow you to keep your items in an organized manner. The pack has one main compartment where you are supposed to pack your laptop. It also has two front pockets of different sizes and a couple of side pockets as well.

The other cool thing about Feskin is its adjustable shoulder straps. They are nicely padded, and they feature a breathable mesh fabric to allow air circulation. The straps will ease the pressure on your shoulders and prevent excessive sweating when you carry the pack for a long time.


  • It is unisex and available in a number of colors
  • It has a slim profile and faux leather trimmings that give it a stylish look
  • Comes with multiple pockets to ease the organization
  • It is made using a high-quality and lightweight oxford fabric


  • The zippers are a little flimsy
  • The stitching might come out after a few uses

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Hap Tim Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a women-specific pack, then you might want to check out this backpack by Hap Tim. It is a stylish looking pack that every woman will fall in love with. The Hap Tim backpack will protect your laptop and gadgets from possible damage. Below are some of the features that make this pack useful.

One of the cute things about this pack is its large opening. It makes it easy for you to pack and access items easily. Apart from the main compartment, this bag has several exterior pockets that are ideal for storing small items. Any mom will find this pack to be great, especially when traveling with a toddler.

In terms of comfort, the Hap Tim Laptop backpack does not disappoint. It is equipped with shock-absorbing straps that ease the pressure on your shoulders. Moreover, it has thick padding on the back, and this helps you to remain comfortable even when the pack is fully-loaded.


  • Comes with a well-padded laptop sleeve that can hold laptops that do not exceed 15.6 inches
  • It is quite easy to pack because of the large opening and exterior pockets
  • Has an earphone pass through that enables you to listen to music on the go
  • Features a durable, water-resistant exterior
  • Has a sturdy suitcase strap on the back


  • It is only available in three different colors
  • Some users complained that it is not lightweight

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OUTJOY 17 In Laptop Backpack

The OUTJOY 17-inch laptop backpack is a good option for anyone who is looking for something versatile. This is one of those packs that have everything you might need. Below are some of the attributes you might like about OUTJOY.

If you are looking for a completely waterproof pack, you can’t go wrong with the OUTJOY 17-inch laptop backpack. It is made using waterproof exterior polyester fabric, and it is equipped with a premium rain cover. The cover is hidden at the bottom, and you can always use it whenever it is raining heavily.

This pack is designed to be comfortable enough for the user. It is able to achieve this through an ergonomic back construction and padded shoulder straps. The shoulder straps and back panel are made using comfortable and breathable pads to allow for free air circulation.


  • Has a sturdy luggage strap on the rear to make your travel effortless
  • Has multiple compartments and pockets to facilitate easy organization
  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover that is located at the bottom pocket
  • It is equipped with an external USB interface and a built-in charging cable as well
  • It features a shockproof laptop compartment that can fit a 17 inches laptop


  • The pack is a bit heavy
  • Lacks padding on the bottom section where your laptop makes contact with the ground

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KOLAKO Travel Laptop Backpack

Our last pick in this roundup post is the KOLAKO Travel Laptop Backpack. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable unisex pack. You can use KOLAKO as a bag for business travel or daily commute. Students can also use it as a school bag. Let us see what this bad boy has to offer.

KOLAKO Travel Laptop Backpack comes with so many compartments to ensure that all your items fit. There is a dedicated laptop compartment that can hold compartments of up to 15.6 inches. You will also get a spacious compartment for packing your daily necessities. The pack has a front compartment that has pen pockets and several small pockets to keep your items organized.

The backpack is made using a high-quality nylon garment fabric that is known for its impressive waterproof properties. Besides, the fabric has a PU back coating that makes the bag resistant to wear and deformation.


  • Comes with a fixed password lock and strong metal zippers
  • Has a USB charging port on the side as well as a built-in charging cable on the inside
  • Comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps that enhance comfort
  • Offers lots of storage space and pockets
  • It is very affordable


  • The lock is not as strong as you would expect
  • Might leak in some water if you walk in heavy rain

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Different Types of Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

As you well know, most backpacks come in different colors, styles, and designs. The same case applies to waterproof laptop backpacks. This explains why there are so many different packs in the market to the extent that you might feel confused when you go shopping. Before you make any decision to purchase a laptop pack, it is crucial that you know the various types you have at your disposal. This helps you narrow down your options in a significant way. Below are some of the types that you need to know.

  • Standard Packs

Standard packs happen to be the first category, and they are so common among people. I believe people love the standard waterproof laptop pack because of their compact and lightweight design. These packs do not offer much space as compared to the others. A standard backpack comes in handy when you only need to carry your laptop, Ipad, mobile, and charger.

In my opinion, a standard pack should only be used occasionally because sometimes you will need to carry other items, and this pack won’t help in such a situation. All in all, this should be a good option for anyone who wants something small and lightweight.

  • Basic Packs

The other common type is the basic waterproof laptop backpacks. These packs are a bit advanced than standard packs because they tend to offer more functionality. A basic pack will offer more space and pockets, which means you can pack a laptop, Ipad, books, and other items that you might require.

The good thing about basic packs is that they are nicely padded on the back panel and the laptop sleeve as well. The fact that they offer more space than standard bags means they are ideal for students and office workers. Amazingly, these packs provide enough protection for your laptop, and they do not pack a lot of weight as well.

  • Heavy Duty packs

The last type of packs that you can find in the market is the heavy-duty laptop backpacks. This particular type is the best option for anyone who wants to spend some extra money on a pack. Luckily, heavy-duty backpacks tend to offer incredible durability as compared to their counterparts.

These packs are always made using high-quality materials, and most importantly, they have so many extra features that help in protecting your belongings. Finally, these packs offer ample space and incredible comfort.


Benefits of using a waterproof backpack

Sometimes people do not recognize the importance of purchasing a waterproof laptop backpack. In most cases, people will always go for ordinary laptop bags because they are much cheaper. Unfortunately, regular packs won’t protect your laptop in the best way possible. So, it is always good that you go for a waterproof bag because it has a lot to offer. Below are some of the benefits that might convince you to purchase a waterproof backpack:

  • Protects Your Laptop

This is obviously the main reason you need to have a waterproof backpack. It does not make sense to have a pack that will expose your laptop and other gadgets to water or other harsh weather conditions. Waterproof backpacks are designed to keep moisture from making its way into the interior. This means that you won’t have to incur huge losses as the interior of your pack will always remain dry. Besides, a waterproof laptop backpack has a well-padded laptop sleeve that absorbs any shock or impact. At least, you do not have to worry about your laptop breaking.

It is recommended that you check the material that is used to make your backpack. A good waterproof pack should be made using rubber or plastic because they also tend to be dustproof. Besides, you can also choose a pack that has so many layers so that you can be guaranteed enough protection.

  • It is easy to use

Anyone who has used a waterproof backpack will tell you how convenient it is. For starters, you do not have to worry about the contents in your pack because they will always be safe. Secondly, most people find these packs quite easy to use because they are designed to sit comfortably on the back. As you well know, waterproof packs come with a lot of extra features that improve your comfort. Finally, you will find it easy to commute with these packs as compared to rolling bags, tote bags, or briefcases. You will always have freedom of movement whenever you are wearing a waterproof laptop backpack.

  • Prevents muscle strains

If you always struggle with muscle strains when carrying the ordinary packs, then you need to re-evaluate your decisions. A good laptop pack should always give you the desired comfort, and this is precisely what you get in a waterproof laptop bag. Its shoulder straps have a nice shape, and most importantly, they have enough padding to prevent muscle strains around your shoulders. The good thing about the straps is the fact that they are able to keep the weight of your pack evenly distributed.


Factors To Look For When Buying A Waterproof Laptop Backpack

 If you happen to own a laptop, I am pretty sure that there are times you are supposed to carry it with you from one place to another.  That means you need to invest in a perfect laptop backpack to help you carry your device safely.  In case you are interested in purchasing the best backpack for your laptop, I will guide you through some of the things you need to consider before buying one.

  • Material 

One thing you should know is that the material of your backpack determines whether it will be durable or not. However, investing in a lightweight and long-lasting pack is a perfect idea. We all want something that will give us service for quite some time without wearing out quickly.  We have different materials available in the markets which are used to make laptop backpacks. These include;

  • Canvas-  going for a laptop backpack made out of canvas material is a good deal. It is very durable, and water-resistant, which means that your laptop will remain protected even during harsh weather conditions.
  • Polyester and nylon- the material is lightweight and very durable. It is important to note that these materials cannot protect your laptop from shocks. They are easy to clean and dry out quickly.
  • Leather- purchasing a laptop backpack made of leather makes you look stylish. Leather laptop backpacks are perfect for travelers, business people, and also students.
  • Memory foam-  the material can absorb shock, which keeps your laptop protected and undamaged at all times.

  • Size of your laptop

We all know that laptops come in different sizes. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the size of your laptop before purchasing the perfect backpack for your device.  You don’t want to end up with something too big or too small for your laptop.

  • Comfort

Apart from carrying your laptop, you may be required to carry other accessories with you. You should, therefore, go for a laptop backpack that is padded around the shoulders to make you feel comfortable whenever you carry it.  Also, the choice of your pack should allow air to circulate comfortably to avoid stress on your skin.

  • Style

When it comes to style, we all agree that people have a different sense of fashion and style. Some people prefer locking modern designs, while others find clean designs comfortable for them. You should, therefore, choose a laptop backpack that you are comfortable with depending on your sense of fashion.

  • Security

If you are carrying your laptop when traveling from one place to another, you should make sure that your laptop is well protected.  When purchasing the best laptop backpack, you should consider a backpack that offers maximum protection in case of theft or even weather.  A good laptop backpack should have a specific compartment for putting your laptop to remain protected and undamaged.

  • Carrying capacity

When choosing the best backpack for your laptop, you should consider its carrying capacity. Well, some backpacks only have a space for your laptop, while others can house other items that you may require. In case you are a learner, you should go for a backpack with enough space to carry your books, pens, and binders as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get about laptop backpacks. I hope the answer I have provided will help you out.

  • Are waterproof laptop backpacks 100% waterproof?

Well, most of the laptops that we’ve reviewed are meant to keep your items dry during rainy conditions. Unfortunately, water seeps in through the stitching or zippers when you are exposed in the rain for a long time. Bags that come with a rain cover are the only ones that you can count on during heavy rains.

  • Which is the perfect size for a laptop backpack?

There is no definite answer to this question. However, a good backpack should fit a 17-inch laptop and still offer enough space to pack other items. Make sure the backpack you choose can be used as a carry-on as well.

  • Which material is the best for a waterproof backpack?

There are several materials that are used to make excellent waterproof backpacks. Nylon, oxford fabric, polyester, and PVC Tarpaulin are some of the best waterproof materials.


In summation, it is my sincere hope that the information I have provided has been eye-opening. You will definitely find it easy to pick the best waterproof laptop backpack from the list I have provided above. Make sure you read the factors to consider section so that you make the right buying decision.