Best Waterproof Backpacks For College Reviews 2020

A spacious and comfortable backpack is what you must-have for college. Campus life is fun, and it can become more carefree with a good backpack that fits everything you throw into it. Finding the perfect balance with capacity, durability, practicality, and comfort is not easy, and above all, staying in style is also important.

In this article, we will look at some of the best waterproof backpacks for college for your convenience. We have included the best quality bags that can bear the load of your heavy things, are easy to carry on your back, and look stylish as well. Let’s review each of our selected items in detail.

Reviews of Top 12 Best Waterproof Backpacks For College


Mancro Laptop Backpack

Mancro offers a range of backpacks for school, college, office, and travel. This one is a laptop bag with plenty of space for stashing your college notes, books, and your everyday gears.


The laptop backpack comes with multifunctional pockets. There is plenty of space for accommodating all your supplies with a laptop. The backpack is spacious enough to fit your laptop within the size of 15″. It features more than ten small and big compartments that you can fill to suit your needs. You can keep your books, notes, stationery, files, and tech gears in these different sizes of pockets.

The backpack is thoughtfully designed. It has a special USB cable for charging your laptop without taking it out of the bag. However, you need a power charger for this purpose as well. There are two separate pockets outside for holding your water bottle, umbrellas, or other such essentials. The backpack comes with a special lock to keep your things safe inside.

The bag features a front pocket that you can also use for storing your essentials including the medium size of books. The bag is waterproof. It is made with good quality polyester that does not absorb water. It has a reinforced bottom that makes it durable. With metal accessories used in its construction, it can endure daily wear and tear very well. It’s a very lightweight bag and easy to carry in your daily routine.

Overall, it’s a spacious bag with too many compartments. The zipper can be locked conveniently, so your essentials remain safe from theft. With all these features, the bag is priced very reasonably. It is a very cheap backpack for those who have a tight budget.


  • Too many compartments
  • Easy to carry
  • A USB cable for charging laptop
  • Reinforced seams
  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • The zipper can be locked
  • Affordable price


  • The small zipper is not very durable
  • The USB cable can be annoying if you don’t need it


Tzowla Laptop Backpack

Another great option from TZowla. They provide high-quality backpacks at reasonable prices.


Although it is a backpack, you don’t have to carry it only on your back. It features a suitcase strap for sliding the bag on a luggage tube; you can attach it to the luggage belt for conveniently sliding the bag with you. The backpack has a hidden pocket for storing your valuables and cash. The pocket is designed so that it sits on your back and safe from pickpockets.

This backpack also comes with a special charging port, so your laptops and tablets never run out of power. The USB charging port provides easy access to charge the laptops in the bag. The bag has padded straps for carrying easily. With its special airflow design, you don’t feel burdened even when the bag is loaded with books and notes. The padded straps make the heavy bag comfortable for you to carry.

There are plenty of compartments for better organizing your things. A special laptop sleeve fits the tablets or laptops up to 15”. The laptop pocket has a velcro strap for holding the laptop inside safely. Besides the laptop compartment, it features a main compartment and a front pocket as well. Two mesh pockets on sides can be used for placing water-bottle or umbrella.

Overall, it is a beautifully designed backpack that looks great and is very functional at the same time. Its multiple compartments, hidden pocket, side pockets, and high-quality polyester design makes it an excellent option for college.


  • Spacious backpack
  • Comes with USB and Headset port
  • Available in different colors
  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Anti-theft hidden pocket


  • Pricey backpack
  • Battery and headphone port is not very easy to fix


Vaschy School Backpack

These are colorful and easy to carry backpacks that are designed for college and high school students. Their stylish and functional design makes them very popular among students.


A very simple design but still stands out as a premium backpack for college students. The backpacks have unisex designs, so they are used for both boys and girls. You can choose your favorite color as they have too many colorful choices.

The bag is made of high-quality polyester material that resists water. Not only the material keeps your essentials safe in the water, but it is very easy to carry as well. The material is also heat resistant and perfect for outdoor use.

The bag is carefully sewn and has a reinforced bottom that makes it all the more durable. The backpack is spacious enough to store your essentials, including your laptops, smartphone, and tablets. It features a special padded sleeve for keeping your laptop safe and cushioned against all jolts and bumps.

There are three inside pockets for storing small things like keys, pens, calculators, or wallet. All things can be organized conveniently without forming any clutter inside your bag. The front pocket features a special hook key, so you never misplace your keys.

The bag has small details that make it look premium and are very convenient. It has leather pulls on zippers for easy zipping and unzipping. The SBS zippers are easy and smooth to slide open. Like our previous options, this one features special side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella. It also has a USB port for headphone or charging.


  • Too many colors to choose from
  • Padded sleeve for laptop
  • Headphone port
  • Water-resistant material
  • The padded suede-like bottom makes it very durable


  • The padded bottom makes it bit heavy
  • May get some watermarks after rain


XDesign Laptop Backpack

This one is another classic beauty for your everyday use. The simple and elegant backpack has a modern look and comfortable to carry as well.


The backpack has spacious capacity. It can hold all your essentials like notes, files, laptops, and other things. The bag features a special padded compartment for your laptop. Many other pockets keep your things organized and easy to access. The backpack is designed for a carefree look. It features an audio port so you can take calls or listen to music hand free.

The backpack is crafted with special anti-scratch material. It remains new for long and stays in pristine condition. The bag features a special luggage strap so you can use the backpack for traveling as well. Besides having a headphone port, it also provides a USB cable for keeping the laptop well charged.

The backpack is designed to keep your essentials safe inside. Secure zippers can be locked to enhance security. The backpack is easy to carry, as well. It comes with adjustable straps. The cushioned straps ease off the pressure from your back and make it convenient to carry.

Overall, it’s an elegantly designed backpack that is easy to carry. Its high-quality material and reinforced stitching make it a very durable option. The bag has a minimalist design but still stands out as a very stylish and practical option.


  • Scratch-free material
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Combines style and simplicity
  • Secure zippers
  • Tech-friendly design


  • Available in only one color
  • Bit small in size as compared to our previous options


Ambor Backpack

Ambor bags are made with high-quality material. This one by them is a very durable option for those who need a water-resistant backpack for long use.


The backpack is made with high-quality Oxford material. It’s a synthetic material that is durable and does not absorb water. The material is shiny and won’t degrade with time easily. Another good thing about the material is that it is very easy to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth, and it becomes as good as new.

The backpack is safe for storing your valuables. It features a combination lock for security purposes. Everything remains safe inside the bag. It’s a modern design that suits the carefree campus life. The bag features a special headset port and a USB port for charging your laptop, tablets, or mobile phone.

It is designed to suit your needs. With its special pockets and compartments, you can stash in everything you need to carry with you including laptop, books, sports suit, or stationary. It’s a unisex design with a perfect black color. Some may feel the lack of color variety, but it looks stylish and classic in black color.

The backpack is lightweight and very easy to carry. The bag has a large filling capacity, but it makes the load easy to carry and won’t make you feel burdened due to its padded structure.

The straps are adjustable, and it has a special chest strap to hold the backpack at its place. It not only keeps the bag stable on your back but also distributes the weight evenly on your back, taking the burden off your shoulders and neck. Overall, it’s a good quality backpack with long-lasting durability. It is reasonably priced, and we can call it a mid range option.


  • A combination lock for safety
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Plenty of space for all essentials
  • Reasonably priced
  • Chest strap for easy carrying


  • Available only in black color
  • One can overstuff it due to its bigger size


JanSport TDN7 Backpack

This one is a premium option for those who can spend some extra bucks for better quality. The JanSport backpack is designed for college students.


The backpack is a combination of style and functionality. It features two main compartments and lots of pockets for carrying everything you need conveniently. All pockets and compartments are zipped, so your valuables remain safe. It also has a front organizer panel for keeping your small things at a place where they are easy to access.

One of the best parts of this backpack is lots of color choices. It comes in 35 distinct colors, so you have a large variety to choose from. Select the color that fits your mood, personality, and style the most. Whether you want a decent soft one or a vibrant color, the backpack looks equally good in all color choices.

The bag has lots of capacity. It’s an extra-large size and can fit your sports shoes or gears along with books conveniently. Even with its extra-large size of capacity, the bag stays comfortable for carrying. It features special S-shaped shoulder straps with a padded back panel. It is comfortable to carry all day.

The backpack is designed for durability. The manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty. You can easily replace or ask them to fix the issue with their good customer service. Overall, it’s a good option for those who are looking for a durable backpack. It is a bit pricey but gives true value of every penny spent.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Special laptop sleeve and pouch for cables
  • Many pockets for organizing your clutter
  • Durably crafted


  • No charging port is provided
  • Limited color choice


936Plus College Backpack

This one is designed for men and teen boys. It is a spacious premium quality bag that comes at an affordable price.


It’s a spacious bag made with high-quality material. It is a perfect solution for carrying things to school, college, gym, or even camping. The backpack provides plenty of space. Different compartments and pockets help you keep your things well organized.

It features a laptop sleeve that can fit a 15″ laptop, phone, tablet, notes, books, and everything that easily. Another small pouch inside can be used for keeping your chords and earbuds.

The backpack has plenty of pockets for all types of assortments. A hidden pocket keeps your expensive phone safe. There are side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella.

The bag is made of special water-resistant material. It can handle light showers well, keeping your books and laptop moisture-free. The raindrops form little beads on its surface, and the material does not absorb the moisture.

The bag is crafted carefully to stay in good condition for long. It has a densely woven shell with reinforced seams. With its supple faux-suede bottom, it is designed for the long haul.

The bag is designed to look stylish and modern. It is simple to design with an embroidered logo in the middle that enhances its beauty. There are little details that give the backpack its unique appeal. It has special YKK zippers that look great and slides open or close smoothly.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who want to stay in style. The backpack is very lightweight and helps you carry a load of your things easily.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Special laptop sleeve and pouch for cables
  • Many pockets for organizing your clutter
  • Durably crafted


  • No charging port is provided
  • Limited color choice


Gaysan School Backpack

Gaysan is a reliable brand that provides assortments of accessories and bags for everyday use. This one is specifically designed for school and college.


The backpack is designed with superior quality of nylon. Nylon is a lightweight material that is strong and stays in good shape for long. It’s not only strong but has a little stretch to it. The fabric is also moderately water-resistant and may keep your things safe in a light shower.

The bag has a main zipped compartment for storing your books, files, notes, or clothes. It features a back compartment that is small and can be used for storing your purse and phone. A special laptop sleeve can accommodate your 15″ laptop.

There are several other smaller pockets for sorting out your stationery, cash, or other smaller things. There are side pockets for water bottles as well.

The backpack has a padded back and shoulder strap for easy carrying. The extra padded back and bottom can bear weight well. Overall, it’s a vintage-style backpack that is easy to carry. It comes with a twelve months warranty that is very reassuring. The bag is available in twelve vibrant and decent colors.


  • Made with high-quality nylon
  • Sleeve for 15″ laptop
  • Padded back and bottom
  • Great for carrying heavy things
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • The bag is water-resistant, not waterproof
  • The laptop sleeve is not padded


OutJoy Backpacks

This one is a bit different design. The unisex backpack is also a little more expensive than most of our previous options. It’s a high-quality school bag that can also be used for travel purposes.


It’s a bag with extra-large capacity. Almost all our previous options can fit 15-15.5″ of laptop. This one is even bigger and allows you to carry a 17″ laptop conveniently.

The outer material of the bag is made of polyester that resists water. A unique feature is its rain cover that is hidden at the bottom of the backpack. You can take it out and cover the bag in case of heavy rain. It will protect your inner things from getting wet.

The backpack is designed with special anti-shock airbag technology that makes it shock absorbent. It can handle bumps and jolts without affecting your laptop inside.

The unisex design of the bag is great for both boys and girls. It features a special draw bar on the rear for occasions when you want to slide the bag on a luggage puller. The bag has plenty of space for all your essentials. It is divided into compartments so you can keep your things well organized.

It is comfortable to carry. Its back panel is well-cushioned and covered with mesh. The mesh allows plenty of airflows, so you don’t feel sweaty when carrying the bag. Overall, it’s a premium option with a little extra price. But its large capacity and a special rain cover give it its unique appeal. The extra features justify the price of the backpack.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Padded back
  • Mesh on the back allows airflow
  • Special Laptop sleeve


  • Bit large if you have a 15″ laptop
  • No padding at the bottom of the backpack


Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 Backpack

This one is the most expensive backpack on our list and for a reason. It is a secure backpack with an anti-theft locking system. It is stylish, durable, and a very practical solution for carrying everything you need conveniently.


The backpack includes a special sleeve for a 15″ laptop or Macbook. The main compartment is roomy enough to store your sports gear and books.

The bag makes sure your important information remains safe. It uses special RFID material for an internal pocket that blocks all transmission between 10 MHz to 3 GHz virtually. It covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards, and other key cards. The zipped compartments give quick access to your essentials and keep your things organized.

Even when the bag is fully loaded, the bag is comfortable to carry. It has padded straps that you can adjust as per your comfort. The straps can be adjusted from 26-36 inches. It is made with lightweight material that is also water-resistant. Its 25-liter capacity is enough to carry your daily commutes. It is available in four distinct colors.


  • Premium quality bag
  • RFID protected seal pocket
  • Features a sleeve for 15″ laptop
  • Durable construction
  • 100% polyester made bag


  • It’s an expensive college bag


BOLANG College Backpack

Bolang designs high-quality backpacks with timeless style. This one is specifically designed for boys. The college backpack has a large capacity and is perfect for college students.


The bag is made of high-quality nylon material. The material is both water and scratch-resistant. The fabric does not absorb water, but still, it’s not a good idea to carry it out in the rain without any cover as water may drip in through zips and seams.

The backpack has a large capacity. With its laptop sleeve, several compartments, and multiple pockets, you can store all you need in college. The multi-pockets help you organize your little things. There are six inner pockets, two pockets for pens or stationary, two side pockets, and four main compartments. So there is plenty of space for anything from your tech and sports gear to books.

The bag can be carried in two ways. You got those shoulder straps for carrying the pack on your back. It also has another top handle so you can pick it up like a tote bag. The bag is thoughtfully designed with its small touches. The zippers have rope knots that are easy to pull. The zippers are easy to slide open with these knots.

Overall, it’s a decent option for college-goers. The good material of the bag makes it look great throughout your session. The bag comes with a 12 months warranty as well.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Can be carried in two ways
  • Available in many colors
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Durable design
  • Zippers with rope knots


  • The zippers can get stuck easily


ZBRO DRY2 Backpack

The last one in our list of best college backpacks is this Dry2 bag that is made of high-quality PVC free material. The bag keeps your valuables safe and dry even in heavy rain.


The backpack is made of high-quality material. Unlike ordinary backpacks that are water-resistant, this one is a 100% waterproof backpack. The bag features one special compartment that blocks out moisture and keeps the things inside dry and safe.

The bag provides decent storage capacity with a 25-liter size. In a special laptop sleeve, you can fit a MacBook or tablet. It is made perfectly safe for your valuables. The sleeve is removable. Only a laptop sleeve and an inner pocket are 100% waterproof. The rest of the bag can only resist a small number of water splashes.

The bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are ergonomically designed that fit around shoulders comfortably. The shoulder straps are padded, so they release pressure points. Carrying the bag is made easier with an additional strap around the waist. The chest strap is equipped with UTX safety buckles that fit around your body and help you carry the heavy bag comfortably.

The bag is stylishly designed. It has a different design than the usual simple backpacks. The exterior is designed with straps and buckles that make it look colorful and stylish.


  • The airtight compartment is 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable and well-padded
  • Ergonomically designed shoulder straps
  • Fits 15″ laptop perfectly well


  • No color choices
  • Does not feature too many pockets


What Things to Consider When Buying a Waterproof Backpack for College

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting a backpack for college.

  • Material

Probably the first two things you should consider are the material of the backpack and its capacity. Good quality material is important for too many good reasons. It determines the durability of your backpack as the college backpack is stuffed with books, gym gears, and other things. The cheap material will tear off easily. Also, the material should be water-resistant. It should be able to keep your valuables safe in the rain.

Polyester, nylon, oxford, these are the materials used for making backpacks. All of these options are good. Just make sure you choose a backpack with a non-abrasive exterior. It will stay good for long and is easy to wipe clean as well.

  • Capacity

That should be a personal choice, but most of the time, we need to stuff too many things in a backpack for college. Also, you cannot have one without a laptop sleeve. Just make sure the sleeve fits the size of the laptop you have. The size is mentioned in specs for customer’s convenience.

  • Design

While you need a practical backpack with plenty of space, staying in style is also very important. There is a wide range of designs available in the market. Some are cool and funky, and others are decent and elegant. So choose one that suits your personality.

Also consider, not all backpacks offer too many color choices. In our list of the best waterproof backpacks for college, not all options have too many color choices, so if you have a particular favorite color, make sure to choose an option that provides the color choices.

  • Special Feature

In this advanced age, you expect something extra from your backpack too. There are plenty of useful features that can be looked for in a modern backpack. Having a USB and headset port are some of the most sought after features.

A USB port allows you to keep your tablet or laptop well charged in the bag, so you never run out of power. A headphone port allows you to keep enjoying the music or take calls without taking your smartphone or laptop out of the bag.

  • Weight of Bag

It should be lightweight so that you can carry it comfortably. The bag will be stuffed with all sorts of stuff, too heavy material will make your bag heavier.

  • Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps are very important for comfortably carrying the bag. These should be ergonomically designed, so they fit around your shoulders perfectly. The weight of the bag should be well-distributed on your back. The straps should hold the bag on your back.

Another thing you should consider about these straps is that they should be padded. The soft and well-cushioned straps will enable you to carry the heavy bag comfortably. It will ease off some of the burdens from your back and shoulders.

  • Padded Bottom

Padded straps are important for comfort, but a padded bottom is essential for durability. Without a padded bottom, the bag would not be very durable. It will tear easily due to the weight of your heavy books, laptop, and other essentials.

  • Reinforced Seams

Cheap bags can’t bear the load of heavy books and may tear from seams easily. So make sure the bag is sewn carefully and has reinforced seams for added durability.

  • Waist Strap

A waist strap is not essential, but it will make the carrying of your heavy bag convenient. The strap around the waist will take off the load from your back and should and will distribute the weight evenly on the waist and legs.

  • Safety

You have all sorts of people on a college campus, including thieves and pickpockets. Be careful of the security of valuables when you are buying a backpack. Some of the backpacks offer a lock system for keeping your things safe. So make sure to invest in a good locking system for protecting your essentials from pickpockets.

  • Price

Backpacks are available in different price ranges. Even on our list, we have some cheap, mid range, and premium options. The choice is yours. It’s good to set a budget at first and look for the best option in that budget.

We will recommend not to settle on cheap bags. It is something you need to carry all the time stuffed with books, notes, and all types of essentials. A cheap bag won’t be able to last long. So make sure you invest in a good quality backpack that stays durable for long.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are water-resistant and waterproof the same things?

Water-resistant and waterproof are not the same. Almost all of these bags are water-resistant. That means they are made with good quality synthetic material like nylon and polyester. The fabric does not absorb water well. So that makes these bags water-resistant.

Waterproof is completely safe from water. Although these bags do well to protect your things in the rain, you cannot rely on these bags, considering them waterproof.

Even with good material, water may drip in through zippers and sewn lines. So make sure you cover the bag with some extra protective layer to keep your valuables moisture-free.

  • How to Wear a Backpack so that it does not cause any back pain?

The college backpack can be heavy. Having all those academic notes, laptop, and sports gear in one bag can make it heavy. It is important to wear the backpack correctly so that the weight is well distributed, and it does not cause any back pain or shoulder stress.

First of all, choose the right size and make sure the straps are adjustable. The bag should position right in the middle of your back. If you have a petite structure, choose a shorter bag. Adjust the straps, so the bag stays high up on your back. It should not lie loosely above your hips.

Also, wear the bag on your back on both shoulders. A popular trend among students is to carry it on one shoulder. That can put extra pressure on one shoulder.

All weight on one shoulder can lead to a poor posture and, ultimately, back, neck, and shoulder strain. In short, you should;

  • Choose the right size
  • Adjust the shoulders
  • Wear the bag high
  • Look for a waist strap

  • How does a USB port in a backpack work?

A USB cable of the port is just a port located in your laptop conveniently for charging the tablet or laptop without taking it out of the bag. The USB cable in the backpack can be connected with a power bank for charging the laptop. So you need to have your portable battery for on the go charging.


A good quality backpack with plenty of space is essential for college life. And choosing the right backpack is important if you don’t want to replace the backpack too early. At least it should be able to last a whole year before you need a new one.

Also, you will be stashing all your valuables in that you can’t risk getting wet. So water-resistant or waterproof material should be your first choice. Make sure you go through the buying guide and consider all your options before you pick a backpack.

All options in our list of the best waterproof backpacks for college are carefully selected for your convenience. Make sure you choose one that fits your needs and budget, and above all, suits your personality.