Best Waist Packs Reviews With Buying Guide 2020

Waist packs have been in the market since the 90s, but people almost forgot about them. These packs have made a comeback in the last few years, and they have become more common. Waist packs are also referred to as hip packs, lumbar bags, or fanny packs.

Nowadays, people are leaning towards the use of waist packs when they are traveling, hiking, fishing, running, and bike commuting as well. This confirms the fact that waist packs are versatile and quite useful in most situations. Besides, everyone looks good in a waist pack because they are designed to be stylish.

In case you are looking for a nice fanny pack, you are in the right place. I have rounded up ten of the best waist packs on the market. These packs are quite great for packing your phone, cards, passport, and snacks. I am pretty sure that you will get your hands on a nice waist pack by reading the reviews and buying guide section as well.

10 Best Rated Waist Packs Reviews

In this section, I am going to walk you through the specifics of each waist pack so that it becomes easy for you to identify the fanny pack that suits you.


FREETOO Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack

If you are searching for a fanny pack that can accommodate a lot of items, then I would suggest that you go for the FREETOO Waist pack. It is the best fanny pack for both men and women. This pack receives a lot of positive feedback from users, and it is by far the best waist pack you can purchase. The pack might look a bit simple, but it has all the features you might need. Let’s get into the specifics of the FREETOO Waist Pack so that you get to see what it is all about.

As you would expect from the best hip packs, the FREETOO pack has enough room and pockets to keep your belongings organized. For starters, it has five zippered pockets of different sizes. The main pocket has enough capacity to hold a 16oz water bottle; this pocket also has a small zippered compartment that you can use to pack your valuables. You will also get a zippered exterior pocket that is placed behind the waistband.

The other attribute that makes the FREETOO pack great is the durable construction. It is made using a 1000D Polyester material which is super durable and water-resistant. Apart from the durability, you can easily tell that this pack has exquisite overall craftsmanship. Besides, this hip pack is sturdy and soft enough to offer comfort to the user.

This waist bag has a comfortable and adjustable strap and a strong buckle. With this strap, you can adjust the pack to fit you well as it offers an adjusting range of 23.6 – 45.3 inches. It does not matter whether you are skinny, huge or there in between; this pack will fit you perfectly.


  • The style of this pack allows you to wear it on the waist, under your arm, or over the shoulder
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty
  • This pack has tough and heavy-duty zippers that will rarely break
  • Comes with plenty of zippered pockets
  • It is made using high-quality and water-resistant materials


  • It is only available in one color
  • It lacks RFID technology

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The Waterfly fanny pack is the perfect waist pack for anyone who wants to go for a walk or hike. It is a bit unique that most fanny packs and this is why most people rate it. WATERFLY is an ideal pack for anyone who would like to carry snacks, water, and any other small items. I believe this is a great pack for light hikers. Let’s see why it is quite popular among hikers.

In case you are looking for a waist pack that will fit you well, then you can trust the WATERFLY Fanny Pack. It comes with an adjustable waist belt that can accommodate a waist size range of 22 – 52 inches. Apart from adjustability, the waist is designed to reduce any pressure on the waist. At least, you can hike or trek without any discomfort around the waist.

In terms of capacity, the WATERFLY is designed to carry a lot of things. It has two elastic mesh pockets that can accommodate two water bottles pretty well. Apart from that, it has three separate zipper pockets that you can use to pack small items such as credit cards, keys, phone, or an iPad mini as well.  The zippered pockets also come with several interior small compartments.

Unlike most waist packs, the WATERFLY Fanny pack comes with a breathable back pad. This means that you will find the waist belt pretty comfortable because it will wick away sweat, and reduce any pressure whatsoever.


  • The pack comes with interchangeable straps which allow you to convert it into a sling bag or shoulder bag
  • Comes with a nicely padded waist belt
  • Has multiple pockets that help you to organize your stuff easily
  • Has two water bottle holders that can hold small umbrellas as well
  • It is made from a water-resistant nylon material


  • The mesh pockets are not that strong
  • The water bottles might fall off if you bend

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Lewis N.Clark Women’s RFID Waist Pack

The Lewis N.Clark Waist Pack is a great option for those who travel a lot. You can also wear it when you want to head out and do some shopping. Lewis N. Clark should be your close companion wherever you are travelling abroad. I like it because it has RFID-Blocking technology, and this keeps you safe from identity theft and electronic pick pocketing as well.

This is a women-specific pack, and it is designed to keep your information protected. It is a good waist pack for carrying credit cards, documents, passport, money, and small electronics. With this pack, you will find it easy to move as it features an ultra-thin design. Once you wear it on your waist, it will be difficult for thieves to spot it.

Although the Lewis N. Clark money belt is quite thin, it has multiple compartments that house all your essential documents in a secure manner. You can stash everything in different pockets so that it becomes easy to access them. There is a pocket that has RFID protection because it is meant for your credit cards and passports.

This ultra-thin pack is made from rip-stop nylon fabric. It is nicely designed and lightweight as well. Its impressive construction makes it durable and long-lasting. Besides, the pack adopts travel dry technology that keeps moisture and odors at bay.


  • It is ultra-thin and lightweight as well
  • Comes with a nice waist strap that allows you to adjust the size
  • Has an RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft
  • It has so many organizational pockets that make it easy to pack and access your items
  • It is available in so many colors


  • The waist strap is not sturdy, and you will have to keep adjusting it
  • This is a women-specific pack

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Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

If you are searching for a nice little waist pack for outdoor activities, then the BP Vision is your best bet. The pack is designed to sit tightly on your waist, and this means that it won’t swing or move around as you are walking or running. Below are some of the main attributes that make this fanny pack incredible.

For starters, the BP Vision lumbar pack is highly-rated for its functionality and versatility. It is designed to be used as a shoulder pack and a waist pack as well. This is the reason why it comes with two extra shoulder straps. You can wear it in three various ways, and this is a huge plus for anyone looking for a stylish fanny pack.

The design and construction of this pack is nothing short of spectacular. I am saying this because it is made using wear-resistant nylon fabric. It also has a breathable mesh lumbar which improves air circulation and comfort. This waist pack is available in so many colors and has several straps that make it look cool.

The BP Vision Fanny Pack features plenty of pockets to help you organize your stuff easily. As I mentioned earlier, this is an outdoor pack, and that is why it has a large capacity. It comes with two water bottle mesh pockets, two exterior side zipper pockets, and three front zipper pockets.


  • It is a great pack for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and running
  • Comes with two extra shoulder straps in case you would like to use it as a shoulder pack
  • It is made using a high-quality and durable material
  • Has an adjustable waist strap
  • It is nicely padded to provide high levels of comfort


  • Comes with so many straps and some of them are unnecessary
  • Does not have a waterproofing coat

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CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

CREATOR is a nice tactical waist pack that is designed to be the perfect addition to your travel. It is lightweight but spacious enough to meet your daily needs and keep you organized while you are on-the-go. This is one of those versatile fanny packs that you can use for hiking, cycling, travelling, and shopping as well. Below are some of the key attributes of this awesome waist pack.

For starters, the CREATOR Tactical waist pack is made using a 1000D nylon- a material that is so durable and lightweight. You will definitely enjoy having this pack on your waist because it won’t weigh you down. Apart from that, the material is water-resistant; it will prevent water from getting into the pack.

The other great thing about this incredible fanny pack is the fact that it comes with plenty of pockets. It has a total of four zippered compartments; there are the main pocket and three front pockets. I also like the fact that this waist pack is molle compatible. You can attach a pouch or any other tool that you would like to carry.


  • This tactical pack has a one year warranty
  • It has enough space to pack all the necessary items you need when going about your stuff
  • It is made from a durable material
  • It is molle compatible thus making it great for attaching additional pouches
  • Has a removable and an adjustable waist strap


  • The waist buckles are made from cheap plastic
  • The compression straps are kind of unnecessary

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Kipling Women’s Merryl Waist Bag One Size

Kipling Merryl is an attractive looking waist bag that is specifically designed for women. It has a monkey trinket attached to it, and this makes it attractive to the ladies. This pack has a simple design but most importantly, it has enough pockets to keep everything you need close to you.

Kipling Merryl is considered to be a great waist pack because of its versatile nature. You are not restricted to wearing this pack on your waist. It allows you to wear it over your shoulder as well. This fanny pack comes with added side rings which you can use to attach shoulder straps.

The Kipling Women’s Merryl waist pack boasts of having three main compartments. These pockets vary in size, but all of them are zippered. You can pack your belongings pretty well because these pockets will help with organization. With this pack, you can keep all your lady stuff closer to you.

The other attribute that stands out in this pack is the design. It is pretty, durable, lightweight, and functional as well. You can carry this fanny pack with you while traveling, shopping, running or even when taking a stroll.


  • Comes with nice-looking heavy-duty zippers
  • Has a Kipling trademark furry monkey which doubles up as a trinket
  • Has spacious pockets that can hold your stuff pretty well
  • The waist strap is designed to fit you adequately
  • The pack is made using a lightweight and durable material


  • It has a simple look that may not be favored by most females
  • It is not available in many colors

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Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack

Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack is a good choice for anyone who is looking for something simple and versatile at the same time. Just like all the other packs we have reviewed, you can wear the Herschel Seventeen Hip pack on your waist or over the shoulders as well. The way you choose to wear it depends on your personal preferences.

If you are not into waist packs that have many pockets, then Herschel Seventeen is the ideal pack for you. It comes with one main compartment that is spacious and has several internal organizational spaces and pockets. The main compartment is lined with nylon fabric to ensure that all your stuff remains dry in case it rains. Apart from the main pocket, the pack also has a smaller zippered front pocket that you can use to pack small items such as keys and receipts.

The Herschel Seventeen Waist pack is made using 100% polyester- a fabric that is abrasion-resistant and durable as well. Besides, this material is combined with a nylon lining that gives the pack that extra protection against weather elements.

As I mentioned earlier, the Herschel Seventeen doubles up as a hip pack and a shoulder pack as well. It comes with an adjustable waist strap and a 16.5 inches shoulder drop strap. You can use either strap depending on how you want to wear the pack.


  • It comes with waterproof zippers to ensure that your belongings are well protected
  • It can be used as a shoulder or waist pack
  • It is easy to clean this pack because it is made using a polyester fabric
  • The strap on this pack is easy to adjust
  • The pack has a lightweight design


  • The front pocket is a bit too small that it is difficult to access it
  • The stitching around the zippers is not strong enough

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JanSport Women’s Fifth Avenue, Parent

A fanny pack is a must-have if you love traveling about in town and you do not want to carry a larger pack. I understand that not everyone fancies carrying a fanny pack, but this particular pack by JanSport has an attractive design that makes it look good on anyone. This woman-specific waist pack has a lot to offer in terms of functionality.

The good thing about this women-specific waist pack is that it is available in so many colors. You can even purchase several pieces and have them match some of your outfits. Some of the options have some cool prints too. I am pretty sure that the prints and colors will have people turning their heads when they spot them.

The JanSport Women’s waist pack is a versatile pack that you can use as an everyday pack. It is a great fanny pack when you are hiking, shopping, travelling or strolling about. The pack has a large main compartment which is spacious enough to hold your snacks and other basics that you might require. Apart from this compartment, the pack comes with a zippered front pocket that should keep your small items secured.

This fanny pack is designed to serve you for years without losing its strength. This can be attributed to the fact that this pack is made using a 600D polyester and a 420D nylon. You don’t have to worry about your items getting wet when it drizzles.


  • The pack has a headphone or earphones exit that means you can listen to music on the go
  • It weighs 4 ounces meaning it is a lightweight pack
  • It is made using durable and water-resistant materials
  • Comes with an adjustable waist belt
  • It is available in different colors and patterns as well


  • The buckle is a bit flimsy
  • It lacks padding on the waist belt meaning it is a bit uncomfortable

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Piel Leather Travelers Waist Bag

The Piel Travelers Waist Bag is a special pack that is designed specifically for leather lovers. It has been nicely handcrafted in Colombia, and it certainly has a classic and rugged look onto it. Piel is definitely one of those packs that will make you fall in love with fanny packs. Let’s see what makes the Piel Leather Waist Bag stand out among all the other packs.

By the look of this awesome pack, it is easy to tell that it features a top-notch construction. As I mentioned, it is a handcrafted waist bag, and this means that it has nicely done seams. The finishing of the seams was done pretty well, and you can tell that the stitching is sturdy. Also, the waist bag is made using full grain genuine leather which gives it a rugged and classic look. Genuine leather is so durable, and you won’t have to replace the pack anytime soon.

The pack has three zippered pockets; the main compartment, the front pocket, and a pocket that is hidden on the back. In addition, the main compartment has several internal fabric pockets that help you organize your stuff. The roomy compartments should hold your cards, money, keys, phone, pens, and any other items that you would like to carry.

Finally, the waist strap on this pack is also made using genuine leather. The strap is adjustable, and you can detach it whenever you feel like. There is no doubt that the full leather construction of this hip bag makes it so durable.


  • It has a hidden pocket that is ideal for keeping small items or money for emergency
  • All its pockets are lined with nylon, meaning that they are waterproof
  • The seams and zippers are pretty strong
  • It is made using genuine leather which is extremely durable
  • It has a stylish and classic look


  • It is pricier than other waist packs
  • It looks small and awkward when worn by men

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Alpine Swiss Fanny Pack

Our last waist pack in this roundup article is the Alpine Swiss fanny Pack. The fact that I have put this pack as the last pick does not mean it is a lousy waist pack. This pack will definitely come in handy during your regular trips, hikes, and when you go shopping. Let’s see what the Alpine Swiss has to offer.

This fanny pack by Alpine Swiss is made using ballistic nylon- a material that has great water and tear resistance properties. You don’t have to worry about your pack tearing or wearing off quickly. Besides, your electronics and money will remain dry even during wet conditions.

The other good thing about Alpine Swiss Fanny Pack is the fact that it comes with so many pockets. There is a small front pocket, a center top inside pocket, a back pocket, and an organizer pocket as well. These four pockets come with zippers, and they should help you to arrange your items pretty well.

Apart from the four zippered pockets, this waist pack has a mesh pocket that you can use to hold your keys or any other small items.


  • This pack comes with an adjustable waist strap
  • It has multiple compartments for organizational purposes
  • It is made using ballistic nylon which gives it a smooth and beautiful look
  • You can use this pack for outdoor activities and as an everyday pack


  • The zippers do not look strong
  • The stitching is weak especially at the seams

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Different Types of Waist Packs

Waist packs are becoming more popular, and there are so many people who are looking towards buying one or two packs. You need to know that waist packs come in different styles or types. I have been searching the internet in order to inform you of the various types of waist packs you can find in the market.

  • Travel waist packs

Travel waist packs come with a white strap, and its poch sits typically above the stomach. They also come with multiple organizational pockets so that you can store your money, credit cards, passports in their specific compartments. You will also note that travel waist packs feature RFID technology so as to keep your identity safe from digital theft.

  • Hunting waist packs

Hunting waist packs also come with multiple pockets so that you can have everything you need within reach. Besides, these waist packs are made using strong fabric that can withstand harsh conditions. Hunting waist packs tend to be a bit bulky because of their large size.

  • Waist packs with multi-purpose straps

The original waist packs were designed to be worn on the waist. However, there is a new type of waist pack that comes with multi-purpose straps which means that you can wear it on the shoulder or the waist. These waist packs tend to be stylish and can be worn in more than two ways.

  • Hiking waist packs

Waist packs that are meant for hiking or any other outdoor activity are a bit different. They usually have a medium size and lightweight design as well. One of the key features in these packs is that they have meshed pockets that are meant to hold water bottles. Apart from that, they also come with multiple pockets which can be used to carry a map, compass snacks and any other small items that you may require.


Advantages Of Using Waist Packs

If you are still not convinced whether a waist pack is right for you, I have compiled a few benefits of using waist packs. I hope these advantages will persuade you to purchase these incredible packs.

  • Waist packs are ideal for people who love travelling. These packs allow you to pack all your cards, travel documents and passports close to you.
  • Waist packs are designed to be lightweight, and they will never weigh you down whenever you are on the move. Besides, they are designed to sit on the user’s waist without falling off.
  • Another advantage of using a waist pack is the fact that you can wear it on your waist or shoulder.
  • A waist pack will help you adopt a minimalistic approach whenever you are planning to go for a short trip.
  • A waist pack is more comfortable and provides better balance as compared to other packs.


What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Waist Pack?

If you are looking forward to engaging in any outdoor activity, you must be aware that there are items you cannot afford to leave behind. One of the things you require to make your trip memorable and enjoyable is a waist pack. However, there are some things you need to consider before buying one. In case you have no idea of what is expected, I will guide you through a few things you need to consider before purchasing a perfect waist pack for yourself.

  • Size

Before buying any of your favorite packs, you need to consider its size. We all know there are some items you cannot leave behind when you are going for an adventure. You need to buy something that will fit all your belongings so that it becomes easy to carry them safely. In case you are looking for a waist pack to use during hiking, it is vital that you consider its size and weight as well.

  • Compartments/ Pockets

Availability of multiple pockets helps you to organize your belongings in your pack hence keeping them neat. The number of pockets depends on how many items you need to carry. However, it is important to choose a waist pack that has multiple pockets so that you will be in a position to carry your travel documents, passport, snacks and any other small items that you may require.

In case you are looking for a waist pack that you can use while off-grid, then choose one that has mesh pockets on the side. These pockets are meant to hold your water bottles so that you won’t have to carry a hydration pack.

  • Material

When purchasing a perfect waist pack to use, you should go for a pack that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. A good waist pack should be strong enough to hold your items. Moreover, you should opt for a lightweight material so that it is easy for you to move about without weighing yourself down. Make sure that the material you are choosing is waterproof or water-resistant. The most common fabrics used to make these waist packs are polyester, nylon, or leather.

  • Multiple purpose and adjustable straps

This is another feature you need to consider when purchasing a waist pack. The idea of the pack having multiple purpose straps helps you to carry the pack not only on your waist but also across your shoulder.  The adjustable straps enable you to carry your bag comfortably because you have two or three different ways to wear it.

  • Slash resistance & RFID Technology

Choosing a waist pack that is slash-resistant is crucial. A pack that has this attribute should provide enough protection from thieves. The pack should be designed in a way that it is not easy to tear even when it comes into contact with a sharp object like a knife or razor blade. Sometimes thieves can be very annoying, and you should be well prepared to prevent any losses and damages.

The other feature that you might want to look for is the RFID Technology. It is an essential feature in a waist pack because it protects your information from digital theft. RFID blocking technology is ideal for traveling waist packs because you will need to keep your credit cards and passports safe from identity thieves.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains most of the common questions that people ask about waist packs. I have tried my best to answer them in a concise and detailed manner.

  • How much does a waist pack cost?

As it is the norm, waist packs differ in terms of pricing. The price of most fanny packs ranges from $15 to $50 depending on the features and brand. The material and size also have a direct influence on the price.

  • Are all waist packs great for hiking and other outdoor activities? 

Absolutely not! As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of waist packs, but not all are great for outdoor activities. A good hiking waist pack should have mesh pockets to store your water bottles. Besides, they should have ample room to accommodate any other necessities you might require.

  • What is RFID blocking technology?

This is a technology that is usually included in some travel packs to protect users from identity theft. This technology is incorporated in the pockets that are meant to house your electronic cards.


Backpacks are not always ideal whenever you want to pack lightly. Waist packs are the real deal when you want to adopt a minimalistic approach. You might think that they are useless, but the truth is that they are far much better in terms of versatility and functionality. These awesome packs are designed to hold all your belongings without weighing you down. This is why people prefer to use them for fishing, hiking, hunting, cycling, and running.

There are so many brands out there to choose from, but I have done the difficult part for you. I have gone out of my way to review various packs so that it will be much easier to choose the best waist pack for your needs. Make sure you take the factors I highlighted into consideration every time you want to shop for a waist pack.