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Best Toddler Backpacks Reviews 2020 – A Detailed Guide

By Ross Stanley | March 7, 2018

The Best-selling Toddler Backpacks

Looking for the Best Toddler Backpacks ? If you have a toddler who is just beginning to become more and more confident and thinks of becoming more independent, you may encourage him to go ahead and have some fun by giving him his own backpack. There are many designs, different colors and styles for backpacks. For many of you, choosing the right toddler backpacks could be a daunting task. This article will help you pick the perfect one.

Points to be Noted before buying a Good Toddler Backpack


The bag has to be suitable to his size. A too big backpack will fall him. When the bag is empty, it is supposed to be lightweight. The bag would probably go with him anywhere he goes.


Every child would want a colorful backpack with cartoon designs or anything that he would fancy about. The bag must be durable enough for whatever your child wants to carry along with him like a toy or a comic book.


Kids do not understand very well yet how their bags should be treated and sometimes, they could quite rough. It is best to choose a backpack that can handle some misuse. Probably a waterproof bag is more suitable for easy clean up and to protect from being wet when it suddenly rains.

When you are around with kids, you know it is best to be practical. There will be times when kids will prefer to bring his own snack in his bag including his juice or water. It can’t be helped that these overflow inside the bag, especially when the kid keeps on moving and running around with his bag. The bag should be easy to clean up either by just wiping with a moist rag. Do not choose bags with fabrics as they can get wet easily and becomes easily dirty.

For some, choosing a design for toddler backpacks could be difficult. Knowing your child a particular fancy character could make you have second thoughts. While he may seem to like it now but a day would come, he could say he no longer wants it and prefer a new character. Or you may be practical and choose something which has a general design on it like a fireman bag or just choose a colorful plain design so it could represent anything. While kids learn from the adults; they imitate what adults do. If you give respect to your bag, he would most likely respect his own bag. Likewise, when he sees how you give importance to the contents of your bag, he would probably do the same with the contents of his bag. You could try practicing with him to check the contents of his bag to see if he has brought all the things he needs.

So when it is time to hit the road together, like it is a long bus ride or a journey on a train, you could make it more fun-filled with hiding some small treats in his bag. When he gets bored you can ask him to try checking his backpack for some great surprises.

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