Best Timbuk2 Backpacks Reviews 2020 With Ultimate Guide

When you’re searching for the best Timbuk2 backpacks, you’ll want to make sure they have everything you need. From plenty of storage to useful features, these bags have plenty to offer. Regardless of if you need a backpack for cycling or room for an overnight trip, you’ll be able to benefit from one of their many models.

Below, we have found 10 of the most prestigious models they have to offer. We guarantee there are plenty of choices for every type of wearer, whether you need something more sporty or more professional.

10 Best Rated Best Timbuk2 Backpacks Reviews


Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

The Spire model from Timbuk2 is quite notable because of its sleek and modern aesthetic. With a combination of imported and canvas materials, it’s a high-quality and durable backpack you’ll want to use regularly.


With any bag, you’ll want to choose a design that is more than large enough for all of your essentials. The Spire has a large main compartment that has room for plenty of items, including jackets, books, laptops, and other electronic devices. Also, it features exterior webbing and carabiners for attaching accessories, such as water bottles.

Best Timbuk2 Backpacks

On the side of the bag, you’ll also notice it has an external pockets with a specialized elastic designed for water bottles or U-locks for your bike. Another fantastic feature to help keep you organized is the internal organizer that is for phones, pens, and other small accessories you carry daily. While traveling, you’ll also appreciate the secure zippered pocket on the inside of the bag, which is ideal for your valuables.

Within the bag, there is a padded laptop sleeve which is ideal for computers as large as 15”, as well as tablets and smartphones. When you look at the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack, you’ll notice how it is designed for the most active users as it has a removable sternum strap. Also, the ventilated back panel makes the bag far more comfortable to wear in hot weather.

There isn’t much else that you’ll need from your bag, as this model has plenty of storage and ways to keep you organized. As an added benefit, it also features an on-strap bottle opener.


  • Convenient chest strap
  • Easy-to-use roll-top
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Useful water bottle pockets
  • Perfectly sized laptop compartment


  • Only for 15” laptops
  • Picks up dust easily

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Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack

In today’s day and age, more people are traveling with their computers and electronics, which is why you’ll love this backpack. With a design that is specifically for laptops and other accessories, you’ll appreciate having plenty of safe and secure storage. It has many of the features of the previous model we looked over, as well as a couple of extras.


The first feature of the Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack to discuss is its laptop compartment. It is a fully padded compartment with a special tricot fabric lining that is soft against the outer shell of your electronics. You’ll also love using it for tablets, as the material helps to prevent scratches and exterior damage.

Timbuk2 backpack review

Compared to other laptop bags, this one fits laptops up to 17”, which is more than enough room for most users. Also, there are multiple storage options aside from the laptop compartment to put to good use. You’ll love the front zippered pocket for your smaller accessories and the main compartment, which can easily hold a change of clothes.

When traveling, you’ll appreciate having your secure zippered pocket for cash and valuables, as well as the smart power brick pocket. To help make sure your devices are always ready to use, you can store your power brick in this section and easily connect cables to charge on-the-go. As an added benefit, there is a second tricot-lined pocket designed explicitly for sunglasses or your smartphone.

Instead of having an uncomfortable backpack, the Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack has an amazing ventilated back panel made from mesh, so it’s more breathable. You can also adjust the size of the straps to achieve a more custom fit. We also love all of the convenient extras you’ll be sure to use.

With the external side pocket, you can store a water bottle; there is also a bottle opener added to the bag. The reinforced grab handles are essential for grabbing your bag and heading out the door, as well as the vista loop for bike lights.


  • Easy to sling on and off
  • Feels supportive
  • Very sturdy material
  • Protects electronics
  • Plenty of storage


  • Narrow interior
  • Ideal for shorter wearers

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Timbuk2 the Authority Pack

With a sleek appeal, this is the type of backpack that you can use for work, cycling, hiking, or even school. The central premise behind this bag’s design is to give the wearer a backpack that offers multiple storage options and a ton of convenient, easy-to-use features. Space surely won’t be a concern with the Timbuk2 The Authority Pack.


As mentioned, your organization is critical with this backpack, especially as it boasts an internal organizer for your smaller accessories, phones, and pens. You’ll also appreciate how it has an interior laptop compartment similar to the other Timbuk2 backpacks. However, this model allows you to access your laptop from the rear rather than the front.

timbuk2 authority backpack

With more space in the internal compartment, you can easily store an abundance of belongings, including textbooks, gym clothes, or sensitive work files. You’ll also frequently use the grab handle so that you can easily lift the bag when commuting. With the specialized padding in the laptop compartment, you can store numerous devices without worrying about damage.

Wearing this backpack is incredibly comfortable as the straps are adjustable, and there are also compression material straps. With the compression straps, you can affix a yoga mat, blanket, sweater, or any other items on the outside of the bag. This feature helps to save space on the inside, meanwhile maximizing the area on the outside.

As a unique feature, you’ll notice there is a key-keeper FOB in the design of this bag, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys. They will always be easily accessible and stay organized like the rest of your belongings.


  • Perfectly fits laptops
  • Ideal for organization
  • Stylish design
  • The main compartment expands
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Straps might be too short
  • Small top external pocket

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Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

The Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack looks much like its name suggests, as a high-quality urban bag that will be one of the best bags you’ve ever owned. With a combination of mesh and polyvinyl material, it has a sleek ultra-modern aesthetic with an ounce of professionalism. The best thing about this backpack is that it’s designed to keep your belongings safe from changing weather conditions.


Having a water-resistant backpack is essential, especially if you live in an area with a lot of seasons. The TPU exterior on this backpack is specifically designed to keep rain and grime outside of the interior. You’ll have the comfort of knowing your electronics and documents are safe, even when caught out in the rain.

timbuk2 rogue backpack

The internal laptop compartment is stretchy, allowing it to accommodate laptops up to 15” in size. You’ll also be able to fit your essentials in the main compartment, such as a light jacket and your lunch. When you receive your bag, you’ll realize that its clean interior will help to keep you more organized.

The Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack features comfortable straps that help to take some of the load off your back. It also has an air mesh back for optimal ventilation in hot and cold weather, plus a removable sternum strap if you don’t need it for commuting. The specialized daisy chain webbing on the front is also ideal for attaching various accessories to the back.

Overall, we think this backpack is perfect for students, hikers, and everyday commuters as it has a moderate amount of easy-access storage.


  • Moderate rain resistance
  • Perfect for air travel
  • Plenty of organization
  • Strong buckles and straps
  • Sternum straps easy to remove


  • Minimal strap padding
  • Not meant for downpours

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Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack

With a travel-friendly design, the Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop is perfect for messengers, commuters, or people who need something to hold their belongings. There are a lot of unique features this bag has to offer from its materials to its essential storage. We guarantee it will be one of the top models on your list.


The first feature we need to discuss is the uniqueness of the materials used to make this bag. It features ballistic nylon as well as tricot, which helps to offer versatility and durability. The ballistic nylon prevents scrapes, tears, and scratches from affecting the outside of the bag.

timbuk2 uptown backpack

Also, the tricot lining is highly useful for protecting your laptop and any other valuables. It’s soft yet resilient, so it protects items from fall damage, but also ensures your device screens are protected. Similar to other Timbuk2 bags, this model also has an air mesh ventilated back panel for optimal breathability in the summer.

In terms of storage, there’s plenty to put to good use on this bag. There’s the main compartment, which is large enough to hold your essentials, as well as a laptop compartment for laptops up to 15”. We also find using the front zippered pocket is best for organizing your small accessories.

Commuting has never been more comfortable with the help of the reinforced grab handles on all sides of the bag, as well as a special hidden valuables pocket when you’re in the city. Cyclists will love the Vista loop, which is perfect for bike lights and maintaining visibility at night.


  • Perfect amount of storage
  • TSA-friendly
  • Holds extra clothes
  • Fits laptop, charger, and accessories
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Doesn’t have a key-strap
  • Doesn’t stand on its own

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Timbuk2 Tuck Pack

When you need a primary type of storage for an overnight trip or a hiking excursion, a tuck pack is a fantastic option. The Timbuk2 Tuck Pack is perfectly basic in that it only has six pockets in total, all of which are highly useful. You won’t have to worry about hidden zippers or extra removable components; everything you need is easily accessible.


At first glance, you can tell this bag is ideal for people who need something they can grab quickly while on-the-go. Its human made design with imported materials is what gives it the durability you’d expect from a high-end backpack. With its straightforward design, there’s nothing more simple that you’ll find.

timbuk2 tuck backpack

Although the bag is perfectly simple, it still features a moderate amount of internal storage as well as legitimate laptop protection. You’ll also find it’s incredibly comfortable to wear for hours on end. The Timbuk2 Tuck Pack has a versatile aesthetic that is very streamlined and easy to use with its roll-top.

One of the main features that make this backpack unique is its zippers. Every zipper on the bag features a reflective panel that helps to keep you visible at night. Compared to the other bags on this list, the Tuck Pack is perfect for street style and school. Also, it’s important to note the exterior canvas material has a carbon coating for additional protection and durability.


  • Very well built
  • Convenient storage
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Plenty of organization
  • Sleek and simple design


  • Poorly made plastic buckles
  • Hard-to-use water bottle pockets

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Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

If you’re in the market for a backpack that is going to offer optimal durability, this is a great model to consider. With a specialized exterior and a traditional design to most other packs, you’ll have strength and comfort on your side. Not to mention, there’s also plenty of storage that you’ll love to have at your disposal.


The Parkside model features 600D Ripstop Lite polyester, which is a fantastic material for resilience and durability. You certainly won’t have to worry about the fabric tearing or losing its integrity over the years. It also adds a more utilitarian aesthetic to the outside of the bag, which is unique and quite modern.

timbuk2 parkside backpack

When it comes to storage, as with any Timbuk2 backpack, there’s plenty for you to use. The front zippered pocket is best for small items to help keep the main compartment more organized. There are also external side pockets for water bottles while cycling or doing other outdoor activities.

You’ll especially appreciate the three interior slip pockets, which are great for easy-access storage, and there are four additional exterior pockets for even more organization. Creating your customized fit has never been simpler, as the straps can adjust to your specific needs. Likely, you’ve never worn a backpack as comfortable as this that can be tailored to your size.

In the laptop compartment, you can store 15” laptops as well as any other electronic devices you may have. There’s also the added convenience of a U-lock holder. This feature is best if you decide to leave your bike at home for some days. For added comfort, the entire back panel of the backpack is made from ventilated mesh to prevent sweating.


  • Slightly water resistant
  • Very stylish design
  • Practical and intuitive
  • High-quality zippers and stitching
  • Perfect for school books


  • Lacking laptop padding
  • The front pocket is quite small

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Timbuk2 Especial Medio Backpack

Luxurious and stylish are the two words that come to mind with the Especial Medio Backpack. It has a sleek leatherette appeal that is perfect for more formal occasions, but it also has functionality in mind. With several fantastic features, you’ll love to have; it’s one of the best models on this list.


On the inside of the backpack, you’ll notice it has a padded laptop compartment that is a slip pocket. This feature makes it substantially easier to access your laptop while on-the-go and also makes it simpler to store other accessories. You’ll also appreciate the convenience of the dual stretch pockets on either side of the bag for U-locks or water bottles.

timbuk2 especial medio cycling backpack

The added compression straps help to give you even more exterior storage. But, they are also a fantastic resource for expanding or cinching the backpack as necessary. If you’re someone who travels a lot, you’ll love having control over the bulkiness of your bag.

The front of the Timbuk2 Especial Medio Backpack is notable as well, with its zippered front panel. You can use this feature to store small items or to expand the volume in the main compartment. Plus, there is the added drop liner for enhanced waterproofing.

For use in warmer weather, be sure to take note of the backbender flexible cooling pad on the rear panel, which is specifically designed to keep you fresh.


  • Waterproof design
  • Reflective features
  • Lots of organization
  • Expandable to 30L
  • Has a helmet compartment


  • Doesn’t stand upright
  • Narrow straps

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Timbuk2 Blink Pack

Weekender bags are increasing in popularity because they are agile, convenient, and incredibly functional. The Timbuk2 Blink Pack is one of our favorite weekender bags because it has plenty of storage without being overly bulky. With an assortment of easy-to-use features, it will become your most-used everyday bag.


Similar to the previous backpacks, this bag features 420D Ripstop materials that help to improve its durability over the years. This point is particularly important for cyclists, as you can protect your belongings from falls and everyday wear and tear. With the clamshell opening, you’ll also appreciate how easy it is to access all of your belongings.

timbuk2 blink backpack

With the padded laptop compartment, you can store devices that are up to 15” in size, including an iPad Pro. You’ll also find that saving your electronics is safe in this bag as the 420D Ripstop material is also water-resistant. However, if you get caught in a downpour, you may want to invest in a rain cover.

Keeping yourself organized with this moderately sized bag has never been easier, as it has an internal organizer for smaller belongings. There are also interior zippered slip pockets for even more secure storage of sensitive documents and items. When worn, the bag is superiorly comfortable, as it has padded air mesh lining for all-day breathability.

The compression straps on the exterior of the Blink Pack are ideal for expanding or cinching the backpack as necessary. They are also fantastic features to have to hold onto your bike helmet, rain gear, or any other accessories.


  • Fully opening front
  • Easy to pack and organize
  • Built sturdily
  • Excellent quality zippers
  • Deep main compartment


  • Can easily be overstuffed
  • The chest strap is thin

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Timbuk2 Designs Especial Tres Cycling Backpack

Serious cyclists need backpacks they can rely on, rather than everyday bags for the average commuter. The Especial Tres Cycling Backpack has a specific design meant for people who frequently ride bikes and need convenient and high-quality storage. With a reasonable amount of volume in a weatherproof container, this bag is a fantastic option.


The weatherproofing is by far one of the most notable features of this backpack, as it features Cardura nylon fabric. Regardless of if you find yourself caught in rain, snow, or sunshine, your belongings will be kept safe and dry. This reason is also why we highly recommend this style to hikers and other types of outdoor enthusiasts.

timbuk2 especial tres backpack

With the use of the roll-top main compartment, you’ll easily be able to access and store your belongings while keeping them secure. The roll-top is also highly useful as an added protection from the elements. When you’re hauling big loads, you can quickly expand or cinch the backpack using the roll-top and the gusseted front pocket.

The straps on this bag are particularly notable as they have fantastic cushioning and have ventilation like the rear backbender panel. With this bag, you’ll be able to keep water away from your belongings and also stay crisp and fresh while biking for hours on end. As an added safety feature, there is also a reflective binding and reflective corners for optimal nighttime visibility.

Ensure that when packing your bag, you take advantage of the internal drop liner, as this is what will shield your belongings from damage. You’ll also love the high-quality PU-coated YKK zippers that are going to last you years of regular use.

In terms of storage, there is the main compartment in this bag that has smaller internal organizers for your accessories. There are also exterior pockets that are useful for cycling accessories and a water bottle.


  • Very roomy storage
  • Has a laptop sleeve
  • Keeps belongings dry in downpours
  • Comfortable for shoulders
  • Large main opening


  • Straps may fray
  • Side pockets are too large

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Information About Timbuk2 Brand

Founded in San Francisco, Timbuk2 is a brand that puts the needs of its customers first. From the mind of Rob Honeycutt, a bike messenger from 25 years ago, this brand has evolved to capture the needs of modern commuters everywhere. With their high-quality materials meant to last a lifetime and sustainable manufacturing, they are one of the most prestigious pioneers in the backpack industry.

With the majority of their models, you’ll find an homage to urban mobility for cyclists, rollerbladers, commuters, and everyday students. There’s something for everyone out of the passionate and functional bags available from this brand.


What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Timbuk2 Backpack

  • Storage

As with any backpack, you’re going to want to make sure you have enough room as well as the ability to keep your items organized. Timbuk2 bags are notorious for their internal organization pockets for your smaller accessories. You’ll easily be able to fit headphones, pens, smartphones, tablets, and laptops inside of your bag.

However, not every backpack has the same design, as some are better for larger loads than others. You’ll want to ensure you choose a model that has plenty of internal storage without being too bulky. This feature will make the bag more manageable for you to use and carry daily.

  • Weatherproofing

You never know when you’ll be caught in a rainstorm or a snowstorm, especially if you live somewhere prone to torrential weather. With that said, you’re going to want to invest in a backpack that has above-average weatherproofing. There are two main features to look for, waterproofing and water resistance.

Waterproofing means that the entire bag features the right seals to ensure moisture doesn’t penetrate the surface layer. It’s one of the better choices for protection, but can also be the more expensive option. Water resistance, on the other hand, keeps drizzles away but isn’t ideal for downpours. With a water-resistant bag, you’ll need to invest in an extra rain cover to keep your belongings dry.

  • Adjustable Features

Your backpack will need to fit you like a glove to be ergonomic and comfortable. You’ll need flexible features, such as adjustable shoulder straps, to get the perfect fit. All Timbuk2 backpacks allow you to adjust the straps, so the bag sits comfortably at the right spot on your back.

You may also want to pay close attention to chest straps, especially as an active cyclist or hiker. With a chest strap, less weight will be distributed along your back, and you’ll want to ensure you have an adjustable strap to help with load-bearing.

  • Durable Materials

Most bags have either nylon or polyester, which are relatively durable in their own right. However, there are distinct variations of these materials that are meant for the highest possible resilience and durability. Keep an eye out for Ripstop nylon or 420D polyester, as these materials are fantastic for preventing damage to your bag.

The higher quality the materials are, the less likely your bag will be able to tear or rip. You’ll also find it will last years of daily use, instead of months.

  • Convenient Features

When you’re spending a good amount of money on a backpack, you’ll need something that has a few extra features aside from storage and adjustability. You’ll want options for storing your U-locks, attaching carabiners, and even keeping your keys organized. There is an assortment of Timbuk2 backpacks that have key holders, bottle openers, and gusseted exteriors for carabiners.

The more features you have, the more well-rounded your backpack will be in an emergent situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do backpacks have charging ports?

There is the possibility of finding backpacks with charging ports, but they are quite expensive. A better alternative is to opt for a backpack with a pocket where you can store your charging brick and connect it. Bags such as the Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack have a special pocket for charging blocks so you can keep your devices fully powered while traveling.

  • How to organize a backpack?

Organizing your backpack is simple, especially with specially designed interior organizers. It’s always a good idea to keep your valuables in a zippered pocket separate from everything else. You’ll also want to make sure you use the laptop sleeve to store your most important electronics.

Keep all of your pens and small accessories together in one compartment, leaving the main compartment open for books or an extra change of clothes. The trick to staying organized is to limit the number of items you carry with you at all times.

  • How do backpacks affect posture?

Backpacks can negatively affect your posture, especially if you don’t have access to chest straps or if you consistently overfill your bag. You will need to make sure you are investing in a pack that is not only ergonomic in design, but that can also be adjusted. Everyone has a different body type, and you’ll want to tailor fit your backpack to yours.

  • Can backpacks be washed?

Most backpacks shouldn’t be put in the washing machine, as this can deteriorate the interior and exterior materials. Ideally, you should only wash your pack by hand using a soft cloth and mild detergent. This tip will give you control over what areas are cleaned without compromising the integrity of the entire bag.

  • Are backpacks allowed on planes?

Depending on your airline carrier, you likely are allowed to bring a backpack as a personal item. You’ll want to ensure you choose a bag that is airline approved and easy to bring with you through TSA. Most, if not all, of Timbuk2’s bags, are so versatile that they are fantastic carry-ons.


The best Timbuk2 backpacks will give you plenty of versatile storage and functionality without compromising the beauty of the bag. Whether you need something that is a little more professional or that leans more towards street style, there are plenty of options. With high-quality fabrics used during construction to innovative designs for everyday commuters, their bags are genuinely top-tier.

Before deciding on a specific model, ensure it has the right number of adjustable features, comfortable aspects, and the perfect amount of storage. Regardless of if you’re a cyclist, hiker, or looking for an overnight bag, we guarantee there’s a style for everyone on this list.