Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Reviews 2020 Buyer’s Guide!

Although you might have heard a lot about backpacks, the tactical ones are really special amongst all. The tactical backpacks have been catering to seasoned hunters, regular campers, casual hikers, military men and so on. So, what you can make out from this statement is that tactical backpacks are of brilliant quality, unquestionably rugged and highly functional. Space is never an issue for users while one can find it easier to fit in specific things in specific compartments. So, a lot depends on the purpose for which one wants to carry a tactical backpack. If you are looking forward to long trips or challenging journeys, buying a best tactical backpack will surely be a great idea.

Best 10 Tactical Backpacks On The Market Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameSternum StrapMOLLE CompatibleBuy forPrice
5.11 Rush 72YesYesLong Hike and Suitable for the Toughest SituationCheck Price
Condor 3 Day AssaultYesYesDay Hike for Minimum 72 Hours or MoreCheck Price
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon IIYesYesDay Hike, Office, EDCCheck Price
5.11 Rush 24YesYesCamper, Outdoor SurvivalistCheck Price
Direct Action DustYesYes (laser-cut)Just Right as Everyday Carry BagCheck Price
Maxpedition Kodiak GearslingerNoYesBest go-to Buy for HikersCheck Price
5.11 Rush 12YesYesShort Hiking, Small Day TripCheck Price
G.P.S. Tactical RangeNoYes (triple stitched)Shooters, Law Enforcement, MissionCheck Price
Explorer Tactical Gun ConcealmentYesYes (only back)Shooting Range BagsCheck Price
Hazard 4 Evac Plan-b SlingNoYes (full)Sling pack for Tricky SituationCheck Price

Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Reviews


5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military

Imagine going on a 3-day tour and you have a hell lot of things to carry along in your backpack. To make things easier, the reputed brand, 5.11 now brings you a military style tactical backpack. Large in size, it is made of 1050D nylon that makes it sturdy and durable. It is what you call a 72-hour backpack where you can take everything you need to complete a long trip. Apart from being treated as a military backpack, it can be also carried for recreation purposes. Its main and front compartments are dually zippered while you can utilize the admin organization pocket for storing pens and maps.

best tactical backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • A perfect tactical backpack from 5.11, made of superior quality nylon, scores high in durability and functionality
  • What makes it preserve all sorts of essentials right from flashlight to notebooks and pens is its front admin compartment that is quite large.
  • Comes with compartments topped with plastic while its internal zippered main compartment makes enough space for carrying little things
  • As far as its front panel is concerned, it consists of three separate pockets that are fully zippered
  • A rear hydration compartment lets it store water and lets users access it in no time


  • Straps are quite wider and adjustable that makes it easier to carry
  • Huge space inside along with a hip belt to carry it with ease
  • Distributes the weight perfectly over the shoulders
  • Ideal backpack for daily use


  • Zippers are not of good quality and might break after few months of use
  • A bit expensive backpack to consider

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Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Whether you are willing to go biking throughout the day or want to climb coarse cliffs, a tactical backpack will always give you that special support. The Falcon-II from Maxpedition brings along a similar promise to its users who can now stay comfortable and continue journeying without challenges. Made of 1050-D nylon, this tactical backpack is not only durable but also sports an ergonomic design, making it perfect to be carried by users. Moreover, its shoulder straps are completely padded and ensure solid support at the waist as well. So, even you wish to take a good number of your essentials, Falcon-II from Maxpedition will never leave you in discomfort.

tactical backpack reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Falcon-II from Maxpedition is a spacious tactical backpack that has been designed to fit all sorts of gears and accessories
  • Sturdy and durable, this tactical backpack is made of top quality and water-resistant nylon, making it safe for users to carry
  • Equipped with independent compartments for differentiating between gears, this backpack also has enough space to keep all camping essentials
  • Comes with a 3-liter water reservoir that makes it easier for users to instantly get water
  • Shoulder straps are padded and zippers are of good quality


  • Construction is great as it lends the bag sturdiness
  • Easy to carry for all those who ride bikes or cycles
  • Back pocket comes with Velcro attachment for convenience
  • Compact in shape, it does not take much space


  • Straps are not so comfortable and rather quite stiff
  • The material is not that breathable

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CONDOR 3 Day Assault Pack

One of the biggest challenges of carrying a heavy-duty backpack is its inability to carry through uneven paths. But with this 3-day Assault Pack from Condor, life for campers and voyagers will be so easy. Equipped with a total of 7 pockets, it allows users to keep plenty of essentials safe and secure. In fact, these 7 pockets help to keep everything arranged so that one finds it easier to find them during emergencies. To minimize discomfort, it has body contour shoulder straps. These come with a D-ring for attaching any equipment. With a detachable waist belt and sternum strap, this assault pack is worth the money.

gps tactical range backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • A heavy-duty backpack made of good quality nylon is best for outdoor trips as well as for carrying gears and accessories
  • A 50-liter pack with huge cargo capacity has the ability to preserve two 3-liter hydration bladders
  • Its main compartment comes with swift release gear retention straps
  • The second compartment has two radio pockets, pen holsters,and three document pockets
  • Extra side pockets are available for not only hydration systems but other additions
  • At the bottom, there are mesh pockets with zipper closure
  • Shoulder straps are included to carry with convenience


  • Looks very stylish and has a compact size
  • Light in weight, making it easier for users to move
  • Comes with plenty of pockets and compartments for carrying essentials
  • Side handles are quite strong


  • Construction is not that impressive
  • Buckles are not of good quality
  • Stitching has been done poorly

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HAZARD 4 Plan-B(TM) Sling Pack w/MOLLE

Sling backpacks are still in fashion, and the eminent brand, Hazard 4 has brought a fully customizable one for all outdoor adventure lovers. No matter in which profession you are, be it in the military, in the cockpit as a pilot or a regular camper, this super-built backpack will serve the needs of one and all. With movable and padded internal divider, it comes with compression straps that would take care of all your large objects inside. Equipped with a 3-liter hydration bladder, it would let users access water at an instant. Made of DuPont 1000D Cordura, it would stand strong in all weather conditions.

tactical backpack brands

Features and Specifications:

  • Constructed out of good quality nylon, making it sturdy and durable to use for military purposes as well as for camping and hiking
  • Includes an internal divider that can be moved inside the pack comfortably
  • Comes with compression straps that are intended to protect those large sized objects
  • Has a compatible full hydration bladder that would fit up to 3-litre of water
  • DuPont 1000-D Cordura is the main material that makes it long-lasting


  • Comfortable to carry and holds a good number of things
  • The main compartment is big enough to fit everything like clothes, books, fishing gears etc.
  • Best backpack for those who keep traveling abroad
  • Comes with a waist strap for better support


  • Inner compartment organization is not impressive
  • Pockets are not that spacious and fail to keep things safe

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Tactical Military MOLLE Backpack

People heading to long road trips usually remain concerned about the scarcity of water in the midst of their journeys. However, the story would be somewhat different for those who will be carrying this tactical military backpack brought to you by MonkeyPaks. What you will love about this backpack is that it would let you sip without pausing and you will never feel the absence of water for its 2.5-litre bladder hydration system. You can be confident in planning a 3-day excursion with this pack as it makes ample space for preserving your gears and accessories. Value for money, this tactical backpack will promise to make your trip a better one.

mini tactical backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Spacious backpack equipped with a 2.5-litre water bladder that makes a sufficient amount for users to have direct access
  • Perfect for 3-day excursions with a grand capacity of molle webbing to meet all gear requirements
  • Different gears can be carried in different pouches with the included 3-molle attachments
  • 600-D nylon makes it quite strong, sturdy and durable
  • Use of paracord zippers keeps them quiet on journeys
  • Features a modular design that makes it convenient for users to carry
  • The hydration bladder is BPA-free


  • Storage space is plenty as one can fit all sorts of gears and accessories
  • The material of the pack is absolutely waterproof, making it safer during bad rainy conditions
  • Stitching has been done in an outstanding manner


  • Not good for regular use
  • Water pouch is not at all good
  • Waist straps are located a bit high

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NPUSA Men’s Large Expandable Tactical Molle Hydration ReadyBackpack

Now get rid of taking multiple bags on trips and bring home this expandable backpack that would now make huge space for fitting in all your essentials. Made of high-density polyester, it scores high in the aspect of ruggedness. Equipped with the Molle strap system, it lets one take any external gear with ease. The side load compression straps have been provided to balance the load on your shoulders. As far as the main compartment is concerned, it comprises the water bladder pocket along with hose while the two front zippered pockets and four side pockets will let you take almost all necessary things.

cheap tactical backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Super sturdy tactical backpack from NPUSA and made of high-density polyester, making it strong for regular use
  • Comes with a molle strap system that lets you attach any sort of external gears
  • Shoulder straps come with D rings that make it easier for you to carry on long trips
  • The main compartment has a water bladder pocket that comes with a hose by means of the hole
  • An incredible storage system that comprises a main compartment, two zippered pockets at the front, four zippered side pockets, and an organizer


  • Construction is quite sturdy with numerous pockets and compartments
  • The main compartment has a sleeve for laptops as well as for papers
  • The backpack is absolutely waterproof and good for rainy conditions
  • Straps are padded for ensuring comfort to users


  • Straps start ripping apart after a few months of usage
  • The shoulder strap is not of good quality

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Monkey Paks Small Military Tactical Backpack

While exploring places or undertaking outdoor activities, you keep taking out little essentials from your bag every now and then. However, Monkey Paks will make this job of yours less challenging through its military tactical backpack. Whether you do regular fishing, hunting or camping, this tactical backpack will promise to keep your essentials dry and not let water enter at all cost. What makes it a great pick for users is its five completely separate compartments that would keep things organized. Cut out of 600D nylon, this backpack will never fall short in terms of its longevity.

tactical performance backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Boasts of a huge capacity of 35 liters, making it a great choice for military personnel, campers,and hikers
  • Made out of high-quality waterproof material that keeps it strong and protected in rainy conditions
  • Comes with five separate compartments that help to keep things in place internally and is quite helpful for daytrips
  • Stays quiet throughout your trip for its paracord zipper pulls
  • Can be treated as a sling bag and can be carried over shoulders with no effort


  • Hydration water bladder system of 2.5 liters included within
  • Extremely sturdy for being made of 600D nylon
  • The material is water-resistant that keeps the contents inside safe and protected
  • Compact in size


  • Straps are not of good quality
  • The water bladder is not that strong
  • Does not have hooks for hanging water pouch

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Outlaw II Tactical Gear Slinger Sling Pack

What about carrying a double-stitched polyester backpack that would let you pull in a hell lot of things and keep you comfy at the same time? 3 V Gear brings an awesome weather-resistant tactical backpack that would now let you take absolute pleasure in taking daily trips. Say it a rucksack, military pack or a hiking backpack, this one is so versatile that it would carry everything for you under all conditions. No matter how heavier it becomes, its padded shoulder straps will assure pure comfort while you are on the go. So, just pack up your laptop, get in your sandwiches, drop in your maps and get going with it.

batman tactical backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • An incredible military pack that has also been designed to meet the needs of those going for hunting and hiking
  • High on versatility, this backpack is well compatible with molle and can, therefore, add up pouches with ease
  • Features double-stitched seams blended with heavy-duty PVC and polyester, making it durable and fully weather-resistant
  • Includes a Y-strap that secures the pack well and restricts movement, making it convenient for users
  • Shoulder strap has a thick padding that does not add any pain to one’s shoulders
  • Comes with a padded sleeve for laptop and tablet


  • Has plenty of pockets and compartments for carrying those bare necessities
  • Features a molle system that can carry your wallet, phone etc.
  • Ideally suited for hikers and campers
  • Fully water-resistant and stands strong despite bad weather conditions


  • Concealed carry pocket does not have a hook for safety
  • Shoulder straps are of poor quality

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G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Backpacks had never been so airy and stylish than what this tactical range backpack from G.P.S brings you. Smartly constructed and unquestionably rugged, this tactical backpack features an internal frame to fit three handguns along with a magazine. It features a molle webbing system that has been given triple stitching and comes with a visual I.D storage system as well. What makes it super durable is its high-quality polyester blended with Teflon coating. So, be it essential accessories, ammunition or water, this tactical backpack will prove to be a perfect addition to your baggage.

Best Tactical Backpack Reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Made of 1000-D polyester with Teflon coating, this tactical range backpack from G.P.S is outstanding in terms of ruggedness
  • Houses three internal storage cases for preserving handguns as well as magazines
  • Four pockets kept at the outside that comes fully zippered for keeping ammunition and accessories
  • Molle webbing system comes triple stitched and made throughout the pack
  • The main compartment comes with two zippers that can be locked as well
  • Light in weight, it does not take too much effort to carry


  • Can fit a good number of things like range-finders, gloves, bore sighters, lights and more
  • Stitching is of good quality that makes it quite sturdy for users to carry on long trips
  • Every compartment has been indicated by a symbol


  • Shoulder straps are not padded that makes it uncomfortable for users to carry
  • Cannot fit items that are bulky

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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

Meet your style statement along with your adventure needs with this exclusive outdoor sling pack from the house of Red Rock. While traveling, you will find it effortless to customize it owing to the molle webbing made throughout the entire bag. The customization has been done with attachments and pouches that would be more beneficial in keeping little things safe and organized. The ambidextrous strap is absolutely adjustable and would, therefore, let one carry easily over his shoulders. The back panel comprises a hidden carry pocket while its four compartments would fit those little essentials. Constructed out of 600-D polyester, this backpack will make your journeys smoother and safer.

adidas tactical backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • A perfect tactical backpack for both righties and lefties who can carry it long distances with no effort at all
  • Those carrying pistols will find it easier and safer to keep it hidden inside the concealed carry sleeve that is located at the back panel
  • Comes with four big spacious compartments that would fit everything right from binocular, iPad to bullets and first aid kit
  • Made out of polyester and PVC, this tactical backpack is super rugged and protective to carry all sorts of gears


  • Equipped with good quality shoulder straps that can be adjusted and keep users high on comfort
  • Zippered compartments at the front are quite helpful in fitting smaller items
  • Has a cross body security strap that can also be adjusted


  • Poor workmanship as the stitches tend to come out after a point of time
  • No specific place for keeping sunglasses

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Why you Need a Tactical Backpack

It always feels good to carry a backpack with special attributes in comparison to a regular one. Such is a tactical backpack that comes with exclusive pockets and compartments along with enough space for carrying essentials. More than these, a tactical backpack is designed to serve all those who prefer going on outdoor trips. So, these specialized backpacks are any day unique in comparison to local baggage.

Now here are the key reasons why you would need a tactical backpack. Let’s take a look:

  • Super durable and rugged –

What makes tactical backpacks score high in durability is their material that majorly comprises nylon or polyester. As a result, these backpacks can withstand rough weather conditions and last long as well. Although users might find these packs a bit heavier, they do not leave any question in terms of longevity.

  • Equipped with multiple compartments –

In comparison to those backpacks with just two or three pockets, tactical backpacks have a good number of them that would free you from worrying about the safety of your essentials. With a multitude of pockets and compartments, you will not have to stuff in your things forcibly. Rather, this would help you access things whenever you need.

  • Ensures long hours of comfort –

Since tactical backpacks are usually meant to be carried to long trips, they contain straps of such high quality that will never put strain on your shoulders. With a cushioned midsection belt and a padded backing, tactical backpacks are absolutely breathable and hence assure pure comfort to the user.

  • Comes with special hydration pockets –

Water is essential at every phase of life and so is important to be carried to long trips. Tactical backpacks contain built-in water reservoirs that would be easier to provide instant water to the user at any time as well as during emergencies.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Tactical Backpack

If you had never thought of buying a tactical backpack for camping or any outdoor activity, considering to buy one will no doubt be rewarding. What might leave you perplexed is the right type, the right design or the right material. But most importantly, you should pick the one that would act as your best companion throughout the entire journey. So, more than the look, it should be more functional. Of course, there are monetary matters to consider but that should not compromise with your comfort and motive of taking a tactical backpack.

So, here is a list of things to consider prior to buying a good tactical backpack. Have a look:

  • Ensure the right size –

Considering the size of a tactical backpack is difficult. The point of confusion pops up when one wonders whether to go for a big-sized bag. Of course, bigger bags make huge space but at the same time make it weighty for users to carry on long trips. Choosing a tactical backpack with a decent size can assure comfort throughout the journey. People going for multi-day trips prefer taking 50-liter bags while most choose 30 to 40-liter bags.

  • Check the material quality–

Most backpacks are made of nylon for being more durable. But what users should ensure is how efficient it is when moving through water. As a matter of fact, a backpack’s mass always depends on the fabric. So, if your adventure has major connections with water, you need to ensure that the fabric of the bag is water-repellant. A water-resistant bag made of Cordura Nylon would be of considerable quality. Canvas backpacks are also not a bad preference but these bags are comparatively heavier.

  • Check the right fitting–

A wise backpack user will always go for the right product as per the size of his chest. If your chest size is between 15.5 and 20.5 inches, it would be easier for you to fit a tactical backpack. Just make sure that the shoulder straps are not tight, or otherwise, you will never be able to carry for long. So, unless you have the right fit, it would be difficult for you to treat it as your companion.

  • Check the number of pockets and compartments–

It is very important to check how many pockets and compartments are there in a tactical backpack. You might have to carry numerous big and small accessories, which you might need at any point of time during a trip. So, you must keep them all organized in such a manner so that you can easily access them whenever required.

  • Check the budget if it fits –

Before buying a tactical backpack, you will always draw comparisons in order to differentiate the best from the rest. Just mark your preferences and check whether the bag you are going to buy does complete justice in this respect. Moreover, you can always ask an expert and make sure that the bag for which you are going to spend is worth investing.


FAQ about Tactical Backpack

One of the best strategies to choose a good tactical backpack is to go through a set of frequently answered questions enquired by commoners. Once you are done reading, you will surely have a fair idea about the right product you are looking forward to buying.

What are tactical backpacks?

Tactical backpacks are usually designed to meet the needs of military personnel, regular campers, hunters, climbers and all those who are involved with outdoor activities. These backpacks come with special compartments for carrying gears, tactical accessories and other vital necessities that users will need in the midst of their journeys. Most of these backpacks are equipped with advanced hydration system so that the user gets easy access to water.

How to ensure that the tactical backpack you are buying is comfortable to wear?

What is crucial is assuring whether the backpack you are buying for your upcoming trips is high on comfort. For this, you need to check whether it is made of breathable material. The more breathable it is, the more comfortable it will be. Therefore, you will never end up sweating at your back. Moreover, it should have adjustable straps and that the back panel must be well padded. This would ensure that you will be able to carry it with no strain on your shoulders.

Is it easy to clean a tactical backpack?

Cleaning a tactical backpack is unlike what is done in case of a regular backpack. According to experts and manufacturers, tactical backpacks must be cleaned on a daily basis. In fact, daily maintenance of a tactical backpack is essential if you are willing to keep it in good condition for years. It is recommended for users to use a toothbrush along with a mixture of water, soap and baking soda. This altogether would wipe away regular dirt that would make it look clean.

How many pockets and compartments are usually there in a tactical backpack?

The number of pockets and compartments depends on the type of backpack you are buying. However, most tactical backpacks come with a large main compartment, laptop compartment, hydrated flaps, admin organization pockets, glasses pocket and more. So, whatever purpose you are looking forward to meeting, be it carrying safety gears on military missions or pens, maps and documents, make sure your tactical backpack is having enough compartments for storing all these stuff.

What would be the safest tactical backpack?

The safest tactical backpack would be the one that is made of excellent quality nylon or polyester. If this is assured, users will hardly need to worry about things falling off or the bag tearing off in the midst of your journey. Moreover, a tactical backpack should always be water-resistant and this is the biggest aspect of safety. If circumstances compel hikers to move through the waters, the backpack they would be carrying should necessarily be water-repellant.


So, are you still wondering whether to go for a regular or a tactical backpack? Well, a tactical backpack will always remain beneficial throughout your life. If you are into military services or you love taking hiking trails every now and then, you will just love putting these bags to proper use on time. Before ordering one, quickly make a list of the gear you need and check whether all of those would fit in your new bag. If you think it will choose the bag size accordingly. Moreover, these bags help you sport a new style statement. Overall, tactical backpacks are beyond comparison in all aspects and would suffice to all your outdoor needs.

Happy Touring!!