Best Softside Luggage Reviews 2020 With Buying Guide

What kind of traveler you are? Are you the type of traveler that prefers to travel light? If yes, then, this comprehensive guide about the best softside luggage will definitely need your prompt attention. It reveals every relevant information about this type of traveling luggage. A softside luggage bag is entirely different from a traditional suitcase with hardshell construction. The softside luggage is lightweight and usually made from fabrics like polyester or nylon. The similarities that a suitcase and softsided luggage do share in common are the presence of rolling wheels and handles.

Now, are you ready to explore the features of different brands of softside luggage? Grab a comfy seat and read carefully each brand’s description and evaluate what fits your traveling needs. Remember, traveling light means having a lightweight luggage that will allow the traveler to pack everything with ease. And, at the same time give freedom of mobility from one location to another while in the premises of the airport.

Top 10 Best Softside Luggage Reviews


American Tourister Fieldbrook II Softside Upright Luggage Set

The American Tourister Fieldbrook ll Softside Upright Luggage Set is a budget-friendly brand of softside traveling luggage. The quality and aesthetic appearance can already compete with expensive brands. I think this particular brand of softside luggage will be sufficient for any traveler that has a limited budget but still want to travel light. Let’s take a closer look at the product’s best features.

Overall, I reckon the design shows the basics that any lightweight softside luggage should have such as boxed shape built, external pockets, lightweight and handle with telescoping mechanism (handle has the ability to extend). The distinguishing element that will set this brand apart from generic softside luggage is the logo of American Tourister Fieldbrook, visible in front of the luggage.

How about storage capacity? This brand is sold as a set, with provision for two expandable travel suitcases(medium and large size) and one tote bag. Both the two luggage suitcases are suited for check-in while the tote bag or commonly referred to as the “boarding bag” can come pretty useful for storage of important things while onboard. This luggage set offers enough storage space for every traveler for clothes, necessary documents, and personal toiletries.

One of the highlights of this brand of softside luggage is the tote bag is designed with “short sleeve”, meaning it can be carried over your shoulder. As for the two large luggage, both are constructed with inline wheels, similar to a traditional luggage. Aside from that, they also have telescopic handles for easy transport using one hand.

How about weight? This luggage set is designed and built to be lightweight. The tote bag only weighs approximately 1.5 pounds, while the two suitcases weigh 6.5 pounds and 8.8 pounds correspondingly. Both the suitcases have upright positions and expandable to cater to the traveler’s packing needs.

Is it durable? Although priced at a lower cost this brand has made a good reputation in the market for providing travelers durable traveling luggage sets. The material used on the tote bag and two luggage is 1200 D polyester fabric.


  • This traveling luggage is sold as a set composed of two expandable luggage (large and medium size) and one tote bag that can be carried while onboard a flight
  • The material used for the three bags is rated 1200 D polyester fabric (means the thicker the fabric used)
  • Warranty coverage includes 10-year manufacturer limited warranty on defective parts


  • Warranty coverage doesn’t apply to any damage incurred due to mishandling

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AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

This next brand of softside luggage is a must-have for any traveler that prefers luggage allowed for check-in, the AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage. Come, let’s together find out its exclusive perks for potential buyers. This traveling luggage is suitable for all travelers with upcoming short-term trips expected to last approximately three to five days. It has roomy storage space to accommodate at least three changing clothes, personal toiletry and a few pairs of shoes.

The AmazonBasics is built with an expandable and collapsible feature. This softsided luggage can expand up to 25%, allowing the traveler to have extra space for an additional stuff. And, since it’s collapsible the luggage can be easily stored in tight spaces when not in use.

How about external compartments? This brand of luggage has provisions for an external compartment. You can use it as storage for items you need quick access such as mobile devices and electronics. However, the external compartment has no locking feature, especially if you need to store a laptop.

What is the packing layout inside? This softshell luggage has a single compartment inside with three zippered pockets, ideal for organizing travel essentials. The inside compartment has tie-down straps that can be manually adjusted to hold items securely.

Construction of the luggage is quite durable. It’s built with fabric lining, to prevent scratch and snag of precious belongings. As for quality, the manufacturer has performed rigid testing to check luggage’s performance based on durability, stability as well as maneuverability of wheels and handle while on the go.


  • The luggage has provision for exterior compartment, quick storage for items you need accessibility
  • The interior part of the softside luggage has fabric lining rated with 150-D polyester, reducing snags and scratches of belongings
  • This item is expandable up to 25%, for extra storage space
  • Collapsible when not in use, easy storage in tight or limited space
  • Four-wheeled with 360 degrees spinning feature, ensuring fast mobility


  • Limited packing capacity for travelers with long-term travels abroad

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Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

For travelers that want a travel luggage that is ultimately light and portable, the Travelpro Maxilit 5-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel is a must-have. Why? This softside luggage only weighs 5.4 pounds, making it easy to carry even for people with small or medium built body frame.  What other features this brand has to offer? Here are some of my discoveries as I performed a thorough inspection.

This lightweight traveling luggage is equipped with spinner wheels. I must say this feature is a bonus for any frequent traveler because of no issue on mobilization while inside the airport terminals, walking on pavements or along alleys. The spinner wheels are designed to provide smooth glide as the traveler moves around.

Another vital part that should be present on lightweight traveling luggage is the telescoping handle that extends to match the traveler’s height, adding greater comfort in any short-term or long-term trip. In addition to the telescoping handle, this softside luggage has three extra handles that travelers can easily grab. These handles are located on the top part, side and bottom of the softside luggage.

With regards to its packing, the Travelpro Maxlite has provision for one interior packing compartment, fully lined with fabric, tie-down straps and zippered pocket. The exterior part of the luggage has one large compartment located at the front, allowing traveler quick access for items. On top of that, this brand of traveling luggage can expand to at least 2 inches, offering more storage space for bulky items.


  • This travel luggage only weighs 5.4 pounds, anyone with small or medium built body frame can carry it with ease
  • The product boasts of spinners wheels, capable of smooth glide on most floor surfaces of airport terminals including carpeted floorings
  • Manufacturer sells this product with a limited lifetime warranty on repair due to damaged caused by an airline or carrier


  • Non-provision for locks, making it prone to theft issues

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Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

Another brand of softside luggage that comes in 3-piece set is the Coolife Luggage Suitcase Spinner Softshell Lightweight. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of this product’s features.

Is it a good deal for your money? Yes, because you will receive 3 pieces of traveling luggage. One carrying luggage that is 20 inches tall, the second luggage is of medium built with a height of 24 inches for check-in and the third luggage is large enough to pack all your traveling needs for extended trips that last for a week or more.

The construction of the 3-piece set softside luggage is extremely durable, the material used has been certified to be 1680D oxford cloth, stronger than polyester and water-resistant. And, this brand has been recognized by IATA guidelines to be compliant with traveling regulations in the USA.

Apart from that, the three luggage have fully lined nylon compartments, tie-down straps and one large zippered pocket located at the lid of the compartment. The 3-piece set has also provision for exterior pockets where you can store and access items anytime. The 3-piece softside luggage has single spinner wheels and telescopic handles. So, travelers need not worry about mobilization while traveling from one location to another.


  • This product comes as 3-piece set, one carry luggage, one medium sized luggage for check-in and one large luggage to store traveler’s essentials
  • The 3-piece set has fully lined nylon fabric compartments, durable and water-resistant
  • All three luggage has spinner wheels and telescopic handles for hassle-free mobility


  • This 3-piece set has no provision for locks

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Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Carry-On Upright Luggage

The Briggs & Riley brand has made a trademark in the travel industry as one of the manufacturers that contributed to the production of quality traveling bags covered with a limited warranty on damages caused by aircraft carriers, free of charge.

Their traveling luggage collections are designed to cater the varying needs of customers including budget. Innovation and creativity played an important role in the production phase of each travel luggage released in the marketplace. And, among their popular releases is the Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Carry-On Upright Luggage. Here are the highlights of this softside luggage.

First, it has an expandable capacity of up to 25%, meaning the luggage can expand to this limit, providing more space for any traveler with excess items. Second, the manufacturer is offering this luggage with a limited lifetime warranty covering the repair of any damage due to the airline’s mishandling, with no fees collected on the customer.

Third, the material used for the exterior fabric is 1680D ballistic nylon, extremely durable and expected to last longer than other fabrics with a lower grade.  The wheels are rated as premium rubberized spinner wheels, tested to provide smooth operation as the traveler moves from one location to another. As for the handle, it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum with telescoping mechanism, adjustable to four (4) lengths to match the height of a traveler. The frame of the luggage is made from fiberglass, with reinforced corners and YKK zippers. Fourth, the luggage is suitable for international travel as it complies with the locking requirement to be TSA Lock.


  • The luggage frame is constructed from fiberglass, with strong reinforcement on all corners and YKK zippers
  • The expandable capacity of this softside luggage is 25%, extra space available to accommodate traveler’s packing requirement
  • The luggage height is approximately 14 inches, can be accommodated in most aircrafts’ carry-on-dims
  • This product has TSA Lock, a strict requirement for international travels
  • Inclusive in the purchase is the limited lifetime warranty applies only on free repair on damages due to airline’s fault


  • Non-provision for a garment bag, you need to buy this separately

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Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable Luggage

Samsonite is a recognized brand for all kinds of bags from the basic backpack, school bag, travel bags, suitcases including laptop bags. They have made an impressive reputation in the bag industry for their stylish and functional bag collections. That’s why they have been a leading brand in the global market catering to the day-to-day needs of people on the go. Let’s together investigate Samsonite softside luggage the Solyte DLX 20.

This brand of softside luggage has robust built, designed for travelers that require heavy-duty traveling luggage. The handle has a push-button feature and extends to match the traveler’s height. As for the wheels, the Solyte DLX 20 Softside Luggage boasts of having 360 dual spinner wheels. The traveler will not have difficulty pushing this softside luggage as it maneuvers smoothly towards the desired direction.

The material used for the luggage is a quality graded polyester fabric, durable enough to withstand the external factors that prevail while traveling. The size of this softside luggage complies in most air carriers’ overhead compartments.

As for the handles, this brand of softside luggage has many carrying options. It has provision for top carrying handle, which is convenient for travelers that prefer to lift it or carry it by hand. The side handle also allows the traveler to lift the luggage with ease. One of the unique features that I find interesting with this softside luggage is the availability of a USB port. This feature will definitely be a favorite among tech-savvy travelers that require regular charging of their gadgets.

Another feature that I discovered a rarity is the Wetpak zippered compartment. The traveler is given a separate packing space to store damp clothes. However, any luggage intended for carry-on with the Wetpak feature may not be compliant with airline’s carry-on terms and conditions. A bonus offer of this softside luggage is the built-in ID holder, which allows traveler to put an identification card for fast-tracking in case of a lost or misplaced luggage.

The luggage has also smart fix buckling system. The tie-down straps with buckles will ease the packing without struggle, while at the same time keeping everything secured all throughout the journey. Similar to other brands of softside luggage, this luggage is installed with a zipper that allows it to expand and give more packing space when needed. Lastly, this luggage comes with a 10-year limited global warranty.


  • The luggage size can fit in most airlines’ overhead compartments
  • This product comes with 10-year limited global warranty
  • This softside luggage has a USB port


  • Since it has a robust construction, expect the luggage to be a bit heavy

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Lucas Designer Luggage Collection

The Lucas designer Luggage Collection is suitable for travelers on the lookout for affordable, medium-sized luggage. This luggage is priced decently and known to be extremely lightweight. In fact, it can be easily maneuvered with one hand while the other hand holds your child.

The actual size of this luggage is 24 inches, and may not pass for a carry-on bag with some airlines based on their carry-on bag size regulation.

The Packing capacity of the Lucas designed Luggage is around 69 liters, and expandable up to 6 liters. So, if you have been on a vacation trip and bought souvenirs, no need to worry about space. This luggage offers maximum packing space.

This luggage is built with eight 360-spinner wheels and ergonomic handle, for easy maneuvering and handling while traveling. Fabric material used is sourced carefully from non-toxic polyester fabric.

The manufacturer is selling this product with exclusive warranty coverage of a 5-year limited warranty applied on repair due to damage or replacement of defective parts.


  • This softside luggage is elegantly designed to match any traveler heading for domestic or international travel
  • The height of this luggage is approximately 24 inches, with 69 liters load capacity
  • It can fully expand up to extra 6 liters, offering more packing space
  • The polyester fabric material used for the luggage construction is non-toxic and safe for general use
  • This product comes with 5-year limited warranty coverage on free repair on damaged part or replacement of defects


  • The size of this luggage doesn’t comply with most of the airlines’ rules for carry-on bags

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Pathfinder Presidential Designer Luggage

This next brand will surely be a perfect traveling partner for any traveler searching for a suitcase set. The Pathfinder Presidential designer Luggage offers any potential buyer a complete set of luggage (one tote bag, 21 inches carry-on bag, 25-inch and 29-inch check-in suitcases). That’s absolutely a great bargain for anyone scheduled for a long-term trip abroad. Come, let’s assess the highlighted features of this travel luggage.

The 4-piece set suitcase are all designed to have a classic style and lightweight built. Each piece provided functions for its purpose. The tote bag is roomy enough to accommodate small items that travelers need to carry most of the time. As for the carry-on bag, it complies with airlines’ carry-on bag size restriction, plus it can also be used separately for sleepovers or overnights. As for the two suitcases, they are highly recommended for long-term trips.

The suitcases have cutting-edge 8-spinner wheels with telescoping handles, allowing the traveler to freely move with confidence.

The carrying capacity of the carry-on luggage can hold at least 35 liters. While the medium size luggage can pack at least 69 liters and the large size luggage can offer maximum storage space of 100 liters. All the three upright luggage are built with an expandable feature, providing extra packing space.

The warranty coverage specified for this product is 10-year applicable to repairs due to damage or replacement from defective luggage.


  • This product comes with 4-piece set of luggage (1 tote bag, 1 carry-on luggage, 1 medium-sized luggage, and large- sized luggage)
  • Internal storage capacity of the three (3) upright luggage: carry-on has 35 liters capacity, medium size luggage has 69 liters storage space, and large size luggage can hold approximately 100 liters
  • Manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty coverage for repairs on damages or replacement of a defective luggage


  • Color selections are restricted to two options

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Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Frequent Flyer Softside Carry-On

The Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 is the answer to every traveler in need of lightweight carry-on luggage. This carry-on luggage of the trusted brand Victorinox showcases quality craftsmanship all throughout. Here’s what I discovered as I perform a closer inspection.

I must say the handle is very convenient to hold and grab because it has a Swiss-engineered telescopic handle. Any traveler won’t struggle to push the luggage via its handle. It offers stable support to the entire weight of the luggage.

As for its construction, this carry-on luggage is intricately produced to have a hard and soft side, layered with TriX Triple Polypropylene. What does it mean? It means the luggage is constructed to have a lightweight shell case from graded plastic material with a softside from nylon fabric with an abrasion-resistant feature. The wheels used for this carry-on luggage are noise-free 60mm Hinomoto wheels. They are built to run and glide smoothly.

This product is built with USB port hidden discreetly underneath the ID tray, allowing the traveler to do quick charging while traveling. Battery for charging not included need to buy it separately. Plus, the ID tray provided can also hold personal travel essentials like pen, SIM card changer and two SAK tools.

How about its packing layout? This carry-on luggage has a highly efficient organizational compartment. The interior compartment has provision for expandable and removable packing cube with a padded sleeve to accommodate a laptop. It has detachable garment sleeve, x-shaped straps and mesh pockets.


  • Fabric material used for the carry-on luggage is certified Ballistic nylon fabric, proven to be durable and water-resistant
  • The interior compartment of this softside carry-on luggage has removable packing cube with an expandable feature, padded sleeve for a laptop, removable garment sleeve, compression straps including mesh pockets
  • This item has USB port situated under the ID tray
  • The ID tray has enough space to hold securely a pen, two SAK tools and SIM card changer
  • Luggage has YKK zippers with TSA lock, ideal for international travels


  • The battery pack of the USB not included

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Calvin Klein Park Lane Expandable Softside Spinner Luggage

Finally, the last brand of softside luggage comes from a well-known brand that has been in the industry for many years, I’m referring to Calvin Klein. And, adding to their growing number of trendiest bag collections is the Park Lane expandable Softside Luggage. So, what makes it every traveler’s on-the-go travel bag?

First, the luggage fabric material used is from super dense polyester, tested and proven to handle all kinds of abuse due to rough handling by airlines.

Second, the wheeling system integrated on this luggage is extraordinary. It has eight (8) spinner wheels that roll in multi-directions. Third, the carrying options are varied. The luggage has a top handle as well as side and bottom grab handles. All these handles allow the traveler to carry the softside luggage depending on his or her preferred carrying option.

Fourth, the interior part of the luggage is fully lined to prevent scratches on packed belongings. It has also compression straps to hold securely traveler’s clothes and other essentials. The luggage has a zippered front pocket. It’s also expandable for extra packing space. Fifth, the weight of the luggage is only 8.5 pounds. Any traveler can conveniently move it around and push without difficulty.


  • Guaranteed to be extremely durable with its high-density polyester fabric material, wear and tear-resistant
  • The luggage offers multiple carrying options with availability of top handle, side and bottom grab handles
  • Actual weight of the softside luggage is 8.5 pounds, tested to be lightweight, convenient to move and push from one location to another
  • It has 8 spinner wheels that can run in multiple directions
  • Style of the luggage is designed for all genders, with an expandable feature for extra storage space


  • No USB port attached in the luggage

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Hardside vs Softside Luggage

If you are having difficulty choosing the perfect luggage to buy, whether hardside of softside, here are a few things you need to know.

  • Hardside luggage

The material used for hardside luggage is mainly sourced from quality grade plastic like polycarbonate and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). Both these plastics are proven to be durable and lightweight. Other material used is aluminum, considered to be stronger than plastic, but, heavier in weight. Below are common materials used for the production of hardside luggage.

  • ABS

This type of plastic is generally used for the mass production of inexpensive brands. The plastic material isn’t as strong when compared to high-end plastic such as polycarbonate. That’s why manufacturers using ABS need to make the outer shell of a hardside luggage thicker for it to comply with the basic standard on durability.

  • ABS + PC film

This type of plastic has a combination of ABS and thin film of polycarbonate. When combined, the luggage is more durable and can be printed with vibrant colored patterns. However, the cost may be a bit higher when compared with 100% ABS, but cheaper than 100% polycarbonate (PC).

  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is regarded as the strongest type of plastic, lighter in weight and can withstand impact. Apart from that, the polycarbonate shell can also be printed with various styles and colors.

  • Polypropylene (PP)

The most expensive type of plastic and rarely used for the production of hardshell luggage is polypropylene (PP). A hardside luggage constructed from this high-end plastic is suitable for travelers that need to carry delicate or fragile items.

Most hardside luggage brands have similar features like the split opening, wherein the packing layout is divided into two sections. They also have provision for X-strap or mid-divider to separate and organize items.

  • Softside luggage

Softside luggage has a softshell exterior. The material used is usually fabric with a flexible feature. Here are the commonly used types of fabrics for softside luggage.

  • Polyester

This fabric is the cheapest. The level of durability is scored based on the fabric fiber thickness or denier rating. The higher the number, the thicker and heavier the fabric.

  • Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is often used for softside luggage intended for women. The price of cotton canvas luggage is higher when compares to polyester.

  • Nylon

The most expensive type of fabric used for softside luggage is woven nylon. This fabric is a lot durable than polyester and cotton canvas. Plus, it’s resistant to abrasion. Ballistic nylon is proven to be shinier and water-resistant.

A softside luggage is lighter than the hardside or traditional suitcase made from plastic. That’s the main reason why frequent travelers opt for the softside luggage because its lightweight, easy to move around and has an expandable feature for extra packing storage. And, when not in use you can easily collapse it into a smaller size to fit underneath the bed or inside a tight space.


Key Features to Look for When Buying a Softside Luggage

Buying a softside luggage needs a careful selection. Here’s a list of key features to look to ensure the brand of softisde luggage you want can accommodate any short-term or long-term travel.

  • Durability

It’s vital for a softside luggage to be durable because of the external factors that could affect its performance while traveling. Among the parts of a softside luggage that can be prone to damages include the fabric, handle, wheels including zippers. Keep in mind, the luggage can be exposed to mishandling or theft issues. So, having this in mind it’s essential for every potential buyer to choose a softside luggage to be constructed from durable materials and have add-on features that will protect your personal belongings from potential damage or loss.

  • Mobility

One of the vital parts of a fully functional softside luggage is the wheels. Most manufacturers selling softside luggage have integrated efficient wheeling systems such as spinner wheels or rubberized wheels for a smooth glide. When buying a softside luggage, check the manufacturer’s product description and pay more attention to the quality of wheels. Frequent travelers may benefit the most from having luggage with wheelable wheels. I must say it’s really frustrating for a traveler to get stuck along the way trying to fix a broken wheel.

  • Aluminum frame

The frame of a softside luggage could also have a huge impact on its performance while traveling. Expensive brands usually have aluminum frame construction. The aluminum frame is proven to be sturdier and stable. And, it’s generally lightweight and can withstand any shock or blow. Aluminum framed luggage assures travelers that fragile items are protected against the potential risk of breakage.

  • Zipper

Another material that you will often find in most luggage brands is the zipper. The highly recommended zipper is YKK because it’s durable, not prone to snags and has an anti-corrosion feature. Some softside luggage is built with metal zippers. Metal is considered to be durable. However, they snag easily and not waterproof.

  • Weight

Yes, this is a major concern for travelers that want to travel light, finding luggage that is lightweight. When making a selection among different brands check the weight mentioned in their descriptions. Remember, a two pounds lighter luggage is a lot better than one with heavier built, especially if you need to transfer from one airport to another until you reach your final destination.

  • Size

This next feature will rely on each traveler’s traveling goal. For example, if you are traveling internationally see to it that the size of your luggage complies strictly. Or, if you plan of buying a carry-on-luggage, be sure it meets the airline carry-on-bag size regulation to avoid paying extra fees.

  • Price

The price you are willing to pay should be equivalent to what you paid for its features. When browsing multiple brands, do a comparison of all the perks you will get from entrusting your money such as excellent customer rating, durable construction, innovatively used of technology on wheels or warranty. All these elements affect the overall pricing of a brand of softside luggage and you need to be completely aware to get the best deal.

  • Warranty

As I’ve just mentioned the warranty is crucial in any purchase of traveling luggage. Why? The traveling luggage is exposed to elements that are beyond your control such as potential damage from an airline company or mishandling. It’s beneficial for the customer to find luggage that has warranty coverage such as lifetime limited warranty on repair or replacement of broken parts.

  • Brand name

The customers would rather willing to pay a hefty price for luggage with a popular brand name because they have the perception that it’s superiorly made. Aside from that, fashion-conscious customers are willing to pay more for luggage that has a brand name known for its reputation for producing quality traveling luggage.

  • Add-ons

Some manufacturers have specifically designed and built soft-side luggage with special features such as anti-shock, waterproof outer fabric, anti-theft zippers or have provision for the hanger to cater to the varying demands of travelers. When buying a softside luggage, go for a brand with add-ons that will make your life easier and more convenient as you explore the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why invest my money on softside luggage with 4-spinner wheels?

When it comes to mobility and smooth glide on any floor surface, a luggage built with 4-spinners wheels is highly dependable. Traveler won’t even need to exert too much effort while pushing or moving the luggage. Aside from that, luggage with 4-spinners wheels is designed to freely navigate in any direction, even on tight or limited spaces.

  • What is the ideal size of luggage intended for travel?

The size of the travel luggage you will buy depends on your traveling needs. If you are heading for a short-term trip like domestic travel, you can be better off with a medium-sized luggage or carry-on travel bag will do. However, if you are planned for a long-term business trip that could last for more than a week, then, you might need large travel luggage or any luggage that comes in a set (tote bag, carry-on luggage, medium size luggage and large size luggage).

  • Which is more favorable for international travel, hard shell or softside luggage?

If you want to travel light and don’t want to carry a bulky suitcase, then, a softside luggage is more favorable than hard shell luggage. Besides, many brands of softside luggage offer now different styles that have expandable and anti-shock features to safely store every traveler’s precious belongings.

  • How to retain the pristine condition of my softside luggage?

Although softside luggage isn’t recommended for washing, you can still keep it spotlessly clean by doing the following:

  • Use a damp clean cloth to wipe dirt or dust.
  • For stubborn stains that have accumulated after travel, you can combine warm water and mild washing product, then, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stains. Be sure to scrub light to prevent damaging the fabric
  • After removing stains, leave it for a few hours to naturally air dry any moisture, then, store.
  • If the luggage is collapsible, cover it with plastic to avoid dirt or dust.

  • What is the perfect color for softside luggage?

Dark-colored softside luggage is the best for any planned travels. However, many travelers may opt for this particular color like black or brown and you might have difficulty trying to locate yours at the luggage carousel. If you want to easily spot your softside luggage from a bunch of suitcases, then, choose a vibrant color.


Buying travel luggage can be truly stressful. However, if you take some time to read this comprehensive review of the top-performing brands of best softsided luggage, I’m confident you will find the perfect luggage that will sort all your packing needs as well as the goal to travel in style.

Each brand mentioned above has its own special features to offer and it’s up to you to assess diligently which brand generated the highest score and passed your travel requirement.

I do hope your chosen brand of softside luggage will help you achieve your goal of travel light, regardless it’s domestic or international travel.