Best Snowboard Bags Reviews 2020 (Complete Guide)

Most people look for recreational activities to indulge in during their free time. Snowboarding is one of the recreational activities; most of the people have a lot of interest in it. The creative activities which have inspired other sports including skateboarding, sledging, surfing and skiing. Among this; skiing is the one sport that has done on snow. Snowboarding is different from skiing in such a way that the board used in snowboarding is broader compared to skiing. On the other hand, the rider’s feet have attached at a 90° angle facing the opposite direction of motion.

When heading out to go for snowboarding, you need to carry essential equipment to assist you in the activity. A snowboard is one of the essential equipment you need. Carrying snowboards may be quite challenging, and that is why a snowboard bag is required to help you take it when going for the activity. It is easier to take the snowboard in a bag than carrying it around with your bare hands.

There are many and different types of snowboard bags, and getting one depends on what you prefer. The snowboard bags vary from low rollers, high rollers, double bags, wheelie bags and tour bags. Here we will observe some of the best snowboard bags you can get for yourself.


Different Types of Snowboard Bags

People are different, some are tall, and some short, people have different skin tones, and some are plump, and some are slender. Just like people, skateboard bags are also of different types ranging from those that have wheels to those that are simple and elegant. The choice of a specific snowboard bag depends entirely on the person’s preference and needs. Here are the four varieties on which the bag decision depends on:

  • Strapping Type of Snowboard Bags

Snowboard bags have two types of straps, the interior, and exterior straps. The interior straps have used to hold your snowboards in place and ensure that they are stationary when being carried. There are those bags that have these straps and those that do not.

The carrier can use exterior straps to wear the bag either on the back or on the shoulder. There are two different varieties of straps, the double straps and single straps. The double straps have designed in two different ways. The first is where you can take your bag as a backpack and the second is where you can carry your bag as a duffle bag. On the other hand, the single strap is a simple one, where you take your bag pack over the shoulder with one arm.

  • Snowboard Bags with the Wheels

For the wheels, there are those snowboard bags that have wheels, and those without. The wheels assist in carrying your snowboard bag in such a way that you will not be tired of carrying the bag on your back. Wheels help to drag the bag pack along pavements and airport check-ins.

  • Padding Snowboard Bags

Another category of the snowboard bags is the padding; some backpacks come with padding while some are unpadded. Padded snowboard bags protect the bags from any damage or scratches if mishandled or during travel. Unpadded snowboard bags have mainly used for those riders who do not walk with the boards; for long distances, thus the board does not face a lot of movement.

  • Snowboard Bags with Different Sizes

Snowboard bags depend on the size of our snowboard. The longer the snowboard, the larger the snowboard bag will be. Snowboard bags also vary due to gear capacity. These backpacks come with extra exterior pockets to store more of your personal belongings; hence one can have everything in one bag.


Features to Consider before Buying a Snowboard Bag

When going for snowboarding; look for a perfect snowboard bag, that fits your needs. Always look for such bag packs that can keep your snowboard as safe as possible. Prefer a backpack that is comfortable to walk around with, apart from safety. Here are some of the key features you should look out when looking for a snowboard to purchase;

  • Straps

Before buying a snowboard bag, a complete overview of the size and type of straps is necessary. Decide the size and type you will prefer for your venture, as either you need dual straps or single straps for your adventure.

People prefer to take dual straps snowboard bags to keep the gear in it tight and at the place. But if you want one strap bag that’s fine too. Filled bag with one strap can work excellently as the gear will not get replaced in this way as well. To carry bags as your backpack, you should prefer the padded external straps, as it will not make you tired in your long-distance adventure. Padded straps will make your shoulders feel comfortable even with loaded gear.

The reason people prefer double strapped bag is to divide the gear load evenly on their shoulders. Therefore, choose assuredly the type of bag pack and straps you will need during your adventure, and before this, to decide whether you want to carry it as a duffle bag or backpack.

  • Material

Just like any other bags, snowboard bags have also made of different materials. The snowboard bag you should look for is that which has manufactured with waterproof material. The bags are used in the cold and icy environment hence being waterproof, is essential for your bags.

Apart from being waterproof, the bag pack should also have padded. Padding is to protect the snowboards from scratches and damage if the bag has mishandled. If you are looking for an unpadded snowboard bag, then it should be just for storing the snowboard in the car boot or at home which will not take a lot of space.

  • Wheels

For the long-distance travellers who carry several snowboards with them, should look for bags with wheels. Wheels will make the luggage moving easy; since the traveller has to pull it behind rather than taking the whole load on his back.

  • Size

When looking for a snowboard bag look for one which fits your snowboard. The bag should not exceed 10cm more than the length of your board. The snowboard bag packs have designed in a way that it can fit your snowboard and your gear.

If you purchase a bag that exceeds 10cm, more than the length of your board, there is likely to be some space left in the pack that will help you to adjust the gear rightly. Always prefer such snowboard bags which has extra pockets to hold the whole stuff of yours in the same bag pack.

  • Price 

Of course, when looking for a snowboard bag, it is essential to look for one that fits your budget and one that will serve you for quite a long time before getting another one.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most people who own snowboards want to get themselves a snowboard bag, but they still have unanswered questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by snowboard owners;

  • Is it necessary to own a snowboard bag?

No, it is not; but the bag assists you in carrying your snowboard around making it simple to carry your snowboard around without struggling.

  • Why is it necessary to own a snowboard bag?

To protect your snowboard from being damaged and getting unnecessary scratches and cracks. The bag also assists you in carrying your board easily.

  • Can a snowboard bag carry more than one snowboard?

Yes, it can take about two snowboards in a bag, but you can get the larger size to take many snowboards with you on your adventure.

  • Can I carry extra luggage in my snowboard bag?

Yes, the snowboard bag has extra space after you have put your snowboard so you can fit your gear in it perfectly. The snowboard bags come with extra pockets for smaller accessories as well.

  • Can the wheels of a snowboard bag be used on snow?

Yes, there are some wheels designed to get used on snow. People who travel with the crew or those who prefer taking more snowboards and gear carry snowboard bag with wheels which can effortlessly move on snow.

  • What is the difference between a ski bag and a snowboard bag?

The two only differentiate with the dimensions since skis are much thinner compared to snowboards, but snowboard bags are wider yet shorter than skis.

  • Why is it necessary for my snowboard bag to be waterproof?

The bags have used in areas covered in snow so expect the bag to get wet with time. When water gets to your snowboard or gear, it may cause them to start rusting.

  • Can skis and a snowboard fit in one bag?

It all depends on the kind of bag. If the bag has enough space, then both Ski and snowboard will fit in one bag pack.

  • Between a padded and unpadded snowboard bag which is better?

It all depends on your usage. If you like taking long walks and meeting a lot of people on the way, then the padded snowboard bag is suitable for you. On the other hand, if you like to drive to your destination, then the unpadded snowboard bag is fit for you.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Bags Reviews


High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo

The High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo is a piece of significant transporting equipment for a snow sporting activity. A magnificent piece among the High Sierra core series that can sufficiently fit your snow sports gear. High Sierra products aim to make a visible expression of the brand vision of supporting the outdoor snowboarding experience of their customers. The snowboard sleeve and boot bag combo will help you move around the hills in style and high comfort.

  • Material and design

The boot bag material is water-resistant with excellent nylon coil zippers to keep your snow sports gear like your ski boots safe and dry. The combo series has a sleeve with a zip opening that can house a single snowboard about 165cm in length. It helps you to carry your snowboard in fresh style safely.

The bag has shoulder straps and top straps that allow you to carry it in different ways that suit your comfort style. The sleeve also comes with a front pocket where you can keep smaller accessories like your wallet and smartphone.

  • Features

The sleeve fabric has an elegant tight fit design that makes it portable and lightweight. The snowboard sleeve has a roomy compartment area for keeping a snowboard. The webbing handles can also serve as shoulder straps for easy carrying of the sleeve.

The storage bag is a piece of extra equipment for keeping your boots and smaller accessories safe and dry. It can contain a ski boot up to size 13.

  • Additional Information

The boot bag has huge storage that can carry your extra personal pieces of stuff. The snowboard sleeve can only take one complete snowboard accessory.

The sleeve has a lovely handle that can also serve as a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It does not have any padding which can make your snowboard bump around a little when carrying it.


  • Durable storage bag
  • Excellent handle for carrying the bag


  • No full zip opening which makes it hard to access the interior
  • Fit for one board only
  • No protective fabric lining

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Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag

The Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag gives you the best of your snow sports experience. It offers you the ability to transport your snowboard gear. It is one of the most elegant products of Athalon Sportgear, a brand that has over 45 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality bags for sports professionals. Their products include luggage and duffels, snow sports gear, and Harley-Davidson gear. The Fitted Snowboard bag stands out with certain compatibility qualities.

  • Material and Design

The Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag is famous for its metal heavy guard metal plate hardware that is water repellent in nature. It has a self-repairing nylon coil zipping design that allows for durability. The materials have good water draining abilities.

The snowboard bag comes with polyester PVC lining and metal hardware material. It protects the bag from light wear and abrasion. The rubber grip handle is excellent and allows for a firm taking of your snowboard during your snow sport adventure.

The bag can safely hold a snowboard of 170cm in length with bindings. The snowboard bag has a great shoulder strap and a quality rubber handle for firmly gripping the bag when carrying it around.

  • Features

The bag has an extra pouch for your smaller accessories to fit in perfectly well. The shoulder straps also give you the advantage of efficiently carrying your snowboard. High-stress points in the bag have good stitches to keep it durable during loading.

  • Additional Information

The Athalon bag allows a standard convenience when carrying your snowboard. The front pocket is great for storing smaller accessories. It can safely hold one snowboard with bindings. The zippers are sturdy and reliable.

There is little or no padding, which can cause the backpack to rip off during long trips. Wrapping your snowboard before storing it in the bag pack might be a pro tip for better use. The bag may give some issues when travelling.


  • It has self-repairing zippers
  • Heavy-duty rubber grip
  • Water repellent
  • This bag comes with great design


  • Bag does not have padding in it
  • Can use more straps
  • Not durable for plane trips

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Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Burton continues to be innovative in the manufacture and distribution of mountain adventure gear. With over 40 years of experience in the outdoor equipment industry, their products aim to give you the best outdoor experience by making available bags that will safely transport your gear. The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is a multiple layer travel snow bag for ease of mobility and loading. It allows for heavy gear loading and very much suitable for travelling snowboarding activities.

  • Material and Design

The Burton Wheelie Gig bag will almost contain two snowboards with bindings on them, two pairs of ski boots, two pants, gloves, jacket, gives, and a set of thermal. The interior layout has an appropriate padding design for two snowboards while having a bombproof construction.

The bag has a smooth skate wheel for mobility while walking with it. The bag has different sizes that can contain all snowboards up to 181cm in length. The bag design allows you to move to transport your snow sports gear to your destination without incurring damage and loss of accessories.

  • Features

The bag has certain features that make it stand out from others in the market. The interior padding gives excellent protection to your snowboards to keep them from damage during mobility. There are external pockets with zips that can suitably store your smaller accessories like wallets and smartphones.

The inner straps help to keep the boards fit inside the bag. There are side grips, front handles, and shoulder straps that help to carry the bag easily at your convenience. The zips have good lock designs.

  • Additional Information

The Burton Wheelie bag is an excellent option for snow sports adventurers who enjoy travelling a lot. It can carry multiple accessories and allow you to transport them easily with the wheels.

The interior design is excellent as it offers exceptional security for your snowboards. The shoulder straps may not be efficient for carrying the bag, especially during heavy loading.


  • It can contain two pairs of snowboarding gear
  • Great for travelling snowboarders
  • The wheels make mobility easy


  • Poor shoulder strap construction
  • The back end cover that protects the back from scrapping seems too small

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Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag

Element Outfitters continue to express their passion for outdoor adventures through the manufacturing of the right outdoor sporting equipment and supplies. Their products are useful for enjoying activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, and travelling. Element deluxe snowboard bag is excellent when the concerns of weight tend to disturb your adventures. It has a reliable gear storage system that allows you to transport all your necessary snow sports accessories without worrying too much about safety.

  • Material and Design

The bag material has polyester coatings with excellent water resistance quality to keep your gear dry. The bag has designs with two distinct sizes. One design idea can contain snowboard up to 157cm in length and 62inches in width. And, the second design contains snowboards up to 165cm in length and 65inches in width. The bag offers a great solution to bulky loading of gear.

The padding around the inner bag compartment is sufficient to protect your snowboards from damage and scratches during a walk or ride. The interior compartment is a great fit for your gear, especially during travels.

  • Features

The bag has a storage capacity that will contain two snowboards, a pair of bindings, poles, ski boots, one helmet, goggles, snowboarding pants, and jackets. The bag construction contains adequate stitching at stress points to keep it from ripping off during loading. The shoulder straps and grip handles make it easy to transport the bag with ease and style.

  • Additional Information

The Element snowboard bag has excellent qualities that make it useful and reliable during a ride. The storage space can allow you to load up, gear slowly. It also has quite a disadvantage of being very heavy during loading, especially when travelling.

The extra pockets on the bag are great for keeping smaller accessories like wallets also tend to fall out because the pockets do not have locks. You will have to be very careful when carrying it, especially in a crowded environment.


  • Adjustable clip straps
  • Enough space for boards with bindings
  • Lightweight construction


  • Very heavy after loading
  • No Pocket locks can lead to loss of smaller accessories during travelling

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Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag 180cm

Athletico continues to express their passion for supporting quality lifestyle activities through the design and manufacture of athletic and sports gear. The product designs of Athletico embody functionality and durability of gear for all outdoor lifestyle activities. The Athletico snow bag is very famous for its ability to keep your snow sports gear safe and dry. It is suitable for professional athletes who enjoy travelling lightweight while carrying a sufficient amount of gear.

  • Material and Design

The bag interior compartment shows versatility in its storage designs. It can safely store a single snowboard, helmet, Goggle, jackets, and pants. The interior also has two deep pockets to store your boots and socks. It allows for easy and accessible organizing of your gear.

The bag pack contains a snowboard up to 17cm in length. The bag allows you to travel and transport your gear in style with its water-resistant polyester quality material to prevent your gear from being wet during a walk or ride.

  • Features

The bag is quite distinct, with many impressive features. The padding is dense with polyester shell coating and water-resistant ability to protect your snowboarding accessories from damage, especially in a rainy situation.

The storage layout outside the bag stores your ski boots. The bag material is durable. The shoulder straps allow for easy carrying of the bag, and they are adjustable. Internal straps hold your boards firmly and prevent it from making sliding movements inside the bag pack.

  • Additional Information

The Athletico snow bag has a remarkable compartment design. It is a perfect choice for snow athletes who travel a lot for snowboarding adventures. It contains space for only one snowboard. The protective padding feature of the bag is excellent.

The water-resistant feature also makes it better than a few other backpacks. It is essential to know that the shoulder straps may not be reliable for long term carrying of the bag.


  • Versatile design
  • Easy to move around
  • Water and cold resistance. Keeps gear dry
  • Removable shoulder straps


  • Chains are not thick
  • The shoulder straps are not durable and need changing most of the time
  • Fit for only one snowboard

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Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels

Demon strives to produce standard quality snowboard gear and protection to help travelling snowboarders better enjoy their outdoor lifestyle experience. The Phantom snowboard bag with its large size that is enough to fit for multiple boards and gear; stands out in other brands. A moderate amount of back quality to keep your accessories dry and free from damage.

  • Material and Design

The Demon Phantom snowboard bag has a monster size design that will safely keep two snowboards if you remove the bindings, two velcro boots, two pairs of gloves, pants, and a jacket. The interior layout has straps that will firmly hold your snowboards in place.

The skate wheels allow the bag to move smoothly with loads inside. The inner compartment can contain two boards up to 170cm in length. The bag design also makes room for extra accessory pockets, which makes it an excellent choice for travelling through airlines.

  • Features

The padding around the bag is thick enough to prevent your snowboards from damage during transportation. The inner compartment has space for extra gear like your helmet and bodywear. The wheels are of heavy-duty urethane quality.

The bag comes with removable and adjustable shoulder straps. There are handles on the top and side of the bag that allows for easy carrying. The zippers gave a good heavy-duty design to make it durable. The wheel has guards under the bag that keeps it free from wearing when dragging the bag.

  • Additional Information

The bag is reasonably large enough to contain two snowboards and extra gear for travelling, useful. Still, there are a few things to note. The inner strap is at the centre of the bag and will not properly hold a load with weight to the hills. Also, the absence of side walls makes the bag bend when you load it with shorter snowboards. It makes it a little less compared to some other products in the market.


  • Monster size storage
  • Thick padding to protect your boards
  • Wheels to allow the bag to move with ease when dragging it


  • The adjustable straps are quite short
  • Bottom of the bag tends to bend when smaller board size fits
  • No sidewalls

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Winterial Snowboard Bag with Wheels

Winterial has a team that has a flair for outdoor lifestyle adventures. They are quite an expert in the design of snowboard bags that meets the demands of all snowboarders while giving them the comfort to travel with multiple snow sports gear. The Winterial snowboard bag is a great fit for people who skate on mountains with excess snow while finding a way to keep their gear dry and safe during their adventures. It is sturdy and lightweight. It also makes provision for wheels to ease mobility stress during airline travels.

  • Material and Design

The Winterial snowboard bag is a remarkable fit for two snowboards, two helmets, two pairs of boots, ski pants, goggles, and socks. The inner compartment has a waterproof lining that keeps your snow sports gear free from scratch and excess snow moisture.

The bag will safely hold a snowboard up to 157cm in length. The wheels make it very easy to transport the bag, through an airline, while keeping your gear dry and safe from damage.

  • Features

The distinct feature of the bag is its ability to carry multiple snow sports gear while keeping them safe and dry. There is a front pouch for keeping tools and hardware. The smooth-rolling wheels have a back guard to protect the bag from scratching when dragging it.

The tightening straps and buckles keep your gear fit and safe inside the bag. There are two interior straps for the snowboards and a shoulder strap for carrying your gear across the mountain.

  • Additional Information

The Winterial snowboard bag seeks to modify the design of the bag without wheels and adequate protective padding. The bag is famous for its durable padding design that keeps your board safe in excess snow and water conditions. The bag has quality insulation, durable handles, and wheels for carrying your gear. The wheels and double padding of this bag make it most suitable for air plane and road travelling.


  • Enough storage for multiple snowboards and other accessories
  • Wheels for easy carrying
  • Durable handles and straps


  • Straps are not reliable when the bag is full

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EQ SPORT Fully Padded Snowboard Bag

EQ Sports has an innovative product line of equipment bags, sport wears, dumbells, snowboard bags, and horse training leads, which they sell to give their customers a better outdoor adventure. The EQ Sport snowboard bag offers better protection of your gear from cracks and scratches during airline travels.

  • Material and Design

The bag has a large inner layout that will safely hold two snowboards, a pair of ski boots, pants, jackets, and other smaller personal accessories. The bag material is of Oxford fabric and water-resistant. The padding is thick enough to protect your snowboards from damages. The oxford polyester material protects your snow sports gear from heavy rain and snow.

The bag will contain two snowboards up to 156cm in length with one snowboard binding. The bag is compact and foldable for great storage when it is not in use. The wheels are great for smooth movement of the bag after loading to reduce the weight stress.

  • Features

The inner bag layout has two webbing straps that firmly hold your snowboard in place when you’re in motion. The bag has large, heavy-duty zippers that close the main storage space and the outer pockets.

The zips have good signature lock designs. The vertical straps make it very easy to lift the bag into your car when travelling.

  • Additional Information

The bag makes an excellent choice for travelling snow sport activities. It provides the option of carrying multiple snowboard gear with a lightweight pack. The inner construction has sufficient and thick padding to protect your snowboards and personal accessories from scratch and damage.

The bag has vertical straps that allow you to lift it with loads. It does not come with horizontal straps, which can make it a little bit heavy when carrying it. The zippers are excellent and reliable and also offers you easy access to your gear. The wheels are also great for moving the bag when the load is much.


  • Vast storage space for multiple snowboards
  • Great vertical straps and handles
  • The wheels are sturdy and reliable
  • Waterproof material


  • No horizontal straps available
  • The bag is quite heavy when lifting it with loads

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Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag, 165cm

Thule continues to evolve in making quality gear for outdoor adventurers. Thule is such a sports gear brand that brings you closer to your passion for outdoor fun. The company’s products help you to transport your outdoor gear safely with style and comfort. The Thule roundtrip snowboard bag is moderately spacious enough to store multiple boards and a few other personal accessories. It has wheels to help you easily carry your gear, especially during airline travel.

  • Material and Design

The interior storage will adequately contain a snowboard, helmet, boots, goggles, and a pair of gloves. It would easily store two snowboards and boots without loading other gear. The bag is great for organizing your gear for easy accessibility.

There are structural reinforcements at the top and bottom of the bag to prevent the bag from lagging. It contains snowboards up to 165cm in length. The wheels are perfect for efficiently transporting your gear. The wheels have guards at the back of the bag to prevent the bag from scratching.

  • Features

The bag has zipper storage pockets to safely keep smaller accessories and also comes with additional internal pockets for extra space. The zippers are lockable to prevent loss of property. There is an attachment point to hold the roundtrip boot backpack firmly.

The bag has compression straps that will help you safeguard your snowboards in transit. The grip handles at the side, top, and end parts of the bag make it easy to grip the bag when rolling it.

  • Additional Information 

Thule is the best snowboards and gear transporter for the adventurers. It comes with an extra roundtrip boot bag to carry boots and extra personal gear. The wheels are smooth and durable for long term use.

There are no shoulder straps, which may cause a little discomfort when walking with the bag in certain areas. The top and bottom of the bag pack have structural reinforcement to prevent it from lagging, which gives a proper fit to your snowboard inside.


  • Quality zippers with locks to prevent loss
  • Extra storage pockets for small gear
  • Lash points to attach a roundtrip boot backpack


  • Locks for zippers have sold separately
  • No shoulder straps

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UNISTRENGH Waterproof Snowboard Bag

A snowboard with a US military material design an expression of optimal security for your snow sports gear. The bag pack is very famous for its multiple compartment design that makes room for efficient organization of your gear. The bag serves for great snowboarding travelling experience.

  • Material and Design

The bag has a remarkable multiple compartment construction that allows you to organize your gear in your preferred style. The bag can safely hold two boards with bindings, helmet, boot, pants, and jacket. The compartment has wet storage to keep sensitive personal stuff like electronics.

The bag material has a quality absorbent cotton padding around it, which makes it protective and keeps your snowboards from scratching and damage. The bright, stylish colour of the material makes it easy to spot the bag in public places to avoid loss of property.

  • Features 

The bag has configurable shoulder straps to hold it up on the shoulders comfortably. The zipper pockets are great for keeping gear. The wet and dry storage space design helps you efficiently access your gear.

The bag also has good grip handles on the top and side of the bag that makes it easy to transport your accessories. The zippers are durable and give you quick access to all areas of the bag pack. It has built to keep your gear safe in harsh weather conditions.

  • Additional Information 

The bag is an excellent pick for friends who enjoy snowboarding activities together. The bag can firmly keep your snowboard. The exterior pockets make it easy to access your things without having to scatter your gear. The inner compartment separation is remarkable for organizing your gear the way it suits your travel style.

There are grip handles on the side, top, and end part of the bag for easy taking the bag. The material fabric is excellent as waterproof to keep your gear safe and dry. The detachable shoulder straps make it easy to carry the bag pack with comfort. The colour design may not be suitable for some people outside the US.


  • Multiple storage layout for different use
  • External pockets
  • Adjustable straps


  • No wheels
  • Too many external material design

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Having reached this point, then we believe that you have the necessary knowledge to purchase your snowboard bag. The initial cost of buying your first snowboard bag may be high, but this is for a better future.

The bag may save you a lot of money when it comes to repairing your snowboard because it was not kept safely in a bag. You may also end up buying another snowboard because at some point the board got damaged yet you can prevent it while using snowboard bag. Furthermore, it is much easier to take your snowboard in a bag than on hands. Do not be left behind!