Best Rolling Totes for Teachers Reviews 2020

Are you a teacher? If so then you might be in the market for rolling totes for teachers. This is an excellent way to move your books, laptop/tablet, pens/board markers, water bottle, and everything else you’ll need for your next class.

These rolling totes include many features that are teacher-friendly. They include retractable big main compartments, mesh pockets, and pull handle. You can even find them available for reasonable price tags. This is very accommodating for people on a teacher’s salary.

We’re here to help you pick the right rolling tote based on various products’ features, benefits, and drawbacks. This will help you make a smart decision when choosing one.

Comparison Chart of Top Rated Rolling Totes for Teachers

No.Product ImageBrand NameMaterialDimensionsItem WeightPrice
1KeepweGood Quality NylonExterior: 16.2’’ x 12.6’’ x 2.8’’ & Interior: 15.6’’ x 12.2’’ x 2.4’620g (1.4Ibs)Check Price
2DaseinVegan leather (PU) with buffalo textures14.5 x 5 x 11 inches3 poundsCheck Price
3DouguyanHigh density Eco cotton canvas13.2 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches.1.74 poundsCheck Price
4Alpine SwissBest possible materialZippered pouch (8" x 3" x 1.5"), Side pouch (6" x 1 3/8" x 9")9 poundsCheck Price
5UGRACE High grade tear & water resistant soft oxford material11.6 x 17.2 x 5.4 inches1.6 lbCheck Price

Reviews Of Best 5 Rolling Totes for Teachers


Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase on Wheels

This rolling briefcase has enough space to store a 17-inch laptop and other gear for teachers. You can even expand the front compartment 2 inches when you need some extra space for teacher stuff.

There are also other big reasons to consider this unit. There’s an organizer inside flap w/ zippered pouch to store items like smartphone, calculators, and pens. The retractable handle makes carrying the briefcase easier while the combination locks secure it.

This rolling laptop briefcase is made from high-quality materials, so it offers excellent value. Your investment is also protected by a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. This covers any defects related to the materials or manufacturing.

rolling totes for teachers


  • Weight/Dimensions: 8 pounds / 19″ x 14″ x 9″.
  • Large front compartment w/ padded sleeve for 17-inch laptop.
  • Front compartment with 2-inch accordion-style expansion.
  • Lightweight and sturdy for its size.
  • Retractable handle to carry like standard briefcase/laptop bag.
  • Smooth inline-skate wheels inside curb protectors to protect the case/wheels from damage.
  • 2 combination locks can be set to different codes to make it tougher for people to figure out.
  • File separator that’s across the inside wall from a laptop sleeve.
  • Zippered/side pouches for pens, cards, etc.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Written copy is available upon request.


  • This is a good case for toting things like heavy teacher’s books, laptop, etc.
  • It’s very durable with quality materials/design and offers many compartments for storing items like a smartphone, pens, etc.
  • The wheels are quiet, which is effective in a school.


  • The retractable handle can get stuck when closed then won’t extend. This requires you to carry the bag.
  • Sometimes the locks also break.

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UGRACE Slim Business Laptop Backpack

GRACE’s Slim Traveling Backpack is another good option for teachers looking for rolling totes. It’s a durable yet lightweight unit made of Oxford fabric. It also includes an elegant/vintage style that’s ideal for teachers who want to be stylish yet functional.

The Traveling Backpack provides many teacher-friendly features. They include roomy pockets for stuff like a tablet, books, phone, water bottle, and umbrella.

The shoulder strap makes it easy for teachers to bring the bag from car to school, then from class to class. It’s also versatile so teachers can use it after the last school bell rings for functions like hiking, business, leisure, and sports.

rolling tote for teachers


  • Weight/Dimensions: 1.5 pounds / 17.2 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches.
  • Soft shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Belt flap to access things quickly.
  • Elegant yet basic daypack is ideal for daily school use by teachers. It can also be used for outdoor sports/activities.
  • High-quality zippers and reinforced lining.
  • Lightweight/sturdy Oxford fabric w/ polyester lining.
  • Multi-purpose. Teachers can use it for hiking, traveling, hiking, business, etc.
  • 5 pockets. There’s 1 main pocket for the 15.6-inch laptop, books, tablet, clothes, etc. 2 front zip pockets for smartphone, tablet, earphones, etc. 2 bottle pockets for water bottle/umbrella.


  • This backpack with professional grey color for teachers is good for teachers.
  • It can store a laptop, books, binders, etc.
  • The bag is designed so you can’t tell a laptop is inside it.
  • There are pockets for things like lunch, snacks, pens, etc.


  • The zippers don’t look like the one in the picture.
  • Some problems can include buttons, zipper, etc.
  • The bag is also smaller than many others.

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Keepwe Laptop Bag

Here’s another of the top rolling totes for teachers. It’s durable and lightweight. The water-resistant nylon is effective in keeping off water/vapor.  This helps teachers/professors to protect their laptops, tablets, and other teaching tools.

Another plus of this tote is it’s also lightweight at 1.4 pounds. This makes it easy to carry with you to your next class. Even when hauling a laptop the weight won’t make you too tired to teach a lesson.

The laptop bag is also durable. That includes strong material for the bag, handles, and zippers. This helps to boost the lifespan of the unit.

rolling tote bags for teachers


  • Weight/Dimensions: 1.4 pounds / 16.2 x 2.8 x 12.6 inches.
  • Bag only weighs 1.45 pounds, so it’s easy for teachers to carry to each class.
  • Separate compartments allow you to store a laptop, Apple/Android phone, charger, etc.
  • Can store different laptops including Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.
  • Sturdy materials/padding to protect from bump and accidental damage due to contact with desk and other surfaces.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Reinforced foam-padded compartments.
  • Very lightweight and water-resistant. It’s made of water-resistant nylon that blocks water/vapor. This helps to protect laptop/accessories from water/rain.
  • Sturdy handles/zippers to boost the bag’s overall durability.


  • The bag provides good value for the price.
  • It’s also eye-catching, which is good for teachers.
  • It’s efficient and holds items like laptop, books, pens, etc.
  • The unit can also function as both a purse and work/laptop bag when necessary.


  • Some customers have complained about the quality and smell of the bag.
  • The zipper is made of plastic and isn’t very strong.

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Dasein Women Large Designer Handbags

This DAESIN shoulder bag is an eco-friendly bag made of polyurethane/vegan leather. There are also cross-hatch leather textures. The laptop bag is large enough for storing a 13-inch laptop or tablet.

The teacher bag also includes different styles to pick from. They include solid, striped, or flower print. This helps to provide the look and feel you want.

The work bag also includes various pockets. They include center pocket, top interior pocket, and exterior pocket. There’s no padded laptop pocket, but you can still store your computer in the bag.

DAESIN also offers a 30-day guarantee. During this period the company provides a refund or return upon request.

cute rolling totes for teachers


  • Weight/Dimensions: 3.05 pounds / 14.5 x 5 x 11 inches.
  • Pockets include a center pocket (1), top interior pockets for phone and items (2), exterior zipper pocket (1).
  • Shoulder strap that’s adjustable/detachable.
  • Warranty covers items that are wrong, damaged, or broken. Just contact the company and send a pic. The company will then send a new bag or give a refund within 30 days after purchase date.
  • Solid, striped, or flower style.
  • Sturdy hardware.
  • Fits laptop/tablet up to 13 inches.
  • Eco-friendly and vegan leather w/ faux leather textures. This is one way to maintain a vegan lifestyle.


  • The bag seems very sturdy including the straps.
  • The color is good for teachers.
  • Compartments store things like a laptop, books, pens, etc.
  • The bag can also double as a purse/work bag.
  • The bag is available in several classy colors for daily use.


  • It’s sometimes covered with glue.
  • There are also problems with the strap peeling/blotches.
  • Other issues include zipper breaking. Sometimes bag breaks after a few uses.

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Douguyan Unisex Messenger Bag

The DouGuYan messenger bag can be used by the teacher for carrying stuff like laptop, books, and teaching materials. It’s made of a high-density cotton canvas that’s eco/skin friendly. It also includes convenient features like hardware buckle, small pockets, and adjustable shoulder strap.

The main compartment is large enough to store a 14-inch laptop. You can also store other items in the bag like phone, pens, planners, etc. The many pockets make it easy to get to your stuff in the shoulder bag quickly.

There’s also a 1-year warranty. The company promises to provide a new bag if you’re not happy with it for any reason. This is longer than Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

rolling bags for teachers


  • Weight/Dimensions: 1.74 pounds / 13.2 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches.
  • Main flap helps prevent items from falling out of pockets.
  • Zipper opening protects the main compartment.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap fits most people even tall ones.
  • Sturdy snap fasteners and hardware buckle.
  • Exterior and interior are loaded with pockets for organizing items.
  • Warranty provides replacement up to 1 yr. after purchase date. Just contact customer service team.
  • Organizer compartment to keep teachers organized.
  • Bag can store 14-inch laptop, binder, pencils/pens, etc. This makes it ideal for teachers.
  • High-quality cotton canvas material is skin-friendly. It’s also comfortable to carry.


  • The unit functions as work bag and purse based on the strap length.
  • The fasteners like snaps, buttons are durable.
  • The bag’s size is ideal for computer and other items.
  • Benefits of the bag include material, design, and weight.
  • It stores many things including a portable computer.


  • The bag shipped is sometimes different from the description.
  • Doesn’t fit large laptops and interior is small. So the teacher might have to carry two bags.

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Why You Need A Rolling Bags for Teachers

  • Wheels/Handle

History teachers know that humans invented the wheel about 3500 BC. They’ve literally been on a roll since then. Rolling totes for teachers make it easier for teachers to haul around heavy stuff like laptop, books, and binders. This can help prevent you from getting exhausted before you even get to class.

Another feature for totes on wheels is a retractable handle. This allows you to carry the bag like a standard work/laptop bag when you don’t need to roll it. It’s a basic feature that adds more convenience to the unit.

  • Better Organization

These totes are an excellent way to keep all your stuff organized. They often have several pockets in different locations including ones on the exterior and interior. You can store items like laptop/tablet, binder, calculator, pens/markers, clothes, etc. This allows you to access whatever you need from the tote quickly.

  • Affordability

While rolling totes aren’t cheap per se, you can find many in the under $100 price range. In terms of the convenience provided it’s a good investment. It’s also much cheaper than buying a work bag than other bags for applications like camping, traveling, etc. This frees up money for other important expenses.

  • Multi-purpose

Rolling totes are an excellent choice for teachers who are constantly on-the-go between their vehicle and school, and between different classrooms. At the end of the day, you can use the tote bag for other applications like hiking, camping, business, leisure, etc. This prevents the need to buy a different bag for each application.

  • Combination Locks

This is an important feature to protect the stuff in your bag. You can find rolling totes with 1-2 combination locks. This will help to secure your laptop and other valuables inside the luggage. As always it’s important to protect your investment, and the combination locks help to do that. If a tote with wheels doesn’t have one, you’d better shop around.

  • Laptop/Tablet

Rolling tote bags often contain a compartment for storing your laptop or computer. Make sure to figure out the maximum screen size it supports so you’ll know whether or not it can store your laptop. This compartment often includes quilted padding to provide added protection for your computer.


FAQs About Rolling Totes for Teachers

Are the totes water-resistant?

Typically they are, but it depends on the material. Look for options like 180 denier polyester to provide the best protection. Note that water resistant is different from waterproof so you’ll still have to take precautions to keep the bag as dry as possible.

Are the bags washable?

Some are, and some aren’t. Make sure to read the care instructions for rolling totes for teachers before picking a unit so you’ll know whether you can machine-wash the bag.

Is a warranty included?

Established brands tend to offer a generous warranty that’s up to one year. As always make sure to read the terms & conditions, so you’ll know what the warranty does and doesn’t cover. You should also look for a money-back guarantee that’s usually good for 30/60/90 days. This helps to ensure you can get a full refund if you’re not fully satisfied with the rolling tote.

What kinds of wheels are included?

They vary, but some of the best ones are inline skate wheels due to the functionality. You can also find curb protectors that safeguard the wheels when the rolling tote rolls up a curb. This can be tough on the wheels so you’ll want to protect them as much as possible.

What determines the tote’s durability?

There are several factors including the material, design, and hardware. The old rule that “You get what you pay for” generally applies so you shouldn’t expect a $10 rolling tote to be heavy-duty.

How is a rolling tote different from a laptop backpack?

The main difference is the rolling tote’s wheels.  They both basically have the same function. However, while a tote is closer to a briefcase,  a backpack is more like a school/hiking bag. A tote is also generally larger and more durable.


Education is an important profession to prepare kids, teens, and young adults for the future. You’ll want a convenient way to store and move your tablet, books, binders, etc. We’ve just reviewed some of the units on the market in detail. Our pick for the best rolling tote is Rolling Laptop Briefcase (17-inch) by Alpine Swiss.

The Laptop Briefcase offers several benefits.  It includes the main compartment for 17-inch laptop, zippered pouch, 2 combination locks, and retractable handle. There’s also a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Among the rolling totes for teachers on the market, the best option is Alpine Swiss’ Rolling Laptop Briefcase. It’s academic!