Best Rolling Briefcases Reviews 2020 – Top Picks

For many business travelers and professionals, regular travel to meetings and business conventions is a part of the work. Traveling for business is much different than going on vacation. Instead of a week or two of rest and relaxation, it is mostly a day or two in transit, meeting with a business partner or potential client, and going back home or to the office.

Most of the time, you will need to carry bulky files and numerous documents, perhaps even daily. It can quickly grow tiring and leave you stressed, especially since you need to be on your best when speaking with that important client that could make or break your career.

This is one of the main reasons why rolling briefcases became a norm for the business traveler. These large yet portable bags allow you to go and travel to conduct your business with a great deal of convenience to you. You would not have to worry about looking tired or stressed or even sweating as you go to an important meeting, and you would look great as you bring your rolling briefcase with you.


Advantages of Using Rolling Briefcases

Briefcases have always been an essential part of the business traveler’s kit. Adding wheels and an easy method of handling the briefcase is simply the apparent evolution of this timeless classic. Rolling briefcases are a type of luggage that serves as a practical in-between of backpacks and sizeable hardshell luggage you often find in airport terminals.

  • Convenience

Rolling briefcases have two modes of use, rolling and carry-on. Rolling is great for general travel as you take away the strain of carrying your luggage as you travel. This is particularly useful when you are at airports, going to business meetings and conferences. It is expected that if you are carrying a lot of stuff, what you are carrying would be quite heavy. With rolling your luggage, you get to keep yourself relaxed and fresh so you can be at your best when dealing with clients, business partners, and your boss. When you do need to carry your luggage, rolling briefcases have telescopic handles that you can stow away with ease and handy grips to carry your rolling briefcase without much strain.

  • Suitably Sized for Travel

These bags are generally compact, even with the larger kinds of rolling briefcases. This makes them easy to handle and makes them excellently suited for being your choice for carry-on luggage. They are often small enough to fit in overhead compartments in most airlines, and some rolling briefcases can even fit under airline seats with no trouble at all. It is definitely a portable bag that you can carry with you wherever you go.

A rolling briefcase has a great deal of mobility yet often offers plenty of storage space and features that allow you to bring with you all your business and travel essentials. Though not suited for week-long trips, this type of bag does excellent for those two-day business trips thanks to their overnight compartments. These are designated spots in the rolling briefcase for storing your set of clothes. Some even come with pouches and slots for your personal effects and accessories, and footwear.

Rolling briefcases also function well as bags to bring during the daily commute. Many professionals use this type of pack every day, appreciating its mobility and a great deal of storage it offers. Even students in law and medical schools find the rolling briefcase’s aptitude for storage a welcome addition. This is especially true since these bags make the task of bringing heavy reference books and documents into something trivial instead of tiring.

  • Functions as Mobile Offices

These bags can even function as mobile offices or portable workstations. A lot of them come equipped with easy to access compartments and plenty of organizing features that makes setting up to study, to settle a deal, or even to do your business while in a cafe simple and effortless. All your stationery such as pens, markers, documents, binders is made straightforward and accessible with just a quick pull of a zipper. Some bags even come with dedicated compartments for legal documents, laptops, and personal gadgets, and even business cards to help with establishing connections while traveling.

Overall, the rolling briefcase is an excellent choice that professionals and businessmen and women rely on for their traveling needs. This type of bag is mobile yet spacious, making traveling for business much less stressful.


What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Rolling Briefcase?

Rolling briefcases come in plenty of shapes and sizes and prices. Still, any wise buyer would want to keep an eye out for these key features as your experience with the product depends on these.

  • Size

The first and most important feature of any rolling briefcase would be its size. You would like to have your rolling briefcase as a carry-on when traveling on an airline flight. Most rolling briefcases come in sizes that comply with sizing requirements in most airlines. However, it would be prudent to check what these requirements are just in case the kind of bag you’re looking to buy would not be allowed as carry-on luggage.

Size also influences the amount of storage a bag can have. Bigger rolling briefcases mean more space for you to pack your belongings. But also make sure you take a look at the dimensions of your laptop or tablet if you intend to pack it in a rolling briefcase of your choice. A laptop sleeve that is too small for your equipment might result in damages.

  • Compartments

Space is king when it comes to bags, and the rolling briefcase is no exception. But an equally crucial key feature would be the kind of compartments a bag may have. Dedicated compartments such as laptop sleeves and file organizers, bring a lot of value to you. The most expensive gear you will most likely be getting in your luggage is your laptop. Compartments for laptops are often padded, comes with securing straps, and some even have pockets for the charger, adaptors, cords, and other peripherals.

A file organizer dramatically helps with keeping your documents and hardcopies safe, secure, and stored in a tidy manner. This is especially important for lawyers and businesspeople with a need to bring with them sensitive documents and contracts when doing their business.

If you are expecting to be bringing sensitive and confidential files and legal documents, consider picking a rolling briefcase that comes equipped with security features. Features such as combination locks, zippers with padlock slots, and other similar security systems would be essential. Rolling briefcases that cater to attorneys often have heightened security though even professionals from different professions can benefit from this as well.

  • Weatherproofing

Traveling for business often means that you are going to encounter more than just the kind of weather you are used to in your home office. If you expect to be traveling all over the country and even overseas, having a rolling briefcase that is weatherproof can be a lifesaver. Plenty of rolling briefcases are made from water-resistant fabrics that can reliably protect your belongings, such as polyester and Nylon. Some bags also come with waterproof coated exteriors and with durable genuine leather or tough leatherette. It is wise to consider what belongings, documents, and valuables you expect to be bringing during your business trips.

  • Warranty

Rolling briefcases are expected to be put through a whole lot of mileage. While these bags may seem to be just perfect for the first few weeks or months in use, some bags may quickly degrade in quality over time. Keep an eye out for any warranties offered by the manufacturers and factor these into your choice.

Though a lot of manufacturers produce good to excellent quality rolling briefcases, it is still possible that you may get a defective model. Buying a rolling briefcase with a warranty not only may keep you safe from shouldering the costs of a faulty bag.It can also help your confidence with the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I go with a rolling briefcase instead of a backpack?

While the ubiquitous backpack is definitely the more popular and more common choice for travelers, there are plenty of situations where a rolling briefcase is the better choice. Rolling briefcases are often considered more professional and useful for work-related travel. In fact, there are plenty of brands that make their rolling briefcases come with features that cater to the working traveler and are often designed as such.

However, even if a rolling briefcase is not designed to conduct business, its main advantage over the backpack is that it is much easier and more convenient to use since you can use its rollers whenever you do not want to carry the bag, especially from long and tiring commutes. You could always go for the best of both worlds by going for a hybrid rolling briefcase that has the functionality of a backpack.

  • What is the difference between rolling briefcases and rolling laptop bags?

Rolling laptop bags are designed for carrying laptops and other similar gadgets. These bags are typically smaller than rolling briefcases. They are excellent choices for carry-on luggage during flights and for quick business trips.

Rolling briefcases are designed to be mobile offices. They are especially useful for professionals whose work involves a lot of paperwork. Lawyers, in particular, enjoy having wheeled attaches to bring to work or on business trips. This is because this sort of briefcases often comes with plenty of features that make storing and organizing files easy and simple.

  • What are the price ranges for rolling briefcases?

Bags that are offered between $40 to $60 can be considered on the more affordable tier. Those that are sold between $60 to $100 are in the mid tier, while the higher end stuff goes for $100 and above.

Top 10 Best Rolling Briefcases Reviews


AmazonBasics Rolling Bag Laptop Computer Case

This Rolling Laptop Bag from AmazonBasics is an affordable and useful choice for professionals on-the-go or those who need to bring their gadgets and stationery at work. Though not the fanciest option in the list, this bag can definitely be relied upon for those on a budget or those wanting a quick and light choice for their rolling luggage option.

  • Functionality

This rolling laptop case provides plenty of space for your belongings while keeping them safe and secure while convenient and easy to access. It has a large, dedicated compartment for laptops that are up to 15.6 inches in size. You can be sure that your personal computer is secured in place with a Velcro strap. The compartment is also padded, protecting your laptop from any scratches and damage.

This case is equipped with a large interior pocket that provides plenty of space.You can use it to stash bulky textbooks, large files and folders, and other stationery supplies you might need to bring to the office or to the convention. Its roomy main compartment can also be used for clothes for overnight and short trips.

A front organizer pocket is also provided, which offers functional space for holding and quickly accessing your pens and markers, paper notepads, business cards, your personal phone, and other office and personal essentials that you need.

  • Size and Mobility

This laptop case is compact, having dimensions that are 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches. This makes this bag well-suited for traveling in planes as it can fit into overhead compartments and underneath your airline seat. It only weighs in about 5-lbs, making it easy to personally carry in hand, especially if you’re traveling light. But if you’re carrying a lot of stuff or simply want to use its more convenient option, this case comes with an adjustable collapsible handle that will allow you to make use of this case’s quick-rolling wheels. Though not as maneuverable as a rolling briefcase with four wheels, this rolling laptop case still offers a great deal of convenience.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Comes with a pair of easy-rolling wheels for ease of use
  • Large interior compartments with a dedicated pocket for laptops


  • May not be suitable for extended trips


Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag

A better quality choice than the previous entry in this list, Solo’s Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag is an all-around upgrade that costs a bit more. However,it provides much more in terms of quality and functionality. This rolling laptop bag is designed for commuters and for traveling businessmen and women who want to bring an organized mobile office with them.

  • Functionality

The Bryant is a large and durable rolling laptop bag that comes with a sizable interior with two main compartments. It comes with a smaller and easier to access front compartment and a dedicated laptop compartment that is padded and comes equipped with a holding strap. It can hold larger laptops up to 17.3 inches in size and keeps them safe and secure.

Its main compartment accommodates large items such as notebooks, textbooks, binders, and all sorts of essential documents and gadgets that you’d like to bring. This is paired with a second zippered accordion file compartment that helps keep your bulky files and folders organized and secure. This makes this bag particularly useful for students as well.

There is a full-size zipper organizer at the front of the laptop bag that provides quick access to your travel essentials such as your wallet, phone, cords, pens, markers, business cards, and many more.

  • Size and Mobility

The Bryant is a neat and compact bag that comes in a 14 x 16.8 x 5-inch profile, which makes this bag quite suited for airline travel as it fits well in most airline overhead compartments. Though it is somewhat smaller than the previous bag, the Bryant is guaranteed to be able to fit in more items, keeping them secure and easy to access. With this bag’s telescoping handle, you can roll this bag with no trouble thanks to its pair of quick-rolling wheels. If you want to hand-carry this bag, you can simply store away the telescoping handle and use this rolling laptop bag’s ergonomic hand straps for strain-free carrying.


  • Plenty of compartments with a dedicated padded laptop compartment
  • Meets most US airline carry-on size requirements
  • Professionally designed for great value
  • Comes with an impressive 5-year warranty


  • Handles may wear quickly under heavy load


Samsonite Women’s Spinner Mobile Office

A beautifully designed rolling briefcase on four wheels, Samsonite offers their Women’s Spinner Mobile Office for discerning and fashionable businesswomen and professionals. This bag is touted to be more than just a rolling laptop case.It is a mobile office that gives you an abundance of space for your belongings and documents while letting you travel in style.

  • Functionality

The Spinner Mobile Office is a sleek and sophisticated rolling briefcase that features a stylish and spacious interior. Its compartments come with accessories that help with functional organization and quick access to your stationery, files and folders, books, tablets, laptops, and the rest of your personal effects and work essentials.

The middle insert of this rolling briefcase has a padded compartment that can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. You can also put in various accessories such as cords, chargers and adapters, and other computer peripherals.

Its back compartment is meant for storage of your files and folders, providing plenty of space for your documents, binders, and other hardcopy materials you need. Meanwhile, its front pocket features a dedicated compartment for a tablet, keeping it safe and secure. The front is also where you can store your personal items such as your phone, wallet, keys, and so on, as well as providing quick access for pens, markers, business cards, and various other items that are useful to have on hand during meetings.

  • Size and Mobility

The Spinner Mobile Office comes in a petite 16.5 x 8.5 x 15.75-inch profile that fits nicely underneath most airline seats and overhead bins. Despite its small size, it comes with four multi-directional spinner wheels that allow for excellent mobility, and using this bag is also convenient thanks to its retractable push-button handle. Maneuvering through tight spaces and on rough surfaces is made easy with the Spinner Mobile Office. And if you want to carry this stylish bag instead, this bag’s thick and tough handle straps won’t strain your hands at all.


  • Fashionable and aesthetic design for women
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Four wheels for excellent mobility and stability when rolling
  • Outstanding quality for its price


  • Designed primarily for women


Swissgear Granada Rolling Case

A tough and versatile rolling case from Swissgear, the Granada Rolling Case is a fantastic bag that has plenty of satisfied customers leaving stellar reviews with regards to its quality. This rolling case is big and offers quite a lot of storage space. It is also tough thanks to it being made from strong nylon fabric that quickly resists wear and tear. Though the Granada is a rolling briefcase that caters to business travelers instead of those wanting to bring with them a mobile office, this bag definitely brings excellent value all-around. It can make your short trips a whole lot less stressful.

  • Functionality

The Swissgear Granada is a large rolling case but feels more like a giant handbag with wheels than something bulky and cumbersome. It features a compartment for notebooks and laptops up to 17 inches in size that you can be sure will keep your computer safe thanks to its soft padding and nylon exterior.

It provides plenty of storage space thanks to its spacious overnight compartment that makes this bag perfect for short business trips and on long days in business conferences. It comes with all-business organizers in its other compartments. Various pockets and slots that organize your business stationery, personal effects, and traveling essentials with no fuss and easy access.

  • Size and Mobility

You can be sure you would not wear out from bringing along your belongings as this rolling case comes with two skate wheels that smoothly glides on floors and handles well in tight corners. If you want to carry this quality bag by hand, hiding away the telescopic handle is simple with a push of a button. Moving the Swissgear Granada is not a cumbersome experience thanks to its small yet wide 9.84 x 16.54 x 13.78-inch profile while weighing in at a manageable 8.05 pounds.


  • Made with durable and robust nylon fiber
  • Uncompromising and bold exterior that gives off a professional look
  • Fits most laptops and notebooks
  • A great well-rounded option


  • Its two-wheel design is less maneuverable than its four-wheeled counterparts


Alpine Swiss Rolling 17″ Laptop Briefcase

A large and professional rolling attache made by Alpine Swiss, this bag is made explicitly for lawyers in mind who want a practical yet stylish briefcase that they can carry or bring with them with ease. It is spacious, organized, and secure that comes equipped with features any professional would appreciate.

  • Functionality

This sizeable rolling attache is designed for handling large quantities of bulky files. It features a prominent section flap-over that comes with a built-in organizer for your files and folders, binders, books, pens, business cards, and other business essentials. It also comes with a large padded sleeve for laptops up to 17 inches in size that is secured in place with a built-in elastic strap. The main compartment is further secured with a pair of combination locks that you can individually set for added security for any sensitive and confidential documents you have to bring with you.

Your items and belongings are sure to be protected and secure thanks to this rolling attache’s durable construction. It is composed of a sturdy hard-sided frame that is made to last even when under heavy use. It also comes in a quality leatherette finish that adds polish and a distinctly professional look while furthering the attache’s toughness and resistance from wear and tear from day-to-day use.

  • Size and Mobility

This rolling briefcase is a large bag, measuring at a respectable 19 x 14 x 9 inches that are well within the approved carry-on size for most airlines and will fit in most overhead compartments. It has a spacious interior and has added side pockets that can fit A4 and legal sized documents. Traveling with this rolling attache is accessible either through hand carrying using its riveted handle or rolling with its smooth in-line skate wheels.


  • Made for lawyers and business travelers
  • Durable and robust construction with a polished leatherette finish
  • Handles large amounts of bulky files with ease
  • Offers adequate quality security to documents and personal belongings
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Its two-wheeled design may have issues with tight corners when the bag is fully loaded


Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s ‘Casual Fling’

A stylish and mature wheeled carry-on tote from renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole, the REACTION Women’s ‘Casual Fling’ is a beautiful and robust option for professional and fashionable businesswomen. It is an excellent choice for those who want something that is both pretty and practical.

  • Functionality

This fashionable bag is designed for both function and form. It comes with a large zippered exterior pocket at the front, which is equipped with an extensive organizer, phone pockets, and small sections for cords and other miscellaneous items. This makes it great for holding a good variety of personal items and business essentials. Another great feature is its padded laptop pocket, which can fit most laptops and tablets with screens that are up to 16 inches in size.

Its rear compartment is called the overnight section, as it is meant to hold clothes and garments for overnight stays and short trips. This compartment comes with garment restraints to maximize space and even accessory pockets for your personal effects.It allows you to bring your own set of fashionable clothes that pairs with this tote’s chic design.

  • Size and Mobility

The Casual Fling is equipped with a telescopic handle and in-line skate wheels for excellent mobility. It also comes with a trolley strap at the rear exterior, which fits over most upright handles for hands-free carrying. When needing to carry this wheeled tote by hand, simply hold on to its conveniently placed top handles.

This bag is lightweight as it weighs in at only 5.9 pounds. This is thanks to it being made with vinyl fabric that not only gives this bag a stylish and polished look but also handles itself well as a material for bags. This tote offers great overall portability and reduces the hassles of business traveling while making you look good and professional.


  • Beautiful and compact design that provides both performance and aesthetics
  • Made for women professionals and business travelers
  • Comes with features for easy organization and ample storage
  • Has an overnight compartment for a full outfit
  • Comes with a limited warranty


  • Lacks a men’s version


Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office

A large and sizable rolling briefcase, Perry Ellis offers their 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office. This bag on wheels is designed to be the bag to make your office suite portable and on-the-go. It is a spacious bag that is perfect for business travel, commuting, and for short trips away from home.

  • Functionality

This mobile office lives up to its name as it comes with a myriad of features that complements its spacious interior. Its main compartment is padded all-around and comes with a pocket sleeve for your laptop. The sleeve can fit smaller laptops and notebooks with screens that are up to 13.5 inches in size. This is paired with a Velcro strap to ensure your laptop is securely held in place while compressing the sleeve to give more space for the rest of your belongings.

The front is equipped with a zippered organizer pocket that gives plenty of space for your pens, personal gadgets, wallets, business cards, and other private and business essentials. It has plenty of pockets and slots for easy and quick organizing of last-minute items. This part also enables this bag to work as a handle workstation that can be set up on the fly, perfect for business meetings and conferences.

  • Size and Mobility

This mobile bag comes with a sizable 9.5 x 15.5 x 16-inch profile and at a portable weight of only 4.62 pounds. It is compact despite the ample storage it provides and fits in most airline overhead compartments, making this an excellent choice for a carry-on bag for quick business trips.

This bag comes with an impressive set of durable eight multi-directional wheels that provide ample mobility and excellent stability even if the bag is fully loaded. Moving around with this bag is made more comfortable to use and maneuver with its long and retractable handle that can be stowed away seamlessly. It also has a large handle up top with an ergonomic grip to minimize the strain in hand-carrying.


  • Provides storage, security, and convenience for traveling professionals
  • Fantastic set of eight wheels that are tough and offers excellent stability and mobility
  • Great for setting up quick workstations during business trips
  • Perfect for overnight and short business trips


  • Not suitable to store underneath airline seats


Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Case Bag

An outstanding choice for professionals and business travelers on a budget or wanting an affordable reserve bag for business travel, the Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Case is a quality choice despite its price. It is well-received and offers top quality not expected from its price range. And better still is the Lifetime Warranty that comes with all Targus-made bags.

  • Functionality

This rolling laptop case is a professionally designed bag for professionals who often find themselves in transit to conduct their business. Its main and largest compartment comes with a dedicated section for laptops that can fit with up to 16-inch screens with ease. This central section is made with closed-cell foam padding that keeps your laptop and the rest of your belongings protected. The exterior is made with a durable and water-resistant 1200D polyester material, making this bag a great choice both under the sun or rain.

The case also comes equipped with smart spaces that provide convenient access to your belongings, keeping everything at arm’s length and keeps things organized. This bag can function well as a mobile office thanks to its zip-down workstation at its front, which includes pockets for phones and stationery, loops for your pens and markers, and a quick access holder for your business cards.

Lastly, it has a compartment dedicated to storing clothes and personal effects. This makes this bag useful for overnight trips. Although its space may be limited in this third compartment, its features overall provide great utilization for its space.

  • Size and Mobility

The Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Case is great for both business trips and for the daily commute thanks to its compact 9.00 x 16.75 x 15.50-inch profile, making it well-suited to bring to on buses, in subways, and even as carry-on luggage. Though it may not fit underneath some airline seats, it will definitely work in overhead compartments.

This bag comes with an alright pair of easy-rolling wheels. It comes with the usual retractable handle and a durable and ergonomic handle grip for hand carrying.


  • Excellent quality for its affordable price
  • Perfect for commuters and business travelers
  • Ample and spacious interior with ideal space utilization
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Wheels are lackluster


McKlein, W Series, LA Grange Wheeled Ladies’ Laptop Briefcase

The LA Grange is a high-quality vertical women’s’ wheeled briefcase that has a design influenced by the European style. It is a stylish and portable bag that is designed for easy maneuvering, ample storage and is made to resist all types of weather. It is an excellent offer by the McKlein brand and comes with plenty of sizes and colors to match your taste.

  • Functionality

This bag comes with two main pockets, the largest being the interior compartment that comes equipped with organizers for further divides the interior into three sections. The first section is for personal and business essentials such as stationery, tablets, business cards, phones, wallets, and more. This compartment is paired with its stylish, flap-over front pocket for more files and accessories.

The second section is a compartment dedicated to laptops and can fit even 17-inch screen laptops and tablets with ease depending on the size of LA Grange used. The compartment is made with 10mm high-density, shock-absorbing foam that provides excellent protection for your laptop. It also comes with an ABS Frame that provides additional protection without compromising the space within.

Its third section is the LA Grange’s overnight compartment, which provides adequate space to store your clothes and personal effects for short business trips. Though this portion of the bag may feel a bit limited as more space is allocated for office use.

The exterior of this bag is made with genuine cowhide leather that is polished to give a professional look while offering excellent quality performance.

  • Size and Mobility

The LA Grange comes with McKlein’s patented 2-in-1 detachable Wheel and Handle System. This gives this business case the unique ability to be removed entirely from the frame and making this bag quick versatile as it allows the bag to function as a fashionable shoulder bag and a handbag. Using the frame allows this bag for excellent maneuverability, even in tight and crowded spaces, while keeping the bag secure.


  • An excellent choice for women professionals wanting a practical yet stylish bag
  • Handles well and is perfect in tight and crowded spaces
  • Can function as a rolling briefcase and as a light yet spacious handbag
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The detachable frame may be cumbersome for some


Pacific Coast Rolling Laptop Business Briefcase

Excellent quality and exceptionally spacious bag from Pacific Coast Feather, this rolling laptop business suitcase is a notable choice for mid-tier rolling briefcases. This is due to its ample storage capacity and is constructed from 1680D Ballistic fabric for full protection. Though it is not as stylish or fancy than the other bags featured in this list, this rolling briefcase makes up for it with its practical focus.

  • Functionality

This rolling business briefcase boasts a large and spacious interior as it comes equipped with a padded compartment for laptops and tablets with 15-inch screens. This is paired with a business organizer section that keeps your essential files and paperwork neat, secure, and accessible on short notice.

The briefcase can also work as a convenient portable workstation thanks to its zippered front pocket. It comes with specifically designed compartments designated for pens, business cards, personal items, and the rest of your business essentials. This is so that you can do your business anywhere, anytime, with minimal hassle.

This case also has you covered for those overnight business trips as it comes with a sizable overnight compartment that is large enough to fit a spare change of clothes. Perhaps even enough for two that are especially important for those longer flights.

  • Size and Mobility

This utilitarian rolling briefcase comes with a bold 15.5 x 8 x 16-inch profile and weighs in at a manageable 6.84 pounds. It meets with most airline requirements for carry-on luggage and fits well in most overhead containers. It isn’t suited for stashing underneath airplane seats, however. But its size is definitely worth it with the amount of storage it provides.

Traveling with this bag is made easy with its pair of easy gliding wheels and the ubiquitous telescopic handle. It removes the hassle of going from terminal to terminal in airports. Though it may not be as maneuverable in tight spaces, its ergonomic handle makes this briefcase not so strenuous to carry when needed.


  • Has a great deal of storage space that would be appreciated by traveling professionals
  • A great all-rounder set of features
  • Can also function as a mobile office
  • Excellent quality for its price range


  • The wheels may be noisy depending on the surface


Rolling briefcases are handy and are incredibly convenient to use. There are plenty of advantages to getting one. Whether you are a business traveler or simply someone who has a lot of stuff to carry around for work, you can always use one.

Now, they do come with a lot of features, and choosing one can be a challenge. However, all you need to remember is to make sure that the briefcase that you are going to get matches your needs. If you own a laptop, you want to make sure that it is going to fit in your bag. If you require multiple compartments, then make sure you get one that has quite a few so you can fit your things easily.

You should be more confident in selecting the perfect rolling briefcase for your needs. At least you now know the specific features to look for that are going to satisfy your requirements.

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