Best Roll Top Backpacks Reviews You Can Buy in 2020

Are you an urban commuter or a weekend adventure warrior? Well, getting your gear ready for traveling has never been that straightforward unless you have a roll top backpack. Backpacks are now popular since they have less of the annoying things found in other travel backpacks like the compression hooks, hundreds of drawstrings, and zippers, among other things.

Roll top backpacks offer the kind of comfort professional bikers, hikers and campers want courtesy of the unique design and unmatched quality. Besides, they are versatile and hence excellent for complex journeys.

If you are trying to find the best out of the hundreds online, we won’t guarantee you that the search will be easy. Manufacturers are trying their best to deliver backpacks with unique features for you to get the quality that matches your investment. It’s confusing to pick the right roll top backpack, and that’s where we come in. We handpicked the 10 Best Roll Top Backpacks after hours of research and comparisons. Follow through to see what each roll top backpack has to offer you.

10 Best Rated Roll Top Backpacks Reviews


Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

The Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack secured a top spot in our review since it has the features you require for versatility. The backpack comes from high-quality soft materials for your comfort. This means that you will carry it for longer journeys without feeling fatigued. Besides, the lightweight design makes this an excellent backpack for safe travel on a plane.

This backpack is 100% waterproof, which is an assurance that your gear will remain dry while traveling. Apart from that, you will find it easy to use. Its roll top closure and single reinforced strip allow you to fold it several times, and you are ready to go.

If you have a lot of items to carry, then worry no more since this backpack features plenty of extra storage. Besides the 35L capacity, the backpack has interior and exterior pockets with large splash-proof zippers to access your items with ease. Additionally, the backpack has a key ring section, which means you never lose your keys.

Finally, this backpack features convenient d-rings well attached to the shoulder straps so that you can anchor it while traveling to ease yourself from the weight. The bright reflectors also mean that you are visible during your travel.


  • Has 35L capacity hence plenty of storage space for your travel
  • 100% waterproof to keep your items dry
  • Lightweight design for easy traveling
  • Versatile for all your indoor and outdoor activities
  • Features a heavy-duty waist belt for additional support


  • The buckle that goes across your chest is a bit high and sometimes uncomfortable
  • The fact that it is waterproof doesn’t mean that it protects your gear when submerged in water

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Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

This Timbuk2 Backpack is a precise option for an ardent traveler looking for a practical and well-designed backpack. The type comes from canvas, and that’s why it will serve you for ages. Besides, you will find it easy to clean since the canvas is soft and dries fast. The choice of the materials also explains why the backpack is lightweight and easy to carry on your trips.

If you have bulky items such as books, jackets, and clothes, then the large main compartment on this bag will serve your purpose. Besides, the backpack features an elasticized external side pocket where you can store your clock, bottle, and other small items that you need quick access to while traveling.

Additionally, your other small stuff such as pens, phones, and the money will find a room at the internal organizer. This keeps your back organized, and accessing your stuff becomes less stressful.

The new Timbuk2 Spire Backpack black is a stylish model with exterior webbing that allows you to attach items and also improves the general backpacks looks. Lastly, this backpack is well ventilated and also has a waterproof roll top so that all the gear remains dry.


  • Made from quality canvas for durability
  • Has exterior webbing for attachment of extra items
  • Very spacious with a large compartment for storing your big items
  • Waterproof roll top to keep the items dry
  • Has a pocket organizer for your small items


  • A bit expensive, although the quality is great
  • The black picks up litter but can easily be wiped off

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Burton Tinder Backpack

Burton knows all about what a satisfying journey requires. With over 40 years of producing quality wears and backpacks, you can confidently trust what this company has for you. Therefore, the Burton Tinder Backpack is one of the types you will find excellent for all your mountain trips. Other than the mountain hiking, the versatility that comes with this backpack is unmatched.

While trying to find out why this backpack was the most sought after type on the market, we realized that the styling was one thing that attracted every buyer. The ruck-suck style entry with a drawstring closure means that you will close it with convenience and also open it when you want to access your items.

This stylish bag with orange, blue, green, and black coloration means that you will find it suitable for your casual traveling. It matches well with your casual wear as you set out for your travel. It’s a very comfortable backpack featuring ergonomic shoulder harness and adjustable straps for you to carry it comfortably.

Other than the 25L volume for carrying your gear, this bag also comes with accessory pocket and internal zippered mesh pocket. This extra space allows you to store your laptop or tablet for safety. Finally, this backpack is a lightweight type with a durable construction so that you can carry it easily and also use it for an extended period.


  • Stylish with a variation of colors
  • Made from quality materials hence durable
  • Large-sized with a capacity of 25L for satisfactory storage
  • Comes with additional storage for laptop
  • Has a drawstring for secure closure


  • Only fits selected laptops and tablets
  • Mesh water bottles pockets are not available

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Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack

Are you a passionate adventurer who would like to take all the traveling gear with you? Well, this is achievable with the Thule Covert DSLR roll top Backpack. It’s a unique type featuring a lightweight design so that you carry it anywhere with ease.

The type features an extensive mouth so that you can fit helmets and other more significant items with ease. This also allows you to remove everything faster. Additionally, the type has custom fit dividers that fold around the smallest and covers a piece of gear for additional protection.

Thule also has quick side access where you remove your camera while on the go. This saves time and allows you to take the shots that require urgency. Furthermore, the type has a dual padded bottom system that keeps your items safe in case you dropped the bag accidentally.

When it comes to storage, this backpack never disappoints. Instead, it has a spacious roll top compartment that stores most of your items. If that’s not enough, extra storage from the front pockets allows you to store your accessories in an organized manner for ease of access.

Conclusively, this is a fantastic quality bag that comes with an ergonomic chassis system so that you can pack accessories and trust that the backpack will support them.


  • Very spacious to accommodate your items correctly
  • Designed with a massive roll top cover to keep everything safe
  • The mouth is wide to facilitate easy entry and removal of items
  • Features additional space for laptop or tablet storage
  • Has the ergonomic chassis system for balancing and support


  • Even though it’s spacious, you will not compare it to the large types with massive carrying capacity.
  • A bit bulky and some people find it not suitable for travel especially short stays

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Victorinox Luggage Altmont 3.0 Flapover Laptop Backpack

Victorinox Luggage is one of the top-rated roll top backpacks on the market that comes to meet traveler’s desires. This backpack weighs 2 pounds, and for a perennial explorer, this is an advantage. You will never experience the strain and fatigue that comes with carrying backpacks while on long journeys.

About space, thanks to the manufacturer who had you in mind. Well, this backpack measures 12-inch x 17-inch x 4 inches so that you can fit your items in the large compartment. Besides, the backpack has sections where you fit your laptop or a tablet for security.

The main body features versatek fabric for durability. Besides, the abrasion-resistant synthetic nylon base that’s ballistic available keeps your items dry when you set the backpack on the floor. This is the kind of safety assurance any traveler desires to have.

Availability of buckle closures, a vertical-zip, two hidden front pockets, a gusseted front pocket, and the webbing loops support storage and security. Also, the backpack expands 0.5 inch for extra storage.

Lastly, this backpack features a comfortable padded back panel so that you can carry it all day long. There are also adjustable shoulder straps and haul handle that make it easy to carry. This makes your traveling day an exception.


  • Very spacious and adjustable for extra storage
  • Comes from versatek fabric hence durable
  • Buckle closures and zip available for secure storage
  • Nylon construction to resist absorption
  • Lightweight for easy carrying while traveling


  • This is a slimmer backpack and hence limited to fitting small items only
  • It’s highly-priced but good quality for the same price

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BAGSMART Laptop Backpack

Having problems carrying your laptop and other accessories? Well, there is an exceptional backpack that will offer you a lasting solution. BAGSMART Laptop Backpack eases your traveling stress since it has the features you want in a functional backpack.

Travelers like you love space, and that’s what this bag has for you. It’s large enough to hold your laptop and still leave some space for additional accessories.

The backpack comes from high-quality water-resistant polyester so that you can confidently walk-in rain while your laptop is sitting safely in the backpack. When using this backpack, you don’t have to worry about straining your shoulders since the type is mesh padded and secures comfortably to your shoulders.

This backpack has a press button opening for you to easily access your items when removing or installing them in the bag. Additionally, there are other small outer pockets where you store your small items, such as pens and notes.

Therefore, this roll top backpack turns out to be an incredible companion for all your travels, and also your day to day activities. It’s great for those who love the safety of their laptops.


  • Suitable for laptop and tablet storage
  • Has additional side pockets for keeping small items
  • Comes from quality materials that are water-resistant for safety
  • Easily access your items by pressing a button
  • The roll top means that you will open it with ease of storing and removing items


  • The color might vary slightly from what you see on the picture due to the camera
  • Not ideal for massive storage of your items since it’s small

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Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack

Made from 100% fabric polyester, this Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack is a suitable deal for all your travel requirements. The model measures 17. 3 x 11. 1 x 5. 7 inches making it sizable for your storage. Additionally, the backpack comes with the MOLLE system that features Molle webbing so that you can attach additional items securely.

This is a comfortable and functional backpack that tops once ranked with comparable selections in the same bracket. The heavy duty zippers jointly with the utility-style cord pull allow you to store and secure your items comfortably. Besides, the model is portable since it has a load compression system on both sides, carry handle and a shoulder strap. Above all, the type features a lightweight design for unproblematic transportation.

The backpack, unlike other models, is well ventilated with a mesh padded back area. This means that your items, once locked in, will still find a breathable and comfy section in your backpack. Additionally, this backpack features a superior storage section for all your necessities when traveling. This guarantees that you are always on the go with well-prearranged items in the specific storage sections.

Finally, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty. This is an assurance that the backpack features the best quality. It’s, therefore, trustworthy for all your versatile activities. Travelers find this backpack an excellent value for money.


  • Very comfortable and functional courtesy of the pull buttons, holders and strap buttons
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Made from exceptional quality materials
  • Well ventilated and breathable
  • Has Molle webbing for extra add-ons


  • The side pockets are tight therefore problematic to fit large items
  • If you pack it to the top, then it loses the fantastic shape

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Under Armour Unisex-Adult SC30 Signature Rolltop Backpack

A simple and yet functional bag is a dream come true for any traveler. Well, with that in mind, we found this Under Armour Unisex-Adult SC30 backpack to be an ideal option for you. This roll top backpack features a magnetic closure, which is great for securing items.

This backpack comes from polyester, and that’s why the quality is unmatched. You will age with it as you see the value for money work for you. Additionally, the type is highly water-resistant so that your items remain dry regardless of the weather.

Loading the backpack is easy since it features the wide top-loading rucksack design. Moreover, the top section remains well secured with magnetic closure and hook up straps.

Other than the main compartment for storage, this type comes with a soft lined laptop sleeve. This section keeps your sizable laptop and tablet securely. This prevents the laptop from damage since the compartment is separate. Users love the ease of loading and removing the items in this backpack. An additional section in the front part of this backpack is the quick stash zippered pocket, which is easily accessible and keeps your small items secure.


  • Made from quality polyester hence durable
  • Amazing water-resistant finish to keep your items secure
  • Magnetic closure and hookup straps to keep your items safe
  • Wide mouth for easy loading
  • Additional separate storage for laptop and MacBook


  • Some buyers find the pockets to be small hence troublesome when accessing
  • Long straps which are exhausting when on your back

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JOHNNY URBAN Aaron Roll Top Daypack

A manufacturer who is pro-environment creates a difference. Well, this backpack made it to our list since it crafts from recycled bottles. Both the interior and the exterior features these materials, therefore durable.

The materials make this backpack look stylish and hence a great everyday companion for your adaptable roles. This simple backpack has subtle padding such that the shoulder straps, back, and bottom of the backpack sit comfortably. This prevents wearing and tearing of this backpack. Additionally, it improves the luxury when using the backpack.

The laptop pocket fits a 15.6-inch laptop correctly. Moreover, the section is also fully padded so that your laptop remains well protected.

Lastly, this awesome backpack has a capacity of 18L when rolled, and 22L unrolled. This means that you will store most of your items precisely. Since it’s not a huge backpack, you will find it space-saving and also easy to use for traveling.

If you prefer small backpacks, then this will be an excellent idea for you. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, then we recommend this backpack.


  • Made from recycled plastic hence environment-friendly
  • Lightweight and comfortable and fits everything
  • Very easy and convenient to use with a zipper closure
  • Simple and stylish for all your outdoor adventures
  • Excellent padding for protection and comfort


  • The backpack is amazing only that the straps fall into the armpit area
  • The recycled materials will still feel cheaper although the price range is suitable for this backpack

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Go Back Trail Roll Top Black Backpack

We couldn’t call this a complete review without this Go Back Trail Roll Top Black Backpack. This backpack is known for its unbelievable ultra-lightweight. Well, you will carry it wherever and fit all your items without it slowing you down. This is where it beats close competitors in their own game.

It is engineered with a flexible roll top, which expands and contracts so that you can fit anything with ease and still have the comfort you desire while trekking for distances. I like this backpack, particularly for my camping since it guarantees fewer items in my hands by providing adequate storage for the items I plan to carry.

The design is just fantastic since it features the hip belt with hip belt pockets so that you can carry snacks or even store your smartphone for easy access. Additionally, this type as a Semi-Frameless Internal Frame distributes weight equally, allowing for better balancing. Additional mesh poked and lashing loops ensure that you have extra storage space and a section for attaching extras.

Something pretty with this backpack is the comfort that comes with the padded hip belt to distribute weight evenly below your legs. This eliminates straining and guarantees you long-distance trekking without getting exhausted. Lastly, this backpack is excellent for those who like traveling with massive items. It will enlarge correctly to fit all your essentials.


  • Ultra-lightweight to carry it anywhere
  • Frameless internal for better balancing
  • Even weight distribution to keep you balanced and comfortable
  • Has additional pockets for extra storage
  • Large storage space to carry everything with you


  • The quality isn’t promising although the backpack will still serve your purpose
  • Some users find it very bulky and hence not suitable to carry small items for light traveling

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Advantages of Using Roll Top Backpacks

The roll-top backpacks are popular and hence have the following benefits;

  • Top Compression

The roll top backpacks have a top compression, which means you eliminate the unnecessary backpack volume when closing the backpack.

  • Top extra large opening

Extra-large openings at the top of roll top backpacks allow you to see the contents in the backpack. This makes it easy to pull out the essentials that you need.

  • Small zippered pockets

Other than the large compartment for storing massive luggage, the backpacks also feature small zippered pockets for storage of additional items and hence ease of access. This makes it easy for you to access the items faster which saves time.

  • Made from lightweight materials

The backpacks craft from lightweight materials, and this makes it easy for you to carry the backpack from place to place without worrying about fatigued shoulders and hands.

  • Straps for weight balancing 

The backpacks feature straps that balance the weight so that it’s evenly distributed to prevent strain on your body. This allows you to trek long distances even if the backpack is cumbersome.

  • Well padded for comfort

Backpacks are very comfortable since they have padded sections. The sections, including the back straps, keep your back relaxed and free from strain. This is a health measure that other backpacks lack.

  • Versatile for all your uses

The backpacks are adaptable, and this is seen with the significant roles the backpack plays. You can use it for your outdoor fun as well as indoor storage. The way it is designed makes it easy for you to use it anywhere.

  • Designed to match your body shape

The backpacks contour well with your body and hence looks stylish. While comparing with other bags, you will notice a significant difference. Other bags appear bulky and sag when in use. However, the roll top backpack fits perfectly on your body. This improves its security since you can still notice when someone is interfering with your luggage.

  • Less bulky for easy access to items

Roll-top backpacks eliminate the hustle that comes with zippers, flaps, and straps. This allows you to access your items with ease and saves time. Besides, fewer pockets also eliminate confusion regarding the way you store crucial documents.

  • Inexpensive to manufacture

The roll top backpacks are inexpensive to manufacture. When you compare the fabric used when manufacturing the normal backpacks, you will notice a lot of materials are used. For instance, straps, zippers, and pockets require attention, and that’s why the roll top backpack eliminates all these.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Roll Top Backpack

The market has hundreds of roll top backpacks. This is challenging if you are a first-time buyer. Sometimes, the first looks are misleading and hence the need to focus on nitty-gritty details. Below, we have shared several key considerations before you decide to invest in a backpack.

  • Quality

Quality is vital since it determines the durability of your backpack. In most cases, backpacks come from quality polyester, canvas, and even plastic. Some will craft from cotton, while others will feature leather construction. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the quality that leads to a functional backpack.

Most of the backpacks come from polyester, and this popularity means that the manufacturers have comprehended buyer’s needs. Other materials are also right and hence offer the best backpacks for you. Therefore, before you make that purchase, consider selecting the best materials available.

  • Size

Size is vital when choosing the roll top backpack. Depending on what you plan to carry and the days you plan to travel, then its key to consider the sizing for your backpack. The majority of those travelers who decide to stay away for weeks will carry a lot of items to suit their journey. Well, if you are among those who have an extended stay, then it’s good to have a large backpack. We recommend you have a backpack with an adjustable size so that all your items fit correctly. Besides, your backpack should be above 30 liters.

  • Waterproof

Perhaps you know the advantages that come with a waterproof backpack. This improves the safety of your small items. If the entire backpack is water-resistant, then that’s an advantage since your items won’t get soaked when traveling. Note that when a backpack is waterproof, it means that a certain amount of water is prevented from accessing your documents. Therefore, do not swim with the bag. Always pick the backpack that features a waterproof construction.

  • Versatility

If you are set for a backpack, then a suitable one will support multiple uses. If you plan to go hiking, biking, swimming, etc., then a roll top backpack for all these purposes will work great. Since this is a roll-up design, you will decide the quantity you wish to carry. Different backpacks come with varying specifications so that you can choose the one that meets your day to day activities.

  • Extra pockets

As much as the large compartment is vital, the roll top backpacks also come with additional pockets. These pockets offer extra storage for small items such as phones. Besides, some pockets are extensive and will still hold your laptop or tablets securely. Buyers will prefer the types that offer additional pockets for organized storage.

  • Warranty

Well, the warranty is critical when shielding you from poor quality items. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to let you buy items with confidence. Some manufacturers will give you a limited warranty, which means you only get assistance under some instructions. The others will offer you an unlimited warranty. This means that you can get a full refund or get a new backpack. Therefore, find out how the warranty terms favor you and pick the item.

  • Prices

This is key before you decide to purchase. Mostly, high prices go hand in hand with excellent quality. We cannot guarantee you that buying a backpack expensively will match the durability, but that’s one of the observations we have come across.

Our advice when buying a quality backpack is to wait for the moment when discounts and offers are available. This is a sure way to get quality at lowered prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What differentiates the roll top backpacks from the other backpacks?

The roll top backpacks come with fewer zippers, straps, and drawstrings, unlike the other backpacks that dominate these features. Additionally, they feature an extendable top that covers the entrance with fewer or no pockets.

  • What happens if the color is slightly different from the one on the picture?

Well, this depends on the camera used when taking the pictures. Sometimes there can be a slight variation of color. You might get a darker version or lighter version of that color. Sometimes you will get the exact color. Well, the manufacturer will guide you through that as they usually have a disclaimer concerning that variation.

  • What brands do you recommend from the ones you shared?

When it comes to brands, each manufacturer has its unique features to distinguish their products. When selecting these ten products, we ensured that we handpicked the best from hundreds online. This means that we came across other brands that we felt will not meet your requirements. Therefore, our recommendations were these top ten brands, and selecting one from them will still meet your requirements. All the brands are top-rated.

  • Does it mean that I can trust the waterproof backpacks in all water conditions?

Well, when we talk of waterproof, some pockets are likely to be 100% waterproof. Others will be semi-waterproof. We advise that you check the description on the particular backpack to ascertain whether it’s total waterproof or semi. In simplest terms, the waterproof will cover you in running water, such as raindrops. Large masses of water will not work 100%.


We have shared with you the 10 Best Roll Top Backpacks so that you can find it easy to pick the one that grabs your attention most. During the review, we highlighted imperative features and how they will benefit you. Additionally, we had the drawbacks of each roll top backpack. We have also shared the considerations before you make that purchase.

At this point, we are confident that you can make a denounced decision when you want to buy a roll top backpack. If you have uncertainties about roll top backpacks, kindly leave a reply below. We will guide you through as you strive to find the value for money.