10 Best Range Bag & Backpack for Shooting Range 2020 Reviews

Do you love shooting? If yes, then you will be in need of a range bag also referred to as the backpack.

However, the process of choosing the right backpack can at times be complicated due to the wide varieties of bags currently available in the market. Any range bag you will settle on has to be tough and sturdy and capable of protecting ammunition and firearms you will be carrying. Hence you should pay more attention to the construction of the range bags when shopping for one.

You also need to keep in mind that the bag should be spacious enough to accommodate all the items including small gears and medications.  The bag you choose should have different compartments of varying sizes to help fit your stuff.

Top 5 Best Selling Range Bag Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameMaterialDimensionsDedicated Magazine Storage Slots Handgun/Pistol Pouches Price
5.11 Tactical Range Bag600D Polyester10″ x 21″x 14″ 84Check Price
Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag600D Ballistic Nylon10″ x 18″ x 13″ 141Check Price
Explorer Tactical Range Bag600D Polyester8″ x 17″ x 9″ 83Check Price
Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 600D Polyester10″ x 18″ x 14″ 112Check Price
Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag600D Polyester10″ x 15″ x 11″01Check Price

Top-Rated 10 Gun Range Bag / Backpack Reviews


G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Considered to be one of the best range style backpacks in the market, the G.P.S. Tactical Backpack has been specifically designed to help avoid misery by all means possible. The simple, useful and effective backpack deserves to be ranked among the best range backpack. This backpack does contain separate sacks for the four hand guns with the main component offering ample space for the ammunition together with other gears. The back has two entrance pockets that help in holding accessories such as phones, pens, flashlights and so on.

best range bag


  • Has a foam cradle to help in protecting gears
  • Consists of extra magazine pockets
  • Pouches, pockets and compartments are well designed to carry ammunition and other items.
  • It is bigger than the regular bag and capable of carrying almost everything that you might need to a range.
  • Some compartments help in ensuring that you place the items in the right place to ease the process of finding them.
  • Its straps are strong and comfortable and helpful in keeping the range bag stable.


  • It is made from strong denier nylon
  • Has separate compartment for eye, ears and cleaning equipment
  • Comes with an internal honeycomb frame
  • Has a triple stitched MOLLE webbing system?
  • Contains padded weight straps to help make it more stable.


  • It is a bit bulky regarding appearance for some rangers.
  • Its shoulder strap is a bit small for such a heavy range bag thereby making it a bit uncomfortable.

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EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

Considered to be one of the best-organized range bags in the market, the EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch interior is well divided to help in keeping the various gear aspects organized and neat. Its two compartments located outside also help in adding the number of gears one can carry. It is recommended for people who are demanding for functionality and durability.

Explorer managed to carry out an excellent job with this bags’ design. Almost everything concerning this bag is excellent. It is also known to be a very strong bag that will allow you to take out ammunition, handguns and all your support gears at a shooting range.

best range backpack


  • Its construction is made from 600 denier polyester which is a rugged material
  • Zippers are of high quality and the stitching is heavy duty.
  • Consists of 4 rear pouches for magazines and 7 in the front
  • Its inner partitions are removable/ adjustable
  • Very spacious and can also contain space for your ear muffs, goggles and other support equipment and store all your ammunition
  • Contains two zipper hand gun pouches at the exterior


  • The zippers used are of high quality
  • The stitching is heavy duty making this bag durable
  • There are up to 11 magazine pouches
  • Its compartments are customizable
  • The fabric used is 600 denier polyester
  • There are three handgun pouches


  • Its shoulder strap cannot be removed
  • It can be overly bigger in size in case you have one or two pistols

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EXPLORER Backpack + Range Bag with Large Padded Deluxe

Versatility is the first thing that will come to your mind whenever you look at the EXPLORER Backpack. Considered to be an interesting range backpack for carrying all your shooting equipment, it consists of five internal hand gun storage and magazine storage lockable compartment. This bag is very modular and offers one the chance of organizing their gear. It is highly customizable, well made, heavy duty and easy to handle when fully loaded. Putting it together is very easy and it can stay for the long duration.

women's range bag


  • Consists of zippered exterior pockets
  • Its top section is good for organizing more ammunition thanks to its rigid internal frame.
  • Its elastic loops help in storing rolled targets
  • Consists of a pullout rain cover that helps in protecting your gear whenever it is raining
  • It also contains wide straps, Velcro that ensures easier folding, thick wood board and a laptop compartment.
  • Has two elastic at the back to help hold smaller gears
  • It also has extra compartment located at the lower pocket lid


  • It is heavy duty and highly customizable
  • It organizes and fits all of your range gears
  • The range bag is modular and comes together with compression straps
  • Comes together with adjustable shoulder straps which are well padded


  • The shoulder straps fasteners do not hold well
  • The instructions on user manual are not that friendly

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5.11 Tactical Range Bag

The 5.11 Tactical Range Bag is considered to be another top range backpack bag. It’s popularly known for its great functionality consisting of excellent product 5.11 lines which have been in the market for years. This backpack is available in a size that makes using it very effortless.

Immediately you touch it; you will notice its quality and nice feel. All the bags pockets have enough padding hence no need of worrying about your items getting damaged in case the bag accidentally falls.  This bag is capable of serving you even during the roughest environmental conditions without you experiencing any troubles.

Anything that you can expect from a back bag you will get it in the 5.11 range bag making this bag one of the best range bags currently available in the market.

best pistol range bag


  • Has a durable and strong construction
  • Uses 600 D polyester that is suitable for all weather protection
  • Its straps are well padded making it easier to carry the bag.
  • You can always remove the straps whenever you do not require them.
  • Its main compartment can be accessed through the dual zipper top flap which will reveal open space.
  • Consists of up to 8 magazine pockets


  • It is heavy duty
  • Has several pockets
  • Comes with durable zippers
  • It is well built and contains enough room to keep all your gears
  • It’s very sturdy hence capable of keeping all your gears organized and safe.


  • It lacks the removable padded pistol rugs
  • Overloading it is very easy due to its big size

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G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Considered to be one of the most expensive and top-rated range bags available in the market, the G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack is meant for serious shooters who prefers spending more than one hour at a gun range or for any person whose outside target exercise session comprises of some walking and can take up most of the day. The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack manufacturers are said to have thought of everything when making it and it can hold every gear that any ranger might need to carry. The popularly of this backpack has been increasing at a fast pace due to its great features.

handgun range bag


  • Capable of holding up to four handguns vertically in the padded tray
  • It has enough room for storing 12 magazines and extra ammunition
  • You can always carry your eye protection, ear protection and sandwiches without experiencing any problems
  • It is made from 600 denier polyester that is capable of holding up well in all outdoor and indoor conditions
  • Contains a pullout rain hood just in case you do target outside shooting


  • It has a waterproof cover
  • Its zippers are lockable
  • It is made from durable 600 denier polyester fabric
  • Comes with Velcro straps that helps in carrying roll-up targets
  • It is free standing
  • Consists of four handgun that slides in vertical storage


  • You will have to squeeze in some of the larger revolvers
  • Its zippers are slightly weaker hence capable of making this range bag breaks at any time.

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Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

Are you in need of a lightweight range bag? Then the Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag will best suit your needs. Coming with a lifetime warranty, you can always return this range bag in case you feel it is not the right one.

It consists of spacious rooms that enable any ranger to keep all his or her gears. Its pistol pouches are padded to offer more protection to the gear. Together with the pouches, there are up to nine storage compartments. Its vertical dividers can be adjusted to help you rearrange the space about what suits you best.  This bag was built to last.

rifle range bag


  • 600D ballistic nylon has been used in making it
  • Comprises of both the shoulder and hand strap which allows one to carry the bag in their preferred manner
  • Its fabric is sturdy and the zippers are oversized
  • Its ammo pouch is removable allowing one to move around with the smaller gears when ranging


  • Has a very spacious interior
  • Although it is lightweight, this bag is very durable
  • Its lifetime warranty ensures that its design and construction is worth spending your funds to get it
  • Constructed using quality 600D ballistic nylon
  • Several compartments hence enough space for accommodating the items and ammunition


  • There is no locking system
  • Some of its users have noted some issues with its zippers

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Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag

Are you planning to go for a range and does not want to carry several items? Then the Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag should be your best pick. This range bag consists of one large compartment and two small sized exterior compartments. Its main compartment is larger compared to the exterior compartments, hence the area where you will store most of your large items or ammunition. It is one of the range bags that contain fewer compartments making it one of the best for any ranger that has lesser gears. One can easily adjust its main compartment hence; its users can always customize it to ensure it fits their requirements.

best gun range bag


  • It measures 8” in height, 7” in diameter and 16” in width
  • When empty it weights 2.5 lbs
  • Capable of holding two pistols with ease in its two zippered side pockets thereby providing one with the ability to keep their eyewear, ear muffs, gloves and ammunition.
  • Both the main and side compartments have large eyelets zippers making them lockable and keeping the range gear secure.
  • The Velcro dividers provide one with three sections which they can use together with the bag’s main compartment to make all your items secure.


  • Have lockable zippers
  • This bag is sturdy built
  • Customizable interior consisting of two Velcro divider tabs
  • Two guns can easily fit in this bag
  • Zippers on both sides to help in quick and easy access


  • Its bottom is not well reinforced
  • Not very large
  • Side pockets have the same look

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Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

Are you looking for a range bag that can contain up to 12 pistols together with other shooting gears? Although it might sound unreal to most people, there is a range bag in Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag which can do all that!

Despite this range bag is capable of carrying several items, its size is compact making it much easier to carry when out in the fields, while on duty and even when inside your vehicle. All the things contained in this range bag have the true definition of top quality ranging from its zippers to the quality of material used. This gas is capable of serving you for several years than you had wished for.

best range bag reviews 2018


  • Consists of 5 holders
  • Contains 13 protected and padded partitions to help you store your items
  • Contains two main dedicated weapon pouches at the large partition
  • Has lockable zippers and heavy duty stitches
  • This range bag offers one gear loops and several nylon elastic magazines in the main partition and the exterior partitions
  • Its padded shoulder can quickly be released. Hence one can remove it faster when not in use


  • Contains exterior ID windows making it easy to access
  • All places in this range bag are padded hence all the things contained are well protected
  • Strong and good stitching
  • Contains several pockets for your gear and ammunition


  • Its magazine holders are a bit tight
  • The side pockets get smaller once the main compartment is full

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BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag

Although this bag is somehow smaller in size, there is still enough space for it to contain a considerable amount of gear. What set the BlackHawk Pistol Range bag from the other types of backpacks are its protective casings. Despite the bag being soft from outside, all its compartments do have double thick foam lining that offers excellent protection for the firearms. The extra protection also helps in serving another purpose as it assists in keeping all your ammunition and items in the right place. It is the right bag to help keep all your range gears protected and secure. It is among the top-ranked range backpacks in the market.

gun range bags for pistols


  • Features the Molle Webbing hence one can attach other items on it
  • It is made using the durable 600 denier polyester fabric
  • The outside and inside pockets will ensure your items remain organized whenever you are at the range
  • At less than 2 pounds, it is lightweight and sturdy
  • One can easily carry this bag using its sturdy handles
  • Comes together with a detachable shoulder trap


  • It is sturdy and lightweight
  • Its zippers are of very high-quality coil style
  • It can easily carry two ordinary sized pistols
  • It comes with a detachable shoulder strap
  • Made from 600 denier polyester fabric


  • It does not contain inside holders of magazines
  • When adding eye protection and ear protection together with other support items, it can be very tight fit.

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CONDOR Deployment Bag

Will you be carrying a rifle to the range? CONDOR Deployment Bag is known to be a long lasting range bag capable of holding a single rifle together with extra ammunition and pistols. It is considered to be the best range bag of both worlds since it can contain both the rifle and pistol. Although the previous range bags used to contain two or more pistols, this range bag is capable of doing the same together with adding a rifle. Despite having extra small pockets, you will still need a separate range bag to help in carrying targets, eye protects, ear muffs, water bottle, etc. It won’t be possible for a ranger to wear this bag across or over their back.

best multi gun range bag


  • Available in either 30” or 42” in length
  • Available in olive, black or tan colors
  • Its main partition is tasked with holding the rifle together with Velcro strap and it is padded.
  • Its exterior contains three front pockets
  • Its medium partition which helps in storing optics, pistols and other delicate gears has two of its are as padded
  • The main partition has zippers for enhancing security while the exterior pockets use plastic buckle clips.
  • Handles and Velcro can be used in carrying this bag.


  • It is well padded
  • Capable of carrying both pistols and rifle
  • Has a combination of the zipper, Velcro and a buckle to enhance closure
  • Has MOLLE Webbing


  • There is not enough space to store larger items
  • You cannot carry this range back over or across your shoulder

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Gun Range Bag

It is advisable that you put into consideration the issues listed below before you make a final decision when shopping for a range bag. There are times when you will come across tradeoffs. One great example is quality vs. budget. In case you are keen on spending less money, you might compromise the quality of the range bag.  In case you are interested in a premium quality range bag, there are times when you will be forced to spend more money. It is essential that you make the best decision.

  • Cost

Whenever you intend to purchase a top range bag, it is essential that you consider the amount of money you are willing to spend. You need to ensure that you will be getting the best value for the amount of money you will pay. In case you have a limited budget, it is appropriate to go for a range bag that is within your budget. After that, you can have a look at its features, pros and cons before you make a final decision of which range bag you will get. However, when you have a flexible budget, you need not compromise the bag quality.

  • Design

It is advisable to consider the design type of the range bag you intend to purchase. When shopping for one, it is important you check if the range bag has been specifically designed to carry shooting stuff or if it’s a day to day rucksack design. Check if there are padded pockets and the design of the compartments. Any padded pocket will offer great protection to your arms. It is essential for any range bag you purchase to have padded compartments.

  • Features

Before you splash out your cash, it is important to have a look at the features of the range bag you are interested in buying. This is a very important factor whenever you are shopping for a range bag. Any best range backpack will always contain all the important features that will meet any rangers shooting requirements. It is also advisable that you consider the mechanism of the zipper. Check if the bag comes with compartments and if the compartments do have durable zippers. Most zip bags are known to come with weak zippers which can be troublesome whenever it comes to repairing them once damaged. Going for a range bag consists of a variety of compartments will enable one to organize his or her items well.

  • Durability

You will be carrying your range bags in different weather conditions and different areas. Most of the areas you will be visiting are rough areas and you will frequently be dragged from one range to another hence the reason why you need to get a tough and durable range bag. Checking the type of material used in constructing the range bag before making any purchase is very important, check if the stitches are strong. Most of the range bags are made from canvas, nylon or polyester. However, some bag parts are usually subjected to more stress hence such areas need to have the stitching reinforced.

  • Size

The size of the range bag you intend to buy is very important. You will be in need of enough space. However, the larger the bag, the heavier it will be to carry. It is therefore important that you make the right choice whenever you are considering your range backpack size. Getting a single compartment bag will cause you lots of trouble. It is advisable that the range bag you go for have different compartments for storing different items ensuring that all your items are secured and properly stored. However, the range bag size you purchase will be determined by the type and size of guns you will be carrying.


Your personal choice is what matters at the end of the day. You can never ignore appearance which has an important role to play whenever you are shopping for a good range bag. You need to be sure that the range bag you are buying contains all the features you are looking for although the research process can be time-consuming for a new buyer.  You might live to regret in case you go for something that is not right for you.

Questions such as are you a regular shooter? How frequent will you be using the range bag and much more will be of great help when shopping for the best range bag.