Best Ogio Backpack Reviews in 2020 (Our Top Picks)

Backpack travelling will never be easy if you have the wrong bag on your shoulders. You should be meticulous in choosing one. You should have a list of the things you will consider before arriving into the decision of purchasing one. Your backpack should be durable, easy to carry, heavily compartmentalized, ergonomic, spacious, and of course stylish.

So here comes ogio that is known to create one of a kind quality backpacks for your travelling, schooling, or anyday needs. Ogio meticulously studied the needs of every person using a backpacks, men and women alike. Read on and discover the best ogio backpack that will suit your style and preferences. Having one is a good investment.

Top 6 Best Ogio Backpack Reviews


OGIO International Soho Pack

Get excited with this fully compartmentalized yet fashionable ogio backpack. The bag has 3 major compartments. There is a separate laptop compartment with an attached cord pocket too. Next is the major compartment where you can place your books and other bulky items.

Best Ogio Backpack

The third compartment is dedicated to your tablet/iPads as it comes with a padded pocket for your gadgets. Into it are small pockets too for other items and there’s a zippered one to hide some precious items. Side pockets are also ready for your water bottle or umbrella. Then there’s also this eye-catching front slip pocket because of the design and stylish buttons on it.

Of course, the durability will never be in question. The bag is heavily padded from the whole exterior to the wide straps. You’ll never have to worry about carrying all the heavy loads.


  • Cord compartment that will protect your laptop cords from being entangled and damaged
  • Heavily compartmentalized from big to small to organize your things inside
  • Designed fashionably especially the front slide pocket


  • Front buttons started to fall off weeks after purchase
  • The straps are not user-friendly, cause pain on the shoulders according to some reviews
  • The side pockets are not elastic, when the bag is full you can’t slide in anything


What you will like about this bag apart from being heavily compartmentalized is the stylish design. You just have to bear if the buttons fall off as stated in most of the reviews. But overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

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OGIO Bandit 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

Freely move as a bandit with this OGIO Bandit 17 Inch Laptop Backpack. It prioritizes comfort as it is made from Hybrid Unibody Back Panel. There are sweet spot shoulder straps to relax your shoulders even with a heavier load. An adjustable sternum strap is also included and built for any height.

Ogio Backpack Reviews

The largest pocket is for your 17-inch laptop. It is fully padded to protect the delicate gadget. Next to it is the iPad or tablet sleeve that you can easily slide in. Then the main compartment, of course, that will hold your other things such as books. At the front is an organizer panel. There are several small pockets inside to hold your small things in place. There are 2 fleeced line valuable pockets at the front bottom and the upper part of the major compartment. There are also side accessory pockets, upper and bottom making it a total of 4 side pockets.

Many likes that expandable phone pocket which is attached to the straps on your front. This is created for you to get hold of your phone with ease.


  • With extraordinary organization pockets.
  • The space is highly phenomenal, can’t imagine you can place that much inside
  • Best to catch is the expandable phone pocket which will not make it hard for you to reach your phone


  • The bag is not fully water-resistant, only light rain resistant.
  • There’s a tendency for the straps to break
  • Some reviews say that a 17-inch laptop won’t fit in


Boys will love this ogio backpack. Everything they need can be placed inside. The over quality is stellar.

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OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

Here comes IGIO’s flagship day pack. Known for its products to be abuse-proof and lightweight, ogio proved these again in this backpack. The whole bag is made of ballistic polyester partnered with beefy zippers. It is made of a hybrid unibody back panel. It also has an adjustable sternum straps to fit into any height.

ogio renegade backpack

First to flaunt is its laptop sleeve. It has RSS technology which is a neoprene sleeve that acts as a cushion that protects the laptop from hitting the bottom while in motion. Backing this up is the heavy-duty reinforced sidewalls for added protection. But there’s nothing to worry as the sleeve is still soft in order not to scratch your laptop.

Heavy pads surround the pockets of the entire backpack. There’s one for sunglass and small valuables positioned on top and in front. There’s also tablet sleeve which apart from being padded has a soft fabric so it won’t scratch. There’s also a pocket for your small items on the front which and lastly the semi-rigid side pockets. Two other mesh side pockets are for your water bottle and your laptop cord.


  • The level of comfort is way up, you’ll never have pain in the shoulders
  • Heavily padded pockets, with patent red-colored fabric that indicates that the pocket is protected
  • Guaranteed protection to your heavy laptop because of the RSS technology


  • The bag itself is heavy, more so when there are items inside
  • Does not fit under the airline seat
  • Laptop charger pocket is too small


OGIO Renegade is heaven when it comes to packing all your things. Not only it holds things inside but it also makes sure they are protected. This is a really good catch.

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OGIO 123006,36 No Drag Mach 5–Stealth Rear

The very shape of the exterior is a real eye-catcher. It has a streamlined molded exterior, like a turtle in shape or the shape of the motorcycle seat. It has a semi-gloss plastic finish with a carbon fiber look. Reflective strips surround the front exterior serving as an early warning device in dark areas.

ogio clutch backpack stealth

There’s a strong grab strap if you want to carry it by hand. The two main straps have a quick-release feature that will help you detach the bag from your body.

The compartments are superb. You can slide in a 15-inch laptop and there’s a specific sleeve for iPad/tablets. There’s also a compartment for your hydration pack in case of long travel. The organizer panel will take care of the smaller items. Shoe storage is also ready in case you need to carry your big rubber shoes. The bag also comes with a unique helmet visor sleeve. It also has an adjustable load divider so things don’t mix up inside while in motion. In case you need to slide in more things, there is an expansion gusset that frees up extra space.


  • Lots of accessory pouches suited for various things
  • Helmet carry clip to leave you handsfree when walking
  • Heavily padded sides at the back of the exterior that acts as ventilator allowing air to flow


  • Easily damaged zippers
  • Threads are not sturdy sewn
  • Buckles are weak


If you’re always on the go on your motorcycle, this one’s for you. This bag will give you that comfort during a ride.

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OGIO Wheelie Pack Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Make this ogio backpack your companion on your next travel. This is no ordinary backpack that you usually carry. It comes with a wheelie pack in case you want to just pull it instead of carrying it. Good for travelers. The exterior is made from durable and sleek fabric. Straps are wide and padded to take care of your shoulders. Surrounded with durable zippers too.

ogio motorcycle backpack

The interior has many pockets. First is the fleeced line valuable pocket that can carry small items such as sunglasses and small gadgets. The organizer panel has small to mid-sized to large compartments to hold various sizes of items. A huge compartment is designed for your laptop and tablets, both of these in one compartment with dividers. The spacious main compartment can hold your clothes and shoes. This comes with a strap so things inside won’t mix up. On the sides are dual water bottles pockets.

At the back is an extra pocket that holds the straps for backpack conversion from being a trolley. Then when used as trolley, it has a locking retractable handle and inline skate wheels.


  • When used as trolley, it’s quite while in motion
  • The bag can also stand on its own
  • Many loved the compartments and the roomy interior


  • The zippers are not that durable
  • The front pocket is not that spacious
  • The handle is just plastic, can easily be broken


Travelers and students loved this bag. This made their heavy loads comfortable to carry. They also don’t hesitate to bring in more things since they can use this as a trolley and will free their shoulders from heavy loads.

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OGIO Fugitive Streetpacks

You’ll love the sturdy straps of this backpack. It is also wide to relax your shoulders while carrying it with heavy loads. It comes with an adjustable sternum strap to fit in any height. The grab handle is neoprene for added strength. All in all, there are five zippered compartments in different sizes.

ogio fugitive backpack

First is the laptop sleeve that has a double-lined entry pack and internally padded. This ensures that your laptop is protected and will not scratch while the bag is in motion. There is a fleeced line top drop-in audio pocket that may also hold small gadgets, sunglasses, and other small items.

The middle and main compartment can hold more things such as clothes or books. Then there’s the internal organizer for a few small things such as pens, phones, other office or school items. On the side are ready mesh water bottle pockets. In case you will not use the side pockets, there is an adjustable strap that you can tighten to make the bag look smaller.


  • The fabric shows no signs of aging even after years of use
  • Stitches are firm, you won’t worry of having loose threads as it age
  • Has a great waist clip and sternum strap


  • A bit smaller than the other ogio backpack
  • The fabric is too soft that it has difficulty standing on its own
  • The neoprene handle creates discomfort on your back and neck


This is just your next-door day backpack. The quality is just right. But if you can afford to buy the other ogio backpacks, go for it. There are other ogio backpacks better than this one.

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Information About Ogio

Ogio is known to create a sleek, stylish, and ergonomically designed backpack. Their backpacks are the backpack of choice of many athletes such as the NFL team. Ogio is their official travel gear provider. This only proves that ogio provides the utmost quality and durability for rigid activities.

They have a wide array of designs for both men and women. The functionality of each backpack will surprise you. Some backpacks can be pulled as trolley too. From exteriors to interiors, the ogio backpack offers nothing but comfort to the user. They are also known to have internal organizers, heavily padded pockets, adjustable sternum straps, and are using RSS technology.


What Things To Consider When Buying an Ogio Backpack?

To prove the ogio considers all the needs and wants of those who love backpacks, here are the things they have considered when creating one. You can also use these considerations as your deciding factors when buying one of their backpacks.

  • Materials

You will agree with the fact that a backpack’s raw material should not be taken aside. It shouldn’t be just the usual fabric that can easily loosen. Backpacks are used day in day out. It must be able to challenge states such as various kinds of activities and even weather changes. Ogio knows this. That’s why when it comes to raw materials, they meticulously chose the best of the best.

It is also important to note that they use RSS technology to protect precious items inside like laptops. RSS technology uses special fabric and mechanisms that will take care of the gadgets while in motion. It will prevent breakage and scratches.

  • Compartments

Ogio backpacks are heavily compartmentalized. From the exterior to the interior, you will find pockets that make sure that all items inside won’t mix up. It organized big and small items. The compartments of varied sized are also padded for added protection regardless of what item you put inside.

Ogio also created compartments on top, bottom, front, and even on straps. These compartments are on top of the compartments on the main pockets of the backpack.

  • Size

Backpack size is important. Some backpacks can hold a 15-inch laptop while some can hold a 17-inch laptop. You must be able to differentiate it so you won’t end up buying the wrong one.

Size must also correspond to your body built. It must be aligned to your height so the bag won’t appear too low or too high. It must also consider how much you can carry; because the bigger the size the heavier it is. Do not just trust everything on the adjustable sternum strap. Sometimes it won’t work if the size of the bag is too far from your body built.

  • Functionality

Yes, they are all backpacks and provide the same functionalities. But ogio makes sure that there is a special functionality that differentiates each bag. Like in this review, there is a backpack for the motorcycle riders, for women, for students, for hikers, and travelers. So depending on your needs, choose the one that will suit you.

All ogio backpacks though assure you that it functions as a generic backpack. But it is still worth to note of the special functionality so you can make the most out of your purchase.

  • Price

Ogio backpacks may be on the mid to high price range. For sure you know why. Quality comes with a price. If you’re buying a backpack and would want to use it for long and for almost all sorts of occasions, then prepare to invest a decent amount of money. Always think that it is an investment.

These are the things you may want to consider when buying your ogio backpack. Again to reiterate, backpacks are an investment. Never settle for anything less otherwise, you’ll end up buying again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions asked when buying a backpack. These questions are legitimate and were filtered from the reviews. Use these to guide you so you can land on the best ogio laptop backpack that fits your style.

  • What size of laptop it can hold?

This is the most common mistake by those who bought one. They assumed that the bag can hold a 17-inch laptop wherein based on product specifications, it can hold a 15-inch only. Sad to say, some backpacks say can hold a 17-inch laptop but in reality, it couldn’t.

So the best thing to do here is to refer to other product reviews available. Many honestly provided reviews so people will be guided on their purchase.

  • Is the bag water resistant?

One of the most asked questions too. Of course, we all want a water-resistant backpack to anticipate sudden changes in the weather condition. We do not want to end up wetting our precious items such as laptops.

Based on reviews, Ogio backpacks are light water-resistant. It can withstand the sudden rainfall but it is not recommended to soak it in the rain. You should find shelter right away especially if the rainfall is heavy.

  • Is it honestly spacious?

Let’s accept the fact that the makers of backpack such as ogio may promise something that is not. While all backpacks are promised to have spacious compartments, you need to apply the “too see is to believe” principle. So what you will do here is to read and trust the reviews available all the more than the one specified in the product specifications.

Since OGIO backpacks may come with a high price, you should ensure that all the things you want to put inside will be accommodated. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying an extra bag.


While we are considering having different kinds of bags (especially the women), backpacks are still the universal bag. Regardless of the brand, it’s highly functional. The question is what brand will you trust considering there are many makers in the market today that promise to offer the best. May this review gave you substantial insights that will influence your choices.

The bottom line, making ogio as your backpack of choice is but a wise decision. It’s as if investing your money for functionality, durability, and style. Ogio is a trusted brand, you’ll not go wrong.